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  1. Yes, according to multiple draft ranking boards, none of the O's top 5 picks were ranked at above the position the O's took them. According to BA Cowser picked 5, ranked 10 Norby picked 41, ranked 58 Reed picked 65, ranked 148 Rhodes picked 76, ranked 135 Higgins picked 257, ranked 230 No one else ranked People can defend the O's and claim the Elias is smarter than everyone else and got 20 great picks for less than he would have had to pay for 20 highly regarded prospects.... but it's the O's / Angelos and they have been trimming costs all year (Covid, g
  2. I care that they get the 20 best players available, leaving over 1 million on the table, picking almost all guys under slot is not getting the 20 best players, but it does save the Angelos brothers 1 Million dollars, which I believe is the priority.
  3. LOL, you may be the GM that the Angelos brothers are looking for.
  4. I gotta say it looks like everyone is under spending their allotment Me thinks no one has any confidence in their Covid era talent assessments
  5. So far they have signed two players and saved 1.39 Million. They will have to some really bad negotiating to spend even 90% of their allotment.
  6. Are you going to be okay with them leaving 1M on the table?
  7. Wow he must be good to get 1 million over slot in the last round of the draft.... not going to happen O's save 1 million dollars on the draft, now how much can they save in international pool?? God I hope they are close to selling this team
  8. So can we say now that the O's are not going to spend their draft allotment? Saved over 1 million on first round, with no obvious over-slot guys. I kept hearing that it was okay to go under-slot to use the money on later high upside difficult signees, and folks didn't seem to want to believe that the strategy was just a directive from Angelos to save money, similar to all of the other cost savings like slashing broadcast staff.
  9. LOL, tells you how close I pay attention to baseball these day Last out makes much more sense, but I still don't like the rule Wonder if anyone keeps track of the illegitimate runs scored by guys awarded 1B. Kinda of destroys the sanctity of baseball statistics unless they were to assign that run scored to a team run. I guess same as scoring after reaching on an error.. but different.
  10. So one of the things I don't like about the runner on second rule is that the runner is the next batter up. So if it is a 40 SB guy that's great, but if it's your MVP 50 HR guy who is a slow runner, you might actually prefer that he gets to bat. In general I don't like either rule... the problem is that the pace of play is too slow. Games in the 70's typically ran 2 hours with 9 innings Too many walks too many pitching changes, too much time between 1/2 innings. It should be possible to shorten games without changing the number of innings
  11. Just look at the AS game roster, full of HS and International signees under the age of 18 Even Mullins was a college So, drafted at 20 We got a draft with the upside of a ML contributor or two, not going to push the needle towards a championship team I think the groundwork is continuing to be layed for selling the team.... at least that is my only hope
  12. Really impossible for a layman to grade... however 1. All you have to do is look at the AS game rosters to see that elite talent comes primarily from guy drafted out of HS or international signees that are also all under 18. College positional players are not likely to get you all star talent and the Orioles need some all star talent 2. The draft was supposed to be deep at SS the O's are very thin at SS, they didn't draft a SS 3. I didn't see any descriptions of the O's picks that called them elite defenders, rocket arm, etc. In fact I saw descriptions that indicated the guys wo
  13. My only hope... that all of these budget minimizations are laying the foundation for a sale to new ownership. I think most of us agree that the O's will never field a WS champion under Angelos ownership.
  14. NL is even more clear. The vast majority of the stars of the game are drafted/signed before the age of 18. I don't see the O's ever contending using the Elias "plan".
  15. One prep player in 18 rounds is that normal, do other teams completely ignore HS players Aren't the majority of the MVP's elite players guys that were either from US high school or international? Tonights All Star Game Starters Ohtani : International, Vlad Jr : HS, Boegarts HS(Int-18yo), Judge : College(21 yo), Devers (INT - 16yo), Semien : College, Perez : Int-16yo, Hernandez : Int-18yo, Mullins : College (20yo) Seems like the O's strategy is to not draft players that have a chance to be elite All Star types To me that doesn't make sense
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