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  1. I really hope that come Spring (or May or whenever) when it becomes apparent he is once again not able to contribute that he and the Orioles brass get together and see if they can negotiate a buy-out of sorts. Give him an advisor title and a portion of the money and allow Davis to bow out without enduring years more of embarrassment for the sake of money. I understand he looked better last spring and then things tanked for him in the shortened season, but I'm not convinced that was anything meaningful as opposed to a nice short showing against lesser competition (aka Jake Fox syndrome). I like Davis. I appreciate what he did in the good years. It's almost impossible to watch now. I change the channel for his ABs at this point. At this point, I cannot imagine it's a fun experience for him. For a guy that's made the money he's made, it's got to be worth walking away from some money. I understand walking away from 46 million isn't happening. But would the Orioles bite on a buy out if they could save $10M of that? At this point, it's got to be worth it to save even a couple million, particularly when/if it becomes clear that a full 162 game season will be played next year? Would Davis be willing to give up the delusion that there is a way back to contributing for him? Would that $10M be worth it to escape what has turned into a nightmare?
  2. I imagine there are a couple guys the Orioles may non-tender if they are unable to trade them first. There are also a few more droppable players on the roster. With that, there is space to take someone. I think they may take one, but I think they'll be a lot more prudent with their pick this time. The roster is a bit tighter so it's not a given that they'll select someone like it was in past seasons. We also won' have the first or second pick so maybe Elias has a couple guys he would take, but they're gone by his turn? I do like the Higgins idea by Roll Tide, but admittedly don't have too much knowledge on him or anyone else really.
  3. If that is really the plan, to get half a season as AA and then go to Baltimore, than I expect Severino to be traded or non-tendered.
  4. I have a few takeaways from this post. 1. I don't think it's so much that the money is put in a "spend later account" as much as it is that by trimming the fat as much as possible during a rebuild, you can get a bit more ownership buy-in to do a full rebuild rather than some half-a** job where you plug in fillers like Jay Payton part way through because interest has plummeted so far. If you can make the bottom line still look okay despite the rebuild, ownership is going to be more likely to support it--even if it drags on. I think it can also, potentially, buy goodwill for later where the ownership may be willing to over-extend for a year or two, particularly if a GM has shown he's prudent with the owners' money in the lean times. It's not a magic account where money sits until it's used, but I do think there is some benefit to cutting as much as possible now that may show up later. And even if that isn't a guaranteed benefit, I don't see how that hurts unless it ultimately hurts the long-term plan. 2. I think you may be over-estimating Nunez in that first sentence. He's a serviceable DH who can stand at 1B or 3B if you need someone to stand there. The team obviously doesn't think he can handle defense at 3B otherwise I'm sure they'd pick him over Ruiz. Given he's--in their eyes 1B or DH--and you have Davis who they are insisting in holding for now, Mancini who by all reports will be ready by spring, and Mountcastle who may be penciled in to LF for now, but could easily get pushed out of the OF by more talented defenders, I'm not sure the playing time is there. With that said, I'm sure they've shopped him around some and would have kept him if they thought they could get anything of value for him, but I don't see the market for a Nunez type player. I agree that "giving up decent, cheap production for free is dumb", but only if that decent, cheap production holds any real value to other clubs. If not, it's reasonable to assume it can be replaced by decent, cheaper production...or even already team-controlled production.
  5. I love that he thinks this way. I hope all the players do. They should be trying to win everyday. That said, it's obviously optimistic. I think this team has a chance to win 70 in a full season, but that's about it. There are good options in OF with more on the way. The catching situation has an answer for the future and some okay options for now, but needs better defense which isn't coming until Rutschman is ready. The infield is a big question mark aside from Iglesias. I do have some hope for the pitching with the up-and-comers on the way, but there will be a learning curve and bumps along the way.
  6. Playing it safe? Doubting himself? Stupid? I think Gausman should take the 1/19, particularly if 2/25 is all he can get. He's been inconsistent in his career, but you'd have to think he would be pretty bad to not warrant a 1/6 next year from someone.
