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  1. Seems as though it’s Hays’ job to lose. I have high hopes he holds onto it. Alberto is a good option vs lefties but if Hays is doing well I wouldn’t push it.
  2. Are we the Dodgers now? I don’t foresee that happening. Sure I’d cut him but it’s not my money. If Davis isn’t cut, Trumbo wasn’t cut, Ubaldo wasn’t cut...I mean I know it’s a hypothetical situation we’re talking about but it just doesn’t make any sense to me.
  3. Where the hell would Myers even play? We’re overwhelmed with DH/1B guys and the only positional strength we have in the farm is upper minor OF prospects. Count me as a hard pass on this particular what if scenario. If it was for an overpaid 3B or 2B then I can see the appeal in taking a bad contract in return for some prospects but Myers would be a huge mistake.
  4. I had high hopes for Sisco as a prospect. Those have since dwindled considerably. It’d be nice if he didn’t have to play behind the plate. We’ve really been handcuffed with DH/1B type players it seems.
  5. oriole

    Alex Cobb 2020

    If he can get 120 innings with an ERA under 5 I’ll consider a success.
  6. Machado better watch out. Tim Beckham is coming for his job.
  7. A bye in baseball is sort of silly. A team can be on a roll and then it’s gone after not playing a full week
  8. Solid point. Though I think some sort of stabilizing presence even if just a veteran who seems to stay engaged in the games day in and day out is beneficial for everyone. Cashner seemed to have a good team mate quality that I can’t back up but I feel like when he was on the team he was always watching the game by the rails in the dug our. Sure, not the best pitcher and he will cost a few million but I like him. I think it’s bad for everyone to be throwing out guys like Hess or Eschleman (sorry if spelled wrong) or forcing players who aren’t quite ready. But your point stands that on a team that’s going to be one of the worst anyways probably shouldn’t spend money unnecessarily.
  9. I don’t see the harm in signing him. I think it’s a mistake to assume Cobb will be healthy and Le Blanc or Wojo have much to offer. Probably a mistake to assume Cashner has much left to offer either but if throw enough quantity out there then hopefully at least one sticks, right?
  10. I think that’s absolute best case scenario. I’d love to see it but I highly doubt it happens.
  11. The first four seem to be locked in. It just depends on Cobb’s health and Wojo not completely crapping the bed in ST. The last spot is fun. I could see it going to a rule 5 guy but I suspect we’ll see one of them returned and one in the bullpen to start the year. I could see it going to Hess or another one of the underwhelming hold overs from last year. I’m hoping the old guy dark horse Valdez comes in and pitches lights out. That’d be exciting. I like an under dog redemption story.
  12. I highly doubt it happens before the All Star Break and still maybe not until after this season. I thinks he’s got one more shot at staying around and if not, I think someone else would likely claim him. I’d DFA Smith Jr or Wilkerson before Mullins but it wouldn’t surprise me if he was the first OF to go. But I don’t think it’s particularly imminent.
  13. He’ll be on the waiver wire soon enough. Pittsburg can have a go at him then
  14. Hmmm that’s tough. You can’t assume Cobb will be able to make it through the majority of the year. You can’t assume Wojo won’t completely implode. You can’t assume LeBlanc or another starter will be part of the rotation. I think we definitely see Kremer and Akin for at least 5 starts each throughout the year. That’s nowhere near 50. My answer is I don’t know.
  15. There really isn’t a second basemen on the roster. I mean, we’re looking at Wilkerson or Martin and possibly Alberto if Ruiz can hold down 3B on his own. That doesn’t get much more underwhelming. I see a potential Beckham signing as insurance in case one of our beloved replacement level or worse options absolutely can’t hang.
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