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  1. Not sure if you mean their attitudes/persona is going down hill because the quality of work has certainly gone up. NBA refs for example are required to go over games afterwards and identify mistakes etc and they get over 90% of calls correct.
  2. survivedc

    2019 Atlanta Braves

    Announcers keep saying “markakis certainly doesn’t make that throw” on the bloop hit. Has his arm deteriorated that much?
  3. I’m not sure the roster will be handled the same next year as this year. I could see a number of scenarios where Diaz gets called up. For one, I think about mid season it will make sense to have talent learning how to win together. Anyway I hope so. I’d like to start seeing interesting guys like Diaz and some of this years AA pitchers.
  4. In a meaningless game it would be nice to show support for a young player.
  5. I’ve gotten over that since you last saw me
  6. He was safe! Why no challenge?? Support your guys Brandon!
  7. Obviously not opposed to a front office turn around which is long over due. Don’t think a successful FO and not having old players involved is mutually exclusive. I think the whole “old players don’t and will never buy into analytics” is somewhat overblown. There is clearly enormous value to what analytics can tell us but there is also enormous value to having that information presented and changes made by people that have succeeded as players in the past IMO. Sig and Mike understand that I assume, Sig spent a season on a minor league bench. Not going to apologize for thinking it’s unfortunate that someone who has spent over a decade with the organization was let go. I wish there could have been a way he could have been integrated into the new system.
  8. I of course don’t think someone deserves to be kept around simply because they played here at some point. You have no clue what BJ did, we have no clue what attempts he made to change and we have no clue if Mike approached him about changing. Maybe we will moving forward. To act like you do is disingenuous.
  9. Bunch of people dumping on BJ. I’d rather have former O’s than not. Getting rid of a guy that has spent 15+ years with the .org is different than firing a random scout. Would love for Elias to succeed. Would esp love him to succeed trying to keep old O’s involved as much as possible.
  10. Those are really cool stats, I should check in with stat cast more.
  11. I’m fine with him not liking it. It’s a little frustrating to have someone repeatedly and deliberately misinterpret others viewpoints.
  12. Literally no one is saying celebrate every play. It’s confusing how you jump from celebrating a great catch saving a run to celebrate every play.
  13. That’s a weird extrapolation from celebrating perhaps the most important defensive play in the game. By a young player.
  14. Celebrate after the game behind closed doors. No emotion on the field, the fans hate personality.
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