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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/bapple2286.wordpress.com/2008/08/13/gary-carter-does-not-belong-in-the-hall-of-fame/amp/ Gary Carter was a good player but he is not even in the top 20 catchers of all time and he doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame. He’s the type of player who belongs in the Mets hall, but not Cooperstown. WAR is not as telling of a statistic as some believe and there were many greater catchers who were slightly behind Carter in WAR. Carter never hit .300 and averaged only 110 hits per year. It took him six years of rejection before getting in the Hall I think they need to revamp the procedures for entry. Private vote should be restored so that writers can reject players without undo pressure. 5 years of rejection and out then it should take the Veterans committee and convincing evidence that an error was made, to let a previously rejected player in. M
  2. I agree that Bonds would have made the Hall of Fame, even if he had never gone on the juice. But he did take that route and he made a mockery of the game, distorting the record books, looking like the Hulk and hitting long HR into the bay. It wasn't just to recover from injury, he intentionally kept on the steroids because he enjoyed performing at that unnatural level. Lack of morality, cheating, unsportsmanlike conduct, unfair advantage over others, breaking rules, damaging the game. Morals clause of the Hall should keep him out.
  3. If you look at the careers of various catchers there is no way Gary Carter is #2 behind Bench . Carter is far down the list, there are numerous catchers who were far better, even though they are slightly behind him in WAR (which is an inexact and misleading statistic at times.). Gabby Hartnett had a .297 lifetime BA. Yogi Berra had 358 HR and a lifetime .285 BA. Bill Dickey had a .313 lifetime average, Mickey Cochrane .320. In modern times Mike Piazza (.308) and Ivan Rodriguez (.296 BA 311 HR) were far better than Carter. I don't want to single anyone out but it always bothered me that the Hall has lowered their standards and that Carter made the Hall of Fame. Admittedly I never cared for the Mets or Carter while he played,, but there are so many great catchers who were far better than Carter. The fact that Carter was first rejected from the Hall before he later got in indicates he was a marginal candidate.,
  4. Gary Carter was a lifetime .262 batter who hit into a lot of double plays (very slow afoot). 324 HR over 19 years equals 17 per year. He was pretty good defensively but only won the gold glove 3 years out of 19 so other catchers were presumably better. I just don't think he was Hall of Fame material. He was rejected the first time and broke down weeping so some of his being elected the next year was probably a sympathy vote. It's a shame Gary passed away at a relatively young age and he was a good teammate from everything I've heard. But the Hall should be reserved for great players not very good ones. Great catcher, Hall of Fame Material: Johnny Bench. 10 gold gloves. Averaged 23 HR per year. And a rocket for an arm I still recall him throwing out Lou Brock in 1974 when Brock set the stolen base record.
  5. Two who should not be in: Bonds and Clemens: Never. Their statistics are inflated due to steroids and letting cheaters in is not a good message. Manny Ramirez too. There are too many players in the Hall who don't deserve to be there based on their accomplishments. Standards have been lowered in certain cases. . Gary Carter for example. I'd consider Schilling and Fred Lynn but I'd have to look at their lifetime stats first. Rivera should not have been the first unanimous choice when so many other great players were not unanimous. Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Frank Robinson, they were far more valuable than a closer. Also Rivera blew. a couple of post seasons series for the Yankees. By the same token I'm glad Jeter was not unanimous and I give credit to the writer who kept that from happening.
  6. That would be funny if it's revealed the Yankees were cheating with the signs too.
  7. It's more like the Spygate situation than Ray Rice. I was reading the Yankees forum and they are convinced the Astros walk off HR in the playoffs against them was based on the Astros having the signs, and some are calling for lifetime bans. Yet the Yankees won the WS with A-Rod and Clemens in the juice (PED). Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
  8. Nationals won what,, 93 games? If they played in the AL East with the Orioles schedule I doubt they would've even made the playoffs. The Orioles are stuck in the Yankees division and the Red Sox division and we have to compete against those huge payrolls and we play those teams more often. That's a big part of the reason the Orioles have not won since 1983. I wish we'd be moved to another division like the Astros were.
  9. 1954...I'm old but I'm not that old. I recall when I was living in TN in the 60's the St Louis Cardinals were everyone's favorite team even though St. Louis was hundreds of miles away the Cardinals games came on our local TV stations. Because they were the closest team. I would imagine it would b the Senators carried by Baltimore TV stations in the early 1950's although as I recall some DC stations could also be picked up in Baltimore with the old rabbit ears TV so maybe that would not be necessary, you could just fool with the antenna and get the Senators games on TV.
  10. Yes you're right they did win that Wild Card game I forgot about that. I can see why you didn't list it as it wasn't a series but to me a winner take all, loser goes home, game is the same if it's a series or a single game.
  11. Yeah Houston was just getting to Matt Scherzer, a HR then two runners on base with nobody out , potential big inning, and then bunting with a hitter who was hitting well in the WS? The bunt didn't even work he popped it up and that gift out enabled Scherzer to regroup. That may have been a big inning that would end the game. The bunt in that situation makes no sense statistically much better off swinging away.
  12. Yeah there is something special about winning the deciding game, the last game of the series, and unfortunately the Orioles have lost every deciding post season game.They also lost to the Brewers in 1982 in a deciding game to decide who would go to the playoffs that year. So really they are 0-5 in these types of games. The worst was 1979, that was such a special Orioles magic year except for the way it ended.
  13. Congrats to the Nationals. I still can't really like the Nationals but they showed they never give up especially with their comeback in the wild card game and game 7. I will say they were lucky in game 7. Houston kept getting runners on base , then the next batter would hit a solid line drive at someone.
  14. It looks like Ex Yankee manager and player Joe Girardi is going to manage the Phillies. I don't believe that Joe Girardi is the answer there, but time will tell. My prediction is that he will be fired in a couple of years. I was hoping the Phillies would hire Buck Schowalter instead.
  15. Yeah I was just looking at the 2014 2015 Yankees and their roster was not as good as I recalled. They didn't make the playoffs in 2014 but in 2015 Texira and A-Rod both had one last good year with 30+ HR and they made the playoffs. I read Cashman felt Girardi didn't connect with the players well and that was why he was given his walking papers. However I think there were a couple of other factors that Cashman didn't mention. Girardi didn't challenge a key call in the playoffs which ended up costing the Yankees the game. Also right before Girardi was terminated he kept talking about how he would have to talk with his family before deciding whether to return to the Yankees with a new contract. . This is the arrogance I mentioned, that made it sound like Girardi thought he had the Yankees managing job sewed up as long as he wanted it and he might just walk away from it. Cashman and Steinbrenner probably didn't like the arrogance and public display of entitlement that Girardi put forth with the "talking it over with my family" statements, and that was likely a factor in the end of Girardi's managerial career with the Yankees.
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