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  1. Big Ben is insanely good. It’s amazing. “Finally,” he days after Sulser finally gets a call from the ump to end the game. Love it. Captured my feelings entirely.
  2. Thanks Cakes.... I mean Il BuonO. It's all true.
  3. jtschrei

    Mike Yastrzemski

    Whatever. I meant that he's average at just about everything. Average speed, average bat, average arm. You can play hit and run with him both at the plate and on the bases. He knows how to play the game. Hate if you want, but I think he can help a team in a bunch of different ways. It was always odd to me that Buck could never find a spot for him. Nothing to lose sleep over. No need to be nasty if you were.
  4. I agree with the decision by Tony. If people want to talk about politics, there are other places they can do that. This is the bottom line: Not in OH. I am quite politically active, but I just want to focus on the O's here in OH. Glad that will continue.
  5. jtschrei

    Mike Yastrzemski

    Don't forget Mullins. It always struck me as short sighted. Always. The numbers were never great, but they weren't bad either. The guy can do alot of things. Oh well...
  6. How on God's green earth does $380M make business sense at this point in time. I think these contracts are absolutely ludicrous from a business perspective. Obviously, I know nothing. I think, not sure, that the people who run the Dodgers and other organizations say to themselves, "in 10 years time, we'll have more revenue streams. We'll push the cost even further down the road." I just do not understand how this could possibly make sense business wise. But these contracts keep getting done (thinking of Manny last year) so I clearly know nothing. Congrats to Mookie. That is one whale of contract!
  7. Nate McClouth. Definitely him.
  8. So personally. I like the pick. I think the Orioles obviously has issues with Martin. That is obvious. I do not think it was the money. I think there were some red flags. And the pitchers were not what they were looking for. So... who else was there at 2. Obviously, I would have liked trade down if Martin was not your guy. But not possible. We’ll see how it all plays out over time.
  9. Good point! The MLB draft is still a disaster. The NBA and NFL do it so much better. I like the idea of way less rounds.
  10. I'm confident the bat is ready. He'll hit. The Davis/Mancini/Mountcastle tri-fecta is annoying though. I don't think they should trade Mancini. He's just a great clubhouse guy and very Nick Markakis like in his approach. I think Mountcastle comes up at the end of May and is your everyday LF.
  11. Yup. I have similar feelings. I'll probably get over them. I would just like to think that baseball players are admirable people. The cheating scandal makes it painfully obvious that they are not. I don't know how the Astros players can live with themselves. I guess they tell themselves either, "Everyone was doing it" or "It didn't really help us." They haven't actually said either. They have said, "Sorry." I don't know... sorry isn't really a good enough answer. I think MLB should vacate their World Series.
  12. My thoughts exactly. So excited that he's thought about retirement. My take is that he is definitely going to retire if he has an awful year.
  13. Yes. That is my recollection. Buck definitely thought they were up to no good.
  14. Someone will make a documentary about this one day...
  15. Wow. I'm sick. I was so excited to get Davis. I remember thinking we had immediately turned ourselves into a contending team. Just the opposite, we were probably ready to become a contender and should have not made that deal. Sigh...
  16. Signing Iglesias is a solid move for this money. Sorry, Richie Martin is inferior offensively and defensively.
  17. Well, looks like he's struggled the past 2 years. But man, his 2017 and 2016 were pretty lights out in the minors. I'm trying to find some silver lining or some way to explain 2018 and 2019. I can't do it. We'll see what Elias thinks ....
  18. So the Reds would rather have 31-year old Mike Moustakakis at 4/64 than 28-year old Villar at 1/10? I'm confused.
  19. Based on what I saw last year, I do not believe that Tate will be an effective ML pitcher.
  20. We played a great game. I thought the offensive play-calling was really good. I'm thinking specifically of the Nick Boyle td (loved that call) and 4th down pick play. I feel like I saw Lamar 1v1 vs. John Simon in space about 3 times. I'll take that match-up all day. (Simon played well, fwiw) We have got to get Hollywood totally healthy. He looks like 80% out there. I would rest him. I think we are going to see NE again and Belichick will be ready to sell out and stop the run. We're going to have to beat NE over the top next game. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe we are just to fast for NE. I just think Belichick is a master and he'll adjust. We looked so, so, so fast last night. On defense, I loved the blitzing. We went cover 0 a bunch in the 1st half! Wink brought the heat baby. Again, NE will be ready for that next time. Although, they must know Wink blitzs all the time and they still couldn't handle it. Great team win. I would absolutely cut Cyrus. And I would instruct our punt guys to only fair catch. Returns only cause turnovers and penalties. Not worth it. Last thing -- Ingram puts the ball on the ground too much, but he looked great in the passing game last night. So smooth.
  21. I think Davis is gone. I think Nunez or Mancini will also be traded to make way for Mountcastle. Amazingly, we still have 3 RH DH/1B... Mancini, Nunez, Mountcastle. We only need 2. I expect Villar to be gone as well. I do not expect Martin to make the team. Excited to see how it all pans out. I
  22. If Davis is bad in spring training, it's Bye Felicia. I don't expect him on the club on May 1. Chris Davis needs to go hang out with Nelson Cruz this offseason, that's all I know...
  23. Pass. I love Maddon. Love him. But I like Hyde too and I think we are too far away from winning for Maddon to want the job. B
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