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  1. Hey guys I know we've been BSing a lot and it's been fun. But this video I did and in talking to this guy, Jerry Prince, for a documentary I did...really inspired me to run. I know you can laugh at me and my joke of a candidacy. But please don't laugh at the things he says, because I think there is a lot of truth to what he is saying and it's very real. Thanks. <br/><center><object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRpj8xh5YAE?fs=1&hl=en_US&rel=0"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRpj8xh5YAE?fs=1&hl=en_US&rel=0" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="560" height="340"></embed></object><center>
  2. New campaign fundraiser scheduled: Where: Tonight's O's game (7:05 PM) Purpose: Raise money for candidate's bar tab at Hilton bar Who: Any concerned citizens who are Pro-Orioles, Anti-Yankees, and love Josh Hamilton Why: Cuz I don't have a girlfriend or anything better to do Recommended donation: 3 beers at Stadium for candidate or one lap dance at Goddess after the game What you receive: A chance to interact with candidate during the game and a signed autograph (you must provide ball and sharpie, but he will sign it on the sweet spot) Warning: If you bring your wives/girlfriends, they may want to leave with candidate, but out of respect, candidate will not accept their offers and just go get autographs near the players' parking lot. Bring your brains, talk baseball, politics...as you enter the Greg Prush no-spin zone and leave your biases at home. In the name of Nick Markakis, Amen
  3. Site has been updated with a personal video of mine...if I lose this thing - anybody need me to shoot your wedding or something? I mean, I know I'm definitely gonna win...but just in case they throw out my victory on some technicality or something. Gotta have a backup. Btw- I got rejected by a stripper that I used to date at Gentlemen's Gold Club tonight, and then also by a amazingly cute Persian attorney nympho that I used to date...all in a span of one hour. You married people are lucky. Meaningless hook-ups over a five year span will leave you lonely writing on a Hangout forum at 1:30 AM. (I know for some of you married folk, this loneliness factor applies too, but you get the point) - Gregster
  4. How do I delete my account? Or Tony-OH...can you delete my account? I no longer wish to be associated with posting on this board...thank BRobinsonfan for that.
  5. This is getting retarded. I respect all of you guys. Say what you want. If you want an apology, I'm sorry to you weams but I don't know exactly what members you're referring to (I'm assuming you want me to apologize to BRobinsonfan). That I will not do...Sorry, but I refuse to be called out. We have guys on this board who have fought so preserve our right to free speech. If you want apologies I'm sure there's a nice book club meeting at your local Barnes and Noble where housewives sit around and apologize to each other. I'm sorry for disturbing anyone at this board because I love this board and I will forever go here for Orioles updates...but obviously my post about asking for some helpful advice has turned into something of a hateful nature because of a few posters. Great American dream of free speech we have (laughs). Anyway, it's free lap dance day at Gentlemen's Gold Club today...if you're not BRobinsfonfan and you want to talk politics, I'll be there. Also, I might be at the game today if it doesn't rain. Other than that, I love you guys and I'm sorry your state is in such a mess. Out
  6. Yup, Gennadiy is my father, as he is also my Treasurer. I did in fact sue Charles Village Pub after one of their bouncers assaulted me and my (at-the-time) girlfriend...who was hearing impaired. I sued both the bouncer and the bar because their tough-guy bouncer had gotten into it with my girlfriend, named Faith. About an hour later as the whole thing had been over and done with....he came up to me and accused me of using Faith's cup (it was ladies' all you can drink night) to get myself shots. I calmly explained to him that I don't drink anything except beer and that he must be mistaken. Next thing I know he puts me in a half nelson and five other goons drag me out of the bar. Police were called and a police report was filed against the doorman goon, named Travis Johnson, of Baltimore City. Because I had drank a beer prior to being assaulted, the Baltimore County State's Attorney said there was no way he could secure a victory in court. Subsequently, I filed a civil suit against both parties (bar and bouncer) because I refuse to be manhandled by simply sitting on the patio, drinking a beer that I paid for, at CVP's in Towson. It was a stressful three months of court filings, subpoena requests, police document requests, and constant trips to the court house as the other party was constantly not providing me the information I requested and also filing requests to delay the trial. Around New Year's 2010...a lawyer for the bar called me and told me that the owner wanted to settle with me so long as I drop the charges against both the bar and the bouncer. It was three months of hell; I just wanted it all to be over (my gf had broken up with me due to stress of this incident), and I just accepted their offer and *Settled the case. You're real legal wiz, aren't you?
