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  1. I was speaking more so on a team approach than what will win more games. I’ll take whatever approach will win more games when it comes down to it. And I like pitch to contact as long as there’s good defense out there. An out is an out and if I’m watching highlights I’d much rather see some diving plays, slick DP, etc than a K. Makes the game more exciting IMO. But yeah, just win. I figured that was a given when talking up preferred team makeup.
  2. Just a matter of personal preference of course. I think strike outs are collateral damage of swinging for the fences and so it makes the whole approach less exciting overall. Obviously it’s optimal to go with whatever approach gets more total bases over the long haul but little things like putting the ball in play, making the other teams defense work, moving runners up...that sort of thing keeps me engaged in watching the game.
  3. I always love when you’ve got a fast runner on base and he is able to get in the pitchers head. Also, maybe I’m just being cranky or whatever (legit possibility) but if a run is to be scored I’d much rather see something like working a walk, move the runner up, then someone hits a double than an inning of a mix of strikeouts, ground balls into the shift, and a home run.
  4. Lopez is as replaceable as it gets. Maybe it’s too soon for Kremer but he is optionable, a spot is needed, and he has been awful since the start of the spring so it’s not necessarily based on regular season starts.
  5. It’s more exciting IMO. The game right now seems to be K or HR. I’d much rather see a LH hitter attempt to beat the shift by hitting the opposite way than just swinging as hard as possible and hoping it leaves the park. Of course home runs are fun but it’s probably the Buck years that has made me want more small ball. Between Davis, Trumbo, Reynolds...it just got old quick.
  6. If Lopez has another terrible outing I could see them releasing him and bringing up Akin. It would also make sense to option Kremer considering he is doing pretty terrible and it’s not like he had a great spring or anything either. My guess is LeBlanc starts but I’d rather see one of the first two scenarios I mentioned.
  7. I’m a sucker for good defense and pitching. Maybe it’s because of my distaste for the all or nothing approach but offensively I’d love to see a balanced lineup with good OBP skills.
  8. It would be incredibly surprising if they fired him based on his political views. If it was based on tweets he’d have had to post some Josh Hader level tweets to get fired which assuming he isn’t a complete idiot he would probably keep that type of stuff to himself.
  9. I hope it’s McKenna in LF rather than Mountcastle
  10. I’ll admit I’m overly harsh on Stewart. But it felt like every time I would watch him in the OF he would look clueless and it just made me turn on him. When he was drafted as a sneaky quick OF with a good eye and unique batting stance I was actually really looking forward to how his career would unfold. But nothing like a good old fashioned baseball to the noggin to make those good vibes get sour.
  11. I’m gonna be honest...I’ve wanted to see Santander traded since the beginning of last off season. I thought with such a crowded OF and a couple more years before real competitiveness to develop whatever talent we’d get in return for Santander it just made sense to cash in considering no one really thought he’d be a middle of the order bat with a great glove. I’ve since changed my mind and what you said here is exactly why. You can’t count on Hays whatsoever, Mullins seems to be a fourth OF playing over his head right now (I still have high hopes for him personally), Diaz isn’t really a game changing type of prospect, Stewart straight up sucks, and Mountcastle is a DH. I know I’m just repeating what you said but for whatever reason after Hays got hurt yesterday it dawned on me that any depth I thought there was is actually very weak. I’m neutral about a potential Santander trade now. It’s nice having the extra depth even if is another injury prone player. Though if he was traded I wouldn’t be terribly upset.
  12. I’ve gotta go with Mullins but I’m really annoyed with the hamstring tweak today so I might be biased. Hays just can’t stay healthy and that’s not going to get better with age.
  13. I’ve been a huge Hays fan but I think it’s time I get used to the fact that he isn’t a part of the future. Dude can’t even run the bases without getting injured
  14. At least Ty Wigginton played 2B throughout his career...Pearce didn’t play a single inning at 2B til Buck put him there in 2015.
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