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  1. Spy Fox

    Postseason picks

    I think whoever wins Game 5 of the Nationals Dodgers series will face the Astros in the World Series, and lose.
  2. It's too bad, because Lamar, based on both his strengths and limitations, I think would really shine with good offensive playcalling, and might often struggle without it.
  3. I think this one will be ugly, but the Ravens pull it out. The secondary has obviously been terrible but Mason Rudolph is no Patrick Mahomes or Baker Mayfield. Pittsburgh's defense hasn't been great either, especially against the run.
  4. I follow the Nats some and would like to see them succeed. But the Dodgers have been a great team for so long without a WS win that if they beat DC, I'll be rooting for them the rest of the way in the NL. In the AL I would love to see the Twins win in the playoffs for once but I'm assuming the Astros are just going to destroy everyone, and that's ok. They're allowed one more championship before they earn root-against status for me.
  5. Based on the #55, looks like it's Dillon Tate as the front and center letter. "I appreciate your support in being a season ticket holder. As you probably have seen, there is work to be done. Something I've learned this year is that one's outlook on any given situation has a lot to do with the result. I'm confident that things will improve. Progress is progress, no matter how little. The O's are moving in the right direction! Thank you for your continuous support." That's a nice note.
  6. If that's it, I wonder who the other two are. Just checked a few names. Frank Robinson had 49 HR and 34 doubles in his triple crown season. Miguel Tejada had 34 HR and 40 doubles in his 150 RBI season. A good example of how contrived the "one of only ___ players to have x and y and z" things can be sometimes.
  7. Hays said a couple interesting things on this subject in an in-game interview this afternoon. They asked him what he thought of analytics and how he incorporated it into his game. He said the pitchers are ahead of the hitters at this point in the O's system, in terms of using data. He alluded to how "we didn't have much of it" before this year. He referenced that they were gathering data on the minor league hitters' bat paths, and said he enjoyed learning about it as "another resource."
  8. And Machado did it. Thorne must drive the producers nuts. 🤣 I assume in cases like this they are feeding him facts and he is misreading or misremembering them. He also said this would be the first year since 2016 that none of the four major Boston teams made their postseasons. The Patriots won the super bowl this year...
  9. According to this chart in this FiveThirtyEight article about the Cardinals and Cubs. When you compare that ranking to the current Orioles pitching staff... yikes.
  10. Sure. Bad year but peripherals indicate he wasn't that much different than before. I'd rather watch him than Brooks or Woj.
  11. How many leads has Givens blown this year by giving up home runs with 2 outs and/or 2 strikes?
  12. Well in the first 10 minutes of the game you have a 50 yard rush and then TD for Ingram (biggest signing for offense), interception for Thomas (biggest signing for defense), TD for Brown (top draft pick), then another TD to Brown which is also the longest TD pass in Jackson's career. 😮
  13. Looks much more like Flores got in the face of Bleier.
  14. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/can-the-reds-figure-out-kevin-gausman/
  15. That by itself doesn't explain him getting that much worse at age 28. From 2014-2018 he was an above average pitcher overall and his lowest season of ERA+ was 93. This year it's 74. A quick look at his Fangraphs data shows his velocity is a few ticks down from his peak but not much different than a year ago. And his FIP is actually better than last year, his best since '16. 🤔 I'm not convinced it's the end of the road for Kevin.
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