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  1. I don't think they'd be interested in Franco considering they cut Renato Nunez. Franco is an older, worse, and probably more expensive version of Nunez.
  2. The World Series is happening, with fans, in the midst of one of the more serious surges of the pandemic. (Non New York category.) So yeah, with that as a precedent + a whole winter to prepare, I think the most likely outcome is a full season and even some amount of fan attendance from day 1.
  3. It's surprising Manny only has 2 GGs. Though he had to contend with one of the steadiest 3b ever in Beltre, and he didn't do himself any favors moving the same league as Arenado.
  4. Over. Yes the team's record deteriorated down the stretch, but the second half performances of Mountcastle/Akin/Kremer, and a few others to a lesser extent, make me think that next year's team will be overall more talented than this year's. My personal over/under would be more like 70.5 or 71.5.
  5. Who needs all this research when we all know the answer is Robert Andino vs the 2011 Red Sox.
  6. Home games for the top seeds in round 1. Neutral sites in Houston and Dallas for the NLDS and NLCS. Neutral sites in LA and SD for the ALDS and ALCS. World Series is in Dallas.
  7. AL RAYS over Blue Jays, WHITE SOX over Athletics, TWINS over Astros, INDIANS over Yankees RAYS over Indians, TWINS over White Sox TWINS over Rays NL DODGERS over Brewers, REDS over Braves, CUBS over Marlins, PADRES over Cubs DODGERS over Padres, REDS over Cubs DODGERS over Reds World Series DODGERS over Twins in 6
  8. Mountcastle will retain his rookie eligibility next year, having finished the season with 140 PAs but 126 ABs, leaving him four ABs shy of the 130 AB rookie threshold. Also, Austin Hays finished with 134 PAs but 122 ABs, leaving him eight ABs shy of 130— I'm not sure, will he still be a rookie next year as well? Or was he technically on the MLB roster for 45 days pre-September? (I'm not sure how this works with the IL and the shortened season.)
  9. Nice article. The findings show 10 consecutive years of improving home plate umpire accuracy from '08 to '18, with the overall miss rate dropping from 16% to 9% in that span. Amazing to see how much worse they still are-- 20% inaccurate-- at calling called strike 3s in particular.
  10. What do the 34-year-olds hitting .122 with 0 HRs think? Bonus points if they have an OPS+ of -2.
  11. From Fangraphs batted ball data it appears Mullins now has 7 hits in 10 bunts this season, and 8 hits in 34 non-bunts. Swinging is how he gives up outs!
  12. For about 1 day, with Givens traded and Davis on the IL, I believe Castro was the longest tenured Oriole on the roster. Now that he’s gone, I think our longest tenured (by which I mean, had the earliest Orioles debut and hasn’t left the organization) player is probably one of the guys who got a first cup of coffee in ‘17. That includes Santander, Sisco, and Scott from the current active roster.
  13. Fun pitcher and I'll miss having him. When he's on he just zips high fastballs right by guys, and we haven't had many in that mold. It's a shame his worst season was the year he was asked to close. Not sure if those two are linked or not, but sure it will taint some folks' opinions of his tenure. He was good.
  14. May depend on the severity of Buxton's current injury. If he's healthy then Rosario/Buxton/Kepler is one of the best young outfields in the game.
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