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  1. Probably checking out the guys ranked 30-60 to see who is going to draft at 5th overall to save 200k
  2. Oh I know this is coming. It would not surprise me at all if Rutschman starts off slow, not because I think he will bust but because the Orioles are just cursed and can't have nice things.
  3. Yea as fun as power is, we saw what all or nothing teams do in the playoffs.
  4. Part of the gloom is minor leagues hasn't started, so we can't track anything that there is to look forward to later in the year.
  5. Agreed if we are not .500 or better by 2023 Elias needs to be fired
  6. Yea I want to go get someone this offseason but I’m not a fan of Correa. I want Story or Segar
  7. Heard there is a good one in the 2020 draft. Yes I'm still bitter...
  8. andrewochs615


    Oh right and Australian softball players
  9. andrewochs615


    Remember when every team in baseball wrote a note to Ohtani on why he should join them except the Orioles, because they were all L O L guys from other countries
  10. I would rather have one of them in a heart beat. But yea they were never an option, hell i wonder if Duquette even asked about them,
  11. Trevor Story 😄😄😄 pretty please
  12. Looking at the cable providers needed to steam it looks like a bunch of names I have never heard of that went out of business in 2010
  13. You can stream MASN on the xfinity app. I think with the MASN app you would still need to have Xfinity Cable, not just use them for internet
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