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  1. I will rarely defend Harbaugh anymore but I will here. The Ravens were about to get called for 12 men on the field, so I didn't think it was a bad call to challenge since they were going to lose a timeout either way to avoid the penalty.
  2. I know you love to hate Lamar but he has carried this team so far.
  3. And we have a new offensive coordinator pretty much every year and this never changes, has to make you think its Harbaugh that is the problem.
  4. You can at least make the argument that the offense was going against a good defense, but the Ravens defense is just bad. There is no pass rush, they can't tackle, and they can't cover running backs and tight ends at all. The Jefferson injury could end up being an upgrade for the secondary but I doubt it makes much difference with no pass rush. Oh, and Harbaugh is terrible. It looks like he isn't going to challenge and PI calls regardless of how blatant it is, but then he wastes a challenge on a call that had no chance of getting overturned. The Jackson INT just before the half was a terrible decision by Jackson but after the sack in the previous play why are we even throwing there?
  5. I like the Ravens in a relatively low scoring game.
  6. Suggs is actually looking like a big loss as well. He would be the only real pass rush threat besides Judon and the only edge defender with enough discipline to hold the edge. He has more sacks than any one on the Ravens so far, granted he will probably have another 3 or 4 good weeks and then fall off a cliff.
  7. Why when the Browns couldn’t stop the running game at all?
  8. Tony Jefferson continues to be absolutely awful. Pass rush was terrible despite going against a horrible offensive line. The linebackers can’t cover or stop the run. Chris Moore showed why he doesn’t get more snaps on offense.
  9. Yes, and the Ravens also blitz more than any team in the league. Judson really seems to be the only guy who can make anything happen on his own.
  10. The Ravens also played arguably the two worst offensive lines in the first two weeks, and the Chiefs didn't have their starting LT. Thankfully the Browns line is pretty bad too.
  11. Judon is the only legitimate pass rusher, and we will be fine against bad teams like the Dolphins and Cardinals but good teams will just expose the lack of pass rush. I know its extremely early but the Jaylon Ferguson pick doesn't look promising.
  12. I think there is reason to believe the secondary will play much better as the season goes on. The pass rush however will likely continue to struggle.
  13. This isn’t really saying much. The Browns have looked bad in every game so far.
  14. Yup. Bowser, Tim Williams and Ferguson were all non factors and also failed to hold the edge on run plays.
  15. Flacco with an 80 QB rating would get credit though.
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