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  1. Yeah, I really don’t get the RG3 love. No one wanted him a few years ago and he’s done nothing since then to show he should be starting.
  2. I’m sure he does want to be a starter but no one wants him to be their starter and I think that’s quite obvious and he knows that.
  3. I think they value RG3 as the backup more than 2 mil
  4. Gus Edwards is an exclusive rights free agent, he isn’t going anywhere. Skura will probably be back on a low tender, I doubt anyone matches it due to his injury.
  5. People don’t seem to realize that dropping back to pass over 70 times and having it off 9 times isn’t even close to balanced no matter how you try to twist it. Counting passing plays where Lamar takes off and runs is still a pass play. They became incredibly predictable.
  6. Not really sure your point here. They aren’t good coaches for getting the most out of the abilities of their players? Aside from Lamar, the RBs and TEs, this offense doesn’t have much. That’s why they have to use so much motion and RPO’s and deception. Lamar makes everyone else around him better but I don’t know how the coaches don’t get some of the credit for the great regular season despite the awful coaching in the playoff game.
  7. This isn’t entirely true. They designed the whole offense around Lamar and set him up to succeed. Why they chose to do something totally different in the playoffs is mind boggling. With that said if Lamar wasn’t the great talent that he is than the offense wouldn’t work so well.
  8. No, he is a fullback, they don't play much when you run the ball 9 times.
  9. I really don't know how you could watch that game and say that was the same offense that got them to the playoffs. As soon as they got behind they panicked and gave up on the run. They were never down by 3 scores until 4 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. Even in their first drive of the second half when it was 14-6 they made no attempt to establish a running game. Yes, Ingram wasn't 100% but what about Gus? he has proved to be more than capable, took his first carry for 19 yards and only gets the ball two more times. Until the score went to 28-6 there was no reason not to stick with what made them so successful all season. The majority of the rushing yards came on passing plays the Lamar ran and mostly once the game was out of hand. I don't even remember seeing Ricard playing, he was even in there on the 4th and inches they didn't get, why not have him in there to at least make it look more like you might hand it off.
  10. Lamar dropped back to throw over 70 times and the running backs had 9 carries, that’s not at all what got them to the playoffs.
  11. I like the people who think the Chargers and Titans figured out Lamar and every other team just didn’t know how to stop him. I’m pretty sure the blueprint is clear on how to slow down Lamar, it’s actually executing it and stopping him that is so hard.
  12. Looks like it will be another offseason of Lamar bashing.
  13. We haven’t had a bye since 2011 and beat the Texans then lost to the Patriots.
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