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  1. I think he has given his offensive coaches more freedom to design the offense their way. Harbaugh is a good coach a deserves a ton of credit for this team, but if the rumors were true that he would be fine last year if they didn’t make the playoffs than Lamar pretty much saved his job. If Flacco didn’t get hurt I doubt that he goes to Lamar in time to save the season, if at all.
  2. If they didn’t make the playoffs last year Harbaugh was probably gone. If Flacco didn’t get hurt last year they probably don’t make the playoffs. So I’ll say Lamar saved him.
  3. I don't like that we are coming off a really tough game and going on the road against a team that's getting extra rest after playing on Thursday.
  4. Earl Thomas isn’t on Marcus Peters level but he’s a clown too
  5. Pretty funny that it was suggested last week that the Ravens would be underdogs this week
  6. I've wanted to upgrade over Skura the last 2 seasons but I still think he will be missed. His replacement is an undrafted free agent, doesn't mean he can't do it but I'm sure there will be some growing pains, especially since he didn't even play center in college. Also, I think PFF is a joke for the most part.
  7. How bad was that contract that gave James Hurst? He isn't even the first man up when one of the lineman goes down. I was expecting Hurst to come in at LG last night and Bozeman to move to C.
  8. Matt Skura is out for the season
  9. Ramsey and Peters are both clowns
  10. There’s no way the Ravens are home underdogs next week unless they lose a key player this week or just get embarrassed.
  11. I think this is a pretty tough matchup facing a good team that is coming off a bye, the Texans also use a lot of no huddle which tends to give the Ravens defense trouble.
  12. It's hard to read this and not think you are biased against Jackson. You say Jackson hasn't faced a good defense then dismiss the fact that he faced the #1 defense (NE) and #10 defense (Pittsburgh). I'll give you that the Patriots defense didn't face much leading up to that game but to say that the #1 ranked defense after 10 weeks of the season isn't a good defense is just silly. And if we want to look at the schedules than the Steelers defense should rank much higher. They gave up 33 the NE week 1 and 28 the SEA week 2 and 24 to SF week 3, then they added M. Fitzpatrick and have been much better since that trade. We heard the same argument again Lamar last season, well it's been 16 games now, it's kind've hard to make the argument that he's just had an easy schedule.
  13. Multiple injuries, hasn't played in 2 years, hasn't been good for 3-5 years, I'll pass.
  14. Not to mention the Steelers are 2 games behind the Ravens. So even if the Ravens go 3-4 the rest of the way and finish 10-6 the Steelers have to go 5-2 just to have the same record.
  15. I'm not going to just give the Steelers a win for any of these games except the Bengals and Jets. I can easily see them losing any of the other games. Like I said, assuming wins for a team with a bad QB is tough.
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