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  1. I don't see us playing the FA market much. If I was Elias, I'd probably try to sign Jose Iglesias to play SS on a 1 year contract, and sign a cheap SP or two on a 1 year/milb reclamation project deal. If he trades Villar, Mancini, etc, we might need to fill a few wholes, but he might get some pieces in the trade or play the waiver wire before gambling on the FA market. No big signs until probably 2022.
  2. Stewart, Hays, Santander to start 2020
  3. Few things to watch for today: Richie Martin tries to finish the season above the Mendoza line Trey Mancini's quest for the .900 OPS season Means tries to end season with a winning record Villar goes for 40 steals
  4. Brooks would pass through waivers in my opinion. Make him ST invite. As long as he doesn't completely fall apart in ST, I think Wojo is our #4 or #5 to start the season.
  5. Lebron is kind of an interesting fringe prospect. Traded intl slot $ for him. Drafted out of D2 powerhouse Tampa University. Was 24 when he was drafted. Went JC before transferring to Tampa, was all-academic in high school and junior college. He graduated HS in 2012, so he had to have been red shirted a few times between then and being drafted in 2018. He was starting this season at Frederick, but I think he might be more of a bullpen guy with his 10 K/9 and 5.1 BB/9.
  6. .901 OPS, 74 XBH, 103 Runs, 4.0 oWAR. The only other AL 1B better than Mancini (if Mancini primarily played 1B) is probably Santana. He might bring a lot back if he is traded this offseason. Controllable, cheap, and a lot of teams in need of an upgrade at 1B and there are virtually no 1B free agent options worth sniffing, especially if Jose Abreu is going back to Chicago.
  7. I think we are safe to assume we will get the #2 pick, but If whooping the every-living $%&@ out of the Red Sox means we have to take the 3rd pick, then so be it.
  8. Question about Hays. Is he still considered a rookie going into next season? If so, with his great performance on the MLB squad this September, any chance he would be considered at top 100 prospect again? If so, we could go into next year with potentially 6 Top 100 prospects with Adley, Mountcastle, Hall, Grayson, Diaz, and Hays.
  9. Nice. What is his full repertoire? I think he could be an option in the 2020 bullpen
  10. John Means will probably finish with the highest WAR of all rookies while spending the most time on an MLB roster as well. Yordan Alvarez will probably get it although he only played in 80+ games. The deciding factor will be the fact that Alvarez is an Astro and Means is an O. In my opinion, John Means deserves the ROY award.
  11. Givens must be trying to stay in Baltimore with his terrible September. Might have to pencil him in for 2020 unless Elias is willing to take bag a bag of balls. Kline looked good tonight which is promising. I like Kline a lot and think he could be a dark horse next year.
  12. Wasn't it stated that Buck and Dan didn't talk much?
  13. Surhoff always had a look on his face that made me think he was smelling a fart.
  14. Yet again, when I speak DFA about Brooks, he throws another gem. Not sure how I feel about him in the long run, but he helped his cause for 2020 tonight.
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