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  1. I don't it matters unless he goes out and puts up a 1.000+ OPS and slams like seven homers while stealing a dozen bags. It has to be something massive to have really any impact. (Or he could get like a dozen hits--all singles--in 100 ABs which would may have some sway in the opposite direction). Barring something extreme, I expect he will compete with Urias and Jones (along with a free agent like a Galvis type) for ABs in the infield. Personally, I'd like to see both him and Urias get near everyday reps for at least the first half of the season until they either prove themselves or Westb
  2. Whether or not we claim him doesn't move the needle, but there is a difference between what you expect to get from one of the game's better players and what you expect to get for nothing.
  3. I would love to see it, but doubt that we do. Starting him in AAA is possible, but him getting called up reasonably quickly thereafter seems unlikely. I don't expect anything more than a possible spot start, cup of coffee at most, particularly as they watch his innings very closely. That said, I would love to see him get a handful or big league starts and the Orioles, in general, to take a more aggressive approach with the prospects. That would indicate that we are in a new phase of the rebuild where major league success matters and we are looking to take a noticeable step forward.
  4. "Stowers has been great this year and he were asking even more of him by sending him to the AFL. Fortunately, he got a little injury which gave him time to rest before the AFL stretch run."
  5. I kind of agree with you, but the foursome you mentioned have one thing going for them that Jones doesn't: defense. Guiterrez is the only one that doesn't play up the middle (granted McKenna will probably be getting more time in LF and RF than CF if Mullins is able to sustain his success moving forward), but he looked good with the glove at 3B. The bats for McKenna and Guiterrez were lacking, but not the glove. All that said, I am still not ready to give up on Jones at a big leaguer. I think Urias, Mateo, Jones, and Guiterrez are all slated to cover 2B, SS and 3B next year (along with a
  6. It's almost as if these players are actual humans and not machines whose performance on the field is influenced by their lives off of it. Who knew? Seriously though, it's amazing he was able to get a hit at all. This makes me wonder how/if teams are factoring circumstances outside of the game into their analysis and projects for players. In any case, all the more reason to love and root for Mancini. I do hope he's an Oriole next year. I know it may make more sense from a team building perspective to move him, but I still want him here.
  7. Urias and Mateo should both see plenty of ABs in the infield next year. I haven't fully given up on Jones either. I do like Urias' offensive skill set on a team that otherwise struggles with the OBP. His .361 OBP was the best on the team and in the non-Mullins division (Mullins OBP was .360), the next highest wasn't even close. The next highest after Mullins and Urias for anyone with at least 200 PA was Mancini at .326 (Gutierrez and Mateo were .327 and .328 respectively but in less plate appearances). I do like balance in a lineup and Urias offers some of that. I'm not convinced he's an
  8. I don't think that was ever the plan. The plan has been to not spend more than necessary on the Major League product until that product was ready to take the step forward. I'm an advocate to get a piece or two this offseason (namely pitching) with the idea that 2022 is the start of the turn around. We should still be a sub-.500 club, but more in the 95 loss mold rather than the 110 loss mold. While I would like the shopping to start this offseason, I'm not convinced it will. But I do fully believe it will happen once we have Rutschman, Rodriguez and a few others (Stowers? Hall?) on the club an
  9. Lavarnway was with Boston before Baltimore. But I agree that Lavarnway isn't an answer unless you need a veteran for backup spot in Norfolk.
  10. I would just go to arbitration with Mancini and go from there, but I don't have a 2-year extension either. I don't believe he's blocking anyone. Mountcastle and Mancini have 1B/DH. Our other position-limited players (Davis, Stewart) are either gone or likely to be gone or non-factors. Adley has gotten some ABs at 1B in the minors and we may see the Orioles do that (or DH) in the big leagues to keep his bat in the lineup and in those cases, Mancini could get an extra day off here and there. I don't see an issue with that. My preference would be just arbitration and one year though since N
  11. My heart wants Mancini back and to be part of a winning team in Baltimore when that happens again. That said, his lack of versatility is an issue for that. I think there's still a place on this team in 2022 for sure and then we can see what he looks like the second year back from cancer. I have to believe what he went through last year played a role in his second half decline. I expect him to have an OPS up around .800 next year. Is that great for a 1B/DH? Nope. But it's fine for next year. We can see if he can get closer to his 2019 numbers and become a legitimate trade chip (or--perhaps--pro
  12. Mountcastle's WAR feels off to me. I know he was dreadful in the OF and that pulled it down, but I'm not sure I saw him as a bad defender at 1B. I don't think he was a particularly good one, but from what I saw, he looked okay (admittedly, the dismal season caused me to tune out more than normal). Is anyone a stats whiz and know how we could calculate his WAR had those OF games been DH games instead? What change does that make? Overall, I like Mountcastle. He had a good season. He needs to be locked in at 1B and not touch an OF glove again. And he needs to work on cutting down the
  13. This is where I am. My dream Free Agent wish list would be Stroman and Bryant. That's, obviously, not happening, but I would like a solid mid-rotation starter (Gray, E.Rodriguez, Desclafani) and someone to help anchor the infield at either SS or 3B. A return of Iglesias or Galvis would be fine. Kyle Seager if he is available would work. I'd also like to add a mid-range veteran reliever (or two) that we can use to help anchor the pen and take some burden off the young guns. The OF, 1B, C and DH are all set. I like the idea of Urias, Jones, and Mateo getting work in the remaining two infie
  14. We went from thinking the team had too many OF options going into 2021 to being just enough without injuries. We saw Mountcastle is not an outfielder. We saw Stewart is what he is (which is a defensive liability with contact issues). We really have 3 outfielder starters ready for 2022: Hays, Mullins and Santander. Two of the three have injury issues. I like McKenna has a 4th OF and wouldn't mind him getting some regular ABs to see if he can find a middle ground between his 2021 AAA numbers and MLB numbers, but don't see the need to give him the spot right away. With Nuestrom and Stowers close
  15. I don't think he gets protected and I think there's a chance he gets selected, but not sure he deserves a 40-man spot given the roster crunch we are bound to have. There are a number of guys to protect ahead of him.
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