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  1. That’s massively disappointing. Do we know the service rules yet this year? If they are changed there is no reason why we shouldn’t see younger guys this year
  2. Part of it is the O's stink. if are window was closing and we were trying to hang on I would be furious right now.
  3. We were negative. Yea his ears were clean, the only symptom he had was a fever. I was the same way when I was his age. We tend to think its roseola
  4. My wife, 9 month old son and I got tested yesterday. We are 99% we don't have it but my sone has had a fever since Thursday (it's gotten better since then). We find out tomorrow. My wife and I had the easy q-tip in the nose swap, while my 9 month old son had to have the deep nasal swap. Yea it like barley fazed him he barely flinched I was so proud of him
  5. Nice to know baseball is screwed because billionaire owners are crying they are poor
  6. So in regards to number 3 what do we do if we can get Kumasi Rocker next year
  7. If only there were some nice SS free agents coming up soon 🙏
  8. I guess i need to boot up OOTP and make this right
  9. Yea I was hoping they would pass so we could get him ...oh well
  10. LOL this is how out of touch I have been. Damn
  11. I can't believe the draft is next week, I haven't been paying attention to the baseball news at all. I am desperate for some real news
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