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  1. I don't have an issue with non-tendering Nunez if they can't move him. But I agree that if he's non-tendered, but Davis stays on the 40-man, I have an issue. I could see a scenario where Davis and Nunez both depart off the 40-man and in that scenario, I'm okay with it.
  2. I could see something like this next year: 1B/DH- Mancini 1B/DH- Mountcastle LF- Santander CF- Hays RF- Stewart 4th OF- Mullins (could steal playing time from Hays if he struggles or is injured) Nunez then gets moved. Once Diaz is up and producing (if he produces), that is when I see a real roster crunch in the OF though these problems tend to work themselves out due to injuries and attrition. There's also a chance Mancini isn't fully ready (or himself) next year.
  3. I think Velazquez is gone. He's a fine utility guy, but can be replaced by a minor league, camp invite guy, plus Martin's return. I'd also much rather protect Wells or Smith over him even if it's hard to see either sticking on another roster, but coming off the bizarre 2020 season I'm not sure if I expect a normal off season either. I could also see them trying to move some guys (Nunez the most obvious one) to clear 40-man space.
  4. The sample sizes in a season like this are naturally going to be small. We have just over 100 plate appearances for Mullins and even less for Stewart. I'm optimistic about what they are showing, but it could also very well be a David Newhan situation where they look like real pieces in a small run and then fad into oblivion. Overall, I think both should be given a bit more time to show what they have. I think before this Stewart was working his way out of consideration in a deep outfield. If nothing else, this gets him back in the picture. With Santander on the shelf, I'd like to see Mullins, Stewart, Mountcastle and Hays in the lineup as much as possible.
  5. Valaika has looked good and I like him in a utility role. He can play almost all over the field and be at least adequate. That has value and his bat has played well, too. He may not be this good, but it shows there's something there. I like him to be an option off the bench next year when we go down to a 26 man roster and have a shorter bench. I'd like to see him continue to move around some this year. I'd actually like to see him at SS some and see less Velazquez.
  6. Prior to 2020, Davis's contract was simply a sunk cost. As it turns out, the pandemic actually helped the Orioles recoup some of the cost, but the team was keeping him as he wasn't blocking anyone...yet. That changes next year as many have pointed out. There were also whispers of him hanging it up himself which may open the doors for the Orioles to at least negotiate a revised buy-out of the last couple years. He was optimistic after a strong 2020 spring training, but it has been more of the same when he's on the field this year. He may be getting to the point where he's ready to give up. I doubt he would flat out retire and give up the owed money completely, but being open to a settlement that gets him some of the money and saves the Orioles some cash--and clears a roster spot--is possible. At this point, it is hard to imagine he's enjoying himself being this bad.
  7. I think it's still up in the air. I think you can pull off a 3 catcher situation if the DH spot is open (bye, Nunez) and if at least one can prove they can play another position reasonably well to help spread ABs and provide extra off days to other players somewhere else. AR will be an everyday player (at least as much as a catcher can be). If you are keeping both Severino and Sisco, there's not enough ABs to go around. If one is primarily just sitting on the bench, we may be better served to trade one for a more useful piece to this team and if you wanted to carry a third catcher, you make that third guy a Holaday type.
  8. A bit late commenting, but I love this move. He's got good stuff. He's just never been able to find consistent command. Maybe they can help him...maybe not. But if they think the have a chance to straighten him out, it's a good move...even if it doesn't work out. After all, what do we have to lose?
  9. I didn't care for the Bundy deal this winter. I would have much preferred a quality over quantity deal for him, but with quantity, Elias may have found something. We will find out in a couple years. While I didn't like the value we got, I don't think it was reasonable to expect him to have the season he's had to date. I also don't think it's reasonable to expect this 2.49 ERA/2.95 FIP Bundy to continue. The homers have been the biggest issue for him and he's done better this year, but as others have pointed out, the ballparks have helped. I think it's also important to keep it in perspective that we are talking about an eight game and 50.2 innings sample size. He has been someone to run hot and cold in the past. In his struggle of a 2018 season, he had a 1.98 ERA in June and a 2.97 ERA in his first six starts. I don't think the Bundy we are seeing this year through eight starts is the real Bundy...it's possible, but ultimately, I expect some regression. He's still a useful big league starter and I would have liked a better package in return, but in this revisionist look back and what might have been, we should remember eight starts is not indicative of true value.
  10. Honestly, that would be a pretty good haul for that group of players. I wasn't enthralled by the Bundy or Villar returns, but the returns this deadline are solid (even without seeing who the PTNL are). Velasquez and Milone were gotten for nothing so to lose them for nothing isn't that big of a deal. Perhaps one of the PTNL turn into a useful piece from those two deals, but even if not, it's basically a wash. We weren't even using Velasquez and Milone being moved opens up chances for Akin and maybe Kremer down the road. I'd honestly rather seem them down the stretch than Milone. Meanwhile, if we can turn the trio of Bleier, Castro, and Givens into just one a back-end Major League starter (or solid reliever) and a solid regular at 2B, that would be well worth it in my mind. In the end, the only player dealt that might have been with the Orioles when they start winning again was Castro. I'm okay moving what is essentially one reliever who might be part of the next good Orioles' team for a chance to get a few players with plenty of control who will be part of it.
  11. With Herrera's promotion, it makes me wonder if Hanser is okay. Either way, I'd like to see what Herrera can do. Lets see everyone that may be an option for the utility positions next year.
  12. If we were competing, sure. I think Williams is a serviceable fifth OF, but he is what he is. He's 29 so not really part of the future. I don't think Stewart is part of the future either, but he is two years younger. With Diaz on the horizon, it's now or never for Stewart. I think letting Williams go shows they expect Hays back soon enough that they're fine with Santander and Velazquez covering CF behind Mullins for a little while. I'd like to see Stewart get some consistent ABs for a couple weeks. I don't really care about results as much as as he looks at the plate.
  13. It's a longer shot for Grayson than Hall. It'll be interesting to see how teams (particularly the O's) decided to progress players next year (assuming a normal season). With a season lost (albeit both Hall and Rodriguez are at the Bowie camp), the O's could choose to be a bit more aggressive with the promotions compared to where they were a season ago.
  14. Alberto, Santander, Nunez, Severino all in today's lineup (in case anyone thought one of them could be dealt). Of course, that doesn't rule out a deal, but it appears a deal for any of those seem unlikely. I don't expect anything else from the Orioles today, but maybe we see Castro, Cobb or Fry go somewhere?
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