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  1. I wasn't even planning to go and I'm pissed off. I can't imagine being a parent and having to tell my child that they're no longer going to be able to meet what is likely their favorite player. Contract BS or whatever it is, those two should be ashamed if there's not some legitimate reason to not be there. Just embarrassing.
  2. An issue with Hader's medicals could lead to a switch in the second prospect headed to Houston, tweets Danny Knobler of CBS Sports.
  3. It would basically mean Bundy is in the majors, and his clock would keep on going. We don't want that.
  4. Kyle Hudson is back on a minor league deal.
  5. My bad. Didn't see it on the original list :thumbsup1:
  6. Pedro Viola signed a minor league deal with the A's.
  7. You don't "enter the draft." You become eligible during certain points of your career, and you have the choice whether to sign or not.
  8. The Braves have Felix Pie to headline the deal. Looks like no Greinke for us
  9. I know this isn't addressed to me, but I'm answering anyway. Because he's a shortstop, his offensive numbers aren't valued as high as other premium offensive positions. Of course, his numbers are a bit concerning, but compared to other team's production out of their SSs, it's not that huge of a deal.
  10. RyanW

    Lew Ford?!

    Agreed. We've had complete incompetence in LF this season (although Pearce looks alright) so it's worth a shot. What's the harm? We may lose Adams or Mahoney to clear a spot for him. Big deal.
  11. You always keep the bullpen out as long as you can. A rested bullpen is a better bullpen.
  12. RyanW

    Kyle Hoppy released

    Tim Berry looks to be the only guy that could turn into something out of that class. Townsend was a nice pick, if he could stay healthy...
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