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  1. Love Ben McDonald as the color guy! Love!
  2. Agreed. Hays is the OD centerfielder right now. Love the guy. He almost plays too hard. I'm afraid he's going to get hurt. Love it though.
  3. LOL. My guys. Their biggest contribution to the team this year has been draft positioning!
  4. In my opinion, yes they have. I expect the OD starting OF to be Santander in RF, Hayes in CF, and Stewart in LF. I expect Mancini at 1B. The 4th OF will be Mason Williams or someone like him. A guy who can play all over out there. And there will be a super utility guy that can be put in the OF in an emergency.
  5. I will not rest easy until the Orioles have secured the #2 pick. As far as I am concerned, it was a job well done by our atrocious bullpen! At this point in the season, there is no good reason that we should have any other priority than getting the #2 pick.
  6. Santander has changed everything. If he was struggling, we'd would be much more pessimistic. Now, all of a sudden, we have a switch-hitting RF with power, which allows us to play Stewart in LF. Hays sure looked good last night. He looks the part -- fast, strong. I don't think Mullins will be anything, but I actually wonder if Mason Williams might be a 4th OF. And productive 4th OF that can play in a platoon are not that hard to find. Santander has changed everything in the OF. Just hope it isn't a 1-year wonder.
  7. I believe the band aid will come off next year in spring training. I think CD will have one final offseason to visit a shaman and find some sort of rejuvenation machine. If he is the same CD in Sarasota, he gone.
  8. Davis's play and nonchalance are embarrassing. I have zero problems with calling him out ... in the dugout... on the field... in the clubhouse... in the manager's office. The manager is allowed to call out the player and try to motivate the player. It's simple: don't act nonchalant and you won't get called out. I personally think Hyde has done a great job this entire season. I've started to really like the guy.
  9. Maybe Hyde is trying to motivate Davis? There’s been so much, “oh, he’s trying so hard” stuff. Definitely time for a different approach. I think Earl would approve.
  10. I like this take. Could Rondon be an upgrade over Martin? I think the answer is definitely maybe. He was worth the pickup. If the front office wants to give Stewart a shot, they can get rid of Jace or DFA Smith and hope he slips through. I'm surprised we haven't done one of these, but the team has been playing well. We have had pretty good success with Venezuelans on this team btw -- Santander and Nunez.
  11. 1-- Interested to see the continued development of the starting pitching. Is Wojo real? How many innings with Bundy pitch? Will Means come back and how many innings will he pitch? Who will be brought up from AAA or AA. 2-- Santander. Is he real? Is there a ML starter there? Same with the catchers. 3-- Richie Martin. Will he adjust? I know many folks have given up on him. I have not.
  12. Martin's July totals: .233 AVG, .283 OBP, .302 SLG, .585 OPS I mean. It's not ideal, but it's improving. Can I see .250, 300 OBP, and 650 OPS next year? If I put on my Kool-aid glasses, yes.
  13. This. Once I saw him warming up, I stayed up to watch. Blah. Middling is the word I'd use. He could be a middle relief guy -- Ynoa type. If you're going to be a dominant reliever though, you have to have 1 dominant pitch. He doesn't. FB is good not great. Slider is good, not great. So... he's got some work to do if he wants to stick, imo.
  14. I like the DFA threads.
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