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  1. What has changed to allow them to announce PTBNL trades? I thought these would be post-season announcements.
  2. Would he be more comfortable in those positions today? Probably. Could it have hurt his confidence moving off those positions so early? Maybe. Does it make sense to allow him to prove he can’t handle those positions? Absolutely. At the end of the day, Mountcastle looks every bit the hitting stud he was at times reported to be. Weird to use him as an example of the prior staff failings.
  3. If the narrative you want is that most of Dan’s picks that have had success were “turned around” by the new group, that’s your prerogative. It’s a mostly unprovable position, that I think is mostly hooey. Did keeping Mountcastle in the infield hurt his development? Did Tanner Scott have the same issues throughout his early career and also exhibit them in the majors this year?
  4. I’m sure by that point it’s mostly a personality based question instead of background/upbringing. Those that are lucky enough to decide if it’s money or desire for competition have likely made enough money in their career that the 4 million (while nice) isn’t a necessity.
  5. This is of course a topic for another thread, but at a time where the goal is to grow the game (when isn’t it I guess) you would think you would want as many pro adjacent games as possible. Young fans can get attached to the aura of a baseball game, even if the quality is a good deal lower. It certainly worked that way for me, growing up a ways away from Baltimore and any other MLB team.
  6. True, I just wonder if that mentality among business/entrepreneur types is different among athletes. I always assumed athletes primary motivator for continuing to play was competition/winning.
  7. Of course without games we never know who is in which group. Someone thought of as an 80%er, esp in the low minors, occasionally shows their worth and gets their act together.
  8. Agree on Nunez. Too cheap and has value to someone. Depending on how Mountcastle is viewed I would think Nunez is retained until Mancini’s health becomes clear.
  9. Sure Hays is toolsy and has flashed, but not sure why he would be rated above Santander at the moment. Same could be said about Diaz or McKenna.
  10. I believe he played one at bat of third-ish in a 5 infielder shift. Am I making that up?
  11. Does he have a history of similar arm injuries? My understanding of the TJ injuries is they occur after multiple arm injuries, wearing down of flexors/tendons that haven’t fully healed.
  12. My point is that I want YOU to look at their pitch counts in those innings and show that your hunch is correct. Asher W, for example, by ERA our worst starter (we’ll give Means a pass) has gone 5 innings 4 times, giving up 4, 3, 2 and 3 runs. The 4 in his first start is the most he’s given up. Maybe there are examples of pitchers doing worse, and some sort of pattern to go along with it, but I’d like to see some evidence.
  13. You keep beating this horse but I don’t think I’ve seen any data on your end to support it. Orioles starters have gone 4.4IP per start which is below the league average and in the bottom 3rd of the league. Even in a shortened season with expanded rosters, it’s not a great idea to expect the bullpen to go 4+ innings every night. Everyone would like Hyde to know exactly when his pitchers have had it and pull them accordingly, but it clearly isn’t that easy. And even then, he may know and be weighing the fact that the bullpen is tired or will be tired after playing 4 more games in a row.
  14. It would be weird to have Francona win, given the 30 games he’s missed so far (though I’m sure he still has a significant hand in what happens with that team).
  15. I’m almost just as interested in the converse:: are there any teams not slated to make it that would have the talent to turn it around over 162? The Brewers and Angels stand out, the Nationals as well, though I think their division is tougher.
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