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  1. You serious? Federal Hill, Fells Point and Canton would be the dumps they were before if it wasn't for Camden Yards. People started moving back to the city because of Camden Yards. Federal Hill and Fells Point are also places people (Tourist) go to drink after the games. Sometimes Pickles and Sliders doesn't cut it!
  2. This is funny.. I live in Columbus. They have two pro-sports teams (3 if you count the Buckeyes). You should check out how Nationwide Arena's sale is set up. Columbus city council now "owns" Nationwide Arena by using Casino money to pay it off. Huntington Park (Clippers) was paid for by public financing (owned by Franklin County). Columbus Crew's former owner built the stadium out of his own pocket but had to lease the land and now the Crew needs a new home and can't find anywhere to build because the city nixed buying land for the team (new owner is willing to pay for the stadium again) because the City had to bailout it's other Pro Team the Columbus Bluejackets (Nationwide Arena). The Development in Columbus, which isn't happening in Baltimore the way you expected, comes down to taxes and partnerships but still has it's vacancy problems. Columbus has Lex Wexner (Limited Brands), Nationwide, Huntington Bank, Cardinal Health, Battelle, Owens Corning, Wendy's, Siemens, Big Lots, and then Ohio State. Columbus is a 21st century city. It's basically a Silicon Valley city in the Midwest. Cleveland and Cincy has yet to move to the 21st city which is why they are "hell holes". Baltimore has what? Mid level companies and a service economy (low paying jobs). So Baltimore has to rely on Tourism and the O's and Ravens are part of that.
  3. my $.02 here. Those saying Camden Yards is a bad deal are missing the bigger picture. 1) Colts bolted after stadium deals in the past fell apart. Leaving Baltimore with no NFL team. 2) Memorial Stadium while it had it's history was costing more money to upkeep the stadium then what it was worth. 3) O's have a 30 year lease. 10 years are still left and will be resigned. Once those bonds are paid off, it's 100% profit for the MSA. 4) There was major redevelopment of Federal Hill. Without Camden Yards, no way Federal Hill has that kind of redevelopment. 5) The Hotel and Condo development. That means Hotel taxes which are collected by the City. 6) Under Armor. Do you think if there was no franchise in Baltimore (NFL or MLB) Under Armor would be HQed there? Absolutely not. They could have gone to College Park. 7) While this goes with reason #1, it's important to understand. Maryland collects taxes from players. Every player pays $15,072 plus another 5.75% for every dollar over $300,000. That means Flacco pays $1.72 million a year to Maryland. Without those players that money is gone. With Millionaires leaving Maryland in droves.. it's a solid tax base that will never leave. 8) If you add up all the fees and tax collected, Camden Yards paid for itself already. It's just how those taxes were collect that makes the difference. Since MSA collects the money to pay the bonds, bonds aren't fully paid off. But if all the taxes collect due to Camden Yards were tallied, Maryland and Baltimore are in the black.
  4. And the team went the the playoffs for the first time in 13 years. Okay.. that's not a big deal and worth renting players who are FA for 2 1/2 months. Cause no other team does that. Oh wait Gillick did that. Yes, what did Gillick know? He ran the Blue Jays front office for 14 years before they won a World Series. You can make the playoffs year after year.. but you fail if you don't win the World Series in my opinion. But let's look at some of Gillick's trades.. Jeff Kent for David Cone (for two months).. all I have to say. At the end of the day Angelos was 2/3 years into his ownership. Were mistakes made? Absolutely.. but Angelos stuck to his guns and the team made the playoffs in 1996. What about Syd Thrift? That he drafted Cliff Lee, Jayson Werth, Jim Johnson, or Adam Loewen? His GM years were bad.. but it happens when you take a scout who is old and senile. He did make the trade for Mora tho. I should add, Adam Loewen would have been a good pitcher if it wasn't for his injury and it was a damn shame it happen to him. Not in the years O's had Belle. Belle was the better hitter and season where identical. We have no clue what Belle would have done if not for his medical problem. But odds are in favor of him putting up equal or better numbers then Burnitz. Burnitz bombed after the 2001 season. O's would have been left with a declining player and no trade.. Belle could have been traded as he was a 40 HR, 130 RBI and .295 hitter and proved it for years dating back to Cleveland. O's would have gotten decent talent (AA or better) out of a Belle trade at the end of his contract. Burnitz would have landed the O's AA or lower. But I am not defending Angelo's because I want to. I am just defending the facts. The O's wouldn't have gone to the playoffs in 1996 if Gillick got to trade Wells. Other then that I agree with most of what you are saying. 1998/1999 on were the dark years and some stupid moves were made. But let's not forget the Syd did draft talent for the O's that got traded away despite he wanted that player to play full time for the O's (Jayson Werth).
