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  1. I’d like to know how I voted in that poll if I voted at all. I probably voted in the 75%. Signing Davis and Trumbo were two of the dumbest moves in all of baseball. Very easy to see their regression a mile away. Cruz not so much, he had a consistent track record. So yeah, hindsight is 20/20 but also it was easy to see the Trumbo and especially Davis extensions winding up awful. It was also easy to see signings like Jimenez and Gallardo going south. Just a bad track record in free agency overall.
  2. Oh yeah...things could have gone a lot different if Davis wasn’t signed or Britton was traded at his peak. Instead they made dumb decisions like signing Trumbo and letting Cruz walk. It seems so clear now in retrospect but to be honest, it seemed clear when the decisions were being made too.
  3. I agree it was over extended but at the same time, as a fan base we went through a grueling decade prior to that window and any chance at continued good fortunes had to at least be attempted. I think the only way to have any chance at selling a true rebuild to this fan base would be to hit rock bottom. And that is exactly what happened.
  4. I was holding out hope for a Gausman reunion. Too bad...good for him getting that much guaranteed after last season. I think the Giants will get a good year from him.
  5. I just mean it’s a good idea to temper expectations. Though I guess it’s arguable whether or not it’s too much to expect for a rule 5 to hold his own in what is sure to be the worst rotation in baseball.
  6. I don’t think anyone can realistically hope for anything more than a RP or utility infielder. I’d focus on who could fill those roles best. Though it’d be fun to see how long a rule 5 SP could stick.
  7. Dang and I was looking forward to 3 rule 5 picks.
  8. As long as his defense is still decent than I’d have no issues if they signed him. Iglesias would be good too. I’ve also still got some hope for Martin. But Hechavarria would be solid enough to get us through the year.
  9. Especially at 3B. Ruiz didn’t really cement himself as a contributor last year so while he is probably the front runner, it shouldn’t take much to take his place.
  10. If he’s willing to take a minor league deal with an opt out after ST I’d be happy with that. I don’t think he is a guy you count on though.
  11. That’s unfortunate. I’d have much rather seen quality over quantity...but I’m content to just trust whatever approach Elias is taking. Even if I disagree completely
  12. Entertainment. Someone’s got to pitch this year and I just can’t get myself excited to watch guys like Wojo pitch.
  13. You wouldn’t. I’d rather have kept him. That’s why it looks like a salary dump to me.
  14. I’m not saying it’s less than what I expected by any means...I’d have liked to see him stay put rather than traded for nobodies. It’s really not that big a deal, I’ll still watch the games and maybe even attend a couple but it’s disappointing for sure.
  15. I didn’t want to see Bundy traded for low level lottery ticket type of players. I know the next few years are lost years but someone has to pitch and I’d rather watch a guy like Bundy who I can root for and wish well for his career than have a few guys who will very likely never make the majors. I’m no scout, I’ll leave the optimism about the players up to those who are familiar with them. I was just really hoping if Bundy was traded, it’d be for at least one prospect worth hoping on. Otherwise I’d be happy to watch him pitch on a 100+ loss team.
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