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  1. Exactly where I’m at. I’ll listen to the beginning of the game as I finish making dinner, check the score after then go do something else. For the first two months I was holding on and watching crappy games but I’m just over it.
  2. That was an “Oh Sh**!” slide.
  3. Was lucky enough to be at both. Tuesday was a way more invested crowd, conversation stopped when Grayson was on the mound. Grayson looked way better yesterday than Tuesday, btw. Had much better put away ability, seemed to locate a bit better (esp the FB).
  4. Yeah, the inside the parker was a major league fly out. I was down the line a bit so can’t speak as much to command, but he certainly did get some swing and miss on the slider and at least one K on the change up.
  5. Somewhat similar to what Buck was stressing a few years ago. There’s a balance between only swinging at pitches you can drive and highlighting players with a skill set to put the ball in play, something those teams didn’t have.
  6. This is a pretty flawed conclusion IMO. It isn’t like millions of dollars of the overall draft pool went unspent. Almost all of it was accounted for, it was just divvied up differently.
  7. Is there any comparison to a JV Greg Maddux? My memory is most of his career Maddux had a sub 90’s fastball, though I certainly remember a plus plus swing and miss change.
  8. The throwing error was a minor league error, neither the 2B or SS covered on the steal. Runner had a huge jump but AR threw a seed on the money for a slap tag, would’ve nailed the runner.
  9. Didn’t think the ump was as bad as everyone else in the stadium did, but there’s no doubt he was inconsistent and squeezing early then opened the zone way up in the last few innings. Grayson seemed to be relying on the FB/CU combo for the most part. Both pitches looked nice, though he was barreled a few times and seemed to let too many hitters hang around fouling pitches off in the first couple innings.
  10. survivedc

    Jahmai Jones

    As crazy as it seems, I think Franco could build some small trade value. I don’t see any reason why he couldn’t be platooned, though.
  11. Can’t wait. I’ll be in section 101 about 8 rows back. Hopefully I don’t jinx GRod like I did Hall.
  12. If severino has made it this far playing this poorly, what can he do to lose his spot?
  13. Mullins sits at 10th in vote getting among AL Outfielders despite being 1st in WAR in that same group (5th overall among AL Position players). I know it’s a popularity contest to a large degree, but it would be a bummer for Mullins to not be at least the first guy off the bench.
  14. Roughly related: I heard they turfed the surface at Aberdeen so players have some practice on it before having to play in TB or Toronto (though I’m sure cost savings also came into play).
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