  5. You are correct.. my fault. Did you notice Coppinger was the #4 man in the rotation and carried a higher ERA then Wells? Probably not. That Krivada posted 4.96 Era in 22 games started and Wells was slightly worse but started 34 games? O's miss the playoffs in 1996. This is undisputed by the likes of Jim Palmer. Bordick could have gone elsewhere. Jimmy Key might have known Gillick but doesn't mean it's an automatic sign. Jimmy wanted to win and a team that unloads players in the middle of the playoff run the previous season isn't a good sign. You are also under the impression that Davis wasn't replaced by someone of equal statistical value in 1999.... Belle vs Burnitz before Belle's medical issues became an issue... who wins? Belle in 1999 and 2000. Again, stories are always somewhere inbetween. Gillick was wrong in 1996, why won't you admit it? Why not admit Gillick's "trade" ideas didn't lead to a great improvement? Angelos actually replaced those lost or not gained in the trade with above replacement value.
  6. Wells did go to NY (traded) and Bobby Bo went to the Marlins. O's replaced them with Jimmy Keys, Bordick at SS, moving call to 3rd, BJ to outfield and traded for Berroa. Those four wins were very important. As we needed two wins. On that 1996 staff? Hell, no. Kent Mercker was the #5 starter. Krivda and Haynes were even worse then Mercker. The 3 of them combined barely had 9 wins. And you think trading the #2 pitcher in the rotation could have been made up? 1997 would have been in doubt because you think Jimmy Key and Mike Bordick would have came to Baltimore if they didn't make the 1996 playoffs? The O's would have missed out on Eric Davis who had a fantastic 1998 season and had a better OPS+ then Burnitz.
  7. Angelos gave Davey two World Series team. 1997 was a fantastic team and it's pitching staff was amazing, one that we all hope for. Davey bombed out of the playoffs (not literally). 1996 was understandable (with the whole Maier issue which would have stuck in my craw as a player). But 1997 was bad managing in the clutch. Benitez pitching to a fastball hitter. Stuff like that. Sometimes winning games and getting to the playoffs isn't enough. Especially when the owner signs big checks for a team that should have won the WS that year. Replacing Davey with Ray was not a smart choice but that's not what's in question here. It's would you keep a manager who you gave the players and coughed up the money to win the world series for and yet failed two times in a row? I sure as hell wouldn't back then. Today I would have a different heart and stick with the manager which Angelos is doing now. Section Team player value..1997 1998 Yes, 1997 was his peak year from a contract signed in 1992. 1998-2001 was a 2 or 3 year deal with a 1 year option. Cal's contract was insane for those last 4 years. But Angelo's had to sign him or it would have been much worse if Cal wasn't around by his own choice. Yep, $3.2m from 1997-2001. So what? Mets ate half his salary in 2000. Bordick was overpaid by 2001 and 2002. So what Brady, Erickson and Ripken. But out of those 4... only two were gonna stay no matter what. Brady and Ripken as they were the Orioles' way. They signed "friendly" contracts compared to their value at time of FA and they were the team leaders. Cal also wanted Brady to stay. Once Cal retired, Brady was out the door. Or maybe Gillick and the others weren't right for situation. Dan and Buck are a perfect for the O's and Angelos the man. I'll give you a little sneak peek. Gillick wanted to trade Wells and Bobby Bo by the trade deadline in 1996 cause the O's were sitting at .500. Angelos told him No!. That's the dirty secret you don't realize. Our 1996 and 1997 team was around because of Angelo, not Gillick and if Gillick had his way.. no playoffs in 1996 and 1997 would be in doubt. Part 1 of a series about Angelos and the O's Part 2 Part 3
  8. The writing on the wall for Davey was there back in August of 1997.. Davey probably could have saved his job if the O's went to the World Series and got a slap on the wrist. But Davey knew he was fighting for his job going into that season, he knew what was expected of him. But we'll get to that a little bit further down. Now Ray Miller was a horrible choice. But what are you gonna do? Read the link above. It was out in the open about what was gonna happen to Davey. Davey had to get to the World Series to keep his job. Again, I'll explain below. Huh? The 1997 pay roll was actually $58.5. So the O's payroll increased by $11.9. Those cuts equaled about $6.2m. (all numbers after are in millions unless noted). Biggest being Myers at $4. Boskie was $700k, Krivda and Tarasco was combined $420k. Brady's salary increase by $1.4. Baines full salary was on the books, that's another $1.2. Bordick's salary increase by $1.1. Hammonds' salary increased by $700k. Raffy's went up $1.1. Rhodes's salary went up $1.2. That point makes the loss of players neutral in payroll cuts. Carter and Drabek added another $5. Charlton and Guillen was $1. Those 4 players added $6m in payroll over the previous year's payroll. Long term contracts the O's had with Cal, Brady, and Bordick weren't "cheap". So the 1998 team is explainable and neutral when though of the natural creep of salary increases. It's was 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 that became the killer. Adding Belle and keeping Erickson (even though he didn't pitch for 2 season and 2 really bad seasons). That's what really hurt the O's, 1999-2002 should have been rebuilding years. Instead of relying on the old model of paying for over the hill talent. Payroll increased but results didn't. That money the O's spent those years were dead money. Nobody wanted those players in trades. So O's could get talent when they needed to stock up. Which set back the whole system. O's got lucky with Markakis and Brian Roberts. But the rest of the teams the O's put out during 2004-2009/2010 were really subpar teams. But it also meant the O's lost on Jayson Werth. A trade that sorta rivals the Glenn Davis deal.
