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  1. If you aren't going to promote them until June 2023 you should just trade them now, otherwise you are wasting their prime years in the minors.
  2. Out of the rotation, yes get rid of him. Off the team, No i think he would be good in the pen.
  3. Oh I forgot about him, he was another one.
  4. I was thinking this the other day, every pitching coach we have had since Adair has been touted as some sort of wizard saving grace. From Wallace and Chiti, to Mark Connor, to McDowell, to even Rick Peterson (although not officially a coach). Now it's Holt. Everyone of those guys seemed to be touted as the savior.
  5. I hope service time manipulation gets nuked. O's would probably still keep them down because they missed the memo.
  6. Well that won't happen until 2023 or 2024. No way Adley and Grayson have a full season in Baltimore next year, and I would bet with Halls injury we don't see him until 2024
  7. Not good. Seems like Grayson Rodriguez and injury prone Hall. After that its your carousel of 4 inning starters.
  8. I one point they were still using commercials on I think both 105.7 the fan and MASN that had Jim Hunters and Gary Thornes voice.
  9. At this point that break feels like another 3 years. I agree, hence while if next year we are in the same spot (which my guess is we will be) I want him held accountable.
  10. I would literally take any person on the SS list that doesn't have the last name Garcia
  11. My guess either nothing happens, or something largely unexpected happens
  12. Tweet is already unavailable not sure what it even said
  13. Blue Jays gave up Austin Martin and Woods Richardson. If that's the case Im good for moving Means
  14. Use that cash considerations to bring back Gary Thorne
  15. I still firmly believe if we are losing 100 games again next year and are still actively tanking Elias needs to be held accountable
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