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  1. May as well have Tatis thrown in the deal as well. Maybe both for DJ Stewart and Paul Fry?
  2. It’s a toss up for me. Of course if possible I’d choose the best of both options lol a World Series win plus a few years of playoff baseball sprinkled in. I was born in ‘86 and grew up in the south rooting for David Justice and Fred McGriff on the Braves but even then I always knew Baltimore was my home team even if I couldn’t watch them (family’s from Baltimore). But anyways, I sort of know the feeling of a WS win though at 9 years old it’s not nearly the same I’d imagine it to be if I saw the O’s win one in 2027. I’m way more invested now than I was as a child.
  3. I expect Mancini and Santander to be gone by the time the team is competitive again. I think an OF with Mountcastle, Hays, Diaz is the most likely future OF but if we’re lucky Mountcastle will be moved to 1B or DH once Mancini is gone and a better fielding LF ends up there. Maybe Kjerstad or Stowers? If Mullins figures it out he could push Hays to LF also. I think it will ultimately work itself out. I’m more worried about what the hell they do in the infield. Any potential impact prospect outside of Rutschman is too far away to even project possibly having a major league career. Just gotta hope at least one of Henderson or Westburg move quickly.
  4. The question is what would any of us prefer... One WS win in the ‘20s with the rest being non competitive (hovering around .500 most years but not making the playoffs) or... No WS win but let’s say 4 years of making the playoffs and 3 additional years of playing over .500 in the ‘20s....
  5. I highly doubt Elias is keen on trading anyone for a major league piece right now. Maybe next offseason?
  6. You act like Mullins hits like Chris Davis. He has value using the skill set I mentioned before. Again, not an every day starter but if he had to play for a couple weeks if someone is out for a short amount of time then I think he’d be fine. He’ll never be an All Star but 4th OF types never are.
  7. Does this mean Davis will be released finally?!?!?!?!?!
  8. He can play above average defense, pinch run, and bunt. I’m not saying he is the best 4th OF in the world but he has plenty to offer a good team. He just isn’t an every day type of player. I feel like you’re being overly negative on his skill set.
  9. He’d be a 4th OF on a good team but this isn’t a good team and I don’t have any qualms seeing him out there if that means we’ve got some good defense. I’m biased though, I’ve always liked him as he was coming up through the system.
  10. A Hays, Mullins, Santander OF is actually pretty nice defensively. Put Mancini at 1B and Mountcastle at DH and maybe figure out something else for CF when playing a lefty and I feel like it’s a good approach. That all depends on how well Mullins can hit. I’d be okay with a low bar set for him offensively though as long as his defense is above average.
  11. Yeah, me too if it were a waiver claim. Not if we have to give up anything though.
  12. I’d rather play Martin full time than send any level prospect for a not so great SS who is entering arbitration. With that being said, I’d welcome the idea if we were to claim him and get him for nothing.
  13. I like the idea of a trade for Chisholm but I don’t think we’d get much more in return other than him
  14. I highly doubt anyone in our 10-20 prospect range is going to net a major league difference maker.
  15. I think it’s best to wait out a few of our current top prospects to see what we’ve got and go from there. If we were to build a potentially competitive team now it’d be from the ground up. We’ve literally got nothing to feel confident in building around yet. Let’s see how Rutschman, Rodriguez, Hall, Hays, Diaz etc look this time next year and go from there.
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