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  1. They make the move sound so innocuous, don't they? Nice K.
  2. Huge credit to the Royals...grinding out the Wild Card game the way they did, then traveling and hitting the Angels in the mouth with a 1-2 punch in similar fashion. Kauffman Stadium will be nuts for Game 3. Two chances to finish them off at home. Great stuff.
  3. Just when you think it might be done.
  4. Thank you, I'll have another.
  5. If the teams can grind it out, the prospect of an Orioles-Royals ALCS is quite interesting.
  6. Dempsey just called it the most exciting play in the history of baseball.
  7. Oh, I thought you leveled a dig at people who had quit on the game by then. Carry on, sir.
  8. "You just don't see that. It just doesn't happen."
  9. Let's put this one in the WIN column! Delmon Young becomes Legen...wait for it...dary Orioles Magic
  10. Do something legendary. If not, something at least game-tying.
  11. The out at the plate doesn't console me at all. This sucks with jagged teeth.
  12. Great battling from Hardy there. Huge run. Every run is huge.
  13. So I got a bit of a reprieve, only to tune in on the radio at the top of the inning and hear Chen turn into a worthless a-hole (nice squeeze from blue along the way).
  14. I'll be missing the game because of "work." Probably will have no knowledge of what occurs until after the whole game is over. Ugh. Have fun, folks.
  15. Very intense last few days for KC, and they're not showing any quit. I like it.
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