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  1. He was bad in AAA last year and horrible in ST. I'm not sure it is a given that he ever pitches in ML outside of a cup of coffee,
  2. Didn't like the pick, still don't, CJ Abrams was my pick
  3. Just needed to get back on PEDS, now all he has to do is fail a drug test and he is out for the year
  4. Sorry I was making a poor attempt at humor Bottom line, the Orioles can withstand dozens of injuries with not effect to the W/L record because they are basically just a shade above AAA level talent
  5. If an Oriole is hurt how can you tell. A reduction in performance? Would it be noticeable? Would Wade LeBlanc turn into a soft tossing lefty who can't break 90 mph if his arm was sore? Perhaps many of the O's pitchers would be more effective with an injury? Could they really get worse than last year?
  6. LOL, this guy is really something. The only thing you can bet he'll show up for is his paycheck Of course with direct deposit he doesn't have to be there for that either.
  7. Has our crack beat writer staff ever asked him point blank why he chose to lose the 25 lbs? Was it hard to keep the weight on without steroids?
  8. Look at the O's uniforms in background, I think the photo is a poor representation of the color
  9. Yep that's how I meant it... but our talent level is really abysmal I do like the Stevie Wilkerson story and would love to see Kline bounce back... but man o man this looks like a roster that could easily go past 110 losses
  10. I wanted Iglesias five years ago... now not so much
  11. That is a crazy overpay for Schoop. If they were going to waste 6 million dollars, Adam Jones may have been a better value.
  12. Don't see how the players union has a case when so many FA contracts end up as a disaster for the team (See Chris Davis). If they want more for younger players and washed up veterans (Adam Jones), then someone needs to create an insurance system against FA disaster contracts that wreck a team finances and competitiveness. Perhaps an account funded equally by ownership and players that would allow the payoff of non performing contracts. This would reduce the risk for small market teams and allow them to be more aggressive with payroll.
  13. Wow hard to believe that Gerrit Cole is going to make more money than Chris Davis
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