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  1. Can you get Puig for 5 mil? You would think Elias sees him as a 1 year rental to trade off or maybe put a qualifying offer on if he goes Nelson Cruz on everyone. You don't want to spend 7 or 10 mil do you? As far as analytics go, the only things I notice on Puig is he is a notoriously slow starter. He seems to rake in every month but April. He dips a bit in August too, but perks back up in Sept. He also doesn't seem to do very well in higher leverage situations. And he's not all that great against lefties for his careers. Perhaps you play him a couple times a week in April while letting Hays, Mountcastle, Stewart. Santander, and Mullins get most of the innings. Then ramp him up in May while batting him 7th or 8th in the line up. If he catches fire, move him up to the 2 hole. If he plays, he's a RF. Santander can move to LF when Puig is in RF. Mountcastle and Mancini can share the 1B/DH spots when Puig is in the line up. Puig can get some of his ABs at the DH spot too. If Puig is signed, I do feel like Stewart is the odd man out. Perhaps Stewart gets the bulk of the ABs in April to prove himself. He could still be given every opportunity to force himself into the line up. I don't think they sign him though. Too much money for a player we don't really need. I think Hays, Santander, Mountcastle, Stewart, Mullins, Diaz, and maybe even McKenna need to compete for innings in order to see what we really have in the OF so we can move forward in the rebuild.
  2. I think there is potential here as a starter. Very raw, 21 years old, but has There are a lot of prospects on this list where you wonder what they spend 2020 doing? He's one of them. 98 mph FB, very high ceiling, high K rate potential; if he impresses, try to hide him and maybe let him open or go long relief at times Young, only 22, and threw a lot of effective innings in 2018-19. Lots of early experience. Could come in and compete for #5 spot or long relief. Originally pegged as a AAAA, but he has the body to add more strength so stuff may jump this year. Late bloomer, but a 100 mph arm. Has been given starter and long relief role in the minors. Another one where you wonder how he spend 2020. Could be a BP piece this year then developed as a starter if that still seems like a reasonable track to put him on. Young, lots of early success as well. Kind of a messy start to his career as he was part of the Braves intl signing class that was then penalized, so Rosario signed with Royals. Lots of upside, could compete for the #5 spot I really like this pick as potential IF competition. He was a Cuban defector that signed for big money. He has performed well in the minors his past two seasons. He is still very young, 22, so he could come into his own depending on how he spend 2020. Could come in and push for innings at 2B and 3B. He was talked about a lot last season too and no one picked him. Its a year later, and he is 25. It might be time to pick him and let him contend for the #5 spot. He still has big stuff and he's another one that may have worked hard in 2020 to improve behind the scenes. With his age, its kind of now or never time and there is an opportunity in Baltimore for the #5 starter spot. Described as a poor man's Kyle Hendricks, he's 25 has had a lot of innings and decent success in the upper minors. He could also be brought in to compete for a #5 starter spot. Another potential pick I really like. He's 24, has put up really solid K numbers the past two seasons. His 2018 was baller. He tops at 94 mph, change up is best off speed pitch with a curve. Poor man's John Means? 27 Years old, essentially MLB ready and might be a cheap and equal replacement for Hanser Alberto. Could have 15-20 HR potential if he sticks. Low risk, high reward type pick. Crapped out in 80 ABs for the Pirates in 2018-19, but change of scenery and patience could be a place for him to become a piece. If he did stick, could be a great trade chip down the road. Former 1st Round Pick. FB back up to 97 mph after TJ surgery. Missed all of 2019. Could be worth bringing him in and seeing if he still has 1st Round stuff. Pitched well in 2018 when healthy. 23 and only 143 professional innings. He has a solid pitching repertoire and he actually got a cup of coffee in 2019. He missed all of 2020 with TJ, so he could be one to draft and immediately put on the DL. He threw a lot of innings in the MILB with solid K rates. Could be worth trying to stash for later starter competition. He progressed in his second full year of A+ ball. He played both seasons there much younger than the league average. He has the 2nd round pedigree, and he is one who I wonder how he spend 2020. With his age, 22, he could becoming into his skill set and potential. He might be worth bringing in to run next to Ruiz and see if he can push him at 3B. I like this pick. He has a solid arsenal of pitches. Had AA success in 2019. Does a good job getting RHs out. Could be competition for #5 starter or long relief role. Real Power potential, but he bottomed out in 2019. He would have probably had a full 2nd year there in 2020 and could have made bigger strides in his game. Apparently he is a very good middle infielder as well. Could be worth bringing him in to push Alberto, Valkaika, etc. 6'4 frame. Had a very impressive 2019. There is a lot of swing and miss potential in his game. Only 22, he could be one to bring in and see if he can compete for #5 or a long relief role.
  3. Nevin may get reps at 3B, LF, and DH. Shaw fits in well as a 1B, LF, DH option too
  4. They are going to DFA Shaw and try to pass him through waivers so he can be our AAA 1B. We have very little 1B depth in the minors. OF is a little thin in AAA as well, so if he passes through unclaimed, its a great move by Elias. Its insurance for Mancini as well.
  5. ScGO's

    Nunez DFA

    Obviously the O's have a lot more resources and eyeballs to judge Nunez's worth. He seems like a flash back to what the O's were trying to do in 2016-2018 with the all pop nothing else approach. I think the brass saw the limited value, tried to trade him, realized everyone else saw the limited value, so they decided to save the money. I agree that if Davis was gone, Nunez would probably be here one more year, but we have enough 1B and DH options moving forward to cut ties. I saw someone suggest that we cut Sulser or Valdez, but I believe with their salaries and potential performance, they could be trade chips in 2021. It is clear that Nunez was not a trade chip.
