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  1. Not sure if you all follow Jomboy that much. He's the guy that really helped blow open the Astros cheating scandal. I thought these were entertaining enough. They have been doing this for every World Series since 1972. 1983 Series - 1979 Series -
  2. Didn't see this posted. This is a new episode done by Foolish Baseball, a baseball Youtuber who uses an 8-bit animation style. Some entertainment while in the void.
  3. Starting Pitchers - Means, Cobb, Wojo, Akin, Stewart Relief- Givens, Bleier, Armstrong, Castro, Fry, Rucker, Bailey, Harvey, Scott Infield- Mancini, Alberto, Iglesias, Nunez, Ruiz Outfield - Hayes, Santander, Smith Jr, Wilkerson Catcher - Cisco, Severino, Holaday
  4. and boo my ability to never understand how memes work
  5. <div class="tenor-gif-embed" data-postid="5108110" data-share-method="host" data-width="100%" data-aspect-ratio="1.3333333333333333"><a href="https://tenor.com/view/kramer-pimp-gif-5108110">Kramer Pimp GIF</a> from <a href="https://tenor.com/search/kramer-gifs">Kramer GIFs</a></div><script type="text/javascript" async src="https://tenor.com/embed.js"></script> Miguel Castro must've been walking with some swagger when they came for that bling bling!
  6. Armstrong had some good runs last year. I still really like his slider. I always noticed that he didn't do very well in high leverage situations and I said several times last year that I think he is a good candidate for Opener. I am glad they brought him back, but he does need to tighten up his game this year early if he wants to stick around.
  7. I'm not saying he's getting that grade for his role as a GM; he's getting an A++ for his role in his role as the O's GM and all the circumstantial chaos he inherited.
  8. A - its no rush and a hell of an investment, so he's trying to figure out if he can salvage anything. He might be gone in a couple months. He's only had him for one year, maybe he's moving on to Plan B, C, D, E, etc B - Didn't the O's shoot up the overall prospect rankings to the top third? C - Getting a big name this offseason would decrease his letter grade in my opinion. He's going to go big sometime between 2021-2023 D - So goes it in the craft of dumpster diving. No one is 100 per on dumpster diving. He did also find Alberto, Severino, Wojo, etc. He was able to find value without spending, but the big league club is not as high on his list of priorities as the infrastructure issues with the club. Karns and Strailey are probably what influenced his approach to the this offseason as the FA market is not the most cost efficient approach to adding talent for this club.
  9. So for the 60% of you that didn't give him an A, what could he possibly have done better considering the circumstances. I'd give him the old skool A++ as he's earning extra credit at this point. Upon arrival, Worst owner in baseball. Since? Haven't heard a peep of Angelos or his sons really, and no hint of meddling. He had the charm and intelligence to make them take a back seat without the backseat driver. Practically no analytics system? Now we are running right with the pack and potentially taking strides long enough to pass the competitors in due time. Struggling city with struggling reputation? He is trying to turn Camden Yards into the epicenter for community gathering in Baltimore with all the new concerts, promotions, and family friendly events he's added. Worked with the Ravens, local colleges, and local restaurants and businesses to embrace the local culture. Camden Yards is a great stadium, but the environment was kind of bland. Now the food is popping, they are adding new segments between innings, I've heard even the ushers aren't as Nazi-like. Player Development seems competent now and not a buzz saw for pitching prospects like it has been. International presence? We were the Goodwill store of the DSL, and now we have one of the best at the international helm in Koby Perez and we are already seeing more activity than we did in the last two decades combined. Draft? We drafted well at times under past regimes, but you could see the analytics driving Elias' first draft. I was very happy with the draft and I have confidence he will never pull a Hobgood or a Rowell on us, especially since he is invested in the growth mindset mentality. He saved Brooks Robinson from exile. He dumpster dives like a champ, especially since its so important to save money over the next few losing seasons. Even though the main product is losing, there is a plan to win soon, while in the past, this ship was being driven by a drunken sailor at times. Even when we were winning, it was like we accidentally shipwrecked on an island that just happened to be stacked with gold treasure. A's all day for Elias.
  10. If we don't hand out an MLB contract to a SP, then why not use it to sign Cameron Maybin? Good depth and could be swung as a trade chip later.
  11. We would have to over pay for Walker. I think we still have an MLB contract left in us though, so that's on Elias if he wants to go 1/5 for Walker. He could probably sign with a competitor for 1/2. What's up with Jhoulys Chahcin. I feel like he was quietly solid from 2016-2018. I'm not sure what happen last year, but he's only 32. I bet he would sign for a 1/2 deal. Low pressure environment to try to turn it around and reestablish himself as a 150+ inning 4.00 FIP pitcher.
  12. Does Cashner require an MLB deal? Colon would at least draw some press.
  13. I like the Brady Rogers signing. Hasn't had a shot at a full workload since returning from surgery. Lots of AAA success. Probably has a shot at winning the #5 spot out of camp.
  14. That's what I was envisioning when Elias said one more MLB contract able to be offered. Do any of these pitching options need to be offered more to get them to sign? Be nice to grab one of McHugh or Walker. I wonder if Cashner takes a milb deal with $1mil salary if he makes the team? That was give us Means, Walker/McHugh, Cobb, Cashner, Wojo to start the season. That rotation might not be half bad if all goes well.
  15. Ahh, but no position player is unanimous
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