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  1. As I said on the day of the draft my pick was CJ Abrams who went #6 to the Padres. He is going to be special
  2. Yep I have been very negative on this pick from the moment it was made. Time will tell
  3. I really don't see any base to build from I don't see a single guy on the ML roster that will be a key contributor to the next competitive team That means we are still at a point where we need to add 15 to 20 new players to the roster and I just don't see that quantity of talent in the system. We have had a 1-1 and a 1-2 and those guys should have been impact guys but I don't have high hopes for either pick.
  4. His contract was not only bad for the team but for the citizens of Baltimore Need a political hack to make one of those useless and indefensible projections that they are so good at Like Davis cost the city X jobs (lost attendance, and therefore stadium jobs due to team having no money to pay competent players), and Y dollars of city tax revenue.
  5. She is the worst play by play announcer I have ever heard in my 50 years of listening to baseball On the other hand she has created a fun investigation game. I try to figure out what happened from her description and than find the video to see how close I guessed. It's always a surprise to see the actual play.
  6. It's not a good thing It is especially bad considering the general lack of power in the lineup Seems gone are the days that slap hitters could at least put the ball in play
  7. Take away Mullins and Severino and the O's team is hitting under .200 Middle infield, actually entire infield is an offensive disaster.
  8. Looked like Mountcastle caught a bad case of Trumbo-itis yesterday. His mindset was clearly to play it safe and be passive and not attempt any difficult plays. That mindset led to paralysis as he watched catchable balls drop in. Someone needs to tell him to be aggressive and let the cards fall where they may, otherwise his days in LF are going to be over.
  9. Embarrassing is a system that leave no recourse to management for a contract like the Davis contract, where the player is clearly in breech of contract and should be forced onto a MLB version of long term disability.
  10. He had the injury in September, it's almost April and has injury again Perhaps sitting out isn't the answer
  11. LOL, DJ Stewart having any value to any ML team
  12. I'm confused Isn't it a given that RSN's are a dying entity as everyone cuts the cord Do they have a revenue stream, or business model as cable systems shut down. Are they hooked up with a streaming services, are any of the RSN's? Seems like they are just cutting costs as they shutdown MASN and transition to something else.
  13. I wonder does this really hold true if someone did and exhaustive data analysis? Seems to me when a stud starting pitcher signs a free agent contract for 100's of millions of dollars the team doesn't go after his catcher. It seems like catcher is an important position, yet many championship teams (all the O's teams from the 60's thru 80's) seem to have had journeyman catchers My comment about age was just when your are an advanced college bat expected to move rapidly thru the minors and be ready for the majors in 18 months, losing a year is likely losing a year of your physical prime. I don't think it was as important for a CJ Abrams who just lost his age 19 season that would have been in high A, perhaps AA and has a longer time frame for making it to the majors
  14. For now, but I stand by my prediction that CJ Abrams will far eclipse AR in WAR, five years from now. And please catcher more valuable defensively than SS or CF? What is this back in the days of Willie Wilson & Rickey Henderson when there was a need to control the running game?
  15. My pick was CJ Abrams, who at age 20 is already more advanced than AR and at a premium position (SS or CF), and at the very minimum provides elite speed An old college catcher at 1-1 was a mistake Covid is making it a really really big mistake If you are 23 and in High A, AA ball are you still an elite prospect?
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