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  1. Ugly, but we'll take it!
  2. We're officially back to the 2015 "swing at every friggin' pitch that's thrown in the general direction of the plate" mentality. The whole work the count deal worked too well to continue.
  3. 1 pitch....1 out. We know how to make 'em work.
  4. I would've. EE kills us. Struggling Tulo on deck, go-ahead run still not in scoring position.
  5. Why not walk that guy with the base open????
  6. When a ball gets hit THAT hard and ends up in a glove, it's my queue to go to bed.
  7. After a short start last night, I wouldn't be wasting my bullpen tonight. Throw Gonzo 'til his arm goes numb.
  8. pell021

    vs. METS, 8/19

    He's a hockey announcer. And a great one at that. You watch the action in hockey, not a monitor for a lot like baseball and I feel he forgets that. Annoying.
  9. pell021

    vs. METS, 8/19

    I dislike Gary Thorne more every night.
  10. I love OPACY, but an open concourse would just enhance everything that is great about it in my opinion. I was in Detroit the first series out of the All-Star break and spent an inning walking around while still being able to enjoy the game while not missing out on seeing a new stadium for the first time.
  11. Part of me hopes we get no-hit. We've been so close this year, why not see if these guys can get embarrassed a little and try to change their plate approach. It absolutely couldn't hurt at this point.
  12. I know we're not as bad as a lot of Oriole teams through the years, but I don't know if I've ever had this little fun watching the team. From the rotation, to the bullpen, to the everyday lineup, to the bench....everything about this team is so inconsistent that the fun isn't there this year. It's all about "what could have beens" or "if onlys" and that has my frustration about as high as it's ever been with this team.
  13. I'm not sure I can recall too many Oriole players that were worse all-around baseball players than Snider. Honestly.
  14. I'm seriously starting to believe this no-name is gonna shut us out. This is beyond pathetic.
  15. To me it's simple. Parra will clearly help us in LF and batting leadoff. Better yet, Manny can slip down to two or three where he should be hitting. Will we sign Parra in the offseason? Yes: This is a great deal No: This is a very poor deal It's that simple to me.
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