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  1. Truthfully we don’t know what governments will be thinking by June.
  2. Baseball without fans is important to the nation’s psyche.
  3. Of course that’s a plan. Keep people apart long enough for supplies and overall knowledge to catch up. As testing proliferates it will be easier to manage the virus. This won’t be solved/eradicated for a while I suspect but it should be able to be managed.
  4. What could the plan be besides reduce risk of exposure, contain those exposed and continue to produce supplies to identify pockets of contamination and give our medical system a fighting shot? Seems that’s exactly what is happening.
  5. I’d like to see a no hitter/perfect game most of all. Seeing a player dominate the whole season long a la Davis & others HR title was awesome but something about that lightning in a bottle feat is attractive. The coolest thing I have seen, being too young for WS, is the back-to-back-to-back homers to lead off the game a few years back. Think that’s the only time it has ever been done to lead off a game.
  6. If nothing else he has the most games caught for the O’s. While his renown is based on the Post season it’s hard to call him a one hit wonder.
  7. Apparently it is something that has been and is being discussed. At least to start the season.
  8. This game is awesome. First year I’ve played so tons of learning to do. I’m through a season and a half so far and while 2020 was rough 2021 looking good so far. I was pretty quick to move some starters to the pen and have had success there.
  9. I don’t think the NBA should have much bearing on the MLB. The NBA would likely have to go straight into the playoffs which is a decent risk for players-2-3 months off then going full bore. I’m sure their TV money potential is so huge it will be very hard to say no, but I’m also sure they wouldn’t have as many viewers as during a standard playoffs. There have to be plenty of casual fans like myself who will follow along off the momentum from the playoff chase that just won’t care to pick it back up mid summer. If sports can’t come back until July I could see the NBA calling it while the MLB still has 3 months to go.
  10. No... https://blogs.fangraphs.com/are-performance-enhancing-drugs-illegal/ To hope that a player who has done plenty of good things for this team and is not at fault for the exorbitant contract he was given has fallen so low that he is forced to make a decision that most likely harms his own body (in the long run), further embarrasses his team and destroys his remaining legacy, such that it is, is pathetic from where I stand.
  11. Why would you want someone who represents our team to be caught doing something illegal?
  12. No doubt about it, his injury history knocks him down a few pegs. His stuff was electric last year, though I think it was such a long time coming many fans (myself included) were thrilled to see anything from him. I look at all star closer as a realistic, though difficult to attain ceiling, as we have already seen ML hitters overmatched by him.
  13. Is a potential all star closer (Harvey) not more valuable than a potential back of rotation starter (Akin/Kremer)? I guess both of those guys could end up as #3’s but it just seems that Harvey at this point is closer to reaching that ceiling.
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