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  1. Royle also claimed that the O's offered LaRoche a three year deal last offseason so I don't really have a lot of faith in her sources.
  2. Jen_Royle Jen Royle @TFH721 I think it's awesome what people r saying ab the Os. Sound familiar?
  3. Both Connolly and Roch mentioning that possibility this morning.
  4. LOL at all the uniform haters. "These Maryland", "Under Armour" and "Maryland v. Miami" were all trending worldwide. Sportscenter is about to talk about MD's new uniforms. Mission Accomplished. LOL at the old fogeys who hate them.
  5. Most schools, like OSU, practiced inside that day. Without film of practice it's almost a waste as the coaches can't review how formations/plays went and can't make changes for the next practice. Something tells me that had Notre Dame been coming off a win the previous work they would've been practicing indoors.
  6. Fewer than 2,000 left per an email I just received. If you're going make sure you're wearing the right color for your section.
  7. Very good video of Rosenthal discussing the reports of what caused it. http://msn.foxsports.com/video/MLB?vid=4b64ee7e-b172-4415-9a69-adca99968d73
  8. Butt's comments insinuate they knew about the financial motives, which makes me more furious about the report.
  9. No suicide note. Glad WBAL ASSUMES he committed suicide because of the struggles of the Orioles. What irresponsible journalism.
  10. LOL. I'm the one clueless, not the guy holding outdoor practices in 40mph wind gusts.
  11. Agreed. Let's honor the man and leave baseball for another day.
  12. What's not cool or funny is that he still has a job. But of course football trumps all in South Bend.
  13. KVanValkenburg Re: Flanagan & WBAL. Media have to be gatekeepers in difficult moments, not rumor spreaders. Depression is complicated. WBAL should retract.
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