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  1. I'm really encouraged that Means has bounced back from his injuries and performance hiccup. I'm starting to think he could be a solid No.3 going forward. That would be a HUGE gain, particularly if at least one of Rodriguez or Hall could materialize into a top of the rotation arm. Add in a couple other arms from this year's Bowie staff and we have a nice start to a rotation--and bullpen. If Elias and company can find the right guys from outside the organization to supplement via free agency/trade we may be on to something in a few years. As to Mean's chances at ROY, I think they're about zero. I think Alvarez runs away with the award. Means may steal a first place vote or two and should finish in the top-3 though. That's still a good sign for the future.
  2. But...what if he put up that same stat line while chewing gum?
  3. I think Givens is the closer again to start 2020 with hopes he can have a better first half and be flipped at the deadline (where he would fetch more than in the winter). Then, if Harvey is throwing well, he can assume the closer's role. But I do agree that Harvey is showing stuff to be an effective late game pitcher, which is promising since I had all but written him off.
  4. Honestly, if the Orioles end up with Diaz as a solid to above-average OF and Kremer as a serviceable No.3 or No.4 starter, I don't think that's necessarily a bad deal for half a season of Machado. The Britton deal sure looks like a loss unless Tate can develop into a solid set-up option. Otherwise, I think that's a failure. The Gausman trade was bad at the time, but Gausman's struggles and Zimmerman's development make it look better. If Zimmerman can be a No.5 starter and Phillips a passable reliever, that's not as terrible as at first glance either. I do agree the return is less than we'd like, but I do think getting a solid everyday OF, your No.3 and No.5 starters, and a few relievers from the group would at least be an okay return...now we just need to see if Diaz, Kremer, Zimmermann and a few of the other arms can came through to make that happen.
  5. jamalshw

    Rylan Bannon 2019

    There's no reason to put him on the 40 until you have to. If he makes the team out of spring, you would have to, but I don't see that happening unless he dominates in the last few weeks and then has a huge spring.
  6. jamalshw

    Rylan Bannon 2019

    Looks like he's moving up to Triple-A. It'll be interesting to see how he does in that park with the Major League ball.
  7. Maybe you can use how well he hits at Oriole Park as a selling point, but then again...the Orioles' pitching staff is likely the reason for that and not getting to hit against the Orioles anymore could be quite the downside.
  8. No. There are some interesting pieces (with more on the way), but I think there's a key bat or two not in the system that's still needed. Whether that comes from free agency when we're ready to make that move in a couple years or from the top of next year's draft, I'm not sure. Renato Nunez is for real, but he's a .237/.304/.467 slash line guy. He has power, obviously, and walks enough to keep his OBP over .300 despite the low average, but that's not really a huge accomplishment. He could be a piece, but that's not enough for a guy that provides no defensive value. If he can be playable at 3B, then we have something. Trey Mancini looks like a nice piece if we can get him to 1B. Anthony Santander has been great, but the sample size is still small. I think he's a piece. Jonthan Villar is good enough at 2B and Hanser Alberto is good enough in a role that allows him to play against lefties, but his OBP is way to dependent on his average. Sisco and Severino are both interesting despite both having issues lately, but I doubt either is an everyday player. In short, we have some interesting pieces and maybe 5-6 players that are "good enough" for a team that's competing--though not all in starting roles.
  9. I'm a bit more optimistic than you, but even if the rest of the guys outside of Hall and Rodriguez become No.4 starters at best, I still think it puts the staff in an okay position. While I don't think Means will be the guy we saw in the first half over his career, I do think he's got a shot to settle in as a sold mid-rotation option and if two guys (Kremer, Baumann, etc) can establish themselves as solid No.4 types, that's an okay back-end of the rotation. Of course, the problem is that puts a lot of pressure on Hall and Rodriguez to both be No.2 type starters and the likelihood of both doing so becomes slim. As for the position players, I tend to agree. Rutschman is the only one that seems to have much of a chance to become a star. I am bullish enough of Diaz, Hays and Mountcastle to believe they each have a good chance to become viable big league options, but all three are flawed. This system does really need another top end arm and a couple top end bats to get really, truly excited. But, at least there's progress.
  10. Unfortunately, with the deferrals a buyout becomes complicated even if he does accept a $5M discount. Would the payout schedule remain? Where from that schedule does the $5M come? Time value of money now becomes a consideration as that $5M paid out in 2037 is far less valuable to either party than $5M being paid out today. I would guess that any buyout for Davis would likely be required to be upfront. Honestly, I would settle to just payout today's rate on the money and be done with it, but doubt the Orioles would willingly take on the present day hit to free up the books for the future.
  11. I am extremely curious what we will see next year. He had a terrible go of it in Double-A in 2017 in a similar number of games as he's played this year in the Majors and bounced back in a big way in 2018. I want to see if he can put up a similar sort of bounce back showing in Norfolk next year.
  12. Is there anywhere I can go to see the OPS+ numbers by position for the league? I would expect amongst middle infielders a 99 OPS+ is better than average. For all of Alberto's flaws, i struggle to see him as an everyday answer, but I like him as a nice bat off the bench. He seems to have a good hit tool if nothing else and having someone that can come off the bench and deliver a single and/or come off the bench and deliver average or near average offense and playable defense at a couple positions has value.
  13. Well...if you add him now, then he's already protected unless you were planning to DFA him. Doing that would be WAY more likely to lose him.
  14. We will have to see how you execute on that plan. I have the same plan, but I just hope the Orioles do a better job carrying out their plan than I do carrying out mine because lord knows I'm going to lose my patience.
  15. Twins are getting Sam Dyson, not a closer, but with Romo it is some bullpen help.
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