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  1. Even when they work... do they really work? Mike Trout is the best most valuable player in baseball, but the Angels still suck If that's because of a resource allocation problem then I say they should have let him walk
  2. Almost 1/4 thru abbreviated season and Manny posting a .189/.306/.627. I'm betting that SD is already dreaming of dumping his contract
  3. The guy seems to have no shame. He will continue to show up to collect his 23 million dollars while solidifying his position as the worst ML baseball player of all time. Perhaps he is looking to buy a small third world country in retirement
  4. I'd play Mullins & Mecenna ( spelled wrong ) At least put out a plus defensive OF, since none of them can hit a lick
  5. "just shy" I guess I'm just shy from making the PGA tour If Stewart hadn't mistakenly drafted in the first round he would never have made it out of A ball. He was promoted several levels even when he had no success. Last year in 260 AAA AB's he had his first above average stats but still struck out nearly 25% of his AB's. Add in that he is slow, with a weak arm and he brings almost nothing to the table. I hope the Orioles soon stop paying him.
  6. Too much DJ Stewart and Chris Davis. Time to release DJ Stewart what a wasted first round pick. Guy has no ML skill. Can't hit run or throw.
  7. Maybe he saw what Wojo was throwing and decided to limit Judge/Stanton to one base. Quick thinking I say
  8. Yes there is a non zero risk. There was/is a non zero risk from influenza Will you at least acknowledge that there is a risk to missing 1 1/2 years of education? An emotional toll on young children isolated from other young children? Developmental issues that may take years to unwind and analyze.
  9. The issue is that people who do risky activities - like going to bars - just don't stay in bars forever. They go to the grocery store, they walk in their neighborhoods, they possibly are going to work, they come in close contact with people. When they are in grocery stores, etc they are mandated to wear masks and the vulnerable people (who should not be in grocery schools or at work) also wear masks, and there is no need to have close contact with anyone if you feel vulnerable. Covid 19 is not some magic ether. All the data indicates that you need to be with a contagious person in a confined (indoor space) for a significant amount of time (definately > 15 minutes). We can ( and should have) protected the vulnerable without shutting down the economy and the schools. The damage from printing fake money and isolating children will be far greater and last far longer than any direct effects of the virus. Our public policy has been a dissaster.
  10. The vulnerable population is very well defined... over 65 or with multiple co-morbidities. I would expect them to be smart enough to not be hanging out in bars. If the near zero at risk population wants to go to bars or go to in person schools I believe they should have that option. People at risk or think they are at risk should be allowed to stay safe by getting government stimulus checks. This would be a lot cheaper than paying people who are young and not at risk to stay home (closing down the entire economy). The concept of allowing the Federal Reserve to print unlimited fake money is destroying this country. This failure in public policy is locking in generations of suffering in the good old USA. 5 Trillion in debt in just the past 6 months. How do you think that will play out. I suggest everyone read a book on the past 50 years in Argentina.
  11. Really you are quoting data from May 13 when there was extremely limited testing And the death rate is deaths / cases, not deaths / confirmed cases There is a wide consensus that the number of cases is at least 10X the number of confirmed cases which is the death rate that you are quoting. I wonder why this website wasn't updated since May 13.... perhaps it wouldn't fit the narrative?
  12. I'm glad we agree. The baseball season should be cancelled right now. No one should be put at risk by silly sports that are the very poster child of non-essential.
  13. It's not me who decides In a free country the players get to decide. They get to do their own risk assessment. Personally I have climbed over 25 14 teeners in Colorado many of which people have died on. It was my free choice to take that risk Wouldn't bother me a bit if Sports were banned forever, athletes are always at higher risk competing than they would be playing video games so stay at home and stay safe. By the way 149375 deaths out of 4362000 confirmed cases is 3.4 % for the entire population Only 20 % of deaths are under the age of 65 which brings us to 0.6% of the population The estimate is that there are at least 10x more cases than confirmed cases which brings us .06% of the under 65 population The under 40 population ( I don't have the chart ) but lets conservetively estimate that it at least halves to .03% of the population So we are down to 3 in 10,000 but we haven't added any factors for economic factors and availability of the best and earliest medical treatment So perhaps that at least halves it to 1.5 in 10,000 So now out of 1800 roster players we could expect perhaps 1/4 of a dead player
  14. I did say IF, you have all the answers so it is clear that all sports should be shut down until there is a 100% effective vaccine that has been administered to 100% of the population.
  15. If we are going to have sports this year we need to 1. Accept that young men are at zero risk of becoming ill from Covid-19. We should suspend all testing and just let the virus spread and run its course thru ML rosters 2. All coaching should be done remotely. The coaches who are at risk should never come within 50 feet of any player and should never share any facilities. The 1B/3B coaching can be done by the players just like it has always been done in slow pitch softball rules The average age of a Covid-19 death is 78. The government could have used this fact and we would have had herd immunity by now. We know exactly who is vulnerable and we know who is not but we choose to treat everyone as an equal risk. Makes no sense.
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