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  1. LOVE that this thread is still chugging along over 4 years later. I started it during the Dark Ages and now we have 3 years(and counting) of winning baseball!
  2. My point is that in an Orioles-Brewers trade for Fielder, the Brewers would demand Matusz. Again, it's hilarious that people think we can bundle our struggling prospects for a premium talent, as if other teams are unaware of the full picture. Jtrea has proposed this same discussion several hundred times this year. Many people would rightly consider it borderline spamming at this point.
  3. It's hilarious how many trade proposals on this site are pu-pu platters. ANY conceivable trade for Fielder would start with Matusz, end of story. You are delusional if you think the Brewers would do otherwise. They aren't idiots.
  4. SF has one of the best 'pens in baseball, and a middling offense. Plus looking at the box score, TL was not dominant tonight, having allowed 8 baserunners in 5 innings. I agree with the pinch-hit in this instance.
  5. Reading some of these box scores has been hilarious. Mora has been playing almost every day due to injuries. A certain J Payton was called up and reunited with Mora last week. Huff leads the Giants in OPS. Ray is coming out of their pen. Meanwhile, the Padres have a DP combo of Jerry Hairston and Miguel Tejada! At least they are all getting a whiff of a pennant chase.
  6. :slytf: He's 30 years old and has nearly 4,000 MLB at-bats. "Terrible" is his ceiling as a hitter.
  7. Thanks! And now, the job Buck has done this year, in gif form:
  8. People say this every time the guy so much as farts
  9. 6.5 WAR is a CY Young year. It is NOT realistic to assume 5 straight CYA for Strasburg.
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