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  1. So the Reds would rather have 31-year old Mike Moustakakis at 4/64 than 28-year old Villar at 1/10? I'm confused.
  2. Based on what I saw last year, I do not believe that Tate will be an effective ML pitcher.
  3. We played a great game. I thought the offensive play-calling was really good. I'm thinking specifically of the Nick Boyle td (loved that call) and 4th down pick play. I feel like I saw Lamar 1v1 vs. John Simon in space about 3 times. I'll take that match-up all day. (Simon played well, fwiw) We have got to get Hollywood totally healthy. He looks like 80% out there. I would rest him. I think we are going to see NE again and Belichick will be ready to sell out and stop the run. We're going to have to beat NE over the top next game. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe we are just to fast for NE. I just think Belichick is a master and he'll adjust. We looked so, so, so fast last night. On defense, I loved the blitzing. We went cover 0 a bunch in the 1st half! Wink brought the heat baby. Again, NE will be ready for that next time. Although, they must know Wink blitzs all the time and they still couldn't handle it. Great team win. I would absolutely cut Cyrus. And I would instruct our punt guys to only fair catch. Returns only cause turnovers and penalties. Not worth it. Last thing -- Ingram puts the ball on the ground too much, but he looked great in the passing game last night. So smooth.
  4. I think Davis is gone. I think Nunez or Mancini will also be traded to make way for Mountcastle. Amazingly, we still have 3 RH DH/1B... Mancini, Nunez, Mountcastle. We only need 2. I expect Villar to be gone as well. I do not expect Martin to make the team. Excited to see how it all pans out. I
  5. If Davis is bad in spring training, it's Bye Felicia. I don't expect him on the club on May 1. Chris Davis needs to go hang out with Nelson Cruz this offseason, that's all I know...
  6. Pass. I love Maddon. Love him. But I like Hyde too and I think we are too far away from winning for Maddon to want the job. B
  7. Agree with all this. In my opinion, the most obvious thing for MLB to do is make the strike zone bigger and make it automated. Initially, I think we would see some low scoring games, but at least they would be short. Over time, I think a bigger strike zone would encourage players to make contact, not draw walks, and not simply try to hit HRs. I do think the players union might have a problem with this. I don't think the union wants this change, but everything is negotiable.
  8. Well. This is what I thought and have been saying. It's good to have Angelos on the record say this. It 100% believe him. Say what you want about the Angelos family... and I've said some bad things about Peter... but they love Baltimore. Now, I'm hopeful the Elias plan will pay some dividends sooner, rather than later.... but probably 2021.
  9. What happens if we finish with the same exact record as the Marlins? Who gets the #2 pick? I don't think the Marlins will win another game this year.
  10. I'm ready for this nightmare to end. Here's my dark take. It's hard for me to believe that Chris Davis wasn't doing some kind of performance enhancing substance in order to get his big contract. If he stopped doing the enhancer, whatever it was, then he's just stealing at this point. He's made enough money off the contract. Just come to some sort of agreement with club. Yes. No one likes to suck at their job. And if it were me, I would quit and do something else. I'm just kind of pissed at Davis. No, I was not complaining when he was putting up Oriole record numbers. But the whole thing sucks and I think he sucks. And that's it.
  11. Love Ben McDonald as the color guy! Love!
  12. Agreed. Hays is the OD centerfielder right now. Love the guy. He almost plays too hard. I'm afraid he's going to get hurt. Love it though.
  13. LOL. My guys. Their biggest contribution to the team this year has been draft positioning!
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