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  1. It seemed like only the Gausman/O’Day trade was based solely on money. Sure maybe we’d have gotten a better return if the O’s paid the rest of the Britton or Machado contract but they just got off a few years where the payroll was significantly higher than any point in franchise history so if they wanted to save a bit then I feel like it was understandable at that time.
  2. The Gausman trade was an O’Day salary dump. Britton was not at his peak anymore and coming off injury and expensive...to think we’d have been offered more than we got seems silly. Only the Machado trade seems bad but it was probably the best anyone offered. Who’d have thought Diaz would be this close to a bust? He seemed good at the time and the book isn’t closed on him.
  3. It’d have been cool to see some movement but there was no obvious must move types of players. I guess it’s good that nothing stupid happened though
  4. His entire major league career thus far has been versus the O’s and now he’s with the O’s.
  5. Man, he’d be a hard one to see go but we’re not competing next year and after that he’s gone. So unless there’s an extension it doesn’t make sense to keep him. And it’s debatable whether an extension is even a good conversation to have considering our future 1B is already on the team. Trade Mountcastle, extend Mancini! /s
  6. I think the value to Watkins is a diamond in the rough type of pitcher and that requires some faith and a big dose of hope. That doesn’t play in trade discussions I don’t think so he’ll be in Baltimore whether he’s good or bad.
  7. I agree. I’m really hoping he’s successful.
  8. I’m putting too much weight on his April/May stats it looks like. He has gotten better as the season progressed.
  9. It’s always the guys you least expect that come up and do well...Means, Watkins, Valdez...meanwhile guys we had high hopes for like Kremer, Akins, Lowther have all been awful. Then of course there’s Zimmermann who looked like John Means 2.0 in ST and got me dreaming of a local lefty in the rotation and then as soon as the big lights came on he crapped the bed. I don’t expect the Watkins success story to last but I’m appreciating it while it’s here.
  10. To be clear, I’m not criticizing the Kjerstad pick. No one knew he’d develop myocarditis. I was hoping for a different approach this year to maximize the likelihood of having a successful pick which generally means best available.
  11. Ugh, I actually really dislike the pick. I was hoping they wouldn’t get cutesy like they did last year. Our number 2 pick from last year is already a whiff, it’s gonna really set this whole rebuild back if this draft doesn’t pan out and by not picking best player available you’re placing risky bets. Not what I wanted to see personally...but whatever. We went from a glut of promising OF prospects to almost none so I can’t hate on a college OF bat I guess.
  12. By young guys I meant players who aren’t the has been/proven to be terrible variety
  13. I know we don’t know how the Watkins experiment will unfold but I will say this...if we’re gonna watch a bunch of garbage SP I’d rather see young guys trying to establish themselves over guys like Harvey and Lopez.
  14. Sometimes it feels like we’re always “2-3 years away”. Time is a mental construct and we’re forever expected to chase that dangling carrot. But yeah, I’m on board that if next year is not a transitional year then this has gone on too long and has the whole forever rebuild vibe to it.
  15. Too much depends on player development but it’s not that crazy to think this team could get a lot better really quick. There just needs to be some big strides in the pitching department. Also at least a couple notable FA should be signed if there’s any plans on winning.
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