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  1. I don't know Weams personally, but this got me a little misty eyed. What a great man you are Roy. I loved the line about Palmer being "prettier". Weams hang in there, you are in our prayers always.
  2. I too missed this thankfully. To attack someone because they are sick, is what I am getting from previous posts, has to be an all time low. From what I can tell, it was handled swiftly and correctly. Tony, thank you for having this place for us black and orange lovers.
  3. Sending up prayers and good vibes to Weams. If we all band together in prayer it will work. Praying for Weams and Justd.
  4. To be fair' Roch never said these were questions he was going to ask. He was making a list of points Elias could address at the press conference,
  5. I believe the reason they let the call stand at 2nd base was because the fielder threw the ball well before any contact was made.
  6. Since 2012 the orioles are 5th with 519 wins. They are only trailing the Dodgers (555), Nationals (553), Cardinals (542) and Yankees (522). This is including this seasons records. The only other teams to have over 500 wins for the time span after this season will be Red Sox, Indians, Royals, Angels and Pirates. It is possible the Indians pass the Orioles since they currently sit at 518 wins.
  7. What top notch GM candidate does anyone think is going to want come in here and have to put up with PA? I think we will be in this same mode until PA decides to sell the team. If my memory hasn't failed me, the last time we had to settle for DD, who had been out of baseball for quite some time. As it was said earlier Buck has to play the hand he is dealt. He is the best manager we have had since Davey Johnson, and you do remember how PA treated him right.
  8. I say we just go on a 16 game winning streak to end the season.
  9. Here's to hoping we can get back on track this weekend.
  10. I appreciate everything that all of you do. I read allot on hear, but don't post much, however, I did become a plus member to help the cause.
  11. Would we even be having this discussion if Michael Bourne makes that catch? Everything else being the same the Orioles win 2-1 in 9 innings. Is that Buck's fault also?
  12. This is per Roch's latest blog post on MASN: Left-hander Wade Miley is the confirmed starter on Saturday and Kevin Gausman is expected to go on Sunday if the weather allows it. Manager Buck Showalter told reporters in Toronto that Dylan Bundy could be available out of the bullpen. Rosh Kubatko MASN Sports.com
  13. I also decided today to become a plus member. I first discovered this site back in 2010 and became hooked as a lurker. I have been an orioles fan since the early 1970's.
  14. Congratulations. I too was a long time lurker and just paid for the plus membership today.
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