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  1. Yeah, they had depth at CB, but that changes when 3 of them are injured.
  2. Tony Jefferson continues to be a liability in coverage.
  3. Exactly, people calling him fragile or injury prone because of this injury must not have seen the replay. It's not like he was just running and pulled a muscle, Peanut went flying into his knee.
  4. I'd be more concerned if he was still with the Bucs with some of the best weapons in the league to work with. He doesn't have much to throw to or much of a line and they just traded away their best lineman and deep threat.
  5. The Dolphins are pretty much tanking this season. I don't think the Ravens have much trouble this week but I don't think it's a blowout.
  6. Should be a very ugly game
  7. You realize it took injuries to the great James Hurst and Alex Lewis for him to get off of the practice squad and see playing time right? And he of course played poorly.
  8. What does where Eluemenor was drafted in 2017 have to do with his value in 2019? He has proven to be terrible, injury prone, and a penalty waiting to happen. There was a real chance that he wasn't even going to make the team.
  9. They didn't have one even with those guys. That being said I would've preferred to keep Lewis. Eluemonor was a great trade.
  10. I think you are reading way too much into a trade of a fringe backup OL who is prone to penalties and injuries.
  11. I voted for 9-11 but I am really feeling more like 8 or 9. The lack of pass rush is going to hold back the defense and the offensive line looks shaky at best.
  12. Brian88

    OL Alex Lewis Cut

    Sounds like Powers has been pretty disappointing thus far.
  13. Brian88

    OL Alex Lewis Cut

    Skura is locked in at center. It seems like they want Eluemunor to with the LG spot but he is terrible, hopefully Powers progresses quickly and can be a little bit better than terrible. It is absurd that LG and C were basically ignored the entire offseason even though it was a glaring weakness coming into the offseason.
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