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  1. Jackson won the MVP unanimously.
  2. This was like a macro version of the Seahawks not running Marshawn Lynch on the 1yd line. You have possibly the best running team in the history of the league, and you've been crushing teams all year using a run heavy offense. Yet you suddenly don't use that weapon when it counts the most. And as good as a passer as Lamar was this year, his success was still fueled by the constant threat of the run game. Abandoning the run as thoroughly as they did yesterday was a great way to push Lamar into more throwing mistakes.
  3. I voted for Winning a World Series, regardless of how we do the other years Making the World Series at least once, with other playoff appearances Making the playoffs at least four times Being in playoff contention most years, with an occasional playoff appearance Winning at least one World Series and being serious contenders in other years Just finishing over .500 isn't good enough if we aren't a real contender, and beating the Yankees is fun but not enough to make a decade successful by itself. As a fan I have the most fun watching a good team play meaningful games late in the season, so any option that delivers that most of the time is one I'd sign up for, even if we aren't quite reaching championships. That said, winning a world series is such a rare opportunity that it counts for a lot all by itself, which is why I include the first option. And, if we ever reached perennial contender status, that might raise the bar for success further. I'll note that a question not addressed by the poll is how people feel about the Wild Card. For example, "Being in playoff contention most years, with an occasional playoff appearance" sound like a success on average, but probably wouldn't feel like a success if all those occasional playoff appearances were Wild Card Game losses. Our peaks should be teams that can win the division some years.
  4. If we're going to lose again in the regular season I think this is the one. (Unless the playoff seed is locked in by Week 17 and they rest starters against Pittsburgh.) I imagine they will bring their A-game against the Browns as a revenge game of sorts. That said, the Ravens are certainly right to be favored given their proven performance against top teams and the Bills lack thereof. I see a similar game to SF. Ravens 24 Bills 17.
  5. Not necessarily a headcase, but I think just like other sports there are some players who run more hot/cold than others. Might be a mental thing, might just be a consequence of their playstyle. Seems to me Peters is the pass defense version of a "guess hitter"... a strong ability to pounce on mistakes for difference-making plays, but also a high chance to get fooled.
  6. This group is totally annihilating otherwise good teams week after week. What a season.
  7. Spy Fox


    The number of World Series trophies hasn't changed. And if you remove the wild card, you also increase the chance of the same teams--mainly big market teams-- winning repeatedly.
  8. Whether or not the rule was applied correctly, hopefully we can agree that it's arbitrary and stupid that "judgement calls" can't be reviewed. I can't think of any compelling reasons why anything should be unreviewable, except I guess called balls and strikes in the current system.
  9. I think the Ravens actually pull this off. New England doesn't seem actually good enough to stay undefeated that much longer. I think we win a 20something to 20something game.
  10. It will help that the AFC is fairly weak. I won't be surprised if 9-7 earns a playoff spot, and even going 2-4 in those tough games you mentioned leaves a decent chance for the Ravens to do that. But you'd want to see the team go at least 3-3 in those six to inspire much hope of making a run in the playoffs. The defense really has to improve over their previous showings against good teams.
  11. Spy Fox

    Postseason picks

    I think whoever wins Game 5 of the Nationals Dodgers series will face the Astros in the World Series, and lose.
  12. It's too bad, because Lamar, based on both his strengths and limitations, I think would really shine with good offensive playcalling, and might often struggle without it.
  13. I think this one will be ugly, but the Ravens pull it out. The secondary has obviously been terrible but Mason Rudolph is no Patrick Mahomes or Baker Mayfield. Pittsburgh's defense hasn't been great either, especially against the run.
  14. I follow the Nats some and would like to see them succeed. But the Dodgers have been a great team for so long without a WS win that if they beat DC, I'll be rooting for them the rest of the way in the NL. In the AL I would love to see the Twins win in the playoffs for once but I'm assuming the Astros are just going to destroy everyone, and that's ok. They're allowed one more championship before they earn root-against status for me.
  15. Based on the #55, looks like it's Dillon Tate as the front and center letter. "I appreciate your support in being a season ticket holder. As you probably have seen, there is work to be done. Something I've learned this year is that one's outlook on any given situation has a lot to do with the result. I'm confident that things will improve. Progress is progress, no matter how little. The O's are moving in the right direction! Thank you for your continuous support." That's a nice note.
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