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  1. That's fine, I respect it. I just look at what he did in 2013 and adding Nelson Cruz that year (2014). Davis in front of him, allowed Nelson to have a hell of a season as who were you gonna pitch too? Davis still hit 26 HR and 70 some RBIs that year. Line ups success (whole team going for a win) is based on can you force the other team to pitch to you and avoid one off pitching changes. Davis previous season played a role in Cruz's season that year. Can't pitch around both of them (Davis lead the team with 60 that year).
  2. I haven't posted much here in the last few years cause I am going through my own health stuff.. but to lose Weams, hits hard cause he was a good guy always willing to see both sides of things and wasn't super defensive about differing opinions. He was a good man and I am glad he got a few more wins to see before his passed. RIP Weams.. You are missed.
  3. Guessing it Medical Retirement and that its to protect him for tax purposes. I am sure both side and insurance company covering liability (like Albert Belle) said do it this way.
  4. I don't get this, yeah he dropped off a cliff post 2016 season. But 2012 and 2014 weren't possible without him. The value of his contract is 14% less then the 2016 dollar rate. He did a lot for kids especially those with born with heart defects with time and donations. Stuff happens in baseball, get the yips or just lose the feel for it The fact he put money and time into the community should deserve more respect.
  5. Yeah, that isn't gonna happen. All about Oriole way and tradition.
  6. Honestly the broadcasts got stale. Palmer popping up for a few innings to tell little stories last year was all that worked. Not a huge fan of Ben McDonald. But that's the new blood they are going with. Ah well.
  7. Not really. Think about it. Gary Thorne didn't come to terms until August last year. So he missed basically 1st half of O's season. On top of that it was a 1 year contract. He wasn't fired, he just wasn't resigned. Just like any other FA.
  8. Yeah, no. It makes zero sense. Georgia is having a spike in cases. Hell, even in Ohio where Indians and Reds are.. there is a spike. I had friends say why not have the Blue Jays play at Columbus Clippers stadium in Columbus. Then I had to remind them 1 out of 8 tests for Covid-19 in Franklin County is positive. Its 2 times national average and 2 times the rate of Cleveland and Cincy.
  9. Its weird watching Mike Wright pitch a decent game in the KBO. He slimmed down and has control. So weird. It's like all he was was KBO level. Lol.
  10. I can tell you during 1996 season, series at home against CWS, Brady went 0-4 that night, was in attendance and stayed for his autograph..ended tossing a ball with him. Met Cal, Raffy and others that night. Just cause I was willing to ask to play catch. Got a story about Darren Bragg from 2003, he and another minor leaguer and I got drunk at O'Tooles pub in Reynoldsburg, OH, when he played for the Clippers. Was only person knew who he was. Says worst pitcher he faced was Moyer.
  11. But you do it in team meetings, not in front of tv cameras.
  12. Huge difference, team meeting is behind closed doors. Pulling a player aside and saying hey what's up with that or this while in the dugout is different then saying something and walking away.
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