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  1. New ownership would want to negotiate their own lease... and/or investigate moving the franchise Is anything in Baltimore open? How many years will it take to recover??
  2. I agree, I doubt he is streaky just had one Jack Cust HR streak. Someone please post the latest dropped fly ball from last nights game. I don't believe I have ever seen a ML outfielder who has on multiple occasions closed his glove before the ball made contact thus having the ball boink off the outside of the glove. He has no place on a ML roster. Why would we lose Fulmer who we obviously have interest in to keep Stewart on the 40 man. Seriously this guy couldn't play OF for one of the better city slow pitch softball teams.
  3. LOL, that is a major insult to all 1960's SS. Davis hits like no other player that has ever been on a ML roster. He is and has been for the past 2+ years the worst hitter in ML history, and actually his defense sucks as well
  4. We are back to where we have been it seems like forever, with a very bad defensive OF. The Mets won last night because they have an OF that can catch the ball
  5. Looks to me that all of the Elias "deals" were primarily to cut payroll, so I believe all complaints as always should be directed to ownership
  6. Not sure why this team needs to declare a closer. Play the matchups, use science. Why would you bring in your RH "closer" to face 3 LH hitters, one of which he has bad numbers against when you could use your LH guy that has great numbers against all three of the due up batters? It's not like any of our guys are going to be the next Rivera.
  7. I'll miss him, one of the few O's pitchers that I enjoyed watching... love the heat Now I guess I have Tanner Scott and hopefully a rejuvenated Hunter Harvey
  8. And yet the O's used a 1/1 on a catcher No running in baseball, electronic strike zone no later than 2022.
  9. I wanted CJ Abrams and I've still believe he will be a far greater WAR player than Rutschman, doesn't hurt that he is 4 years younger
  10. In a few years we will all be complaining about the Rutschman pick, now I'm the only one that seems to hate the pick, not that Rutschman couldn't be a very good player, but just my opinion that the very best catcher is not going to be as valuable as a good CF or SS and that's what a 1/1 should have been used for.
  11. I need to see Hays more than he has to count him as a core. I wanted to draft a SS/CF guy (the guy SD drafted) to be our future CF and leadoff hitter
  12. Uh oh, Manny hitting .200 with a .719 OPS, .620 OPS in last 7 games, wonder where he ranks in WAR for MLB 3B, he's running away with the $$$/WAR title.
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