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  1. Mark Reynolds made a pretty decent career out of it 😂
  2. No, definitely not certain that Hays and Harvey will be any good but I think they’re at the top of most people’s lists of Orioles prospects who are ready to make the jump to MLB and could have success. I just wanted to stray from the obvious answer since it wouldn’t feel like a surprise if either of them did well.
  3. I’m going to assume “pleasant surprise” means something along the lines of “unexpected surprise” so that counts out Hays and Harvey for me. My choice will be DJ Stewart since it seems he has lost the confidence of most people I talk baseball with. I think he could be sneaky productive with a high OBP and a little power. If I remember correctly (not guaranteed) he is also quicker than you’d expect so maybe he can turn some long singles into doubles and steal a few bases while he’s young.
  4. Watch Hays and Mountcastle tear it up this year and we get some average-ish pitching and guys like Ruiz and Sisco figure out major league hitting...this could be a .500 team if everything goes right and a bunch of stuff goes wrong for other teams. I wouldn’t count on it in a regular 162 game season but 60 games is pretty short and baseball is a funny game. im not saying I would bet on it or anything lol...just seems like a possibility.
  5. Realistically (if there is a season) I think they’ll stick with Davis unfortunately. I’m thinking Davis plays most days at 1B and Nunez at DH. Possibly Nunez gets time at 3B and that could open up some DH at bats for Mountcastle. I wish someone would teach Mountcastle 2B. If Pearce can do it then why not Mountcastle? He played some SS and 3B so it shouldn’t be terribly different. But considering I’m a nobody and the professionals haven’t tried it then I’m sure there’s a good reason. Still...that’d be awesome.
  6. I’d like to see Mountcastle out there. There’s nowhere else for him to play and I think he’s ready for the mlb level.
  7. I voted B. I was pretty perturbed at first but I think the strategy is solid overall. I still think you just go best player available in the first round though
  8. Wow. Another outfielder. This is turning out to be a head scratcher of a draft. I’ll trust that Elias knows what he’s doing. No reason to tank his career but holy crap, this seems like a joke so far.
  9. Id rather have Pearce than Reynolds even with the home runs. While Pearce was no gold glover he could at least hold his own at multiple positions. Reynolds was a black hole in the infield and if he wasn’t hitting the ball out of the park or walking he was basically an automatic out. Not my favorite type of player to watch.
  10. Seems as though it’s Hays’ job to lose. I have high hopes he holds onto it. Alberto is a good option vs lefties but if Hays is doing well I wouldn’t push it.
  11. Are we the Dodgers now? I don’t foresee that happening. Sure I’d cut him but it’s not my money. If Davis isn’t cut, Trumbo wasn’t cut, Ubaldo wasn’t cut...I mean I know it’s a hypothetical situation we’re talking about but it just doesn’t make any sense to me.
  12. Where the hell would Myers even play? We’re overwhelmed with DH/1B guys and the only positional strength we have in the farm is upper minor OF prospects. Count me as a hard pass on this particular what if scenario. If it was for an overpaid 3B or 2B then I can see the appeal in taking a bad contract in return for some prospects but Myers would be a huge mistake.
  13. I had high hopes for Sisco as a prospect. Those have since dwindled considerably. It’d be nice if he didn’t have to play behind the plate. We’ve really been handcuffed with DH/1B type players it seems.
  14. oriole

    Alex Cobb 2020

    If he can get 120 innings with an ERA under 5 I’ll consider a success.
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