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  1. Happy Opening Day.

    I won't be posting much, because the ads have really been destroying my site experience over the last several months. When I do show up, I end up not being able to navigate reasonably well, and I inevitably give up. So, no, not dead, just inactive.

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  2. Yep, I've figured out how to beat that system. The key is to only buy the items you would normally buy. Don't go out of the way to buy a pack of gum for $1.50 that will earn you 2 cents off. Next thing you know you've got 5 packs of gum in your center console and have wasted $7.95.

    Exactly. I will probably have her use it as a go-to whenever she's driving back home or going north and wants a snack along with it, or other normal things like that. She'll at least get more discount out of that than what she gets anywhere else, which is about nada.

  3. Do you remember the Gordy Tiger Marts from your days in Salisbury? There are four of them and they have a ridiculously good rewards program. I've seen plenty of gas stations that have their own rewards programs, but none of them come remotely close to this one. It came out about 2.5 years ago when gas was well north of $3 a gallon. I'll explain it for you.

    It's free to sign up, and you will get a rewards card, just like you would at a grocery store. Certain things that you buy in the store will earn you cents off of gas, up to 25 gallons. The list of items rotates on a monthly basis. Certain items never change, like a large coffee. Each item in the store is labeled with how much you will earn if you purchase it. Most items will earn you .2 off, but there are some that earn .5 or 10 cents. Each time you make a purchase, even if you don't buy anything on the list, they scan the card anyways. They do this because the system keeps a running tally, and for every $25 you spend, you earn 5 cents off. You have 3 months from the day to use what you have accrued, or it will start to deduct from your balance. This is a very good system.

    Every day on my way to work I stop in and get a large coffee. I earn 5 cents for buying that cup. I also grab two diet mountain dews(12 hour shift) that happen to be on sale for 2/$3. Each mountain Dew will also earn 2 cents each. I go to the register and let them scan my card and then pay for my items. I've just earned .9 cents off of each gallon of gas I buy, up to 25 gallons.

    The key to this is to only buy the items that you would normally buy. I like to let my total build up until the system is about to start deducting from me. I usually take my family to upstate NY once every 3 months, so I use the program to fill up before we go. I've paid as little as 12 cents a gallon for a grand total of 3 freaking dollars!! Even if I didn't sit on it, I could still have 50 cents off of a gallon every time I filled up. I go there 4 times a week. Once before each shift and get the same 3 items every time. In two weeks I've earned 72 cents off of a gallon. It's a really good program

    That is really good. If I went to them, it was usually the one at the 50 Bus./Nanticoke Rd./W Isabella St. intersection. My sister is still there, so I'll have to let her know about that.

  4. A tremendous performance in the Series. Once the outcome of Game 6 was known, I knew he would be back last night - just a manner of how many innings. To go five was just about surreal. No one else could have been Series MVP.

  5. I agree this doesn't top '69, but I believe it is pretty far up the list. It feels worse to me than '96 or '97, but it can't top the World Series losses. Those all were heinous. The Orioles haven't been relevant for enough of my lifetime to have had that many playoff frustrations, but this is definitely the worst of them.

  6. I am actively rooting against them in the WS. Not because they beat us, but because I feel they have lacked class and I find much of their team unlikeable. Just hope it's the Giants now

    Quite so. I was hoping for a well-fought series that real baseball fans would be able to enjoy, not a cakewalk for a bunch of douchebags and bandwagoneers.

  7. I was indifferent about the Royals, and only associated them with hemorrhoids and pine tar. Now I will hate them. Hate them.

    Like I said earlier, the Royals are now on my permanent S-list.

    This is the biggest sports disappointment of my lifetime that I can clearly remember (Super Bowl XVIII, while in my lifetime, is a bit hazy). I felt uneasy before the series began, and once they didn't bounce back in Game 2, I figured that was it, but I wanted to be wrong. Not even one MF-ing win. A bed-crapping for the ages. Simply ridiculous.

    This tops '96 and '97 by far. I want nothing but pain for Kansas City and all their fans, and I want it never to end. I want them henceforth consigned to baseball hell, with no hope for returning.

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