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  1. Harvey and Means then crap your jeans!
  2. I thought a good slide toward the home plate side of the bag would have got him there. Doesn't the third base coach indicate which way to slide?
  3. hutchead


    Well, the Orioles got off to a terrible start in what is hopefully Elias' final tankathon season. They owned the 28th pick in the 2022 MLB draft upon leaving Boston. However, they've now rallied up to the number four pick, just two games behind Colorado. The Elijah Green sweepstakes are under way!
  4. 62-99 (one rainout isn't re-scheduled which saves us from 100 losses).
  5. I don't post here a lot but I come here every day to read everyone's comments and I certainly enjoy Weam's posts! I'll be praying for Michael and Denise!
  6. I've seen several 2021 mock drafts and so far we have been linked to Jaden Hill, Jud Fabian, Matt McLain, Colton Cowser, Braylon Bishop, and Jack Leiter. Who's your favorite? I would hope for Jack Leiter but I seriously doubt he will be available at number 5. My second choice would be Jud Fabian.
  7. No, we would have picked #4, leaping Boston due to a tie-breaker. Detroit would have still edged us out for #3.
  8. Now that we have a higher pick than the Nationals, it wouldn't shock me at all to see them instigate a one time lottery.
  9. Yes, no tiebreak games. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mlb-playoffs-2020-how-tiebreakers-work-for-postseason-seeding-in-60-game-season/
  10. I thought I had heard earlier there would be no tiebreaker makeups this season. Anyone know for sure?
  11. The lowest we could go is sixth. And the only way we could drop that low is if we win and Arizona loses. And right now Arizona is winning 5-0.
  12. 60% chance of rain in Kansas City tomorrow afternoon. If we lose and that game is rained out, we leap the Tigers.😁
  13. Yep. If we hadn't won that meaningless finale in Boston we would be in a position where a loss tomorrow would clinch the third pick.
  14. Yeah, I caught that the second I posted it, thus why I edited it.
  15. Yes, Rockies losing would be better. Detroit winning keeps us alive for the third pick. We're guaranteed no worse than the sixth pick now with Washington winning a double header.
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