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  1. But you do it in team meetings, not in front of tv cameras.
  2. Huge difference, team meeting is behind closed doors. Pulling a player aside and saying hey what's up with that or this while in the dugout is different then saying something and walking away.
  3. Leadership is about admitting when you are wrong. Trust me, not a fan of Davis, but doing that to any player with 9 plus years in MLB shows a lack of respect to the player. Like I said they could've gone down the stairs and he could have said his peace.
  4. So Hyde is doing a great job...but he still makes the line ups.. makes no sense. Has very little experience managing in the bigs. As a manager you need to know how to deal with prima donnas. I am sure the Os will eat the Davis deal in the off season if they can get rid of him by winter meetings.
  5. They are worse. Givens wasn't traded (a bullpen arm) cause he regressed so much. If this team wins 60 I'll be surprised.
  6. I am criticizing him of saying something in the dugout. Davis is the senior veteran on the team. Hyde and Davis coulda gone down the stairs and Hyde could say his point. But he decided to embarrass Davis in front of the dugout. You ever see Davis get worked up like that..Buck was hard nosed and straight to the point. You don't think Buck criticized players in his office.. I am sure Hyde will apologize to Veterans on the team. You had two who help stop it.
  7. The new album is coming out August 30th. I saw them in Louisville (as I live in Ohio) on May 8th, heard two new songs. As they are older, their music and lyrics have evolved but you wont be disappointed.
  8. Davis gets paid either way. MLB contracts are ironclad. We have no idea what Hyde said. But we watched Davis for almost 10 years now..he's never had a reaction like that..my guess is Hyde crossed a line.
  9. Hyde was a stop gap. Kinda like all the managers we had as we "rebuilt " and the Buck came in. Sadly, all Hyde has cheap ploys, not his fault, but its obvious why we have him. No experienced Managers would take the job cause it's a rebuild. He obviously has a disconnect in developing guys in majors. He talked a good game to Elias, but his inexperience shows. Oh, everyone will talk about Davis "losing" his mind. But you ever see Davis do it in Texas (majors or minors) or with Baltimore until Hyde? Davis struggled quietly. Prolly was addressed after games for mistakes by Buck. So a guy (manager) who played a total of 200 games in the minors calling him out in the dugout was too far. I get it. You do it in the manager's office. Not in the dugout.
  10. Cuz he's a rookie manager who knows he's gone. He is a short term solution. We were gonna be bad, but this bad? Some of his choices are head scratchers.
  11. I will say this.. I don't know what Hyde said, but if he was calling Davis out in front of the bench..that's hughley unprofessional of manager to do that to a Veteran player. Something Hyde has no experience with. Not saying Davis' reaction was right but you do that stuff in managers office after the game. Hyde chripped something to a Vet. That's disrespecting a player and the game.
  12. TB has struggled with pitching as well. Wasn't until 10 years after the signed Matt White and Tony Saunders that things changed.. I'll say this, pitchers are now high commodity in trades.. and we saw over the last 5 years.. pitchers going who could be good starters. Injuries dont help and neither does seeing a pitcher like Gausman traded to and watching him grow like in he is in Atlanta. Maybe it is rough to pitch in Camden Yards.
  13. Might as well DL him and give him 10 full days.
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