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  1. Now that we are a little over a month into the season, the potential trade scene is starting to take shape. Below are the names that have or still have the potential to create value for themselves. Approaching Peak Value Trey Mancini - Bat is starting to heat up. Should be over the .800 OPS mark soon. With only one more season of control after this one, I don't think Elias will want to pay the arbitration price tag on Mancini's final year. With a year and a half of control left, now is the time to make a move. John Means - I almost wonder if Elias should entertain an extension. Means still has less than 250 IP in his career, so even though he is 28, his arm may still have a long career in store. I would sit back and wait to be blown away by an offer if I do choose to trade him. Cesar Valdez- Has to be an definite trade candidate. This is a gift to the O's as he is a 36 year old cast off that has started to make a name for himself. He has a few years of control left, but with his age and lack of a track record, now is the time to send him out for a prospect or two. Freddy Galvis - A SS with an over .800? Someone will look to upgrade if he can sustain this offensive performance, and we might be able to snag a decent prospect. Even if he sinks back closer to .700, we still might be able to swing him, although the return will probably not be that great. Matt Harvey - Would like to see him get into the 6th inning more, but as of now, he is our #2 and he could be a great back end option for a playoff team if he stays around 4.00 ERA. I think his name recognition could put him a tick higher on some teams' radars too. Tanner Scott - Goes into arbitration next season. Has the best stuff of all our relievers although he has his wild moments still. If he stays steady, we should be able to get a better package than what we got for Castro and Givens. Paul Fry - 28 Years old, arbitration eligible next season. K rate is awesome right now. If he keeps this up, someone will want this lefty out of their pen Cole Sulser - 31 years old, K rate is great. Couldn't sustain the success last year at this point; this is his 2nd chance. If he succeeds, I see him being moved. Needs to Build Value Anthony Santandar - Has to stay healthy. Hopefully he is back soon and can rake till July. If not, we will have this conversation against next season. Shawn Armstrong - I still feel like he has the "stuff," but he has to turn it around quickly or he will be cut. If he can find consistency, I think he can still create value on the trade market. Makiel Franco - Slumping after a so-so start. The hope is that he can get up towards an .800 OPS and we can swing him. We will know more about his fate by the middle of June. Pedro Severino - No value as of now, but hopefully he runs into one of his hot streaks and can get that OPS back up near .750. That plus marketing him as a great game caller following the Means no-hitter might help us get a C- prospect in return. Cisco has no value right now, so a lot of this depends on Adley being ready. If he isn't Pedro probably stays the whole season, especially if he doesn't hit. Pat Valaika- Ruiz and Urias continue to scuffle with the bat. Looks like Valaika is next up to get the bulk of ABs at 2B. He is heating up already. I still think he could have some value as a .750-.800 OPS utility player on a playoff team, especially in the NL.
  2. If not him, cut one and bring up Wynns. Franco has not impressed me at 3B. Ruiz to 3B, Urias to 2B in the later innings?
  3. I'd like to see them draft a college pitcher this year. If Hall and Rodriguez are real, it would be nice to get a top college arm right in the mix too. Baumann, Wells, Lowther, Akin, Kremer, etc are interesting, but were not going to hit on them all.
  4. The O's have failed to develop pitchers over the last two decades, no doubt. But Elias hasn't failed to develop pitchers yet as he is only in year 3 of implementing his system. Let's revisit this in 2 years. Maybe even longer considering the recent investments in the Latin America probably needing about 6 years to materialize.
  5. This is actually a pretty good negotiation tool right there. Has this ever been done? Union would probably 86 it
  6. DJ is a 800 OPS sleeper. Did he just become a defensive asset last night too? I was advocating to cut Severino and pull up Wynns, but I think I am more on board for cutting Sisco now. It looks to me like the scouting reports on him have shown pitchers that if you pitch to him correctly you can either make him ground out to 2B or K. He looks like toast at the plate as his swing seems to cover very little of the plate. I don't know how he won 2 milb hitting crowns with that swing. Valdez is the solution for long/middle relief. Plutko and two Rule V guys have been good, but mostly in low leverage situations. Plutko is old doesn't flash great stuff. I like both Rule V guys but I don't know if both can be strong middle relief options yet.
