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  1. LOL, The end of personal auto ownership is also coming... maybe 30 years left at most
  2. Congrats to Baltimore for being so progressive Baseball is dying as a sport, the fact that it will die in Baltimore faster than the National average should make us all proud. I agree that Baltimore will lose it's franchise within the next 15 years
  3. FIOS (Verizon) and Comcast may be locked in but not me. Just downgraded to a package that does not include MASN
  4. Unless its to keep the losses above 100 I can't see bringing Givens back We could win 60 games if we don't have Givens and Davis on the roster... so maybe keep them both and get a third straight top 5 pick
  5. Hmm... Seems I immediately declared it a wasted first round pick, and was right A first round pick should have some ML projectable skill. The story on DJ was that he was a high OBP guy, which isn't a projectable skill, and oddly they immediately after drafting him re-built his swing as they felt he would never hit ML pitching with the severe crouch he used in college. He was a DH that no one projected to hit with power and yet they drafted him in the first round presumably to do some lip service to improving the system OBP.
  6. Yep, not worth his contract, not a generational talent, not a future HOF'er, not going to sniff the All Star Game, not even the best player on his team and yet cue the players association crying about this years crop of free agents not getting enough interest due to collusion. I'm working on a spreadsheet of mega contracts and it is not pretty... 80% clearly not working out for the team
  7. Why?? What will it take for the O's and OH posters to recognize the importance of purging the plethora of DH/1B from the 26 man roster. He can't field, he maybe can hit a little. They can keep him and cut Nunez, but I think Nunez is a better hitter.
  8. He'd have to hit like Manny Ramirez to make up for his defense.... and he is no Manny Ramirez. Organization guy, hopefully he won't get too many ML AB's before we settle on a ML corner OF'er (Diaz perhaps).
  9. Listening to Davis you would think he was in a mild two month slump, not the worst hitter in ML history for the past two years. He absolutely squared up that 89 mph fastball yesterday and it barely got out. He has no bat speed. If I catch a drive absolutely perfect I can still carry 250-260, but that doesn't change that my average carry is 210-220. Can someone please stop this (hoping it's you Mike Elias, or better the Angelos brothers).
  10. Sour grapes from someone who probably wasn't making a contribution. Sorry not managements job to always tell you exactly how to do your job, or correct you when they don't like what you are doing Sounds like they just eliminated the position, so its not like they were unhappy with his performance.
  11. Isn't all the analytics, and the data, and the fancy video equipment supposed to help pitchers with command or maybe they don't use the video analysis at the ML level Somehow Castro & Givens completely broke down this year, and the whole staff is of course giving up HRs at a historical pace.
  12. I'm just not seeing any analytics bump Our previously effective pitchers, Givens, Castro, Bleir have all regressed badly under the new management The shifts don't seem to work. Playing our OF deeper than any in baseball doesn't seem to work No doubt our talent level is very low, but they don't seem to be getting coached or analyticed up. Brocail has to go
  13. 1. Release Davis. I really don't want him to have any influence on the young hitters 2. Start next year with 3 outfielders that can catch & throw (Santander, Hays(?), ?????) 3. Find/sign a plus defensive SS who can hit say .220
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