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  1. Agree but if he can't even move his arm today I don't have much hope of him returning in any aspect.
  2. After discussing his arm issues and subpar play last night Gary Thorne said "Don't be surprised if that's the last you see of him for the year." Hardly shocking if that's the case but I was surprised to hear Thorne say it.
  3. I know Paul grew up in NY and is a diehard Yankee fan but it's obvious he just loves the game. If I ever saw him out and about I would embarrass myself.
  4. This is where I am. Hearing the news today was the ultimate "Wait.....what?" moment. Since social media arrived it's obvious those in the know compete to see who can break the news first. And we all eat it up, myself included. Who knows if their rush to get news out screwed everything up. We'll never know what went down. The only thing that is sticking with me is Adam Jones' comments. He's been around long enough to know when to shut up and when it's ok to talk and his comments about Fowler being excited and on his way speak volumes imo. As far as the Close press release I find myself torn. Part of me wants Dan and company to take the high road and keep tight lipped about the whole thing. The other part wants the organization to stand up for itself. I remember during the riots last summer John P. Angelos wrote an extremely eloquent statement regarding the situation. I would be very excited to see him do something similar here. I really liked the idea of Fowler being added to this already potent lineup. Welp, onward and upward.
  5. Mine have been mentioned but it doesn't make them any less great. -2011 Game 162. What an amazing night for baseball and the Orioles. I'll never forget clutch hitting by Davis, Reimold and Andino for that magical moment. Oh and Carl Crawford for playing an awful LF. -5/6/12 17 inning game vs. Boston. The Orioles would play 18 innings later in the year out in Seattle but it was this extra inning affair that got me really excited about that team. I think I enjoy Marlon Byrd being thrown out at the plate in the 16th as much as I love Davis pitching. -2012 Wild Card Game vs. Texas. I don't drink much but I had to have a few with that game as my nerves got the best of me. Great win and that champagne celebration never gets old. -2012 ALDS Game 1. It was a cold, rainy night and I drove 8 hours to get there. I was scared it would be postponed and the drive would be for nothing but thankfully they got it in. The Orioles lost but the excitement of being there for the first playoff game in 15 years and sharing it with my brother (who may or may not have a part in this thread) was something I'll never forget. -2014 AL East clinching game. Just a fabulous, memorable game. I was very thankful to MLBtv for broadcasting the entire post-game celebration. I was so damn happy for Nick Markakis. -2012 as a whole. That entire season was magical from start to finish and it will undoubtedly go down as my favorite sports team of all time. It had everything. The excitement from game 162 the previous year carried into opening day, the cartoon bird came back, orange jerseys, unforgettable statue unveilings, extra inning crazyness, Davis pitching, Mark Reynolds gold toe at first base and otherworldly HR tear in September and countless Orioles Magic moments from a different guy every night. I made a picture/video homage to this wonderful year that I will now shamelessly plug here. I promise you will enjoy it. [video=youtube;ujzbwTkI4gY]
  6. Nice win and sweep! Just keep winning!
  7. Way to go, Brad!! Let's get some insurance here.
  8. Great play, Matt! C'mon Brad.
  9. I logged in for the first time in ages just to say I love Adam Jones. Overstepping his bounds? Maybe but it's obvious he would do anything for the Orioles to be a winning team and he's using his talents on and off the field to do so.
  10. Ok jfc I can't handle these bloops. What a joke!
  11. Ugh wish Schoop could've done something there. Ok got 1 though.
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