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  1. I get the idea behind this conversation. We've got a load of ready (or near-ready) young OF options and save for maybe Bannon, who is a long shot to be a starter for a good team, there aren't any near-ready options in the infield so if we can move someone out of the OF log-jam that opens up ABs for someone that may be part of the future rather than someone like Ruiz who we've seen enough of to know what he is. Because of that, I would prefer we put Mountcastle at 1B/DH along with Mancini, but if he can prove to be a passable LF option, that increases his overall value. Personally, I'd love to see Mancini and Mountcastle splitting 1B and DH with an OF of Diaz, Hays and Santander. Throw Bannon at 2B or 3B (whichever he is best suited to play) and see who can stick. Fill in the gaps with whoever until Adley is up at C and some of the infield prospects are ready to get a chance up the middle (or in place of Bannon if he can't stick).
  2. He released his top-20 organizational rankings and is still bizarrely high on Adam Hall. In generally, his whole rankings feel like they're intentionally way different than everyone else to the point that he's trying to be controversial to sell his product or so that when he is the only one right on something he can shout it from the mountains even if he's the only one wrong on more things.
  3. Honestly, I'd be happy with a 66-96 record as these projects seem to indicate. I don't expect to see Hall this year (unless he really improved in the alternate site last year), but would love to see 40-50 frames from Baumann and Lowther among others. I agree the Harvey projection is more than a bit optimistic on the health front. I also wouldn't be too surprised if our starters average less than five innings. Particularly given the lack of innings last year. It may be a two-times through the order and done situation for most of the young guys this year. I think 2023 is probably the earliest one can expect to compete so 2021 can be about getting their feet wet and 2022 can work on extending them a bit if they're up for it. I hope we see more than 140 ABs for Diaz. I'd like to get a good long look at him in the second half.
  4. To me, this is a guy to fill out the AAA or AA rotation and eat some innings as they ramp up some of the prospects after a season of no real minor leagues. I don't mind the signing as it's a minor league deal, but doubt we see him this season for anything but a few innings here or there if the pen is overworked and a fresh arm is needed (provided such transactions are allowed in the pandemic protocols. I think we see a rotation of: Means, Hernandez, Kremer, Akin and LeBlanc to start the year (though I would love for Zimmerman or Lopez or someone else to beat out LeBlanc and I expect we see Lowther, Baumann and company push out the veterans after a couple months unless the youngsters are struggling or the vets are pitching very well (at which case they'll be traded in July).
  5. I really hope Mancini isn't dealt until the deadline. As you noted, he's not at peak value now, but more than that, the story of him coming back from cancer and is one that can at least drive some interest early in the season. It's also a bad PR look to the casual fans to trade Mancini before he comes back. Let him come back. Let Oriole fans show him support (even if not in the stadium) and let him re-establish himself. Then, a mid-season trade when new young guys are coming up to provide some of that distraction, deal him to a team that has a chance at the postseason. It allows him to ease back in a familiar environment without many expectations and gets him into a playoff hunt later in the year. I feel that is definitely the best situation for both sides, more value for the Orioles in a deal and a better path to success for Mancini.
  6. I still think there is value in making contact, but the issue with Alberto is there isn't a whole lot more to his game outside of not striking out. Being able to make contact is an important skill, but it can't be the only skill. Just like power. Or speed. Billy Hamilton isn't an everyday player because he can't get on base enough. And Chris Cater had a couple seasons as an everyday bat, but his inability to make contact (or do much of anything other than hit a homer) didn't allow him to stick around all that long as he got just 208 plate appearances in the Majors after he lead the league in home runs in 2016. Alberto has a good average, but doesn't add to it much with walks so his OBP is still rather pedestrian even with a high average. He, likewise, doesn't provide much power or speed. He's a useful player, but just like anyone else with one strong skill and little else around it, he's not going to be someone that'll find easy everyday starting gigs year after year. That said, I do think in a normal year he probably gets a MLB guaranteed deal, but that's another issue.
