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  1. So by my count, we are at 35 with 6 on the 60 Day IL. There's another 10 names on the roster that could be off the 40man very soon as well.
  2. If Elias really wanted CJ Abrams I would offer Mancini, Santander, and severino for Homer, clevinger, and Abrams Pads could use both catching and OF depth. Clevinger hopefully becomes a trade piece Maybe Homer plays up a bit in AL w DH option. He's not Chris Davis bad, he's won a WS and is a leader. Pull up Adley and GrayRod and you may have a mildly competitive team next year If it's me, I do not do this. I save the money, find a Galvis, sign a couple pitchers that don't break the bank. Go into 22 as the last true year of the full on tear it down rebuild
  3. Gotta Keep Mancini, hope he puts in work this winter and gets stronger. Could still have a really good season next year. Leader. Potential trade candidate at all star break. Gotta keep Santander and hope he stays healthy. Risk reward is worth it. 30 Homer potential. Could build trade value or they could decide to keep him for next 3 seasons. Means for sure, but I am interested in his first full season without the sticky stuff. Tanner Scott has got to be brought back. He still has Enough upside to be a closer. I think severino and be cut then resigned for 1.5 million. I do
  4. I think Mancini will be tendered with the hope of being traded. Whether in the off-season or by trade deadline. If he can't be flipped, then thanks for the memories, finish the season and move on. Pedro probably needs to be non tendered or signed to a cheaper contract. Adley and Wynns to start season is fine in my opinion. But if Elias wants to hold adley back in AAA, then sevy probably gets brought back.
  5. Kriske has great K rates in the minors. He was destroyed in his short time on the Yankees roster
  6. Right now it's Means and who else for certain next year? Harvey has been our number two essentially. It would be nice to be able to bring him back for one year and less than a million dollars. What's the injury this time?
  7. Call him up, why not. Need to figure out if we should protect him against rule 5
  8. ScGO's

    Paul Fry

    I'm hindsight, he's probably the one reliever we should have traded at deadline
  9. I am ok with the losing as we can get 1-1 or 1-2 in the draft. What I am not okay with is that the only player on this roster that seems like they are guaranteed to help long term is Mullins. Jury is still out on a few. I would work to trade Means and Mancini this offseason if possible. Probably should have sold high on Paul Fry. Perhaps there can be a bit of a turnaround on a few of these guys and they can be traded next year, but the only way we add talent over the next couple years is probably the draft and intl trade.
  10. The only way this could even become close to a reality is with a salary cap, which the Players Union will shut down immediately.
  11. The rotation sure isn't settled for 2022. Still just means and question marks
  12. He looks like he could be an interesting piece. Good 6th or 7th inning option
  13. F Olney. After experiencing 1998-2011, I am no where near panic mode after the first three years of Elias. If we can be winning by 2023, that will have been 6 straight losing seasons, nothing compared to the 14 we had prior to 2012. I believe 2022 will also be a wash, but it will be extremely important for our minor league system as '22 will be the year we should hopefully collect a good pocket of talent at AAA (Adley, DHall, GrayRod, Westburg, Henderson, Baumann, etc). Going into 2023, we will finally be clear of Chris Davis' contract and I believe that's when we should sign a couple qu
  14. I might be wrong about this, but I thought the rule was if you left the field of play catching the ball, it would count as an out if you returned to the field of play with the ball in your possession. When he chose to throw it, I believe that was what made it a foul ball. If he had climbed back over the fence into the field, I think it would have been an out. Like I said, I could be wrong, but I thought that was how that rule worked.
  15. I dont see why Elias would trade Tate yet. Cheap, good but not great, probably has more value with improvements, controlled till 2026 I think. I think he should look to trade Sulser as well, but shouldn't give him away as he has a lot of control left too; his age is a factor, but he could improve his value next season as well. I think he should push hard to sell Mancini, Scott and Fry now. If you can get anything for Galvis, do that too.
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