  6. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/11/hector-velazquez-deal-close-to-completion.html 12:18 pm: The Orioles will receive right-hander Miguel Padilla from the Astros, the Orioles announced. Per their announcement on Twitter: “Padilla, 18, was originally signed by the Astros on November 26, 2018, as an International free agent out of Carora, Venezuela. He appeared in 19 games for the DSL Astros in 2019, pitching to a 4-1 record with a 2.08 ERA (6 ER/26.0 IP) and 26 strikeouts.“
  7. based on this interview, around 4:30, LaRussa DOES use the metrics. He just feels it has to balanced. I agree, and pulling Snell this year is another reminder that you have to implement metrics and analytics, but going 100% reliance on it, will not bring you home the hardware. It might get you there, but it could also be your downfall when it comes to the clutch. Listening to this softened me up on Baines a little bit. His career 121 OPS+ is pretty solid. The 80's was a poorman's deadball era, and a lot Baine's offense was getting on base via hit or walk (hit over .300 8 times, and over .280 16 times. Only struck out over 100 times once. 4 out of the 5 players in the top of his similarity score on in the Hall. It looks like LaRussa is willing to go over the table on Russo to defend Baines' honor. Tense. Looks like they only kept the GWRBI stat in the 80's, so I wonder how many Baines had in his career, as LaRussa is pounding that stat through Russo's face. Baines' value is somewhat qualitative according to LaRussa; his consistency and longevity put him in a lot of clutch situations that we don't really have stats for. Like when did he take a walk in a clutch situation to extend a rally. Or how many times did he hit in 0 out ground ball to the right side to move the runner on second over to 3B. What was the score and in what inning did he hit those 99 career sac flys? I'm ok with Baines in the HOF, now. Thanks Tony LaRussa. I'd like to see smaller statues of Baines and Mussina in other parts of the stadium. Baines raked for the O's more than any other team he played for. Apologies for throwing off the whole thread.
  8. If you want to know what type of manager LaRussa is, read the book "Three Nights in August." AWESOME BOOK
  9. Excellent. Now lets figure out 2B and 3B
  10. There are a few I would call on at the very least. 8. Ha-seong Kim, SS/3B, Age 25 The salary projections here aren't scary, and he's young enough to invest in the risk/reward. Elias should call on him. Plus if you get Kim, you can probably let go of one or more or all of Iglesias, Sanchez, Alberto, and Valaika and save money there in the near term. 16. Andrelton Simmons, SS, Age 31 I'd kick the tires on Simmons and just watch his market. If he could be got for relatively cheap, he could be a guy to go 3 years on. I'd rather they go for Kim, but if Simmons can be got for 7 mil or less a year, O's can save some money by again parting ways with Iglesias, Sanchez, Alberto, and/or Valaika to afford him. We would have one of the best defensive SS to stabilize the defense and guide them through the rebuild and possibly into our first year or two in contention. You'd hope someone in the system would be ready by then. 19. Tommy La Stella, 2B/1B/3B, Age 32 Would be the perfect complement to platoon with Hanser Alberto in the infield. His price would have to drop quite a bit, and if it does, he would help stabilize the infield and line up quite a bit. Would probably have to pass on Sanchez (although he would be nice to throw in to the La Stalla/Alberto rotation) and one or both of Valaika and Ruiz to save some money. 26. Kolten Wong, 2B, Age 30 Another one to watch the price on. If it drops enough, he may be more affordable than the arbitration of Sanchez. Solid defense and bounce back candidate. Could drop Alberto as well. 32. Cesar Hernandez, 2B, Age 31 Same scenario as Wong. Strengthens the D. 46. Robbie Ray, SP, Age 29 His 2020 was pretty bad, but he's always had tons of potential and flashed it many times. I wonder if his price drops to the point that you can offer him a one year deal on the cheap. If he turns it around, he could be a big trade chip. 50. Chris Archer, SP, Age 32 Article suggests he might be had on a minor league deal as he is coming back from surgery. Probably no better place to compete for a pitching spot than in Baltimore. low risk/high reward potential. Trade chip if he can turn it around.
  11. Those were the right moves. I've seen others suggest Lakins, Armstrong, Eshelman, Valdez, Wynns, Ruiz, Valaikia, and Urias at times over the past few months as potential cuts, but I'd like to hold onto Lakins, Armstrong, Valakia and Valdez. I think the rest would pass through waivers, and I wouldn't lose sleep if they didn't. Davis could be cut. Cobb, Alberto, Nunez, and Severino could be traded or not offered arbitration. Even with Mancini and Martin coming off the DL, they could have less than 30 players on the 40 man soon.
  12. Good, I was hoping this deal was in place all along. He may never be major piece, but I like Stevie.
  13. I don't see him getting picked. Do we have the space on the 40 man for him?
  14. Very true. Our 2 was a 5 this year, so maybe this year our 5 could be a 2 if someone falls.
  15. Subtract his last start vs Boston and he had a 1.69 ERA with an 11.25 K/9 in 16 innings. SSS. His FIP was 2.76 even with the bad start. He's been high K's in the minors with a walk rate around 3 per 9. I think he can be better than a 4-5 starter. I think he can reach middle of rotation ceiling.
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