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  1. If Stewart does end up hitting to a .730-50 OPS I would be surprised to seem him limited to 175 plate appearances. Out of curiosity, do any of these services have best case/top end type projection?
  2. Agreed, I’m glad the org has progressed to a point where we don’t need to rely on improvements shown in the spring to determine the roster.
  3. It doesn’t make sense to me because you would think that as pitchers increase spin rate batters swing for the fences less, but it hasn’t played out that way so far. Separately, and this has probably been covered somewhere at some point, but how does one “increase spin rate?” Is it as simple as more whip/snap on the release?
  4. I’d probably put Santander or Tanner Scott over Mancini on a list like that, even given their limited history.
  5. I’m glad they are adding some weekday day games, though I would bet it’s not great for TV. Good opportunity to cut out of work a few times during the year (hoping in person is allowed).
  6. I appreciated him talking about wanting to earn his money through performance. Most players don’t seem to acknowledge the gap between performance and pay. Separately I’d like to see the Angels be good but that’s mostly because of Trout.
  7. Let us know when you’re right about something.
  8. I think there will be sold out games at some point next year, even if just the WS (assuming they’re allowed to sell out). The way that people reacted when restrictions were lifted in May and June is a pretty clear indicator of that. People were desperate for a sense of normalcy then and they will be again next season.
  9. Outfield is such a delicate balance. There were a couple years where Markakis could handle anything off the scoreboard or near the grounds crew bench and Jones had a terrific ability to range back to the 410 in center. I’m not sure what the metrics say about it, but outfield seems to have a lot to do with who is next to you, especially with those two. Santander was fun to watch this year, I can’t remember him making a bad play.
  10. Why would one element out of many make a significant difference? Your good faith answer is this: Pros get paid hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of dollars. The fan boost is great, but perhaps not necessary, though to use a season where players expected and prepared for no support as evidence of this seems weak. Does a top 10 prospect need fans to perform well? Probably not. Does it make their job easier, make their stay more enjoyable? Absolutely. As supporters of those players I want them to be happy.
  11. It is different, don’t be obtuse. A batter celebrating something he personally accomplished is different than a pitcher celebrating by himself after serving up a tater that was only saved by a great catch by his team mate.
  12. Maybe not but all things being equal they’d pick the location with better fan support. Fans are good for players psyche, an underrated component of performance.
  13. TBH I’m kind of with Manny on this one. The pitcher almost gave up a homer, Bellinger makes a great catch and the pitcher isnt out yelling and congratulating Bellinger, he was celebrating on the mound by himself. Kind of whack.
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