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  1. I think this is all semantics at this point, but depending on what a "boatload" means, it may be the same thing as being on a no-trade list. Conceptually, I--of course--agree. You listen on anyone. But if your price is so high on someone that no team is willing to come close, then that's still having a no-trade list without having an official no-trade list. That said, my asking price for Mullins would probably be way too high to facilitate a realistic deal.
  2. I'm surprised by the DFA, but since my hopes of seeing someone exciting get the 40-man spot are dashed, I'm not hoping the opening in Norfolk at least gets Adley ABs in Triple-A and that much closer to the Majors.
  3. Yes. Both guys should be shopped and dealt for any sort of future value.
  4. All of this is assuming fair market value, but I would trade Galvis, Santander, Fry and Sulser. As for Mancini, as a fan, I'd love to see him stay, but I understand moving him. He's a guy that I trade provided I get a good return, I don't settle and trade him for the best the market bears, if the market doesn't bear much (as I would with the first four listed). As for Means and Mullins, I would need to be blown away to move them.
  5. I want to see him in the Majors, but it doesn't make sense at all for him to get there this year. I think the Orioles keep him in AA for most of the year and bump him up to AAA (if he's proven he earned it) the last month or so of the year. He goes back to AAA to start 2022 and then makes his debut mid year next year. I think that's the plan provided he pitches well enough to support it.
  6. I know some of the luster has worn off Leiter and Rocker, but if either are available at 5, I want one of them, but I'm not optimistic, they've gone position player heavy early in the last two drafts. In the end, I'll be happy as long as they go with who they truly feel is best player on the board.
  7. I'm onboard with rotating around IF you believe each has a shot to stay at SS. If you believe Henderson will ultimately move to 3B, I'd rather just do that now. Same with anyone else potentially moving off the position. On the flip side, if you are confident that Henderson and Westburg stay at SS, I'd prioritize them for reps at the position (while still rotating).
  8. As others have said, to me, he needs to figure it out at the Major League level. He had success last year and now is getting the adjustments, he has to learn to adjust at this level if he's ever going to be anything and given this team is a dumpster fire anyway, it's not like losing games as a result is that big of a deal. I'd like to leave him here, get him in the lineup as much as possible at 1B and DH with Mancini, let Hays (when healthy), Mullins, and Santander hold down the OF and see if the Mets (or someone else with major injury issues and some desire to win) would give you something fo
  9. I don't want to deal Means. I want him to be a key part of a contender in 2023. I think that's possible with the prospects on the horizon. That said, I would deal him for a couple top-100 (particularly with one being a top 20). I'd be all over a deal with San Diego headlined by Abrams, but don't see that happening. I'd do a Brujan/Baz package from Tampa.
  10. I'm just hoping this isn't the case of the Calvary again and we end up with a couple solid bullpen arms, one solid starter and trade away the one that ultimately ended up being the best. I think there's a bit more depth and quality this time around so I'm crossing my fingers. With John Means becoming a real weapon. I'd love to see the Orioles keep and build the rotation around him. If Bradish ends up being a good starter, that's two guys that seemingly overshot their projections from a couple years ago. That would be a great starting point and take some pressure off as we would no longer
  11. This. I really like what we are seeing from Bradish, Hall, Rodriguez, and Brnovich, but we haven't seen that much of them. We've seen guys get to the big leagues and dominated for 3-4 innings, but not be able to handle much more. I want to see them at least get halfway through the third time through the order consistently--with success--before getting to the Majors. I'd like to see them get up to 85-90 pitches with some consistency. That doesn't necessarily need to be now, but hopeful we see that in August.
  12. I love what Bradish has shown so far this year and would like to see him go a couple more starts and pitch 5+ innings and then get the bump to Triple-A. If he continues to dominate there I would love to see him in Baltimore by around August after the trade deadline passes and we see where we stand with needs.
  13. To me, the "harder to see him go" part does mean it would take the right return to move him. There are some players when the team is in a place where the Orioles are that you trade even if the return isn't what you hoped. Typically those are pending free agents, but sometimes not. In any case, Mancini is a guy that you deal if the price is right, but I don't want to see him go unless what we get back is something to get excited about. Otherwise, it's not worth it.
  14. I'm glad we've moved on from Ruiz. He was someone Elias knew from his Houston days and may have stuck around a bit longer as a result. In any case, glad to see us move on. Wilkerson was swinging well in the minors, but I hope he's more of a place holder until Bannon or Jones starts banging down the door.
  15. Maybe. But it's not like he's looked terrible at the plate for a month and a half. It's not like he wasn't going to have a bad week or two. He was going to struggle at some point and was going to have to learn how to adjust. We are talking about six games here in 2021. Yes, 11 Ks in 29 PA are concerning and I would much rather see him hitting well. Still, I really don't care what a week's worth of production says. If we are a few months down the road and still having the same concerns, then I worry.
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