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  1. Not even close. I haven't seen one scouting report that even projects him to be an NFL starter. He isn't fast, isn't athletic, and isn't a good blocker.
  2. Sanders and Anderson both already signed with other teams.
  3. Where did you read that? It doesn't say that in the article you linked.
  4. If you're going to use this interview as yet another way to bash Lamar then lets actually listen to the interview rather than cherry pick one part of it. He also said that if the Ravens passing game doesn't evolve it won't be because Lamar can't do it, but because this offense emphasizes the run so much and doesn't utilize the WRs much. He went on to praise Mark Andrews but said it's a lot easier to take away a good TE than a good WR. He also doesn't think it would be a good move for the Ravens to sign Antonio Brown because of the locker room implications.
  5. It may be frustrating to be a WR in a run heavy offense, not exactly breaking news there Steve.
  6. I think its extremely unlikely.
  7. Bad news for Earl and his wife, can’t see this affecting him as a player or the Ravens.
  8. I guess that Clay Matthews deal that they worked out months ago finally fell through.
  9. I know he was and it's still ridiculous. Darnold is awful. This was a Skip Bayless type of take.
  10. He has Sam Darnold #1 on his list, forget about Lamar, he lost all credibility right there.
  11. Say something absurd so everyone talks about it is what I think Orlovsky was doing there.
  12. They are also releasing center Justin Britt.
  13. You aren't getting a Tunsil like return for Stanley because only Bill O'Brien is dumb enough to make that trade.
  14. Brian88

    The Madden Curse

    Gronk is the only one of the last 5 players to be on the Madden cover to be struck by the Madden curse. Mahomes even won the Super Bowl.
  15. You can't fake an MRI
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