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  1. Nationals won what,, 93 games? If they played in the AL East with the Orioles schedule I doubt they would've even made the playoffs. The Orioles are stuck in the Yankees division and the Red Sox division and we have to compete against those huge payrolls and we play those teams more often. That's a big part of the reason the Orioles have not won since 1983. I wish we'd be moved to another division like the Astros were.
  2. 1954...I'm old but I'm not that old. I recall when I was living in TN in the 60's the St Louis Cardinals were everyone's favorite team even though St. Louis was hundreds of miles away the Cardinals games came on our local TV stations. Because they were the closest team. I would imagine it would b the Senators carried by Baltimore TV stations in the early 1950's although as I recall some DC stations could also be picked up in Baltimore with the old rabbit ears TV so maybe that would not be necessary, you could just fool with the antenna and get the Senators games on TV.
  3. Yes you're right they did win that Wild Card game I forgot about that. I can see why you didn't list it as it wasn't a series but to me a winner take all, loser goes home, game is the same if it's a series or a single game.
  4. Yeah Houston was just getting to Matt Scherzer, a HR then two runners on base with nobody out , potential big inning, and then bunting with a hitter who was hitting well in the WS? The bunt didn't even work he popped it up and that gift out enabled Scherzer to regroup. That may have been a big inning that would end the game. The bunt in that situation makes no sense statistically much better off swinging away.
  5. Yeah there is something special about winning the deciding game, the last game of the series, and unfortunately the Orioles have lost every deciding post season game.They also lost to the Brewers in 1982 in a deciding game to decide who would go to the playoffs that year. So really they are 0-5 in these types of games. The worst was 1979, that was such a special Orioles magic year except for the way it ended.
  6. Congrats to the Nationals. I still can't really like the Nationals but they showed they never give up especially with their comeback in the wild card game and game 7. I will say they were lucky in game 7. Houston kept getting runners on base , then the next batter would hit a solid line drive at someone.
  7. It looks like Ex Yankee manager and player Joe Girardi is going to manage the Phillies. I don't believe that Joe Girardi is the answer there, but time will tell. My prediction is that he will be fired in a couple of years. I was hoping the Phillies would hire Buck Schowalter instead.
  8. Yeah I was just looking at the 2014 2015 Yankees and their roster was not as good as I recalled. They didn't make the playoffs in 2014 but in 2015 Texira and A-Rod both had one last good year with 30+ HR and they made the playoffs. I read Cashman felt Girardi didn't connect with the players well and that was why he was given his walking papers. However I think there were a couple of other factors that Cashman didn't mention. Girardi didn't challenge a key call in the playoffs which ended up costing the Yankees the game. Also right before Girardi was terminated he kept talking about how he would have to talk with his family before deciding whether to return to the Yankees with a new contract. . This is the arrogance I mentioned, that made it sound like Girardi thought he had the Yankees managing job sewed up as long as he wanted it and he might just walk away from it. Cashman and Steinbrenner probably didn't like the arrogance and public display of entitlement that Girardi put forth with the "talking it over with my family" statements, and that was likely a factor in the end of Girardi's managerial career with the Yankees.
  9. True the Yankees signed some busts. But overall their huge payroll guarantees them an advantage in team talent, year after year. They haven't had a losing season since when the 1980's, and I don't think they will ever have another one (unless MLB puts on a salary cap). Girardi failed to get the most of the talent he had, especially in the post season. That's why the Yankees eventually gave up on him and let him go. I don't think Girardi would have been successful with the Orioles either. He's a mediocre manager and he is very annoying, with his intensity and demeanor.
  10. Boone is the only man to hit a walk off HR to send his team to the WS as a player and then lose on one as a manager. I wonder if that walk off is part of the reason why the Yankees hired him. It would not surprise me if he fails as manager. Hiring previous players as manager generally does not work out all that well.
  11. I'm not sure why the Yankees hired Boone but Girardi was not a good manager. He always seemed to get the least out of his excellent talent in the post season and he just was not a likable type of guy too intense. I never liked the way Girardi led the Orioles on as if he were going to take the Orioles manager job then declined when the Yankees promised him their job in secret. Good riddance Girardi is not a good manager and he seems arrogant to me. Yankees put him on a pedestal because he used to play for them when they were winning the WS but they eventually got tired of him managing them into post season failures and showed him the door. One WS when he first started managing the team then nothing despite the huge payroll and talent advantages the Yankees enjoyed during the time he managed.
  12. Yeah it's not really a smile even if it looked like one. He's a good pitcher I think he only gave up like 3 or 4 HR all year. His last pitch was not really a mistake it was a borderline strike high and outside corner not the type of pitch that is usually taken out for a HR.
  13. LOL This is great! The Yankees losing on a walk off HR with their star closer Chapman on the mound. Reminds me of the 1980 ALCS when KC Brett hit a game winning HR off Gossage in the 9th inning to defeat the Yankees. The day the Yankees are eliminated is always one of the happiest days of the year for me because I never liked Steinbrenner buying a championship and the Yankees always found a way to use their market size and revenue to win. But the extra round of playoffs eats them up and has seemingly ended any chances for another Yankee dynasty.
  14. There was a brief period in MLB history after the advent of the free agent draft in the mid 60's, until free agency started in the mid 70's, when the Yankees revenue and market size did them little good. During that period they had mediocre players such as Horace Clarke and as I recall they gravitated towards the basement.
  15. Maris was important to the Cardinals success in 1967. I used to listen to all of their games on the radio or watch them on TV that year and I can still remember Cards announcer Harry Carey saying "Again it was Maris, in the clutch" after a another big hit. The Cards fought off the Cubs that year for the NL pennant, it was a race until the Cardinals pulled away late. Even in 1968 the year of the pitcher Maris hit .255 which isn't that bad for the year of the pitcher but he only played in 100 games so I'm guessing he was platooned. He retired after that year at age 33, which seems early by today's standards. I read he was a heavy smoker and I wonder if that unfortunately contributed to the early deterioration of his baseball skills (especially his loss of HR power), and his health problems. He never hit more than 13 HR's after he turned 30, after hitting 39-61-33 HR in 1960 1961 1962. Mantle also deteriorated at a relatively young age but not as badly as Maris did.
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