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  1. This is a completely ridiculous thread and the correct answer to How they could win the 2020 World Series is: they can't. There is no way. That said, i'll play along: Get bought out by Jeff Bazos who in a fit to prove he can do anything authorizes a $400M payroll. Orioles sign Anthony Rendon, Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg for $700M total and approximately $95-100M a year, putting the payroll to $160M. Then, the Orioles still need supporting players so they would also need something like: Didi Gregorius, Daniel Hudson, Steve Cishek, Robinson Chirinos, Cesar Hernandez and maybe an Alex Wood or Julio Teheran.
  2. I just don't see a return like that happening at all, but would love it if it did. Barreto gives us another middle infield option with some upside and plenty of youth as he will just be 24 on opening day. And Puk would offer an interesting arm to watch this year and would, hopefully, form a nice trio with Rodriguez and Hall in a few years. Overall, I'm in the don't trade Mancini camp because I think the return would be a guy that would rank somewhere in the 8-12 range in our system and another 30-40 range prospect or two. I don't think that return is enough to move him. If the return nets a top-100 type talent as the headliner, I'm onboard.
  3. The Orioles are in a good position for position players (non-outfield) willing to take that kind of a deal because there are available ABs to be had and OPACY is a nice place to hit. Add in the lack of pressure compared to competitive environments, and it's a nice recipe to rebuild some value.
  4. With Villar moved, the team needs some more middle infield depth. Who knows, maybe he shows something in Spring Training. He was a top prospect back in the day. Maybe we get an infield of Valaika, Alberto, and Herrera on Opening Day. That's the kind of infield that strikes fear the in the hearts of...well, nobody.
  5. I would take a shot on a number of these guys. If the Orioles would finally give up on Davis and if they're committed on Mountcastle in LF, then I think Bird would be an interesting gamble, but alas... Would Matt Duffy be an option? I know he's primarily a 3B, but can he play some SS or 2B?
  6. I think something like that would be possible, but only if they dump Chris Davis. He's already essentially burning a roster spot.
  7. If Pop bounces back from Tommy John which is common, though not a guarantee, we may have a nice one-two punch in the back of the pen with Harvey and Pop. Add in a couple of the starters that get pushed to the pen and the bullpen may be pretty good. I'm still nervous about the top part of the rotation as we're putting a lot on Hall and Rodriguez to both reach (or get close to) their ceilings, but I'm starting to like some of the system pitching depth.
  8. jamalshw

    Fangraphs Top 100

    The top-5 seem about right (though maybe not in that order), but it's interesting to me that Stowers is that high and so is McKenna.
  9. Honestly, the fact that our No.11 prospect has a very realistic chance to be a solid back-end starter has me excited. That's better depth than we've had in the system in a while. Between Grayson, Hall, Lowther, Baumann, and Kremer, that's five legitimate starting prospects while the team still has others like Akin and a few others that have an outside chance to pop and stick. And, there's an All-Star and ROY finalist in Means already in the rotation. The future pitching is looking brighter.
  10. I wish I would have read the thread before voting. I voted Diaz and Baumann, but I now think it's Hays/Baumann as I think most expect Diaz to be in the top-5, let alone top-6, and this option would exclude him.
  11. The mystery box could be a boat, but chances are it's tickets to a comedy club. (Sorry, needed to make that Family Guy reference)
  12. I'm not overly versed in the minor league system and rely on the likes of Tony and Luke for feedback, but based on my limited knowledge, those that I have seen and those that I am partial to for one reason or another, here's my completely biased and non-scientific list: 1. Adley Rutschman 2. Grayson Rodriguez 3. DL Hall 4. Ryan Mountcastle 5. Yusniel Diaz 6. Michael Baumann 7. Austin Hays 8. Gunnar Henderson 9. Dean Kremer 10. Hunter Harvey 11. Zac Lowther 12. Drew Rom 13. Alex Wells 14. Adam Hall 15. Keegan Akin 16. Bruce Zimmermann 17. Kyle Stowers 18. Cody Sedlock 19. Brenan Hanifee 20. Rylan Bannon 21. Ryan McKenna 22. Zach Watson 23. Brett Cumberland 24. Joseph Ortiz 25. Elio Prado 26. Mason McCoy 27. Johnny Rizer 28. Toby Welk 29. Darell Hernaiz 30. Zach Pop
  13. Hey, Brook Fordyce, Chris Richard, Mike Kinkade, and Hubbard were legendary Orioles.
  14. It looks like once Mountcastle is promoted (likely after the start of the season), we will have Mountcastle/Hays/Santander in the OF with Stewart and maybe Williams on the bench. Hopefully, that means Mancini and Nunez are the answers at 1B and DH with Davis either off the roster or stuck in the 26th spot with only an occasional AB. Maybe the Orioles carry Smith in Mountcastle's spot to start the season? If that's the case, the OF is starting to look respectable (if most guys can pan out), particularly with Diaz, Mullins and others waiting in the wings. The issue remains the infield, I wish the team had some options there. I think the best the infield could look in 2020 is Ruiz, Villar and Alberto with Bannon eventually working his way into the picture. That's not all that exciting.
  15. I think it depends if Davis makes the roster or not. I do think it's possible he is released in Spring Training if he continues to look completely lost. If he is released, I think you see something like this to open the year in the OF: RF- Anthony Santander CF- Austin Hays LF- D.J. Stewart with Dwight Smith Jr. and Mason Williams on the bench If Davis makes the team, I think you see Mancini slide into the OF more to start the year and perhaps Smith off the team. By August, I think/hope we see something like this: LF- Anthony Santander CF- Austin Hays RF- Yasniel Diaz with Stewart and Mullins on the roster in a reserve role and Mountcastle at 1B/DH alongside Mancini or Nunez (trading Mancini if he gets a good return and Nunez for whatever you can if Mancini doesn't yield a good return).
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