  7. I get the thought, but as you noted, the Orioles would have to be willing to eat basically ALL of his salary and I don't know that the Orioles are going to be willing to do that unless the prospect coming back is really top-level and I don't think you will get that given the injury risk that Cobb carries.
  8. I am willing to move on from Nunez, Ruiz, and Severino (Alberto, too, but I would much prefer if we could deal him than just non-tendering him). I, of course, wouldn't mind any of them back as a filler, but don't want any of them standing in the way of someone coming up from the minors (or someone needing to be protected in the Rule-5 draft). As for Sisco, like others have said, I would like to see him get a large number of ABs in 2021 just to see what we have. I am doubtful he is much more than a bat-first backup catcher (a skill set that may have trouble sticking at the big league level as most teams seem to prefer catch-and-throw guys as their #2). I would also like to see the Orioles try Sisco in a few other positions (corner OF, 1B, maybe...). If he can show some versatility he may have a better time sticking as a third catcher and bat off the bench given the extra spot available.
  9. I don't see the Orioles signing any Major League free agents this season unless someone is super cheap as a result of the lost revenues in 2020 and uncertainty for 2021. If that is the case I can see Elias maybe taking a gamble on someone on a one year deal to fill some innings in the first half of the season to give the young arms a few innings in the minors in 2021 since they didn't have the luxury of those innings in 2020 (save for the alternate site).
  10. Honestly, considering we gave up Milone for these guys, I don't have any issues with the deal. A guy that may be a solid organizational hitter for a few years and a guy with a chance of being an utility infielder for something we didn't miss at all...not terrible.
  11. I don't expect the Orioles to sign many (or really any) free agents to Major League contracts and with that, there is space on the 40-man to protect a number of players. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe we have 5 spots open now which should mean Diaz, Baumann, Lowther, Wells and Pop can all be protected. I would protect Bannon and, maybe, Hanifee as well. There is plenty of guys who you could clear to make room. I expect Nunez to be gone (trade or non-tender). I would be surprised if we moved on from Ruiz (and would be fine with giving Bannon and chance there instead). I could see Alberto moved. I could see Severino moved.
  12. That will depend on whether the Orioles want to pay Sanchez's and Alberto's arbitration salaries to split the position. As a fan, I'm not opposed to the idea. I just wonder if the Orioles will willingly pay both players.
  13. I like Bannon. I hope he's protected and I hope he's given a shot at 2B or 3B this year. Why not? He's getting up there in age and it's about time to sink or swim. He's a fringe prospect so no need to hold him down or protect service time. Let me have a few months and see if he can overachieve. We don't have many options on the infield and I would much rather see Bannon at 3B than Ruiz. Lets see what we can do while we try to find a more long-term solution (or develop one from the younger guys in the system). Maybe we find something useful in Bannon...maybe not...but I want to see him get a chance.
  14. This isn't a bad list. I don't have a problem with tiring kicking on these guys, but I don't expect any of them to be honest. I wouldn't mind signing Ray is the Orioles brass think there is something they can fix. I also don't mind a gamble on Archer if there's a good prognosis on the surgery and he's really available on a minors deal. I like he idea of Wong or Hernandez up the middle with Iglesias. And while I like Simmons, i think he's going to be too expensive in a weak market. I also expect us to pass on Kim. Ultimately, I wouldn't be surprised if the Orioles don't sign any free agents to Major League deals.
  15. His 2019 was very bad offensively. He was better (though still not good) in 2017-2018. I really think this is all about defense. The Orioles don't have many prospects ready in the infield save for maybe Vavra and Bannon. The Orioles are getting Vavra reps in the OF showing they are not all-in on him as an everyday player at 2B and Bannon seems to be an afterthought as well. If we are not going to give it to young players to see what we got, I'm all on board for giving it to a great defender to help run prevention for what I hope to be a plethora of youngsters on the mound.
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