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  1. This is my (not so) secret fantasy for the Elias regime. Identifying characteristics in players that are under-valued in the marketplace, applying a combo of technology and / or advanced coaching techniques that players can rapidly and permanently integrate for sustained success. This, and drafting awesome baseball names, like "Dan Hammer"
  2. Agreed, and a bit surprised how poorly the age 27+ winners had performed in their ML careers. Perhaps the true prospects get called up, and the veteran fodder builds up counting stats waiting for someone to get hurt.
  3. Just for fun, looked up the last 40 winners of the International League MVP, which Mountcastle won at age 22. There has only been one other 22 year old to win, Johnny Peralta in 2004. (I just subtracted their birth year from the year they won the award). Peralta went on to be worth 31.7 WAR. The top careers (and obviously some are in progress, not yet complete, etc) Jim Thome 1993, age 23 (72.9 WAR) Brett Butler 1981, age 24 (49.7) Johnny Peralta 2004, age 22 (31.7) Shane Victorino 2005, age 25 (31.6) None of the other 36 winners exceeded 15.3 WAR 16 players (40%) had 0 WAR or less for their careers 9 players (23%) went on to have 10+ WAR Average career WAR of winners, by age the year they won: Age 22: 15.9 Age 23: 5.8 Age 24: 11.0 Age 25: 9.0 Age 26: 4.6 Age 27: -0.6 Age 28: -0.8 Age 29: 0.1 Age 30: -0.3
  4. No.... .....and it is one of the most depressing / infuriating / frustrating things about the last two years. The guy is a millstone around the neck of the franchise. Mancini should be playing first. Anyone could see the rebuild coming, knew it would be difficult, but looked forward to seeing the emerging players. Some will flame out, some will flicker with hope, and some (Means seems to be the first) will exceed expectations. But C F'ing Davis watching belt high 91 mph sinkers for strike three with that deer in the headlights walk back to the dugout look..... ugh. That I wish we could be spared.
  5. Not sure about the upper professional ranks, but I can tell you for certain, at other levels the answer to your question is hells yes.
  6. Just watched us lose 2-1 in extras to the Red Sox, a temporary, non-fatal dagger plunge to the soul.... tomorrow, it will reveal itself as merely a flesh wound. I've played, coached and experienced rabid baseball fandom since Little League, and am not programmed by deity for any outcome other than maximum effort to win every single ballgame I'm privileged to participate in. The "tanking" mentality, manifested in this case by keeping intriguing players in the minors that *might* help us win a couple extra games, is foreign and repulsive to my DNA, an affront to the gods that blessed us with the precision of 90 feet , 60 feet 6 inches, and the weighty tablets of unwritten rules as pure to the soul as 3.2 beer is to a Jack Mormon. However, when sunlight ultimately coerces my unwilling eyes apart, and clears the red wine haze, a stern fact remains: Zero chance we compete this year. In 2023, who will care if we won 74 games or 60 in twenty and nineteen? But the chance to pick #1 vs #4 in 2020 could end up being a difference making rookie of the year candidate batting in the bottom of the 9th during a tie Wild Card game in 2023. Alas.
  7. i would dearly love to read a DD book if it contained an honest account of just what the h*ll went on during PA's last years in charge. Would be a must read for this O's fan.
  8. Good point. I "assumed" the O's would insure a deal of that size, ala Joey "Albert" Belle. A (very) quick scan of the Google machine didn't reveal any insurance info about Davis' contract. (But multiple articles referred to its resemblance to Diomedeidae). David Wright's had a 8 year $138 million deal, and (as reported by Reuters), after injury, the Mets recouped 75% of his salary, as long as he didn't appear in the Majors. So 75% less the cost of the insurance could be the net gain to the O's. (Plus subtracting a potentially negative WAR player and opening first for Mancini / Mountcastle) Make no mistake, I do NOT want to see a player injured or have to retire because of injury, I'm only speculating on a scenario.
  9. You know, this might be the everyone-is-a-sorta-winner scenario. Davis has chronic hip condition that no longer lets him play, he gets to retire with some dignity, + some cover for his historic ineptness. O's get insurance payout to cover a % of the albatross contract.. Opens first for Mancini / Mountcastle. Hmmmmmm......
  10. This is a cool thread..... Played varsity at Hueneme High School, Oxnard, California in 1980, Terry Tackett was the coach, father of the O's own Jeff Tackett. Mark Berry, Reds coach was also on that team. Tall, lean, threw hard, decent curve, questionable command. We had a player on our team all the scouts were out to see, John Cox. However, he kept getting shelled and I would come in to clean up. Normally the scouts would vanish when he came out of the game, but one, a bird dog for the Brewers, stuck around and was drinking beers in brown paper bags with my Dad. Scout ended up writing me up and I got drafted before I graduated High School. (Note: John Cox went on to play at Cal, where he was a teammate of Bryan Pryce, recently fired manager of the Reds. I got to know Bryan at several of John Rubinow's ProBall camps. Good dude.) Anyway, Brewers offered a contract of no bonus money, $500/month, plus room and board on the road, Butte Montana Pioneer League. Ended up going to Ventura Junior College (arrived the year after Brook Jacoby left to the Braves), thinking I'd dominate and raise my draft stock. Instead, pitched marginally, pitched for money in a weekend semi-pro league and shredded my shoulder pitching too many innings. Played some softball, etc. until 2001, found an Ad in North County San Diego Newspaper for the Mens Senior Baseball League (MABL/MSBL), and decided to make a comeback in a 35+ league. Had so much fun at the MSBL World Series in Phoenix that year, decided to get rotator cuff surgery so I could pitch without pain. 2004 World Series, we lost in the playoffs to a team from Tucson with Jack Howell, who went on to win the 35+ Mountain Division. (Our team was Dream Foundation / North County Padres) 2005, we had a loaded team (I managed)... Had an ex-major leaguer who came up with the Phillies and was minor-league outfielder drafted by the Rockies and turned into a pitcher, Mike Farmer. His first Major League start (and first major league hit) came against/off Greg Maddux. (1996). We also had a former Mariners AAA pitcher named Vic Martin, who had absolutely pin-point control. Our shortstop was Jeff Bonchek, who had played A ball for the Indians. We ended up winning the 35+ Mountain that year. The next year, with much the same cast, we won the 35+ Wood American division, so I have 2 MSBL rings. Retired a few years later when I saw a video tape of myself pitching. Ugh. Sorry for the long post. Got going and couldn't stop!
  11. I went to grad school with an accountant who had done his internship with a MLB team. The stories he told about how they sauté the books would confirm your every belief.
  12. I'd never seen Mullins play in the minors, had nothing to go on but Luke's and others scouting reports and Mullins numbers in the minors. Honestly, I was expecting we'd see something like Xavier Avery II. But I've made a point to see all of The Entertainers' at bats, and the guy simply looks like he belongs. Hays at the end of the year last year looked overmatched, and maybe Mullins will too once there is a book on him. But right now, Cedric looks like the leadoff hitter we have not had since BRob. Small samples, temper expectations, blah blah blah. He's exciting, he's young, he's athletic, he's an Oriole, and damn it, I need something positive to latch onto.
  13. I had to look that up. I find a couple posters here often scribble prose I'd consider rebarbative, but they are entitled to their opinions, passions, and anonymity behind a web browser. Actually, upon reflection, maybe more incommodious or vexatious than rebarbative.
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