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  1. Hey, Brook Fordyce, Chris Richard, Mike Kinkade, and Hubbard were legendary Orioles.
  2. It looks like once Mountcastle is promoted (likely after the start of the season), we will have Mountcastle/Hays/Santander in the OF with Stewart and maybe Williams on the bench. Hopefully, that means Mancini and Nunez are the answers at 1B and DH with Davis either off the roster or stuck in the 26th spot with only an occasional AB. Maybe the Orioles carry Smith in Mountcastle's spot to start the season? If that's the case, the OF is starting to look respectable (if most guys can pan out), particularly with Diaz, Mullins and others waiting in the wings. The issue remains the infield, I wish the team had some options there. I think the best the infield could look in 2020 is Ruiz, Villar and Alberto with Bannon eventually working his way into the picture. That's not all that exciting.
  3. I think it depends if Davis makes the roster or not. I do think it's possible he is released in Spring Training if he continues to look completely lost. If he is released, I think you see something like this to open the year in the OF: RF- Anthony Santander CF- Austin Hays LF- D.J. Stewart with Dwight Smith Jr. and Mason Williams on the bench If Davis makes the team, I think you see Mancini slide into the OF more to start the year and perhaps Smith off the team. By August, I think/hope we see something like this: LF- Anthony Santander CF- Austin Hays RF- Yasniel Diaz with Stewart and Mullins on the roster in a reserve role and Mountcastle at 1B/DH alongside Mancini or Nunez (trading Mancini if he gets a good return and Nunez for whatever you can if Mancini doesn't yield a good return).
  4. I'll buy all of the potential suitors you listed save for the Yankees. I think it's Didi or bust for them at SS. With D.J. LeMahieu having a big year and Gleybar Torres more than capable at SS those two could be the primary options up the middle. Tyler Wade isn't great, but he and Thairo Estrada are options as back-ups. Plus, with Miguel Andujar coming back and Gio Urshela's breakout year, we could see Urshela get some chances elsewhere in the infield.
  5. This offseason? Villar. He's pretty much clinched that he is at least an average regular at 2B. Alberto could still be more of a role player. I would also be interested in holding Alberto and seeing if he can replicate the numbers against LHP (or at least comes close). If so, by midseason, he could be valuable for a team looking for platoon options.
  6. I'm going to give what I think will happen first and then what I want to happen. C- Sisco/Severino 1B- Davis/Mancini 2B- Alberto/Wilkerson SS- Villar 3B- Ruiz/Alberto I think Nunez could get some looks, but the OF starts as Santander, Hays, Mancini with Mancini getting some time at 1B. I think Davis stays on the roster for the first month or so and then, he's jettisoned when the team brings up Mountcastle. Then, Mountcastle either plays LF with Santander in RF and Mancini at 1B or Mountcastle is at 1B if he can't prove himself in the OF defensively at Norfolk. What I'd like to see is: C- Severino/Sisco 1B- Mancini 2B- Alberto SS- Villar (even with a 4 WAR season, i think he's value is greater to the Orioles with no clear option at SS) 3B- Ruiz DH- Nunez (with some time at 3B - I hope he can work heavily on defense at 3B over the winter and in spring. If not a total liability, I'd like to see him get more and more ABs at 3B to open 1B/DH for Mountcastle and Mancini, thus opening an extra outfield spot for Diaz to grab when he proves himself ready.)
  7. To me, the Orioles only "win" if the deals result in talent that is useful when the team is good again. So, looking at that, I'm looking for players that can provide positive value in 2022 and beyond. That eliminates Villar unless they flip him this winter or next year for a good piece for the future. Overall, I think the deals we got at the deadline in 2018 were a bit over-exaggerated at their worst, but they'll likely end up looking just okay. I like Diaz and am intrigued by Kremer and Bannon, but don't know if any of them develop into more than a league-average option. I think Diaz will be a solid regular in the OF. I look at Kremer as a potential No.4 starter. And I think Bannon at his best is a passable option at 2B or more likely serviceable part-time player at 2B and 3B. That's potentially three solid pieces for one so if all of that pans out, the Manny deal would be a "win," though that's not to say the Dodgers lose as a result, but the Orioles' side for what was needed was a success even if not overwhelmingly so because of the lack of an elite piece. I know Britton's injury situation at the time offered concern, but the ultimately return here is underwhelming. I have no faith in Rogers becoming anything and only marginally more in Carroll. I think Tate could be a middle relief option, but doubt we see anything of real value from this. Villar was the key return (though not at the time) for Schoop. Carmona hasn't developed and Ortiz doesn't look like he'll make it. The real test here is what we get for Villar in a deal and what that return is able to contribute a few years down the road. The Gausman trade was a lot about clearing salary and that was a success. Gausman and O'Day didn't pan out to help Atlanta so that's worth noting, but the player return being a positive very much hinges on Zimmermann. He's overachieved since getting here, but if he can stick as a starter (even as a No.5) I think that completely changes the return. Encarnacion is still young enough so, maybe, but Cumberland is a backup catcher option and Phllips is a middle-reliever, both fringy roster guys. If everything (or mostly everything) goes right in development and wen end up with an everyday OF, No.4 starter, No.5 starter, a couple useful relievers, a useful role player at 2B/3B, and something of value in a Villar trade for the next somewhat competitive team, the ultimate return has to be considered a success. But assuming all the players that look like they have a chance to make it actually do make it is a HUGE leap of faith.
