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  1. I would be a very, very happy O's fan. Makes we want to break out Strat-o-Matic on the Windows machine and run some scenarios. However, need some pitching.... GRod as DeGrom, DL Hall as Kershaw? That should make things interesting!
  2. Numbers wise, this may have even been worse than 30-3 shellacking at the hands of the Rangers in 9 innings. The Blue Jays scored 33 runs in only 7 innings..... 11 in the last inning of the previous game and 22 through the first 6 innings of this abomination. That is a pace for 42 runs in 9 innings. In the esteemed words of Col. Kurtz..... The horror...... The horror.......
  3. Tyler Wells warming up for the 3 inning save? If so..... hope it's a sign they're stretching him out a bit, for a shot in the rotation next year. Of course, just idiot fan speculation.
  4. Not to be contrarian, as you did qualify with "if he'd concentrated solely on baseball", but if i was ever going to bet AGAINST someone in the arena of athletic excellence, that person would NOT be Vincent Edward "Bo" Jackson.
  5. That would be an incredibly advanced approach for a young hitter facing the best pitching of his life. However, if it's proven true, wow.
  6. Or Tim Beckham, who went on a 12-game hitting streak to begin his career with the O's, slashing .531/.549/.939 with seven doubles, two triples, three home runs, nine RBIs and 14 runs scored. Personally, love watching Mateo, he's an exciting player, and would love for him to seize the SS job in 2022.
  7. The Delmarva juggernaut keeps rolling with 17 runs. 10 walks in the game for Shorebird batters, 10 strikeouts. So now that is 30 walks vs 22 K's since the 2021 kids were promoted from Florida. Early next week I'll be floating on a catamaran in the Agean sea, and won't be thinking about such things, but for today, it feels good, especially after watching Herr Fried render our major league team neutered, and now I have to stop this run on sentence.
  8. As I said, I don't know what this means.... However, even if it's against flustered, noob competition, I like to see it. Have no idea if it matters, just caught my eye. The oppo pitches last night have combined for about 130 innings so far, milb.com doesn't break down levels, so can't tell (without extra effort) if that includes FCL, etc.
  9. 8 more walks and 5 k's for Delmarva yesterday, so 20 walks and 12 strikeouts in the 3 games since the 2021 draftees arrived. Have no idea what this means, but I like it.
  10. 6 walks last night for Delmarva batters, 6 strikeouts. That is 12 walks, 7 strikeouts in the two games since the new draftees arrived. My goodness I must be bored.
  11. Just for fun, looked up the box score. Fredericksburg is a Nats affiliate. They used 5 pitchers against the Shorebirds, and only struck out one batter, walking 6. Looking at the combined stats of their pitchers, they have 190 K's in 189 innings. Not reading anything into this, but when a team's batters walk 6 times more than they K, I'm impressed. PS: One of the pitchers is named Trey Turner.
  12. Not sure if you mean yesterday's game.... But I checked the boxscore and saw Delmarva batters walked 6 times and K'd 1. That is eyepopping in the modern game.
  13. Ridgway22

    FCL happenings

    "The Ballad of Will Cunnane" (Had to look this up on Baseball Reference to confirm my memory) Will Cunnane was a Rule 5 player on the Padres in 1997. Going into May 16 of that year, he was sporting a 2.63 ERA through his first 10 games spanning 13 2/3 innings. I was watching the game on TV. The Cubs quickly jumped all over Padres starter Tim Worrell on a windy day, not ideal, as their bullpen was gassed. In comes poor Will Cunnane, who they left in for 3.2 brutal innings in which he got bashed for 10 runs on 11 hits and a walk. Threw 76 pitches. After every batter, I remember W
  14. Would love to have been a fly on the wall for the decision making discussions.
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