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  1. I stepped away for a second. What did he do now?
  2. No, no, the correct chant is DER-EK JE-TER.
  3. This series has been a derpfest from one end to the other. Good God.
  4. The board wasn't working well for me several minutes ago. At least half the stuff Gordon does is showboating. He's not businesslike. Seriously, the hell with him. I hope he injures himself doing that crap. I think he's still trying to make up for not delivering the Huskers that CWS title back in '05.
  5. It didn't go 15 feet farther, with everyone safe? First time for everything, I guess.
  6. I don't want them to feel good. I want them to feel unceasing pain.
  7. Not really. Glad they scored, but they're still trailing, and they have overcome zero leads this series.
  8. I didn't catch the gametime temperature today, but it's been on my mind. Consistent contact works, too. Not everyone knows.
  9. Quite. I was hoping Thorne would be on the mic somewhere.
  10. Yes, you jerkoff, such fond memories of Ibanez & Co.
  11. I think you go to their profile, and the option is there. I've never done it, so I might be wrong.
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