  7. BRobinsonfan, The feminists fought so that women could walk around dressed in skimpy outfits and not be looked down at. Are you saying that female sexuality should be hidden kind of like with a burqa? What does the feminist movement and hot girls waving signs have to do with one another? You're mixing apples and oranges here, bud. If a girl wants to stand on the street in a swimsuit and jump up and down, slut it up at the club, or have sex with 10 guys in one day...that's her right. I don't judge that just as I don't want to be judged for my own sexuality. What exactly do you not understand about this? Has critical thinking ever been taught to you or do you just like to knock down people who have opposing views? I wonder what you thought of Carlin...or what you think of guys like Doug Stanhope or Joe Rogan. Keep watching the nightly news and reading the Baltimore Sun, and go watch 'Bounty Hunter' with your wife...I'm sure you'll understand everything there is to know about everything. Let me guess, you're desperately afraid to go into the city because you've read some statistics? You are the reason society is in the hole...people like you, BRobinsonFan. You can't think outside the box and you think in absolutes, black/white thinking like the rest of the sheep. Congratulations. I'm sure you're waiting for the economy to get better any minute now. Keep waiting. The Wedge- I meant giving a damn about the establishment...I didn't mean not "giving a damn" in general. Of course I give a damn. Why would I run if I truly didn't want to make things better for everybody? You think I like wasting money and dealing with the haters like this? Except that I'm on the streets of Baltimore city trying to figure out what's going on...I'm not dissing a kid on an OH forum for trying to improve society. But, as the kids of today say, 'it's like whatev.' It's not worth fighting with some of you guys. Let's wait until the election and see what happens... Btw- fan of BRobinson, I previously wrote that I have visited this website since '02 but never mustered up the courage to post, until now. Also...every time I tried to create a user name it would never let me post. So, congratulations, you've proven yourself to be less smart than I, simply by not reading the opening message in the thread. I'm sure you should lead us in Annapolis, obviously you're Mensa quality.
  8. I knew someone would eventually notice my efforts..little did I know it would be because of a Craigslist post I put up asking for hot girls to help me win the election...wow! http://www.examiner.com/job-search-in-baltimore/some-interesting-part-time-gigs-from-craigslist-1
  9. Wedge, This is not just an internet message board. You're selling yourself too short here. I did not just randomly pick the Hangout to ask for advice. I posted the questioni on this site only because I believe, from reading this forum regularily for 8 years, that you guys are smarter than 99% of the general public that I interact with daily. To not ask advice from people like yourselves whom I consider bright, articulate, and informed individuals would be an egregious mistake. The truth easily eludes us in the outside world when we go about our business and see so many lies everywhere we go. When I need an escape from all the BS of life, I go to Camden Yards and find my heaven. When I want to decompress after a hectic day of bureaucracy, horrid news stories bombarding me, and just a majority of people who don't know what the hell's going on in life...I come to the Hangout and find the truth (for the most part). It's you guys that I trust, silly as it may be since I don't know any of you personally. Also, about my website...I honestly don't think making my website too fancy will do much for me. I'm putting up signs all around my District. I've attended every campaign event that I have heard about. I've shown up at every editorial meeting for newspapers. I've filled out 98% of all surveys sent to my house. I've filled out any candidate questionnaires like the "League of Women's Voters" that was sent to me. Countless runs to the post office to mail letters to all kinds of organizations that want to know my stances on issues. No one else running against me can say these things...they don't fill out forms or show up at District debates. They haven't had a website since Day 1 like I have and have not updated it the 50 or so times that I have. Sadly, none of the things I mention here (behind the scenes stuff) will make it to public knowledge. That's because the public doesn't look into these important things...like (my positions?) They're just interested in a fancy website and they're obsessed that I changed my party affiliation (does someone's party really matter at this point...both parties suck, IMHO). So, I know I'll probably lose to some lawyer who hasn't filled out any "Patriots for Maryland" questionnaires, but has a nice name, he's mature, professionally designed his website, and claims to be a legit Republican. It's not that people are smart and have me pegged as a fraud..the reason I'm going to lose is because the whole electoral process is a sham when one little party change trumps all the effort I've put forth that no one has. Am I not allowed to change parties? Btw - what other candidate can say that they attended Elrod Hendricks' baseball camp at McDonogh school for four years straight...and learned how to throw a curveball straight from Ellie himself? I don't think the other candidates could give a care about baseball or Ellie Hendricks. They're too concerned being 'smart politicians' who watch their every word and move. I'm just a regular person who is young, informed, shoots from the hip, and really doesn't give a damn (isn't scared of anything in this life ) If those are all bad qualities, and if fist-bumping Jake Arrieta before a game...getting Markakis' autograph after a game with other fans are too "average citizeney" of me to be doing, and I won't win because of it...then you have your answer there as to why this state is as messed up as it is. Too many squabbles about how old someone is and when they changed their party affiliation. How about looking up what I stand for before judging me?
