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  1. For what it's worth its available on Mac as well, doesn't take much to run
  2. Yea you can also set your settings of difficulty, I think I am using default and was able to trade most of Cobb's salary and trade him for Miguel Andujar (who the game does not rate that highly). Then in the off season I traded Andjuar for Corey Seager lol
  3. Its a great game, especially if you love stats and playing GM. There are many many many many options so it can be overwhelming at first.
  4. They take about 15 mins. or so I find. Its a lot of press space bar to continue. I think you may be able to do pitch by pitch but I have never tried. Rarely do I ever "play" the games and mostly sim week to week
  5. https://www.bleachernation.com/cubs/2020/03/18/mlb-reportedly-considering-skipping-the-draft-and-international-free-agency-this-year/ Draft and international signing could be skipped
  6. Yea I am supposed to go to Charleston at the end of April, thinking that most likely won't happen
  7. Yea true. Hopefully he’s ok
  8. I mean could they be testing for corona virus and just saying a procedure maybe?
  9. Or fill in for glaring holes on the 25 man roster in a year when you are trying to make the playoffs like Duquette used to do
  10. 5 games left...*looks at calendar" March 2nd. This is something I will never understand with the O's, broadcast more spring training games.
  11. So Gary Throne is still the main guy correct? Is he going to do any spring games?
  12. I hope not Means would be tough to replace especially on this team
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