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  1. Manny chose to play for the Dominican Republic because of his grandfather. Markakis played for Greece.
  2. I may.. haven't decided yet. Typical I make the trip to Cleveland.
  3. I work for no cable company. Government cares. Using a VPN to hide an IP to get around a blackout is illegal. If MLB wanted to, there would be no blackouts in any market when it comes to MLB.tv but there is. Netflix goes after those who use a VPN because it's a violation of terms of usage. I am not saying Cable tv isn't a relic. But as it stands currently the law and rules are centered around Communication companies (Cable and Phone) rather then you. You can get HBO and Showtime subscriptions outside of Cable tv today.. And this is where you are foolish. Angelos is beholden to MLB rules as MLB owns the streaming rights to games.
  4. That's fine, but piggybacking is illegal and so is using Comcast services (internet) and hiding IP via an VPN to gain access to local black outs is against service agreements. You can have internet from a Cable Company but you will paying out the nose for it. Cable Companies push bundles for a reason. Sufficient is different for anybody. No, I don't own Comcast, Charter, Verizon or AT&T stocks. I do know how people live today and how the world of cell phones, tablets, Playstation, Xbox, Roku (and so on), Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix have changed the game of how TV shows are viewed. But it really hasn't changed the game that much. It's different platforms but it all requires a network that's heavily reliant on internet backbones.
  5. Try Old Bay Seafood by Gate E (behind home plate).
  6. Old bay on everything fixes that. I ordered crab cakes once in Columbus.. since then I've never ordered anything crab in Ohio. They don't know what Old Bay is. They think it's an actual bay.
  7. As I fellow Columbusite.. and long time sufferer of an Orioles fan in Ohio, especially, in 1997 when I moved here.. thank god there are more of us in Columbus. If your nephew loves baseball, then ins and outs of the game, I actually suggest section 34-38 (behind home plate, that will achieve up close) or 90-92 (right-center field). Absolutely perfect views of the whole field and you see everything that's going on. But if you wanna seal the deal you need tickets in Club Box level (200s) as it'll give you access to the World Series trophies, Gold Glove awards and all that jazz. Obviously Eutaw Street, Orioles hall of fame, Statue area. That's where you can actually teach Orioles baseball to him.
  8. Actually you are doing something illegal despite what you think. Using an account that is not yours is actually illegal. It falls under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. But that's your own thing. I am not saying options aren't endless. I have Netflix and Prime accounts myself because they actually do produce some good shows and I can wait to watch stuff from HBO and Showtime.. then binge watch it. You can't get Internet at fast enough speeds without going through a Cable company. Just isn't possible. You can't survive without access to a FIOS account or your buddy. 4G is less then 15 mbps. You seem to mistake Cable just means TV. It's also internet. FIOS comes from a Cable division of Verizon. Comcast is a Cable company. You use those things. So you obviously can't do with out it.
  9. You need internet to get most of those channels with out "traditional cable" and that's where cable companies get you. You know bundle packages. That's many of the points people are missing here.. what they do is A) highly illegal or B) they don't account for the cost of the internet.
  10. I am talking about legality of it. 1) Most people flip through channels to find what they want to watch. 2) a la carte is much more expensive. Since costs are spread out between millions of homes vs single homes. So for example, ESPN today is $7 under current system. Going to a la carte could double or triple that cost. Under the current system NBC, Time Warner, Fox and so on.. can accept smaller returns on their channels such as E!, Cartoon Network, or BTN with higher front end costs on primary channels and shift the costs to cover those I listed. 3) You are discounting costs for high speed internet to watch TV online. 4) Most TV channels are HD now because of Federal Law. Analog died in 2009 in the US as the FCC required all over the air channels to switch to HD. 5) I don't care what you watch. Either way you have to pay for it. Be it data costs on your phone, internet access or tv access. You don't get shit for free. If you do its OTA broadcasts. You are actually breaking Federal law when it comes to VPN. But alas what do I know. My wife is in the industry and I was hired to by her company (Time Warner) to go over the numbers for a buyout by Charter. I know the numbers. I know what's profitable and what's not. Cable companies make their money via internet, not tv.
  11. You pay for MASN and a lot of tv channels for $50 a month. You pay $113 just for MLB tv.. which is literally paying $9 a month for just baseball. Then you pay for VPN. So it's $13 a month, plus internet. Yes, we all pay for internet. But why pay $9 a month if you live in the DC/Baltimore market for just baseball when you can get it for $3-$4 a month plus other channels. I live out of the market and I do pay for MLB tv as well. But I am not gonna sneeze paying for the lowest tier MASN is in, if I am in the local area because the cost is actually cheaper then getting cute and cutting the cord as you are gonna have to pay for the other channels you miss.
  12. Won't happen. Why would the Angelos family buy something they've been paying for in rent for the last 23 years?
  13. Bundy has a better chance then Gausman at this point to do it once. But also remember most of us watched Moose pitch and saw how hard it was several times (1992, 1997, 1998 and 2000).
  14. This stuff makes me laugh.. pay for internet, pay for MLB tv, and a VPN.. and you think you pay less then you would if you (living in Baltimore/DC metro) for MASN?
  15. Plank isn't buying the Orioles. He just signed up for Port Covington industrial area development. That's a $5.5b project.
  16. Buying the Orioles gets you a lease/rent with the State of Maryland for OPACY. Less profits in that then Marlins Stadium.
  17. As he should have. Ubaldo pitched like an ace in September and a very strong #2 in the 2nd half (outside of his bullpen innings).
  18. This is correct. Davis is a two way player. CD is a solid 1st baseman. CD without injury is one of the best hitters (power) in both leagues. I'll even make the bold claim that he will repeat close to his 2015 numbers in 2017 with a little bit of help, be it Trumbo or Machado in the 4 hole and Jones in the 5 hole.
  19. Well At&t just bought Time Warner, so it's now At&t.
  20. With other educational shows and children shows such as Dora the Explorer.. Sesame Street had competition in a market it never did before. Sesame Street has money in a "trust" but if they stayed exclusively with PBS they would have been completely broke in a few years as it costs about $35-40m a year to produce it and that doesn't cover the cost to run the workshop. PBS paid $1.5m for the show (HBO is pay $4m), DVD sales (Sesame Streets biggest revenue steam) has declined with the rise of digital streaming. Then you had the Kevin Clash scandal in 2012. S
  21. Two things happen. HBO is allowing them to do a spin off (a muppets show) and HBO agreed to not charge PBS stations for delayed shows. HBO started the new season in Jan 2016 which gave PBS the chance to show the new season at the start of the school year. So to those who don't have HBO will not have missed anything.
  22. New Sesame Street shows premier on HBO and many months later PBS gets them.
  23. You'd pay $120 a month? You do realize you pay no more then $4 per month for MASN?
  24. This was all DD and I am guessing it comes from Chiti not really answering the question, yes or no, on the Pitching Coach job. DD probably took that differently then other people. He's yes or no person, not very understanding of nuance. Or DD wanted him out so he could hire a Pitching coach that wanted to bring in his own bullpen guy.
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