  10. What is something that might count as a huge positive? Would something like going door-to-door and flashing a heartfelt smile at each voter and being sincere and nice count? Or would that even not be enough to trump the whole age and party change thing?
  11. Oh come on...you can call me many things. Call me a liar. A Fraud. A pile of human trash. But to call me a MFY fan is just below the belt...I've done many things I'm not proud of, but never have I been guilty of the atrocious sin that is: Calling a die-hard, life-long Orioles fan a Yankees fan. You guys have to remember, both of the parties suck. And when I filed I just went along with that party because I used to be that party. But, due to the craziness that's going on in this country I just reassessed my beliefs and came to the conclusion that I needed to leave that party, as many people have. Also...I filed in December while most candidates just filed a few weeks before the deadline in July (I believe). So...I had six months to do some soul searching and realize who I was. That's all it was! No sinister plot or anything like that, lol.
  12. You guys are too much! This is why I love this board...anything goes! I love how everyone is so obsessed with the fact that I switched my party. The Towson Times editors were all over me when me and 3 of the other candidates did our endorsement meeting last Friday. I love this dialogue...let's keep this going, I LOVE it!!
  13. Hey guys- I'm 23 (almost 24 years old), been on this Hangout since like '02, or my sophomore year in high school...just never posted but I read this blog religiously. I've actually decided to go ahead and throw my hat into the race since I know a lot about politics and I see that this country has so many problems. I listed myself as a Republican but I'm a Libertarian more than anything. Reading this forum is so refreshing because we're all just normal guys (and Cindy!) on here who want to just enjoy the American dream. And all of you guys on here are so real and down to earth...this is exactly what life should be like: Smart, informed people who are open-minded and can exchange ideas without taking things too personally. We all respect each other on here. The reason I'm finally posting is because I need some advice (from the best forum on the internet, no less). What do you guys think I should do, as a 23 year old guy, to show people that I should receive the Republican nomination on September 14th? I've been putting out flyers, I have a website up, I've got signs up around my neighborhood (Pikesville/Owings Mills/Reisterstown) and I'm getting 50 professional signs made up. I just ordered a voter registration list so that I can see where most registered Republicans/Libertarians/Constitution Party members live so that I can do sign waves near busy intersections there. I also want to go door-to-door and vouch for myself, but I'm a little weirded out about that. I've been going to local county debates with Kamanetz/Bartenfelder. I just had a forum interview with the Towson Times so that they can give us an endorsement if they choose to support one of us Republicans. But, mostly...I'm reaching out to you guys here because I love the Orioles. Nick Markakis is my God, as is Adam Jones and Luke Scott, lol. But hopefully you can just give me some tips because I live in a 4-1 Democratic district. And there are 5 other people running for the Republican nomination (3/6) will move forward to the General. But they're all old, hard-lined Republican...they're not putting up signs or giving out flyers. I just would like some advice as to what you guys think I might need to secure a victory this September and try to stop all this madness that's going on in Annapolis come November. And, other than that, when's the next Hangout meeting?? God bless Adam Jones and his bunting ability! God bless Buck Showalter and this forum...oh, and (God Bless Brian Roberts and Brady Anderson, for Cindy!) - Gregory
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