  8. If it were me, I'd explore the trade market for Mancini and Villar. I expect Mancini's value to be greater to the Orioles than anyone else, but Villar may have some value after his strong second half. If you can move him for anything of future value, I would make the move and then sign one of Galvis, Iglesias, or even Hechavarria to fill in at SS. Other than that, I would look for potential value plays on the mount. Michael Wacha might be one. Alex Wood, maybe?
  9. I really think Givens has the most value next deadline (health permitting) as relief pitching always seems to have a mid-season premium as every team could use another arm or two by that point. I'd probably hang on to Mancini and Villar as well because I don't see either having that much of a market. Villar at least gives the team someone that they can stick at SS (or 2B). If he hits the way he has in the second half to open next year, he can go at the deadline, too, when Rylan Bannon could potentially come up and add another option at 2B. For me, the big things are: (i) obviously, removing Davis from the 40-man roster however possible; (ii) clearing other dead weight from the 40-man while adding talent to the system however possible (Rule-5, waiver wires, minor trades where teams are needing to clear 40-man spots, etc); (iii) revamp the pitching leadership including replacing the pitching coach and adding a veteran leader arm in the rotation and/or bullpen that can serve as a mentor to some of the young arms. For the last one, I've heard in multiple interviews how players will often get more from veterans than the coaches because they can relate and relay the information in a different, less formal, setting.
  10. Glad to see some new Blood. (Sorry...I had to do it)
  11. I'm really encouraged that Means has bounced back from his injuries and performance hiccup. I'm starting to think he could be a solid No.3 going forward. That would be a HUGE gain, particularly if at least one of Rodriguez or Hall could materialize into a top of the rotation arm. Add in a couple other arms from this year's Bowie staff and we have a nice start to a rotation--and bullpen. If Elias and company can find the right guys from outside the organization to supplement via free agency/trade we may be on to something in a few years. As to Mean's chances at ROY, I think they're about zero. I think Alvarez runs away with the award. Means may steal a first place vote or two and should finish in the top-3 though. That's still a good sign for the future.
  12. But...what if he put up that same stat line while chewing gum?
  13. I think Givens is the closer again to start 2020 with hopes he can have a better first half and be flipped at the deadline (where he would fetch more than in the winter). Then, if Harvey is throwing well, he can assume the closer's role. But I do agree that Harvey is showing stuff to be an effective late game pitcher, which is promising since I had all but written him off.
  14. Honestly, if the Orioles end up with Diaz as a solid to above-average OF and Kremer as a serviceable No.3 or No.4 starter, I don't think that's necessarily a bad deal for half a season of Machado. The Britton deal sure looks like a loss unless Tate can develop into a solid set-up option. Otherwise, I think that's a failure. The Gausman trade was bad at the time, but Gausman's struggles and Zimmerman's development make it look better. If Zimmerman can be a No.5 starter and Phillips a passable reliever, that's not as terrible as at first glance either. I do agree the return is less than we'd like, but I do think getting a solid everyday OF, your No.3 and No.5 starters, and a few relievers from the group would at least be an okay return...now we just need to see if Diaz, Kremer, Zimmermann and a few of the other arms can came through to make that happen.
  15. jamalshw

    Rylan Bannon 2019

    There's no reason to put him on the 40 until you have to. If he makes the team out of spring, you would have to, but I don't see that happening unless he dominates in the last few weeks and then has a huge spring.
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