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  1. It wouldn’t surprise me to see someone like Zimmerman or Wells to be tried out in the bullpen next year. Along with Pop if he is healthy. Depending on how things go in the rotation we could see Lopez (if he returns), Kremer, or even Akin too. Considering they’re all projected to be back of the rotation type guys then a move to the bullpen is the next step if they struggle or if there’s a need.
  2. I want to see Hays hit well enough that I have some faith he hasn’t been over hyped and we could count on him next year.
  3. Just hope he keeps it up enough that we could see a good return in a trade. I’d hold on to Sisco as a 3rd catcher/DH/1B in the long run just to keep a home grown lefty around. Severino was a waiver pickup and if we can turn that into a couple prospects then that’d be cool. It doesn’t have to be this off season either. It could be until 2021 trade deadline or offseason. After that it may get crowded behind the plate.
  4. I’m glad to see him having some success. I was excited for him when he was signed just because of the underdog factor. Considering he is most useful when going multiple innings I doubt he will be the closer though.
  5. Anytime the Yankees lose it’s cause for celebration. I don’t like the Blue Jays but they’re a nobody compared to how much I like to see the Yankees (or any other behemoth payroll competition sucker) lose.
  6. As excited as I am to see Kremer pitch I can’t believe how unbelievably awful the lineup is today. I hope we at least see some good pitching
  7. Yeah, I agree with you. I’m not feeling great about Stewart obviously. He doesn’t seem to do anything particularly well. But he does deserve a good look so I guess I will retract my comment in that sense. I like to see at least average defense out of every player and Stewart doesn’t seem to hit or defend well. At least Williams could play the field a bit.
  8. I think I’d prefer Williams over Stewart at this point.
  9. Just read through the post on MLBTR regarding the Padres needs. I think they’d be interested in Givens and if we’re lucky we’d be able to get one of their top 10 prospects. They’ve got a couple LHP rated 9 & 10 on the MLB page...Ryan Weathers and Joey Cantillo. Weathers was a 1st round pick but Cantillo has fared better thus far in his career. I think either one would be a good candidate and I’d be happy with that type of return for Givens.
  10. I can’t foresee getting much of anything for anyone in the rotation so I think if we see any moves it will be something like a give away or DFA rather than a trade where we get anything back worth talking about. Best case scenario really is getting Cobb out but considering the O’s will be paying most of his salary anyway they may as well keep him.
  11. A Cobb trade would be nice. Givens might get something noteworthy. Maybe some of the lesser BP arms like Armstrong, Castro, or Sulser could get a lottery ticket type of prospect. I think it’d be wise to see what teams would offer for Santander or Alberto but I’m okay with keeping them too just to see if what they’re doing is real. I don’t think the O’s will be particularly active though.
  12. I think we all knew it was coming, we were just hoping otherwise. It won’t be terribly hard to get into the playoffs this year so hopefully they can turn it around enough to get a wild card spot to keep things interesting? I totally agree though. I’d much rather watch someone like Mountcastle or Zimmerman suck than Smith Jr or Wojo
  13. DH Sisco 1B Mancini LF Mountcastle CF Hays RF Diaz Trade Santander and Nunez this year (or in the off season) and maybe even Sisco (DH won’t be too hard to fill).
  14. If Mullins can turn into a doubles hitter who can steal a base and play above average defense then sign me up. That was my original hope for him but he’s played too poorly for too long for me to let myself have hope. I’d love to see it though
  15. I doubt we will be trading much. Maybe Givens or another bullpen arm but everyone else is young and controllable enough that it’s probably best to just keep them considering none of them will likely get any prospects back that will be any better than what we’ve got right now. If we trade Severino do we really think there’s a chance that a team is willing to give up a piece that will any better than Severino has been over his career? Same goes for any of the offense really.
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