  9. Sox's bullpen was outstanding 2nd half of the season. Rays bullpen only blew 12 games all year. O's offense was streaky all year, except for Davis. But even Davis slowed down in the second half. You assume it leaves only one thing. O's starting pitching was 1 game behind the Sox's in leaving the game with the lead. Known as Win Lost the O's had 19 and Soxs had 20. Rays had 12. So it's a push on the front end, it's the back end that's the problem. On top of that.. Rays and Soxs had run support of at least .4 run above runs given up. O's had .2 runs above runs given up. O's pitching runs given up was 4.38 was a bit high but only 5 teams had an runs given up below 4 in the AL. One of them wasn't the Soxs and the Rays were at 3.96. Which one of them one the World Series again? The team with a 4.05 runs given up. How many games did we watch where the O's left runners stranded with less then 2 outs? I rest my case. But lets go a little further. Tillman and Lackey were just 2 spots apart for final pitching rankings for the year. Lester and Miggy were back to back down on the list. Ranking of pitchers. Not really. Britton and Arrieta sucked and god I hope Britton doesn't have a chance at the starting rotation. Chen pitched a damn fine July and good April and like August while those months looked bad, they were actually good. Losing games he pitched 6 plus and giving up 3 runs or less (QS). O's didn't hit those games, 0-19 in RISP. That's 3 wins the offense didn't show up. Miggy had a fantastic September, great June and a so-so April and May nobody can complain about. July and August he pitched 4 bad games. That's inconsistency. Chen and Miggy can be 10-15 game winners if they can turn those 6 to 8 bad starts in to QS and the offense scored runs in those close games where the pitch those QS that were loses. Chen pitched well enough for 10 wins last year.. and Miggy pitched well enough for 14 or 15 wins. Go back in the box scores and really look at the numbers. Tillman (should have been a 20 game winner), Miggy and Chen gave the O's chances to win games with QS that turned into loses. I've counted 13 games (one is debatable) that O's should have won, no question. But the Offense did a 0 or 1- 8 or more with RISP. That's a major difference between being in the playoffs in 2012 and sitting from the outside in 2013. A perfect example of a game... I speak of is Tillman's game against Oakland on August 24th. Tillman's scoreline: 8.0 IP, 3 Hits, 1 ER, 2 BBs, and 9 Ks. O's offense, 0-6 with RISP. So look at the big picture here. Seriously? How many games did he pitch in his last 7 starts on 3 or 4 days rest because he was used out of the pen because the bullpen blew leads and saves so it went to extra innings? In Arizona and Tampa. There was a reason why he didn't pitch for 12 days after the Chicago game in September. He was over worked. Despite that he gave the O's a chance against Soxs in late Augusts giving up only 1 ER, granted only 5.1 IP. His ERA blew up over 4 after in late August against Oak. That's was the game after he pitched on a short 3 day rest. Now his last two starts were bad and I give you that. But look at when a pitcher last pitches and how long their rest is before they pitch again. It really clears things up. At the end of the day.. Tillman, Miggy and Chen put up the same numbers as Boston top end of the rotation. Yet people are missing that. Do we need a #4 and #5 to do better? Absolutely. I think Norris will be a good #4 next season. #5 who knows yet. Jose Reyes or JJ Hardy is the best shortstop in baseball. And Tulowitski is not even close to the best players in the game, he's not even in my top 10. Rockies will be kicking themselves over the contract they agreed to.