  7. I like Scott as closer a lot. I'm not even all that traditional when it comes to the closer, but I think Scott is approaching a point where when he gets the ball, the game is over. Even letting him close the final 2 innings at times seems like a good idea. If he performed well, he could be a HUGE trade chip within the next 2 seasons. The problem is getting a lead to Scott. Armstrong, Tate, and Fry need to pick it up and just pitch better. Missing Harvey hurts badly right now. I think Susler should be back up too. Having the two rule 5 guys is tricky too; can they contribute at all, or are they truly "stashed?" They need to figure that out and make a decision. If they can't step into middle relief in their eyes, I think they need to cut one. I wonder if Connor Greene isn't a better use of one of those roster spots to help us with more late inning options.. I think Leblanc and Plutko are redundant and Valdez should be the long relief/ mop up guy. I don't like Valdez at the end of the game. To me he's a guy I bring in the 4th - 6th inning. He' also my mop up guy. I don't think we are utilizing him correctly. I feel with the Rule 5 guys on the roster, we essentially have 5 "mop up guys" between them, Leblanc, Plutko, and Valdez. I think we cut Leblanc, Plutko, and one of the rule V. Go with Valdez and one Rule V guy as mop up/long relief, Then Armstrong, Tate, Fry, Greene, Tate, and Sulser are my guys to get to Scott as the closer. Fry is your only LHP besides the closer Scott in the bullpen, but Sulser almost pitches like a LHP with his repertoire; look at his splits; he kills lefties. I also use my last bullpen spot on Lakins. Once Harvey comes off the DL, option or DFA your weakest RHP option. Long Relief/Mop up - Valdez, Scoeller Middle Relief/Set up - Armstrong, Fry, Greene, Sulser, Tate, Lakins Closer- Scott
  8. I agree. I went back and read most of them; seems like most have to do with being an O's fan, Guinness beer, and the typical dialogue that is lockstep with the current media narratives right now. I see nothing that would get him in trouble within the Twitter/Social Media world, let alone an employer. Someone made a good point about how it could be for talking politics in general, which again, I agree should be an organization's stance on the topic if they really want to maximize its fanbase. However, the Orioles themselves are lockstep with the media narratives too, so I find it suspicious to punish someone for echoing the same call to arms as his employee. That would be some crazy Gulag Archipelago S#!% right there if that was the case. I have to believe it has nothing to do with his Tweets at all. Has to be some behind the scenes office environment stuff. If it does have to do with his Tweets, then my head is officially spinning.
  9. That Nats broadcast team is the league's worst. Ben McDonald and Joe Angel is my favorite combo of all time. It was shortlived, but their broadcasts were the most well informed, hilarious, and exciting
  10. Quick update to the original list - Cobb was the only one traded at this point. Sanchez was cut and I'm taking a few of the relievers off that didn't make the opening day roster. This is where I see value and potential value now. Not saying these guys should be traded, but we are still in rebuild mode, so it will be interesting to see how Elias approaches the trade market. Stock is up Mancini - Healthy and looking like his old self. Two seasons left on contract. A good year could lead to a big pay check in arbitration. Santander - If he puts up an .800+ OPS he could traded this summer. I think we need to sell high if he blows up this year. Means - Looks like a #1 after Opening Day. No rush to trade, but if someone comes knocking with top 100 prospects... Tanner Scott- He might be a beast. With a few years of control left, he could get a really solid return if Elias chooses to shop him. Took him a few pitches, but he looked dominate on opening day. Chance to build stock Shawn Armstrong and Paul Fry - Have been good at times. Getting older. If they do well this year, they could be shipped out this summer in Richard Blelier to Miguel Castro type deals. Cole Sulser and Cesar Valdez - Both have interesting stuff, are older and not in the long term plans, and both haven't been in the bigs long enough to establish themselves. Both will be given that opportunity this year. If they perform, they could get a similar return to what I said with Armstrong or Fry. Matt Harvey - He's on his way up from ground zero. If he can be a 4.50 ERA or less pitcher, we might be able to get a return. On a 1 year deal so low risk. Severino and Sisco - No value as of now, and their time here is short with Adley coming. Both will yet again have a chance to "figure it out" this season If either can put up a .750 OPS, we might be able to get a C level prospect back. Franco and Galvis - Here on 1 year deals, low risk in a trade. Both will be given the bulk of starts at their positions. If they perform, they may be swung for a prospect or two. This was probably Elias' gamble with these two all along. Ruiz - Can he build his stock as a 2B? Still depends on his bat. Stewart - On the IL, but if given the bulk of the DH AB's, could develop value as an OBP guy. With a crowded OF, he could be the odd man out if he performs well enough to build value.
  11. I wouldn't overreact to this line up or even the overall roster decisions too much. In his first two opening days, Elias seemed to drag a little bit of Spring Training into the first few weeks of the season in order to make more roster decision shortly into the season. What I mean, is that he has seemed to let some position/roster battles continue into the first few weeks of the season before making further cuts. Jesus Sucre, Drew Jackson, Joey Rickard, Mike Wright, Nate Karns, and Pedro Arajuo in 2019 and Dwight Smith Jr, David Hess, Cody Carroll, and Kohl Stewart were all off the roster shortly after making the opening day rosters. Same will happen this year.
  12. I want to see Santandar turn a corner and become an .900 OPS hitter. For pitchers, its hometown hero Bruce Zimmerman. If he can stick, it would be a nice find and would salvage the Gausman deal. My sleeper pick is Urias who I think could put up a .750 to .800 OPS if given a shot.
  13. So 12 spots left for position players. Stewart starts on the DL. Severino, Sisco (I'd still cut Severino and promote Wynns) Mancini, Franco, Galvis, Urias, Valaika, Ruiz Hays, Mullins, Santander, Mountcastle
  14. I like Connor Greene a lot; great potential find, but he hasn't relieved full time before. I noticed he's wind up pitcher too. Do they send him to AAA for a month, get him comfortable as a reliever, maybe put him in the stretch, and then we see him in May?
  15. If they can sign him to an milb and stash him at the alternative camp, do it. Give Urias and Valaika tlil the end of May to separate themselves and try to earn the job. Give Odor a month in AAA to see if he can find his stroke. If he makes adjustments and is peppering AAA pitchers and he seems like a better option than what Urias or Valaika are providing, pull him up in June. If Urias or Valaika seize the job, cut him.
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