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  1. There is absolutely no way anyone takes Reyes in the Major League rule 5 draft. It is more likely that the Orioles don't protect him on their minor league roster and someone takes him as a pitcher in the minor league phase (I don't think this will happen).
  2. Why does it matter if he has options to you? If the Orioles want to send him to the minors, they just DFA him. If he clears waivers, they send him down. If not he goes to another team. He has not been that great a player so far and probably will never be. If they lose him to another team, big deal! Do you really think the Orioles would be so afraid to lose him that they would not DFA him if they need his roster spot?
  3. jcarm

    Gulf Coast League

    I forgot to note, drafted players had a July 12 deadline to sign this year. That deadline does not apply to undrafted free agents. I am not sure what the deadline for them is, I just know that, if there is one, it is later than drafted players.
  4. jcarm

    Gulf Coast League

    Interesting, he was an all star in the Northwoods League this summer http://northwoods.bbstats.pointstreak.com/player.html?playerid=1367841 He had TJ surgery in December 2017, is 3 years out of high school and, as stated in the link above had committed to playing for Oklahoma State next year after playing for San Joaquin Delta College, a Junior College in Stockton, CA. He evidently redshirted his Sophomore year and would have been a redshirt Junior for Oklahoma State next year. Maybe he is more than just filler. I would bet he got a pretty decent bonus to sign ($100K or more). Since the Orioles had some money left from their draft slots, they could have gone over $125K with the amount over that counting against their slot money. The rules for undrafted free agents are the same as signings after the 10th round in the draft.
  5. It is a hard cap, there are no sanctions.
  6. It is a hard cap now, you cannot spend over your combined allotment and what you have traded for. Contracts that put a team over would not be approved by MLB.
  7. Players that sign during the year they turn 16 are not allowed to play in the league during that year and sign deals starting the next year.
  8. The failure to sign and 11th round pick is a big failure? Maybe he lasted until the 11th round because had not made up his mind on what to do? Maybe the Orioles thought the risk was worth taking in the 11th round? Maybe he changed his mind?
  9. But going back to complete the degree is not the same as playing your senior year. The college experience would not be the same if/when they go back to complete their degree.
  10. Sometimes it depends on the financial situation of the family. Sometimes to these players it is worth it to go back to school for their senior year and knowingly sacrifice a good bit of money to do so. Sometimes the team has to pay enough to get the player to sacrifice his senior year. College is more than the degree and the money it would cost to get it. The college experience is worth something as well. If just money was involved in the decision, it would be an easy decision, but sometimes that is not the case.
  11. If the Orioles want to sign Hammer(which I think they really do), I believe they are going to have to go above the $125K slot amount.
  12. Zach Watson signed for full slot
  13. The Orioles will probably trade International bonus money for him when/if he clears waivers. Not worth getting upset about until it all plays out.
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