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  1. They do care— Vlad didn’t debut til April 26. Wander Franco didn’t debut til June 22.
  2. I feel like Stewart's dream season would resemble Pedro Alvarez's 2016 with us. 22 HRs in 109 games and a .249/.322/.504/.826 line. Solid hitting, but from a DH that was still only about 1 WAR and he struggled to get playing time the next two seasons.
  3. A fixed Mazara would still just be an ok player-- and we already have a bunch of ok players at LF/RF/DH.
  4. I won’t be that surprised if Grayson is also in the Top 50. I remember seeing at least one Fangraphs writer say that he’s debatably the #1 pitching prospect. And would you trade Means or Mullins for a Grayson-like prospect? I think many would.
  5. This counts as grasping at straws, but Pedro Strop pitched a few more innings and had slightly better results than Sherrill, outside the saves. 101 IP, 7-5, 3.30 ERA, 128 ERA+, 2.4 rWAR
  6. I hope a coach talked to him after that at-bat to walk through it. If you're thinking about the game situation it's pretty clear that Greinke is going to throw junk to get Mountastle to roll over instead of advance the runner. So what does Mountcastle do? Swing way out in front at three breaking balls in a row culminating in a weak roller to third. Need to wait back in that situation.
  7. I'd call it a lock unless he gets hurt. Mullins deserves to be a starter but will probably be a reserve and the only Orioles rep. Means and Mancini are our only other players that deserve consideration. Means is probably out because of his missed time, and Mancini has to compete with Vlad, Matt Olson, & a couple other pretty good 1b candidates.
  8. I know several people who say they have more fun at minor league games than major league ones, for reasons similar to what's mentioned in the article. There's just more lightness and humor, and more attempts to appeal to fans who don't follow the team daily and aren't that invested in the W/L outcome. I actually think the Orioles are a bit better than average in the fun department for MLB (aside from the fun that comes from winning). They have a pretty good variety of between inning entertainment and at some other MLB stadiums it seems there is barely an effort. I was at a Nationals
  9. Hyde and/or Elias are still daydreaming about Severino's 3 HR game from 2019.
  10. They're now 2-30 in their last 32 and just lost arguably their best player this year to a broken wrist. And they have to face the Dodgers, Padres, and Giants (who somehow have the best record in MLB?) about 40 more times. It will be tough to "catch" them for #1.
  11. The Mets announcers certainly felt that way after Mountcastle was called safe yesterday: https://streamable.com/72tgw2
  12. Looks like we have the 7th toughest strength of schedule this year so far. 9 of the top 10 toughest schedules have been in the AL, including all AL East teams except Boston. Last year they have us ranked 16th in SOS but the #s are weird when you only play intra-division games, since East/Central/West were each forced to a .500 overall winning percentage.
  13. Tough outing, but if Valdez was on another team we'd probably be complaining other teams finding diamonds in the rough when we can't.
  14. I was skeptical when Franco was first mentioned as a target because it seemed to me that Franco was just a more expensive version of Renato Nunez, who they let go. Maybe Franco is cheaper than I thought, or maybe they expect Franco's defense is not quite as bad as Nunez.
  15. I don't think they'd be interested in Franco considering they cut Renato Nunez. Franco is an older, worse, and probably more expensive version of Nunez.
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