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  1. There really isn’t a second basemen on the roster. I mean, we’re looking at Wilkerson or Martin and possibly Alberto if Ruiz can hold down 3B on his own. That doesn’t get much more underwhelming. I see a potential Beckham signing as insurance in case one of our beloved replacement level or worse options absolutely can’t hang.
  2. I think there’s one more addition coming before the season starts. I’ll use Cashner as an example/placeholder but don’t hold me to it. I expect something along the lines of Cobb, Means, Wojo, Cashner, and whoever does the best in ST. I highly doubt it is a rule 5 pick so I’d say it’s between Hess, Stewart, Akin, Valdez....something like that. I also think it’s highly likely that at least one of the first four I mentioned will get injured along the way...probably Cobb. So that opens the door a little more for the others and makes a potential SP signing even more important.
  3. Ouch. Not a good look
  4. He’s acceptable for now. I don’t think he will be on the next winning Orioles team. But I see no reason to see why he wouldn’t have the inside track to getting the starting job next year.
  5. I thought it was about right. The only thing I’d have changed is a larger fine. They surely made more than 5 million from WS promotions, ticket sales, concessions, and whatever else so they’re still coming out on top financially speaking.
  6. CF Mullins RF Hays 1B Mancini DH Nunez LF Santander 2B Mountcastle 3B Alberto C Sisco SS Iglesias Yea yea yea...if we’re going to guess this early then I’ll just push my ridiculous dream scenario in an alternative reality where Mullins is good enough to lead off again.
  7. I agree...Mountcastle is a curious choice. Even if he hits like he has in the minors he has to defend somewhere or else he is a common RH DH or a one trick pony. That’s not really ROY material unless he is an absolute monster at the plate which is highly doubtful. Above average, sure. Elite enough to make up for the lack of diverse skills, improbable but not impossible. I would go with Hays as well.
  8. like I told my daughter when I caught her sneaking caramel popcorn before dinner...you’re only in trouble if you get caught.
  9. His numbers look a lot better after he moved to relief. Do we want a left handed Dillon Tate?
  10. I liked Caleb Joseph. “Baby’s gotta eat” says the guy making more in one year than I will this entire decade. Nice sentiment though and always liked his personality and the fact that he was a home grown underdog type player.
  11. This is my feeling about it as well. I doubt he will really do a whole lot better than what we’ve already got except maybe some more innings and name recognition. I definitely wouldn’t offer anything more than Iglesias got though.
  12. It doesn’t really matter much to me who is playing SS other than I really hope they can at least be average on defense. I hate seeing below average fielders up the middle even on a bad team. I don’t think I watched Martin closely enough to really get a grasp as to whether or not the metrics felt right but from what I saw he didn’t seem terrible. So if he ended up getting most starts there again then I wouldn’t mind. I would like to see him prove himself through some competition though. It’s not like he did anywhere near well enough for me to say another SS brought into ST would be unnecessary.
  13. Winning should be the goal every day by the high draft pick is the consolation for not winning. Win-win situation right?
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