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  1. Dan and Buck better be willing to accept defeat and load up towards 2016. If were out of it by the all-star break we better blow it up, we can't let all these free agents walk and only take comp picks . Here are a couple trades , tell me what you guys think too much , not enough ?? Trade #1 Twins get - DH/1B Chris Davis , RHP Tommy Hunter O's get -RHP Alex Meyer , RHP Nick Burdi , OF Adam Brett Walker Trade #2 Tigers get- C Matt Wieters, RHP Bud Norris O's get- OF Steven Moya , RHP Joe Jimenez, 1B/3B Nick Castellanos Trade # 3 Nats get - RHP Darren O'Day , Inf/OF Steve Pearce O's get- RHP Blake Treinen, C Dan Butler, RHP Joe Ross Trade # 4 Mets get - LHP Wei - Yin Chen , OF Delmon Young O's get - C Kevin Plawecki, SS Amed Rosario , 1B Dominic Smith I hope it doesn't come to this but , it ain't looking good in Birdland that's for sure !
  2. Just for fun pick two of the of the above and tell us why . 1. Henry Urrutia . He will hopefully have a strong ST and be the lefty side of the DH platoon with Delmon. This spot will probably go to whoever has the better spring between Urrutia and Parmelee. 2. Jimmy Paredes. I know Buck loves Flaherty and his D , but I think this kid Paredes has a lot of potential too much to let go. He can play 2B/3B and has RF experience with the Astros.
  3. I have always liked the way this guy plays the game sense he came over from Cuba a couple years ago, and like everything Buck and DD have said about him this off-season. Hopefully this is the year the lights come on for Henry and he becomes this years Steve Pearce and come out of nowhere. Everybody knows the O's sure could use it this year, we will see in a few weeks. On a kind of aside note we have several position guys that are going fighting for the last spot or two , should be pretty interesting. OF/DH Henry Urrutia OF/DH Nolan Reimold OF/1B Chris Parmelee OF Alex Hassan C/1B J.P Arencibia C/1B Ryan Lavarnway 1B/DH Christian Walker INF Ryan Flaherty INF Rey Navarro INF/OF Jimmy Paredes It's always good to have solid competition and that's what we will have, we also have several good young pitchers that are going to be banging down the door.
  4. I really like the moves DD made last night , adds really solid depth for the play-offs. De Aza could be a big piece for us down the stretch this year and be a nice piece to the puzzle for next year as well and didn't give up too much to get him. He's having a little bit of a down year this year but can still add a lot to this team. Johnson has even been a pretty solid ball player throughout his career, and can play decent defense at multiple positions . He could also help us down the stretch and possibly in the play-offs as well as a nice vet bat off the bench. Gives Buck the options he wants . The O's must really like Almanzar but none of his numbers in the minors really pop out at me , especially for 23 in AA. Maybe I'm missing something
  5. I agree getting Miller is a really good move , guy gets lefties and righties out with some serious GAS. As for giving up Eduardo Rodriguez yeah he could potentially be good , but we have some good LHP coming up through the minors in Tim Berry ,Tarpley , and Brian Gonzalez .
  6. Without a doubt we have to keep Cruz , this guy has been are best player this year he also became a fan favorite and is favorite inside the clubhouse as well. No brainer to give him a QO , but if we can give Ubaldo Jimenez a 4 year 50 million dollar deal I can't see why we cant offer Nellie a 3 year / 50 million dollar deal . That would be 16.6 a year and I honestly can see him taking it , you can tell Nelson is really enjoying his time here . Here would be my priorities in order this off-season 1. Re-sign Cruz 2.Re-sign Wieters ext 3. Re-sign Hardy 4.Re-sign Markakis 5. Trade Davis
  7. I'm guessing Manny will get a 5 game suspension , dude has to use his head more than that. The play with Donaldson I understand with him being upset with his knee and all, but the crap he pulled to day is disgusting. The guy is really the bat didn't hit anybody in the ballpark with that stunt , if that hits someone right it could potentially kill them. Could of cost young Manny much more than what's coming up from the league office.
  8. Even if you took 10 and only signed five , long as they would of had higher upside than the ones we took.
  9. I agree should of been taking shots at HS players with our late round picks or at least guys with some high upside, looks like we took a lot of 22- 23 year olds that are relief pitchers or utility guys in the big leagues at best.smh
  10. Not impressed with this draft at all , only pick I like that looks half decent is the pitcher out o ND Pat Connaughton . I think missing out until pick 90 really through them really off this year . I kind of expected it though , really surprised they went so pitcher heavy that's for sure .
  11. Would this use up Weeks last remaining option ?? I hope not . Like if when Lough comes back would we have to waive or DFA him if he were the one to go back down ?
  12. Locking up Monroe for the long term was huge no doubt , but here are a few players I would love for us to sign . 1.WR Julian Edelman - I'd give him a deal in the range of 4 years 20-24 mil with half guaranteed, this guy would be awesome in this offense with Flacco , Torrey, and Pitta. He can return kicks too , which is a huge plus especially if we loose Jacoby. 2. MLB Daryl Smith - I would probably give him a 2 year 12 mil with 8 guaranteed , this guy was just to valuable to our defense last year . 3. C- Brian De Pa Luente - He probably end up somewhere on the 4 years 20 mil range with half guaranteed , he would be a big upgrade on Gino . 4. RB - LaGarrette Blount - He will get 3 years 12 mil with about half guaranteed somewhere . This would give Harbaugh the big RB he wanted to add this off-season 5. CB Corey Graham - We need him back like D.Smith for the D', he is a solid playmaker in the secondary , he will probably end up somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 years and 15 million and 10 guaranteed . Hey it's not my money but this is what I would do this off-season
  13. This is a BIG move for Ozzie and the Ravens , Oz really does know how to work his magic more times than not . At this price it almost seems like flat out robbery , seeing how much Oakland gave Saffold .
  14. I personally think it is going to a hell of a game , I think Seattle is going to pull it out in the end because of the stronger D. Russell Wilson is definitely going to have to make some HUGE plays on his own though , especially if they shut down Lynch . I'm Going Seattle 29 Denver 26
  15. Yeah I hear ya man , and you don't want to see my other two emotional states 1. Really pissed off .....and 2. Ready to KILL a mofo
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