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  1. At some point in the next 2 years they need to spend money. We aren't going to compete on pure home grown players alone.
  2. Its ok we will draft another under slot outfielder
  3. I don’t think they know anything since Mark Trumbo is listed with a projection
  4. When was the last time they had a projection of one of our starters with under a 4.50 era?
  5. My guess is both won't make any difference in 2 years time
  6. I do find it kind of funny that it's an Andy Macphail rebuild
  7. Hopefully that time is December of 2021 because every time I look at the FA list my mouth waters
  8. 2021 I can accept and expect more of the same this year. But 2022 I won't accept, they need to make an effort next year and need to start spending money next offseason. They keep preaching how the Astros did it (minus the cheating), it took them 3 100 loss seasons. Well next year would be our 4th and 3rd under Elias given that this year would of amounted to 100 losses
  9. I get it but these penny pinching moves are pretty bad and will need to stop at some point sooner rather than later.
  10. I think it will be before June people will get them. But i agree with Weams, probably no fans for the first half at least.
  11. I doubt we see Rutschman this year, especially since they played no minor league ball this year. I hope we see him though.
  12. If youth sports and college football are happening now then I am sure they will play in the spring
  13. I bet you said the same thing about Jones, Machado, Wieters and the rest 10 years ago.
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