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  1. Is there an All Star Game this year? Probably not, right?
  2. Over/under on O's wins? Do we break 20?
  3. I"m just thinking about comparable outcome. Iglesias isn't really an OBP guy, so probably not a good comp. I'm thinking about value, like WAR, a 1-2 WAR Player
  4. Big time OBP kid. Looks like the hit tool has completely rolled over into game time, but seems like a high floor guy. If he can get on base and play some good OF while trying to figure out that hit/power tool, he could turn into a guy. Already 23 though.
  5. I appreciate the interest in these posts. If you want to learn a little more about these topics you can follow what I'm doing. I just officially started this year, but I have solid content at the following spots. www.baseballu.org Twitter Youtube Facebook
  6. crud, it was this video
  7. We might have a steal here. Love this guys set up and swing. Go to 1:40, 5:27, and 8:41 to see his swing. The last one is a dinger. He had a really good game against a good team in these clips. There's a few Kerjstad hits in this one too, including a huge dinger.
  8. Nice a D2 guy. 6'2 235. Big Kid. Originally with West Virginia. Here's quick look from when he was with WVU
  9. Kind of a violent delivery, coils, hides the ball well, so some deception. Gets to almost an OTT release point. This may set up his offspeed fairly well. Definitely a reliever.
  10. Don't count Gunnar out at SS. Even if he does grow a bit, all the film on him at SS tell me he could be at least league average there one day. Good arm, smoother for a taller, lankier guy, and his catch to throw transition is fairly quick. Seems like a heady guy too, so he probably has the baseball IQ and leadership potential to stay in the middle too.
  11. Frederick needs to go to an all turf field. Those are getting really popular in college. Are there any professional teams stadiums that have gone all turf? (not astro turf)
  12. Is that 3rd pitch his change up? That looks nasty!
  13. I can't find any film on Young, except some shaky shots in this link https://www.katc.com/sports/ul-sports/complete-game-shutout-pushes-cajuns-past-shsu-1-0 Looks like a big imposing figure on the mound. Made big strides over the past few years between JUCO ball, battling an injury, and the shortened 2020 season. Could be a steal if he can continue to add strength to that big body. Might be moved to the bullpen in an effort to max out his velo?
  14. Found this on Watson. Might be a growth mindset type. Comes from a big program. Drafted out of HS. What his velo right now? I saw on PG he hit 91 mph in HS.
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