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  1. These guys look like they haven't seen a friggin' breaking ball from a LHP before. What weak hacks.
  2. Was there any doubt of what would happen there? Davis isn't the same player. Who knows why...but he's just not.
  3. There's nothing that pisses me off more than watching Adam Jones bat. Worst approach I've ever seen.
  4. Just couldn't manage to not swing at all four of them....
  5. Never been so pissed at a base coach in my life....
  6. Not Buck's fault that his "best players" can't hit a beach ball. It's all on the players.
  7. This team is garbage.
  8. Totally 100% Pathetic.
  9. Solid effort, Adam. Lol.
  10. I despise the entire idea of a "closing pitcher." I've said that before many times on this board. Why not look at who's due up and go from there with your matchups. If it means leaving your 8th inning guy in the game for a batter or 2, do it! If it means Hunter for 1 before bringing in a lefty for 2, then do that. The whole "this guy MUST pitch the ninth in a save situation" idea is so overrated in my opinion unless you have a guy like Mariano.
  11. Did Demper just say Patton came in a did an "outstanding job????"
  12. Startin' to come together, Pepper....startin' to come together! :smile11:
  13. GameCast doesn't cut it sometimes. Did Jones screw that up in some way?
  14. pell021

    vs. RAYS, 4/14

    This game is refreshing. I like it.
  15. pell021

    vs. RAYS, 4/14

    Yes sir. Not sure why I said usher. Fixed it now.
  16. pell021

    vs. RAYS, 4/14

    I think it's a beer guy saying, "Beer. Beer. Beer."
  17. Jones makes me want to dropkick a kitten. His approach to hitting is infuriating. Absolutely infuriating. And he's never, ever going to alter it.
  18. Screw that. Save the pen. Throw him.
  19. I actually think we are what we're seeing other than Davis. We've got major flaws.
  20. This is a very, very hard team to watch. No baseball IQ whatsoever.
  21. We're absolutely no better than an average baseball team in any way, shape or form. Other than defensively, we have major, major flaws that aren't going to improve.
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