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  1. KC breaks on top with...a solo homer by Moustakas.
  2. Let's put this one in the WIN column! The rollercoaster Gives way to the bloodletting One down, two to go
  3. Ha ha! Derp-a-derp! Romine skillz! De Aza sizzle!
  4. Click on the thing below the post that looks like a little sheriff's badge, make sure "I approve" is selected, and leave a comment if you want to before confirming.
  5. Jones's one-pitch 6-4-3 GIDP in his first trip, right before the Cruz shot. Don't remember which other thing.
  6. A bit better inning, still with some annoyances, though.
  7. Fox Sports 1. I think it used to be Fox Soccer Channel and Fox Sports World before that.
  8. They don't see Orioles games. They just don't.
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