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  1. Ah, yes…publicly blame someone else. Maybe it was the exercise, maybe not but publicly dodging accountability for injuries always comes across as petty to me. Not to say it was Harvey’s fault or anything that he was injured…but as the edited for TV version of Forrest Gump says…It Happens. Still, come on buddy…don’t point fingers
  2. Unfortunately there was no market for Cobb and at the time, Jones seemed like a great player to get in return. After actually watching him…let’s just say I’d be surprised if he is on the next winning team. But at the end of the day it was still worth the trade IMO. We knew what we’d be getting in Cobb and it wasn’t particularly good so they rolled the dice a little and lost. No reason to feel remorseful though.
  3. I mean…if they offered Cabrera and Meyer for Mullins it’d be kinda hard to say no
  4. Does Santander have any value at all? On almost any other team he’d probably be DFA this off season. Why would anyone trade something for him?
  5. I think they’re going to be good which is why I think it’s insane that next year isn’t the first year we try to put a winning ball club together. Maybe it’s just me but bringing players into a major league team designed to lose is not going to help create a culture of winning. The prospects that will make a difference will be here very soon and I think they should come up to a team where the front office shows they are also putting in the effort to actually win. That doesn’t mean spend on the biggest free agents but my understanding is we are going to be going after similar types to Franco and
  6. Maybe I’m using exaggerated language but all signs to me are pointing to wins and losses not mattering until, at best, 2024. Maybe next year is the last year of the intentional losing era but if we’re going to be setting sights to 2024-2025 for when they’re actually trying to win then that’s why I’m saying trading Mullins makes sense.
  7. I’m not totally against trading Mullins if the next 2-3 years are tanking anyways but not to the Yankees.
  8. Nice to know I’m not the only one! Haha Really though…they could have a modest payroll and sign some free agents. I’m aware it’s gonna be another year hardcore tanking before wins and losses start to matter but honestly, if you sign a game changing talent like Correa to a 7 or 8 year deal then even after 2 more years of rebuilding you’d still have 5 or 6 years of Correa at a prime age. Plus it’s a signal to the fans and rest of the organization that there’s an upswing in the whole “lose as many games as possible” approach. Really…how many years with a top 5 draft pick in a row do y
  9. I don’t care if I’m crazy but I’m voting for what I want them to do, not what they should or will do. Get some free agent pitchers and capitalize on this insane SS market and this team isn’t all that bad. I’m the lone 70+ million vote so far lol
  10. It’s funny…some of the best memories of that window of Orioles history are the most obscure players. Andino, Delmon Young, the McLouth double off the wall vs NYY.
  11. If the Mariners hope for the playoffs lay on Alex Wells’ shoulders then it’s no wonder they haven’t seen the postseason in so long
  12. Yes. And it didn’t have to be Austin Martin…a top pitcher would have been nice even if all of the top pitchers from that draft haven’t had the same level of success so far as Mayo. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to see Mayo hitting well, especially since Kjerstad is a big question mark (glad to see he’s resumed baseball activities). My point is it’s not an approach I like and thus it doesn’t matter to me whether the O’s have the first or second pick of the draft because they probably won’t take the best player available.
  13. I don’t like the approach. Sure, it’s a calculated risk and they know a lot more about player development than me…but when you have high draft picks it seems crazy to me to pass on better players. Rutschman was too good to pass up I guess, is that the case with Elijah Green? Either way, I don’t care at this point if the O’s have the first or second pick. The player they end up taking probably won’t be one of the top guys on most draft boards anyways.
  14. Even at 1:1 would the O’s go for the best player? Seems to me they’d just go under slot so they can pick some fancy lottery pick type of players in rounds 3 and 4
  15. oriole


    Hays has been a frustrating player to root for. This year has been a breath of fresh air…he would get injured so often it’s been hard to imagine he’d ever make it to 500 PA in a season but here we are. He’s had a season typical of what I’d had imagined if he could stay healthy…now hopefully he keeps that going and can be a little closer to something like an .800 OPS player next year. But if it’s a repeat of this year, I won’t be disappointed. I was feeling close to writing him off as a potential piece of the future at the start of the season.
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