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  1. I just realized I can watch the game with the radio broadcast audio on MLB.TV. AMAZING Sent from my VS985 4G using Tapatalk
  2. IMO that is the most difficult defensive play in the game: the line drive hit square at your head (or a few feet above) as an outfielder. It is almost impossible to get a read on how far it will carry. Even the best players in the game misjudge these balls occasionally. As was stated before, our defense will be near the top of the league come October.
  3. No manager in baseball history would sit their biggest potential difference maker after a mediocre first week of the season. We lost a winnable game to the Yankees. That's all, folks
  4. I'll admit to thinking season 1 was fairly lackluster. However, after watching it knowing what transpires in seasons 2-5ish, the groundwork being laid in season 1 shows just how much foresight the writers of this show had from the beginning. There are "dud" episodes along the way, but I'd encourage you to stick with it.
  5. cmurter

    vs. RAYS, 4/08

    Yes, now including an 86mph thigh high center cut picture perfect...You get my point [emoji36]
  6. I was thoroughly enjoying Saul until this episode, but that ending really sealed the deal, putting this show on my must watch list. Absolute heartbreak for Jimmy being betrayed and his accomplishments belittled by his lifelong role model.
  7. Injecting contrast allows greater differentiation between tissues with robust blood flow (often true of injured, inflammed tissues) and those without. Differentiating new vs old abnormalities will be dependent on comparison with past studies. I wouldnt expect anything more than a vague diagnosis of inflammation to the shoulder/rotator cuff, unless it's bad news.
  8. Unfortunately, it is not. Even though the majority of statistics that will be quoted as "important" are heavily influenced by a player's batting average. ...but posting something eye catching like "batting averages are not important" on the other hand is a phenomenal way to hijack a thread. Glad we're back on track
  9. Thank you Nick for being a bright spot in an otherwise miserable era, and the cornerstone of the new era of competitive O's baseball. Not loud, or flashy, or outspoken. The man just came to work everyday and gave it his best. I will definitely miss rooting for Nick as an Oriole. The economics and statistics of modern major league baseball aside, Baltimore lost a great man and player to root for. Just glad he got to taste the postseason in orange and black. Farewell.
  10. cmurter

    vs. RAYS, 9/06

    Double to left center gap. Here we go
  11. Don't know if anyone is watching the Angels-Red Sox game, but Garrett Richards just injured his knee covering 1B. Doesn't look good for him:(
  12. Unfortunately for them, Garrett Richards just went down in a heap with a knee injury after slipping covering 1B. About to be carted off the field:(
  13. JJ is clutch. And Pearce was trucking!
  14. Right. I used the term impact to mean impact with the ground, as you described. Not contact. Neither happened to Manny. Fingers crossed:pray:
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