  7. I don't see it happening. I believe they kicked the tires trying to get him for pennies on the dollar given his missed year and the Orioles slashing payroll, but he has more value to the Orioles right now than the Braves. It's a bad look after the year he went through to trade him (even if it does make business sense). That PR hit has to be considered. Because of that, I would want full value based on 2019 and I don't think Atlanta would do that. As noted previously in this thread, I think this conversation plays out better mid-season. If he shows himself 85%+ of what he was in 2019 and the Orioles deal him then, it's a much better look. Particularly because the price is likely to be higher. That said, of course, Mancini is not off limits. If Atlanta offered something like Braden Shewmake (as some have suggested) and someone like Bryce Elder, I'd do the deal, but I'm not optimistic that is realistic. Mancini doesn't seem like a great fit for Atlanta unless part of the allure is his ability to play 1B as insurance if Freeman walks, but Mancini is not a good OF option. If the DH is announced for 2021 (which seems to not be the case as of now), it makes some sense, but Santander is a better fit. I hope the Orioles and Braves have discussed Santander as well.
  8. The only thing I find striking at all is that they're opting not to fund pre and post-game. Though, I wonder what the ratings were on those shows. If they were too low, it may be justified to just have a slightly longer lead in from the broadcast team and a slightly longer post-game banter. I, for one, rarely watched them so I won't miss that component. I like Thorne, but was find with Brown and company this year. As for everyone else, it's always sad to see people losing jobs, particularly jobs they seem to love (which is the case for several of these guys), but in terms of enjoyment of the broadcast, I'm not all that torn up about it, but I'm sure other's opinions may be different.
  9. Interesting, all offensive players so far. Not surprising they all list as SS, OF and C, I'm sure in professional baseball we will see many of those SS move to other places in the infield.
  10. This reads as just a knowledgeable fan, but it's interesting how this person ranks Tyler Nevin so high. For the most part, I've treated him like a fringe prospect and most rankings seem to bare that out as he's at the bottom of a top-30, but this person has him at 14. I've basically written him off as a bench bat at best, but I wouldn't mind seeing what he can do this year before some of the better prospects start to reach the big leagues. If either him or Bannon can show themselves to be a capable option at 3B that would be a nice surprise.
  11. It's hard to know what any market is this year, particularly for the lower end guys. I expect with teams taking a more financial conservative approach (a couple teams exluded---looking at you, Mets), there will be a number of replacement level guys that will be available rather cheaply. I really don't think it matters who we sign to play SS as long as the glove is okay. It's a stop gap. We are not going to be getting anyone that will be here beyond 2021 (unless it's with a very affordable 2022 option or something). That said, I don't think the Iglesias trade was really about the money. I think they do like Stallings. The 3.5M for Iglesias was probably right around market value. I think we sign someone in the 2-3M range to play the position.
  12. Not to derail this thread too much, but I believe he's on the roster because they believe the chance the 2021 season will be shortened and/or the 2022 season may be delayed by CBA fighting is high enough to outweigh the cost of keeping him. If either (or both) of those things happen, that decreases what the Orioles have to pay Davis. If he's cut now, he's owed what he's owed, but if either the 2021 or 2022 season is shortened, they could save some money.
  13. I don't think any of those names would yield much at the deadline regardless of the season they're having. I also don't think they're looking for a SS to flip, but rather one to stabilize the infield a bit for the young pitchers. (Of course, if they got a deal they liked I'm sure they'd move whomever they get at the deadline--like they did with Iglesias this winter). Galvis is who I ultimately expect us to sign. But I'm not sure it really matters.
  14. I think we will do a lot better than that, but if you consider the Orioles noted it would be a few years when they ramped up their international presence, I think it's a good sign they are already able to capture a couple of the higher ranked options. Yes, they didn't get a top 10-15 guy, but as many noted, these rankings are meaningless and this is even more subjective than draft rankings given the limited information on players. Teams are usually recruiting a couple years out for this, the fact we got two guys in the top-35 is pretty good considering we were still starting from behind. I would also like to point out, that with 30 teams, that averages out to 1.17 players per team in the top 35, the Orioles got two. That's not half bad.
  15. I ultimately think we end up with Galvis, but I could see a scenario where we get Simmons. His defense would be welcome and I think his bat would play at OPACY. That may be the selling point for him, or even Semien if the floor falls out of the SS market. The Orioles offer plenty of opportunity and a good hitting environment to regain value. In the end, I still think Galvis is the best we end up with, but there's at least a sliver of hope for someone like Simmons.
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