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  1. yes. It's not my money. I would love to see PA spend his money and his grand kids money. I could care less if any owner makes a profit. I just want to see a great team
  2. If he is healthy I have great hope for Matt. He worked hard all summer in Sarasota and he is my pick for comeback player of the year. He has never been healthy since turning pro. I hope he gets a chance. I look for Ryan Berry to get healthy and make a move as a reliever in 2013 too.
  3. radio announcer said he was eating four between every inning
  4. Maz homer in 1960 is my first sports memory. Also saw Richie (don't call me Dick) Allen hit a ball out of Connie Mack stadium. Didnt think it would ever come down. The hook was first LL game I pitched and won 3-2. Been my passion along with golf my whole life. That fact my son plays is icing on the cake
  5. looks like he passed with an A+
  6. I think Appel is unsignable for anything less then $7 million. At least that was part of the Astros thinking. Teams just might have called Scott Boros bluff.
  7. 4 ip 2 hits two runs one earned, 5K 0BB
  8. My Phillies win less than 90 games after 97 and 102 the last two years. Astros win #1 pick but O's get second. The Cain signing and Dodgers ownership shange means Hamels leaves Philly. Angels win it all
  9. I would'nt read much into the photo. He had to know that the bad news was coming when Doc took this pic. Hard to be standing straight and perky when you know career ending surgery is possible. Remember that Hobgood didn't draft himself #5, The O's drafted him. If he was hurt at Bluefield that first season, he has taken alot of grief on the board for things he has no control over. I guarantee there is nobody on earth more disappoointed in this turn of events then Matt Hobgood.
  10. and they can vote and have babies
  11. I'll take the injury guys. Ryan Berry is my first choice. I watched him several times at Rice and I think he will be a MLB releiver in the near future. Has that type of releivers strange personality. If heathy, I see him making leaps and bounds. I'll keep an eye on Hobgood too. I can't see any way he could fall from Gatoraid player of the year to the scrap heap unless he was injured. If healthy, I expect a big bounce. However, healthy is always a big IF
  12. Two years ago as I posted some advice for my son who just turned pro and joined the O's faimily to remember to keep baseball in perspective. Obviously very hard for many to do. Please keep that fact in mind when posting on these boards. Don't make the attacks personal. I know Flanny and every player is doing the best they can. Jordon and AM included. Just remember its a game and two billion Chineese just don't care.
  13. 3 earned runs last 25 innings. When can you get excited? Next April when his velocity is back!
  14. Did well again today (8-9) Five innings, one unearned run 4 hits no walks and 4Ks. GCL team swept the second place Red Sox and have 6 game lead with 16 games left. ERA 2.24 after a horrible June.
  15. not signing is a huge gamble. Look what happened to rookie money in the NFL! This was the last draft under the current CBA and you can expect big changes in the slot money next year. And slot could become either take ot or leave it under the new agreement, not a recommendation from the MLB office
  16. whole staff of GCL team is putting up unreal numbers. They have 6 game lead in their division and almost all have WHIP under 1.25.
  17. aggie

    Is Baker Legit?

    Fly balls are a bit more prevelent with off speed pitches. I don't know how many change-up this young man throws but that could be the cause of number of fly balls. Either way, he is makeing great progress. Congratulations.
  18. I agree. JJ is not the problem in any way shape or form.
  19. When my son was trying to decide whether to go to Duke or play baseball, well it was ten of the worst days of my life. I was so impressed with Duke and all the folks there. Beautiful campus, great education, reasonable weather and helpful alumni base. If he gets a chance to go to Duke, GO! It will serve him a lifetime.
  20. As of Friday June 10, The Astros have signed 18 of their 2011 draft picks including 2nd round pick
  21. definately needs to have one stuck in his ear a la Bob Gibson
  22. Saw Jungmann this weekend. He got pounded but came back to throw one shut-out inning today. This was second time I have seen him. Mechanics are strange.
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