  10. JJ Hardy, Dbacks. People forget he's an AZ boy. He went to Dback games as a teenager. He's family is there, and he lives there in the off season. I wouldn't surprised if he signs there. Ah yes.. the folk lore of the Anti-Angelos crowd. Ever think Davey was "fired" because he did something he wasn't suppose to do when it come to Alomar and telling him what charity he had to donate to? That instead of Davey saying he screwed up pushed the button and told Angelos to piss off even though Davey broke union rules?
  11. Of course. Our 2013 bullpen blew games in the late innings, winnable games. Be it the series dropped against the Dbacks or games late in the season against Rays, Blue Jays and Yankees. 27 blown saves last year compared to 18 in 2012. Most of them lay on the feet of one and we all know who that is. But ironically we aren't competing with NL teams to make the playoffs. Only AL teams and the O's were right in the middle of the pack. our starting pitching wasn't "sucking", it had massive inconsistency. Tillman was the only consistency in the rotation. But that happens in baseball. Bringing in Norris and Feldman was to provide consistency. They did that very well. They aren't dazzling pitchers. But they eat up innings and give you at least 6ip plus when they are struggling. Norris was #4/5 starter and his numbers were pretty good and a huge replacement over Gracia. 10 ks per 9, was tagged with a loss against the Rays at the end of the season in that long ass game. His record would have been 4 and 2 instead of 4 and 3. You can't complain about that after 11 starts. As the anchor of the team in the 4 hole.. his numbers declined in RBIs and HRs. He literally became Markakis will just a tad bit more power. Really? The $36 million paid to him for those last 3 seasons were he only had sniffs of 30 HR and 100 RBIs was worth it? He was the anchor of that line up.
  12. This is the difference. When your bullpen gives up 29 (and more) homeruns more then doubling last year.. that's regression. And nobody is saying the starting pitching was perfect, it was down from 2012 as well. And what did those trades costs us? Two struggling pitchers and one bench player. So it wasn't like it was dramatic. Rather it they needed pitchers who could fill innings. Since Miggy and Chen were having "bad" years compared to 2012. Norris is a good pitcher and not the fringe people think he is. He played for Astros. He's record is gonna be ****, but he puts up 150 ks a year, 150 ip, and ERA in the low 4s. Norris will be sub 4 ERA in 2014 and win 10 to 15 games. He'll be a strong #4. #5 is up in the air. I think Bundy can fill that role. So you admit 2013 was a bullpen issue? Why are you arguing then? Not really. His production declined after that year. That was his peak year. When you sign someone to a long term deal you want a return of investment. Miggy didn't provide it. Rather his seasons with the O's and that 2004-2005 teams (even up to til 2012) revolved around players who used steroids. When Brob and Markakis (not that he ever used, or maybe he did, he hasn't had a good season in YEARS) is gone the O's will have cleared the last of that era.
  13. I don't mind trading players. But at the position people are discussing trading we have nobody to replace them with. O's are never gonna have an ace from Free Agency. O's will never spend for a ace. This has been a fact for a better part of last 30 years. 1996 pitching staff was either drafted or traded for. Same with the 1997 team. The O's have another 2 seasons of a window. But spending doesn't always equate to winning. Albert Belle didn't improve the O's. Nor did signing Miguel Tejada. Problem is O's are a mid market team. But you want a big market solution. A's don't have a clear #1 nor did the Indians. A's lucked out on Bartolo Col?n and both are in very weak divisions. Put the O's in the Central or West and we are 90 plus win team, winning the division for the last two years. Put A's and Indians in the east and they would be facing the same problems we are. You are only a die hard fan when you are frustrated. But the solutions you call for is what screwed the O's in the past. Big crappy contracts that made the Front Office afraid to spend on the quality players. I don't care about competing with St. Louis until the World Series so my team better not be built around competing with a team we'll only play at most 7 times. With that said Wainwright and Westbrook are not spring chickens.. their careers are almost over. O's owned Boston this year and the previous year. We match up pretty well against them. Problem with the O's is they dropped the games they shouldn't. Diamondback series is a good example. So is being 2-4 against the M's, 3-4 against Indians and Royals. 6 game to 7 games and then a few games that where blown in the late innings. That was the difference. Not starting pitching. O's matched up against NYY very well 2012 and 2013. 