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  1. I can't believe there going to win today... it's truly the end of the world.
  2. Matusz goes 7 strong, and O's lose 4-3 or 3-2.. either way. The pen doesn't help again.. Just a prediction.
  3. And Manuel must've really been afraid he'd lose this 20 inning game, that he'd lose his job He actually stuck a real pitcher in the game to close it out.. cheater!!!
  4. "And let's go to the 20th" how many times a year do you hear that?
  5. com'on Yadier! We need just one hit here..
  6. just wish ludwick had not try to steal now... pujols whipped that double
  7. thumbs up.. maybe trade the pen for those two.
  8. please no one wants to watch actual fox shows this late at night, please ooo please Cardinals, score in the bottom of the 19th.. I want to watch this game all night.. Forget sleep! hahahaha
  9. Forget primetime fox, we've got the cards and the mets! I want this game to go on til all the other games end.
  10. Called it.. And its 1-1 going to Montreal.. Go Caps!
  11. I was actually right with my OT idea. They have only won 1 out of there last 9 OT Games. So it's not like it's really just recently either, but they have historically been bad in OT. It's like the Plekanic show right now, everytime they need a goal, Tomas Plekanic is the man for the Habs. It's getting old quick..
  12. Historically with this particular set of guys, they are not good in the post season in OT.. you can easily tell they start playing sloppy come the third period, even in last years games with PITT. Anyhow, I know all and well the big three are on two different lines, but that was just a broad answer.. Laich is more or less a forward then a defensemen come PP and 5 on 5 when they are close. He hardly plays the defense minutes like Green does, with similar offensive if not more offensive numbers then Brooksie. But you don't see the defense like they had with Sergi back in the day with the team t
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