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  1. Wouldn't give a contract to Means with his injury history. Not going to be worth it.
  2. What grad/med school outfielder are we targeting with the 1-1 pick?
  3. Probably the correct time to trade Mullins, and it seems like it could be in the plan considering the number of OF'ers Elias has drafted.
  4. Don't give up on Santander I believe he will be a late bloomer with 40 Hr seasons in his future, much like Jose Bautista Please keep him around O's
  5. No change in approach (mimimize costs) until a change in ownership
  6. I know, I have the utmost respect for all of your posts
  7. LOL, I can understand how O's fans feel like the 1960's are relevant history.
  8. Too lazy to look it up, but who did Toronto trade to acquire the pitching. I'm betting it wasn't a bunch of old (for their level) Minor League corner outfielders. Probably used some very high upside fresh out of high school arms, and the O's (Elias don't believe in that). Okay did the work, Matz acquired for young pitching (3) Stripling acquired for young pitching (1) Berrios acquired for young pitching (1) The O's don't draft HS pitchers, they don't draft any pitchers and they are not going to acqure ML pitchers for corner OF'ers
  9. How far under slot do we go next year? Perhaps a grad school outfielder with a below average arm and speed but could really hit division II pitching
  10. LOL, P-channel or N-channel??
  11. McKenna should have been kept over DJ Stewart but it's not about the best 25, for some reason they want to keep Stewart and release him next Spring instead of now. Oh well
  12. Matusz had a pretty bad case of Asthma, why a Mid Atlantic team in the most difficult allergy zone in the country would have selected him will always puzzle me. I think he could have been a very good pitcher on the West Coast / SouthWest
  13. And for one moment I thought Chris Davis did something honorable, but no he will steal another 30+ million from Baltimore for a contract that he received while using PED's.
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