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  1. That's the hope, but FB location and keeping his offspeed pin point is key. Again, a 2nd time through the line up may be tough. Perhaps he regained a bit of velo with the 1 year layoff; this will be crucial in getting through the line up a 2nd or 3rd time. If he can sit around 92 and keep batters off balance with the bottom dropping out of the CH, he could be effective.
  2. No velo readings, so it will be interesting to see where his fastball is by the start of the season. In the first inning his FB and CH seemed to show very good arm side movement, the CB looks 12/6, kept it low in the zone, but not a ton of bite to it. Looks like he threw a split change for the strike out. I think a lot of his success will depend on establishing the CH. Struggled in the 2nd inning when he tried to work the left side of the plate more. Seemed to start "yanking" it and lost his FB control. The first inning, he let the natural movement of his pitches play by targeting the right side of the plate; I will be looking for his ability to work both corners of the plate effectively. There were a couple CB,CH up in the zone that were missed, and if he floats a few too far up, they look pretty juicy. Hoping for the best, but might not be too effective a 2nd time through the line up.
  3. Misses planes like he misses baseballs
  4. This makes sense. Between Hernandez, Valdez, Harvey, and LeBlanc, two of them will probably be in the starting 5 to start the season.
  5. This may happen. I honestly think it would be mutual too. I don't think Davis wants to play anymore, but he wants his money. This would be win win; he goes on the 60 day DL with a bruised ego and the O's have their 26 man roster.
  6. Folks on Twitter are having a good old time with our 0% chance. I don't really understand this though. We were in the playoff hunt last year for a good chunk of the season, and I feel we will be better this year with Mancini back, a very underrated bullpen, and the young arms coming up. I honestly feel like we deserve at least a 5% chance
  7. Scott is set to be a free agent in 2025. He's probably the one player that could gain the most trade value out of the relievers put into a closer role. Just depends on whether Elias feels he will be a part of the next winning team or not, or do we try to sell high in a similar fashion to Castro last year. I think Scott has the potential to gain more trade value than Castro and GIvens. Valdez, Sulser, and Lakins could be interesting choices as they could create some "superficial" value if they show some decent success in the role and could be traded for a lottery pick or two. Maybe Matt Harvey can fill this role too if he switches to the bullpen full time. Along with Scott, Elias could entertain Armstrong, Fry, Tate or Hunter Harvey in the role. All these pitchers have more value than the prior mentioned group but aren't in a rush to be traded. Harvey still has 5 years of control, but if he has a break out season, I think we should look into selling high because of his history of injuries.
  8. He did kill it in spring training last season. Averaged over a K per inning, no HRs, ERA was 1.98 in 13.2 innings. Never know until he gets up on the mound in a few weeks.
  9. Grayson's Change Up was honorable mention. I like a good change up
  10. Maybe Wade Leblanc can be this year's Tommy Milone! In fact, lets sign Tommy Milone and see which one will be this year's Tommy Milone. Two shots at accidentally pitching to a 3.99 ERA and getting flipped for a couple lottery tickets! I wonder if Wade could have value as a reliever. His career splits show that lefties tend to destroy him, but for whatever reason, hidden in last year's gem of a season, he did hold lefties to a .188 avg with no homers. Maybe at his ripe old age he's found a nifty way of getting lefties out. Elias probably wants to bring him to camp so they can use him as a litmus paper for the other prospects. If you can't show me better stuff than Wade, you're going back to the minors. Maybe they like the guy and he shows coaching potential and they want to offer him a coaching position in the system after they cut him.
  11. Hope its cool to bump this. Cobb is off the list. Santandar and Mancini are the only others that could potentially be dealt before the season started. We can also add Freddy Galvis to the list fulfilling the 13 Slot. There could be another free agent pick up added to this list before the season begins. It will be interesting to see who builds value for themselves this season and who Elias chooses to shop.
  12. Really opens up the competition for the 4-5 spots in the rotation up to about 10 guys. Should be an interesting spring training. Does this trade make it more likely that Santandar could be gone before ST? I wonder how hard Elias is pushing to cut costs.
  13. I still think Urias is the wildcard here whether he ends up at 2B, SS, 3B or a Utility role.
  14. C- Severino, Cisco 1B-Mancini, Davis 2B - Sanchez SS - Galvis 3B - Urias Util - Valaika, Bannon OF - Mullins, Hays, Mountcastle, Stewart SP - Means, Cobb, Kremer, Akin, Baumann RP - Tate, Harvey, Scott, Fry, Armstrong, Valdez, Sulser, Tyler Wells Santander is traded, Ruiz is cut
  15. C- Severino, Cisco 1B-Mancini, Davis 2B - Sanchez SS - Galvis 3B - Urias Util - Valaika, Bannon OF - Mullins, Hays, Mountcastle, Stewart SP - Means, Cobb, Kremer, Akin, Baumann RP - Tate, Harvey, Scott, Fry, Armstrong, Valdez, Sulser, Tyler Wells Santander is traded, Ruiz is cut
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