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  1. Not my money but I think it was worth a roll of the dice. Especially considering we all humorously thought contention was within reason lol
  2. I don’t know if I’d go that far. He was one of the leagues top relievers and we all had hoped he could recapture that after recovering. It was a lot to pay for a half season of relief pitching but I don’t think I’d have done it differently. And I’m still harboring hope that Tate can translate his relief success to the majors.
  3. The trades overall certainly look better now than they did at first. Especially the Schoop and Gausman/O’Day trades. Machado trade still looks about as uninspiring as it did when it was made and the Britton trade is good if only for the fact Britton hardly had any value. I think Duquette did good enough. I think maybe only one out of all those players will have a major league career but it’s one more potentially productive player than we would’ve seen otherwise I suppose.
  4. I expect another extremely barren off season at the major league level. I’d like to imagine at least one SP is signed...probably someone coming off a bad year hoping to turn it around who also exhausted all other options. I see absolutely no reason to go after any position players. We have plenty options. If Villar is traded then maybe some minor league deals for competition but I doubt any major league deals are handed out even in that scenario.
  5. The jump from Delmarva to MLB is almost as big as it gets. I think he may go undrafted if left off.
  6. I think it clearly Mancini. Especially with the way the AS game went for him and it’s also a comeback year for him. I’d be very surprised if it were anyone else. Though Means and Villar would be solid choices if chosen.
  7. I agree...Ruiz is a good enough stopgap until either he proves himself or someone better comes along.
  8. The whole damn starting pitching staff needs to go with the exception of Means. Just start fresh and hope that Cobb comes back decently. Maybe keep Bundy since he isn’t worth anything in a trade and he’d be hard to cut. Brooks, Wojo, and whatever other random awful players have been thrown out there just need to go.
  9. He’s a fringe player on a competitive team but during a rebuild the home runs are nice. I’ll settle for his overall play while he’s cheap and the hope for more upside sticks around.
  10. I always liked Gausman. It’s a shame we didn’t get a chance to claim him and see if he could rebound here.
  11. I think Trumbo comes up to play DH for a few games before going back on the IL for the rest of the year.
  12. I’m no advocating for it, I’m just saying if anyone loses at bats I think it will be Ruiz. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think Ruiz has an option remaining so he could even be sent down temporarily to give Trumbo a little farewell to baseball tour. Not that anyone cares. If it were up to me he’d be released the moment he’s ready to play. But then again so would Davis if it was my choice
  13. I dunno, they won’t be taking at bats away from Núñez and we just saw him back in the field for a couple games. Ruiz could sit while Núñez plays third and Trumbo does DH.
  14. After the Cashner trade, I have adjusted my expectations in trades. Elias will not be doing anything that’ll make us feel excitement right now. It’ll be filling in the cracks of the foundation of the farm system and be mostly nothing. I completely expect the two players from the Cashner trade to pan out to be absolutely nothing. But at the time we want the optics of an active Dominican outreach and we will see him filling in the gaps with other teams nobodies. Givens will not net a top 100 prospect and IMO its highly unlikely we even get a top 10 prospect from another team. Elias has primed me for disappointment in the name of forward progress.
  15. oriole

    Astros Designate AJ Reed

    He’d have been a nice pickup if there was anywhere to play him.
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