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  1. There’s not much magic in pine tar and trash cans
  2. I would bet in 4 years Cole is still pretty good
  3. I want to be able to look at the Orioles and be not able to tell the difference between them and the Cardinals.
  4. Considering Bundy and Givens are not very good probably not a lot
  5. I will never understand the small ballpark excuse. The Red Sox and Yankees play in equally small ballparks and never have the issues to the extent the Orioles have
  6. To me its not about keeping him, its letting him go for nothing. If the O's can't get a trade because of his salary you eat salary in a deal. Or you trade him at the deadline if he is playing well when his salary is now only for two months, where again you could eat salary if you have to.
  7. He has no value now because of his salary, if you wait until July you are only paying for the last two months and at that point they could eat the salary in a deal.
  8. Agree. If you can’t trade him keep him and maybe try again at the deadline and if I thing non tender him next year
  9. 8. Buy camera 9. Set up said camera 10. Bang Bang 11. Profit
  10. Damn to think if they would have went .500 the past two seasons they would have had a winning record for the decade. Then again we would probably be stuck in mediocrity
  11. It is very faint, you can only really hear it with head phones
  12. I do not think there was one in 2017 but I believe now there is. And the general conciseness is they were doing it this year as well. Either way there should be a harsh punishment. Here is a game in which they were doing it against the Orioles. You could def. hear it in the 2nd inning
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