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  1. If youth sports and college football are happening now then I am sure they will play in the spring
  2. I bet you said the same thing about Jones, Machado, Wieters and the rest 10 years ago.
  3. You can start by reading and actually doing research.
  4. Yea first it was Matusz, Arrieta, Tillman, Britton. (which to be fair all turned out decently well) Then it was Bundy, Gausman, Harvey
  5. With Adley as Catcher and then maybe Ruiz and Alberto keep it up and could stick around. And then I am hoping we buy a good SS I forgot about Mancini who I think would be in his last year if not traded or extended
  6. I just don't see Elias any allowing Mouncastle or any other of the young guys who could make a difference coming up because of service time
  7. I said in another thread I would not be surprised if there is some sort of lottery. Or they just go with the same order as this year.
  8. If this season ends up being completed by some miracle I bet next years draft order is done by lottery
  9. The O’s also seem to be the only team. It showing any inter-squad games, streamed it highlights. Like are they still that out of touch?
  10. It didn't help from Mid May on that they would go on these 5+ game losing streaks every couple of weeks, and rarely would go on winning streaks it seemed like.
  11. O's also seem to be the only team where without intersquad game footage other than a view videos posted by Roch. I can't find any.
  12. They should add Adley and Heston, it seems like every other team is added there top prospects.
  13. Boston in early April...sure
  14. That’s massively disappointing. Do we know the service rules yet this year? If they are changed there is no reason why we shouldn’t see younger guys this year
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