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  1. I’m fine with him not liking it. It’s a little frustrating to have someone repeatedly and deliberately misinterpret others viewpoints.
  2. Literally no one is saying celebrate every play. It’s confusing how you jump from celebrating a great catch saving a run to celebrate every play.
  3. That’s a weird extrapolation from celebrating perhaps the most important defensive play in the game. By a young player.
  4. Celebrate after the game behind closed doors. No emotion on the field, the fans hate personality.
  5. Don’t play coy, you can’t fool us.
  6. 2020 will most likely be a losing season but it’s also an important season for establishing a winning culture. Retaining Davis would run in direct opposition with that.
  7. If Mancini had been playing solid 1B this year instead of questionable outfield it would be him no question IMO. I still give him the nod as is FWIW.
  8. Yes but the real question is should he be cut??
  9. Herb pretty ineffective. Ok fastball and show me curveball but they were on him and gave up 3 runs in the second. Tayler Scott gave up a homer to his first batter followed by a couple strikeouts. Slider (maybe?) was effective down and in to lefties.
  10. survivedc

    Alex Wells 2019

    Baseball is a pretty cool game. So many different ways to get the job done.
  11. I’ll be there tonight, somewhere behind the plate...looking forward to it even if I’d never heard of Tyler Herb before yesterday.
  12. survivedc

    Alex Wells 2019

    92 would really do wonders. Crazy what 1-2 up will do. I know he is a control guy but does he get good fastball movement?
  13. Good lord. Guess you’ve never been in a situation where stuff snowballs and you make a mistake out of frustration. You could use a little perspective. And that definitely wasn’t “sauntering.” Also, I didn’t read Bundy not covering as a tantrum, I think he started walking off then spaced on the second guy.
  14. Yeah I mean Bundy should’ve covered but I understand the mistake. That shot of the coaches in the dugout tells the tale.
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