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  1. If he isn’t a major league player then none of this matters anyway. Great point. Obviously I agree he could benefit from seeing pitching and learning from it. I said as much in my post. Selfishly I wanted Mountcastle up sometime in the middle of the year last year. I thought he was ready. I think the odds are more remote the O’s see harm down the line, meanwhile, the potential benefit that you can effectively extend your competitive window by a year is signficant.
  2. It isn’t about salary as much as it is about control. So it does matter.
  3. Ah, well if that’s your argument, I think you’re wrong. I’m generally in the camp that players need time to acclimate to each level. Mountcastle might end up being a good+ player but he likely won’t approach that level for a year or two. Fortunately the team’s best chance to be good won’t happen for three or so years, which would mean Mountcastle has a chance to be on a competitive team under control for 4 years. Sure there is a chance the CBA changes, but I doubt it would immediately eliminate this manipulation and even so you may as well play under the rules as the exist.
  4. For sure. I think most here agree that gaming service time is not a great look and maybe shouldn’t be allowed but it is and it would be silly to not take advantage of it (assuming that’s what is going on).
  5. Good for 82nd highest in the league. Big to you and me, not all that big to baseball.
  6. Sounds like you don’t understand it. MLB hasn’t introduced a bubble for teams and these will be the same divisions as any other year. FTR, I think some level of the social distancing will dissipate as the season goes on. When Euro soccer came back they talked a lot about keeping players apart and no touching etc and if you watch a game now most of that has gone away.
  7. You get a year of service time whether you play or not. Price is the only big dollar name to bow out thus far and I don’t expect he will start a trend.
  8. Why would a large number of the high dollar guys not play? My understanding is players get a year of service time whether they play or not.
  9. Whichever narrative fits your narrative.
  10. Yes, forfeit their salary for not performing the work they otherwise get paid for.
  11. The players are allowed to opt out for their safety if they wish.
  12. Hopefully the orioles will do something similar, though as has been mentioned it certainly makes the owners complaints seem disingenuous.
  13. Would you be surprised to see Hays or Mountcastle play well? I wouldn’t. I would be disappointed if they didn’t play well. Same with a guy like Harvey.
  14. Hopefully Santander. I don’t think any of the upper end prospects would be a “surprise.” Santander is young enough that another good season from him could be a big boost for the rebuild.
  15. Whether or not it matters to you, if you look at the attendance numbers there seems to be a pretty direct correlation between falling attendance and falling W/L record. Fans want to watch good games. Sure it’s nice to have a laugher but there are more eyeballs on games with quality teams and quality players.
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