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  1. Just want to say this is awesome content and very much appreciated (especially given the current product on the field!).
  2. At this point, CD might actually provide better value as a bullpen arm. I remember he pitched at Fenway during a crazy marathon extra-inning game (that I believe the O's ended up winning in dramatic fashion). Why not give it a shot?
  3. Congrats I suppose. Meanwhile, we are stuck in the AL East. Well, at least it will make our eventual triumph (if it ever happens) all the sweeter.
  4. Mussina was my favorite player while I was growing up. Threw an occasional knuckle curve when pitching up to the college / legion ball level as a tribute, though never really got any decent 12-6 movement on it. Usually just bounced it in front of the plate, similar to Moose - only difference is no one would swing at mine. Congratulations to the last true Oriole ace.
  5. Also he did a great job shepherding the world into the post-Soviet era (or at least didn't take any aggressive actions that may have provoked more support for a hard-line anti-reform coup in the Soviet Union). I think it's very strange how everyone seems to forget what a remarkable event the peaceful dissolution of the Soviet Union was. Easily could have resulted in a civil war or hard-line military coup in a country bristling with nuclear weapons and ICBMs.
  6. Very good hire, excited for the future. It's going to be a long road to contention, but at least we're now traveling in the right direction.
  7. How do the Orioles become competitive again? Well, barring a short-cut like a plague or world war that takes most existing MLB talent with it, the Os need a total reinvention of the franchise. Whether it starts with a sale of the team, or with the hiring of a new GM, we need a complete re-boot. The organization needs to (a) make long-term investments now in facilities, international scouting/market presence, analytics and front office staffing generally, (b) evaluate and reform organizational philosophy re: player development and ensure that there is some sort of unified program at all levels of Oriole baseball and (c) finally and perhaps most importantly, draft well, sign as much international talent as possible and scrounge out whatever value we can from non-FA sources like Rule 5 draft etc. It's going to take a few years, but the blow-up of the team this off-season and the search for an outside GM signals that ownership is at least somewhat aware of the scale of the problems facing the franchise.
  8. I hadn't heard about that, what's the old beef between them?
  9. All I can say is I hope the Mesa brothers don’t read this thread.
  10. I think this will come down to the O's valuation of Gaston. They will be in a position to offer Gaston more than the Marlins can (given the Marlins' commitment to the Mesa brothers) and the question will become whether he's worth the price. You can read it as a bad move by management either way. On the one hand, if they don't get Gaston, they traded Gausman for nothing but salary relief. On the other hand, if they do get Gaston and the price is high (esp. if its = or > ~$2 million), management would appear to be a victim of the sunk cost fallacy.
  11. Sort of. It's still money the organization spends that could be put to work in other useful ways. Not that the Os actually would put it to work usefully, but in theory at least...
  12. From a purely logical standpoint, if the Os are willing to spend their allocation and money is the controlling factor, I'm not sure how the Os could manage not ending up with at least one of these three guys. As soon as MIA makes an offer to each, the O's could go all-in on the remaining player(s) and by definition have an offer in excess of MIA's offer (due to the hard cap). The question becomes if the player (likely Gaston) would be worth the premium. Probably not in his case.
  13. On the one hand, this suggests to me that VVM and co. are not already committed to Miami. On the other, looks like Miami is going all-in and believes they have a good chance... I hope the Os are ready to be creative here.
  14. What about cost of living in Baltimore area versus Miami area?
  15. If the Os were worried about VVM's offensive potential / didn't have a plan to beat out the Marlins (or whichever other team they anticipated to be in the running for VVM) then they should have taken that into account when accepting international cap space in the Gausman trade. I can only hope that these issues were anticipated and that the Os have a plan here... What's the deal with Gaston? Is he the only other highly regarded international talent still remaining? And if so, why is he still available?
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