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  1. It is certainly a stain on baseball but it has the side effect of causing people to pay attention to baseball in the offseason. Wonder how many fans will turn away from the game because of this.
  2. True enough, what I hope will separate the O’s and those other teams is a clear plan on how to succeed. The Marlins and Padres didn’t seem to care until recently and many other teams have slapdash rosters.
  3. By my count in the last 7 years only 4 teams have not been in the playoffs at least once: Phillies, Marlins, Padres and Mariners. I would say not making the playoffs by year 7 is a failure. The farm system is decent and improving and ownership clearly has money to spend in the right situation.
  4. I wonder if Adam Hall is going to be a year per level guy. He has been so far, but I think by next year he will be decently filled out and can hopefully split between AA and AAA. I generally look at the competitive window as opening in 2022 and am thinking some guys like Hall and Rodriguez come up a bit early.
  5. Great thread and info. Kind of surprising how middle of the road some of the individual bests were. Hard to believe Alberto has the highest BA of the decade.
  6. Gives me less time to kill between work and game time. I’ll also appreciate the extra daylight at the stadium.
  7. This was more true a few years ago than it is today: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/27448703/youth-baseball-participation-rise%3fplatform=amp
  8. My point is he wasn’t directly benefitting. His numbers weren’t directly better because the team cheated. He was part of more wins but he didn’t strike more guys out because of it. Unless you want to say guys swing bigger and strike out more when they are down, fine. It’s not like a guy hits 40 homers then volunteers that he only did it cuz of cheating.
  9. Don’t see anything wrong with someone that was benefitting later realizing the error in their ways later coming clean but: how did Fiers personally benefit? Not sure if I missed something but as far as I can tell this only helped the batters. I guess he got playoff/WS bonuses?
  10. Well good thing you aren’t in charge of replay reviews. There wasn’t irrefutable evidence by any means, you just couldn’t tell by the angle and nobody wants to sit around 5 minutes while they keep looking.
  11. Man every button Hinch pressed has been the wrong one.
  12. Overturning the play at 3rd would have been a mistake. In addition, I hate that side effect of replay, did he lose contact for a split second and was the glove on at that time? Just kinda ticky tack and not in the spirit of the rule IMO.
  13. Highly recommend Sagamore Spirit...they have a number of varieties and a really cool tour when you’re back next. Looks like closest in store location is Sacramento though.
  14. Some good Maryland Rye is what ya need
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