2012 post season failure comes back to the Bullpen yet again. Game 1 was a blown hold/save situation. Game 3 was the same thing. So by game 3 the O's should have wrapped it up but for huge mistakes by the bullpen, not the starter. It's that selective memory that annoys me about those who claim O's need to spend stupid money for average pitching for FA this year. We'll have Davis. Wieters who knows. Markakis? Who's he.. oh you mean the slap hitter who's playing like he's 40. Hardy is more then likely gone in a trade this year or to FA next year. He's always stated for the last few years he'd like to play for the Dbacks. Players come in go in baseball. It's the talent you have behind them. That's something the O's have more of now then they did before. Huh? This isn't college football. They go where they are paid. So oh wise one.. how do the O's afford the massive contracts that would be required and keep the foundation? Problem is you want the O's to spend like the Yankees and we all know what is happening to the Yankees. Old players who are past their prime and Yankees need MLB to throw them a life line by toss Arod out of the game. The O's have 3 studs we can name off the top of our heads.. Jones, Hardy and Davis. You could add Tillman who'd command $15 million if he was FA this year. Then let's not talk about Manny.. he will in the future command Arod pay when he gets to FA and the O's are mighty lucky he's 21 and not 24 going into FA. So even the O's pass that test. You want to be a one pump chump. That's fine. But screw up another team, not the O's. The O's spent money in 1996 and 1997 and didn't win **** then tried to recapture it again by spending money which set the O's back 5 to 10 years. Marlins and Phillies were the two teams that I know of who won a WS under $100m payroll. Marlins ended up gutting that team doing a fire sale. Phillies won their title after beating the Rays. Maybe you should assess your opinion of the 2012 team and the 2013 team. Starting Pitching didn't screw us.. it was the bullpen (closer) and streaking hitting. You mean the starting pitching staff of no names who carried that team at the end of the 2012 season when hitting was struggling? What if your big time FA blows out his arm or injures himself for a period longer then 2 months? What if your caught holding an Albert Belle type deal/player on your 40 man roster so you actually get the insurance money to pay the contract? You are literally wasting a spot on the roster so you can break even on a deal gone bad. That's why Angelos and the O's won't sign long big deals any more which is what most FA want now. But it's nice to see an O's fan from the Columbus area as I live in the Columbus area myself.
  14. check out Carlos Ruiz career stats. If Wieters had that obs and avg with his power.. i'd have no problem with $12 million.
  15. Here is my $.02. O's problem is Boras and his ego. Wieters is not a $14 million a year catcher for any team with his career stats. It's a fantasy land number that Boras typically throws out in Arb years to force teams to overpay. Now, 2 years from now, who knows. But O's should offer Wieters a 5-6 year deal worth $60-70 million. Davis is gonna get big money. Question is do the O's offer a massive long term deal (6 or longer)? I would have no problem offering Davis a 6-8 year deal in the $100 million range and I don't think Davis would turn it down. It'll give him FA years in his mid 30s if signed this off-season. Now, nobody kid themselves but Markakis is off the roster in 2015. That's $13 million (there is a $2 million buyout) out there starting 2015. So he's either traded or let go. He's not worth the money we are paying him. O's rotation isn't that bad, it had a bad year. They have a pitcher that could be #1. Tillman, who if he builds on 2013 will be one of the best pitchers in the AL. He should have been a 20 game winner in 2013. So that's a bright spot most ignore and we have him until 2017. Then Kevin Gausman and Dylan Bundy who in two years could be solid #2 and #3 in the rotation or the O's can toss Johnson on the market and make Gausman the closer and that again would free up $10 million.
  16. Surgery could have cause the arthritic problem as well. "Fixing" a problem is temporary in sports. Scoping a knee is ignoring the underlying problem. Fixing a joint that's heavily used such as a thumb, knee, wrist, elbow and so on doesn't mean the injury won't happen again or won't hurt in the future. Manny can have this surgery because it fixes a long term problem if he adds muscle around his knee. Which is something he should have been doing the first time he injured it.
  17. No, Brady didn't retire until 2002 (last game in MLB was May 20th, 2002) as he played with Cleveland and it's Triple A Portland. Then he became father in 2003 and he fought to get joint custody. He did the dad thing and still does but he picked his daughter over baseball for her early years. Then got back into baseball gradually during Spring Training, as Coach/Trainer (unofficial) and was hired with MASN, but with the Cal trip to Japan it became a formal thing due to O's focusing on international players.
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