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  1. After reading through all this, I think the O's should 1) Sign Addison Russell and Luke Heimlich 2) Seek out a cheap sensible contract with Taijuan Walker, Jimmy Nelson, Kevin Gausman, or Tyler Anderson (Approach in that order) to fill a rotation spot or two. 3) Bring in Maikel Franco and have him and Ruiz battle it out for 3rd base in Spring Training. 4) Comb through the relievers on this list; some look really interesting.
  2. 1. Means 2. Cobb 3. Wojo 4. FA (cheap MLB or milb FA) 5. Rule 5/Waiver Claim/Opener
  3. What if the O's have a trade set up for Bundy, but they have to take on a bad contract in order to get the prospects they want back. The only way to clear payroll space was to release Villar. Perhaps Elias believes the prospects he gets back in this trade are greater than the ones he would get back for Villar and Bundy in separate trades?
  4. Quick question and some thoughts. Can Villar still be traded at this point? If he is claimed could the O's pull him off waivers? At this point, I feel like Bundy and Givens will be gone before the season starts. With Villar being waived, if Bundy and Givens go, I would think Elias would pull the trigger on Mancini as well if he is made a solid offer. I don't see a market for Alberto yet. Some think Severino could be made available as the catcher market is hot, but I'm not sure if he would get much of a return. I don't think there will be any other asset discussed between now and the start of the season.
  5. I deferred to Elias' judgement. Trying to look at as objectively as possible, these are the factors that I think would influence Elias to make this move. 1) Totally exhausted his market and nobody was biting on his price. After seeing Villar through the market at the Trade Deadline and now the offseason he probably has a good idea of what his return would be at this year's trade deadline for his predicted outcome and doesn't see the value in paying Villar 10 Million for his return in a trade. 2) He may have a need for money to invest in things he feels are more crucial for the organization's sustained success. Perhaps new international facilities. Updated computer/analytics systems, new hires, etc. 3) As Villar will not be here the next time we win, Elias felt the roster spot needed to be opened up for this year's round of tryouts, especially with 26 spots. 4) Does Davis' and Cobb's contracts force these guys (Bundy, Villar, etc) out quicker than we'd like? Can we blame Elias for that if he has to consider the owner's demand to turn a profit? 5) Is it possible putting Villar on waivers is a tactic to stir up a quick market where none existed before. forcing a team to take a risk on adding a possible asset and filling a need before another contender does? I enjoyed watching Villar, and I hope(d) that we'd be able to get a return, even a Cashner-esque one. But I'm hoping Elias explains his decision making process after Villar's fate is sealed. It would be nice to hear where he is allocating the savings.
  6. If we could dump Davis, I'd like to stash a young guy like Shervyen Newton, Seuly Matias, Wander Javier, Lolo Sanchez, Roberto Ramos would be an interesting pick too if we could let Davis go; he's essentially a poor man's Davis; the old Davis that is. Might be able to contribute right away too.
  7. Severino has 5 years of control left. He's cheap and did all the solid things you listed above. Could be an ideal back up for Rutch one day. It will be interesting to see what type of season he has this year.
  8. What do we see in David Hess again? Don't we have enough OF depth to let Smith Jr. go? Wynns is cool and all, but there has to be a milb FA who is equal to him in depth. Would Mullins go unclaimed if DFA'd? Alot of our pitchers might be able to be passed through waivers as well: Kline, Phillips, Bleier? So we are sure Davis won't be cut? Could anyone be traded before rosters are set?
  9. Hess, Wynns, Smith Jr, and Davis could all go. I think Hess, Wynns, and Smith could clear waivers.
  10. Bundy is valuable as a rotation piece right now. He could trend up after a year of learning the new system. I would gamble on him raising his trade value mid or post season versus selling low now. New starting pitching options will be around by then too.
  11. If Villar and/or Alberto are traded, I would like this sign. I think Richie Martin was a good pickup for depth, but he should try to refine his swing in AAA to start the year.
  12. I don't see it happening with Davis, but if Cobb can become serviceable, I could see him being traded, if not this year, maybe next. We might have to eat some of the contract though. If Bleier can get back to his former self, he too could be a chip. If Elias doesn't see that possibility, there is no need to keep Bleier on the 40 man in my opinion.
  13. Heading into the offseason, the O's have a few player assets with 3 or more years of MLB service time that Elias is keeping on the roster and evaluating because he sees value or potential value as a trade asset. We haven't really seen how Elias operates in the trade market yet, and I'm hoping he is able to make a few strong trades this offseason. The Cashner trade was like a sneak preview, but I hope he is able to make a plethora of trades this year that could bring back some solid position player prospects. Below is a list of potential trade assets in 2020. Their values are all different Strong Trade Chips Trey Mancini (27) - 3.015 Service Years -.899 OPS this year has probably having Elias gamble on Trey's peak value. Jonathan Villar (28) - 5.113 Service Years - Arbitration number hurts stock a bit, but this is probably Villar's peak value. Hanser Alberto (27) - 3.085 Service Years - Versatile, would make a good NL player, and cheap. I love Hanser, but this could be his peak value as well. Trade Value, But Could Improve Stock With Strong Start to 2020 Dylan Bundy (27) - 4.026 Service Years - Less than $6 Million for a 2 WAR pitcher. A good start to 2020 would increase is value enough to bring back a real prospect. Mychal Givens (29) - 4.069 Service Years - If he can stop giving up homeruns in 2020, his stock could soar, especially with the K rates. Miguel Castro (25) - 3.079 Service Years - No rush to trade him. K rates on the rise. Still only as old as Hunter Harvey. Could break out a bit this season. No Value As Of Now, But Could Rebuild Stock in 2020 Alex Cobb (32) - 2 Years and $29 Million Left. If he can return to form, this contract isn't that scary. Richard Bleier (32) - 3.074 Service Years - Still three years of control, a lefty, and this will be year two after returning from his surgery. Could rebuild stock enough to get a C level prospect. Chris Davis (33) - Only Three Years and 60+ Million left on contract. Never know. He he could hit .210 with 25 HRs and a .700 OPS, essentially get back to a 0 WAR player, we might be able to trade him for a bad contract. Trade three years of Davis for four years of Miguel Cabrera. The chase for 500 HRs and 3000 hits might fill some seats?
  14. Definitely makes it harder on Elias in the PR department if he wants to cut Davis loose. Perhaps they could work out a deal where he becomes a coach? It would be nice to keep him in Baltimore with all the financial aid he's giving it.
  15. ScGO's

    It's Our Time!

    Do we see any trades? Mancini, Villar, Givens, and Bundy need to be shopped.
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