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  1. I wanted Iglesias five years ago... now not so much
  2. That is a crazy overpay for Schoop. If they were going to waste 6 million dollars, Adam Jones may have been a better value.
  3. Don't see how the players union has a case when so many FA contracts end up as a disaster for the team (See Chris Davis). If they want more for younger players and washed up veterans (Adam Jones), then someone needs to create an insurance system against FA disaster contracts that wreck a team finances and competitiveness. Perhaps an account funded equally by ownership and players that would allow the payoff of non performing contracts. This would reduce the risk for small market teams and allow them to be more aggressive with payroll.
  4. Wow hard to believe that Gerrit Cole is going to make more money than Chris Davis
  5. Sorry, 2 of 5, to me not a great % for a guy you give 30+M/year thru his age 37 season.
  6. I don't think Strasburg will have a Scherzer like run Scherzer has been over 170 innings every year of his career, he never had the Strasburg injury issues
  7. 245 Million for 7 years of a 31 yo pitcher who has only topped 175 innings in 2 of the last 6 years. Anyone think this contract will look good in 2 years ? Will it look good next year? When will teams learn to stop paying for past performance and keep away from all Boras clients.
  8. 2012, The home run binge that Mark Reynolds had against the Yankees Manny and the play Pre-season predicted (like always) to finish last place
  9. A lesser guy might have quit Respect that he kept grinding and tried to reinvent himself without a ML fastball
  10. I'm just glad that we don't have him as a reminder of the failed drafting/player development of the previous regime. Two top 5 pitchers (Gausman & Bundy), Gausman released, and Bundy traded for non prospects.
  11. From all I can discern, the law firm is in decline, as it was built largely on the tenacity of PA himself. Not sure that it generates much profit, certainly not in the league with other ML owners businesses
  12. The real problem ( 20+ years) remains the same The Orioles need new ownership. The Angelos family pockets are not very deep. I don't believe we will ever see a top 15 payroll with the present ownership. I pray that they are stripping the franchise to the studs in preparation to selling.
  13. Wow Redskins, please give up the HOF BS Manny hit .259 last year, isn't in the top 5 in ML 3B He has a really good shot at the Orioles HOF, Cooperstown not going to happen
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