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  1. Scene from the warehouse when news broke that the numbers have been revealed.
  2. I meant not actually having hot dog costumes.
  3. I guess the Promotions department has given up too.
  4. I'd rather watch re-runs of the 88' team than this hot mess.
  5. Elias coming back to Baltimore with his haul of prospects.
  6. Hope so. If not this dumpster fire is all for nothing.
  7. Guess he can't take the pressure of being named the ACE.
  8. Smart man. I grew up on pan haus and puddin. It shows.
  9. Scrapple gets maple syrup. MMMMMMMMMMMM....GOOD
  10. I guess Givens will go for a bag of balls if this is what we get for Cashner.
  11. I hope Davis can handle the pressure of batting 7th in the lineup.😜 Up one spot since yesterday.
  12. I was in section 8 by the right field wall. Gave up on a foul ball when it kept going right and it hit the damn cable coming down on my wife's head. The guy behind me stopped it before it hit her and they got it. Still mad.
  13. Start at 1710. Tarp off. Cashner throwing in cf.
  14. I'm at the park. Pouring out.
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