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  1. I dont see why Elias would trade Tate yet. Cheap, good but not great, probably has more value with improvements, controlled till 2026 I think. I think he should look to trade Sulser as well, but shouldn't give him away as he has a lot of control left too; his age is a factor, but he could improve his value next season as well. I think he should push hard to sell Mancini, Scott and Fry now. If you can get anything for Galvis, do that too.
  2. Heading into the final week before the trade deadline, it will be interesting to see what Elias will do. You know he is having conversations, a lot of those will come out in the media after the deadline. Here are the names I would think he would be fielding and making calls on that are most likely to get traded. Trey Mancini - Defense seems to hold his market up a bit. It's good to see him climbing over .800 OPS. Probably would return a organizational Top 10 and couple "intriguing" guys. HR Derby along with tonight's dinger show the power is real. Probably takes more walks on a m
  3. I wonder how trustworthy a lot of the national rankings were, especially since baseball was difficult to scout, let alone play, during Covid. Maybe these are guys the O's scouts and data guys were able to observe more, or gain more info on than others. They all seem really interesting. The extra Covid eligibility explains some of the older players, but perhaps they used that extra year to figure some things out and can advance quickly. I also have a theory that the O's analytics department has identified the start of a trend towards a return of Tony Gwynn, Paul Molitor, George Brett ty
  4. We are a little more than 3 weeks from the trade deadline. The list has shrunk a bit, but we still have some candidates Main Chip Trey Mancini - He'll be 30 next season and in the last year of his arbitration before Free Agency. OPS should climb back over .800 at some point this season, and its safe to say that most teams would feel confident that he has recovered fully. I know its trivial, but a good performance in the HR Derby could draw some positive attention to him as well. Hope to get 2 to 4 solid pieces in return The Art of Negotiation Cedric Mullins and John Mea
  5. Stewart will get more time to figure it out as he can slide into the DH role, especially if Mancini is traded. He has OBP potential, but he's having trouble hitting a good fastball. Catcher and second base have been black holes this year. It might be time for Severino to go. I think Jones and Cumberland should come up in July. Wynns can stay too. I still think Urias has some hit tool, but Jones is the better long term answer if he can stick. Adley needs to stay in the minors for the whole season, but I think he needs to be the Opening Day catcher next season. Catcher has been
  6. Monthly Update As we head towards the middle of June, the O's trade bait picture is becoming a little clear, and the list a little shorter Big Chips 1) John Means - The trip to the IL is a speed bump, but if he returns strong, the O's should continue to listen to offers. Elias and co. need to also weigh the benefits of an extension as well. But if you can get multiple top 100 prospects back, do you make this deal? 2) Trey Mancini - RBI machine hopefully continues to see OPS climb towards .900. This trade deadline is also starting to look like his peak value; I think he re
  7. There's a chance he will be there when the O's select at #5. I would be happy if they took him. I have a feeling Elias will do something like last year and take a cheaper prospect to get more in the later rounds. With the way we are playing, we will probably go for the bigger name sign in the 2022 Draft.
  8. I would still like to see him in a long relief/opener role for a minute. If he continues to get hammered, its probably time to cut him.
  9. We could actually use more of the AAA prospect types. We are jacked with A/AA prospects. The lack of big league ready prospects is what is our system lacks at the moment, but it won't be a problem forever. You can see the successes of the rebuild have started to flourish in Delmarva, Aberdeen, and Bowie as all 3 are competitive and showcase a lot of exciting names. Norfolk and the O's have nuggets, but overall, are thin on high end talent, have been terrible in the standings, and show we are still about 2 seasons away from competing. Santander, Mancini, and Means are the nuggets on t
  10. I hope the stock stays high on him, Mancini, and Means heading into the trade deadline. We could get a haul.
  11. I think he is a long reliever being used as a closer. I never thought he was being used correctly, but I was hoping it would last till July so they could swing him for a piece.
  12. Maybe not, but when Elias took over, I thought in my head that it would probably take till 2023 before we saw competitive baseball in Baltimore again. I have held steady with that prediction, so I don't get to upset over the parent club results. I don't watch the games hoping for the win as much as monitoring the performance of our younger players. I feel the team is being managed this way too: not to win, but to allow the players to develop or build trade stock. If they win as a result, great; if not, hopefully it leads to Kumar or another draft stud. I look at the success being created
  13. You can disagree, but I think Elias is still "trade first" in his approach. Means is the only one I think Elias would consider to an extension at this point, especially if we truly feel he is a true TOR pitcher by July
  14. Now that we are a little over a month into the season, the potential trade scene is starting to take shape. Below are the names that have or still have the potential to create value for themselves. Approaching Peak Value Trey Mancini - Bat is starting to heat up. Should be over the .800 OPS mark soon. With only one more season of control after this one, I don't think Elias will want to pay the arbitration price tag on Mancini's final year. With a year and a half of control left, now is the time to make a move. John Means - I almost wonder if Elias should entertain an extensio
  15. If not him, cut one and bring up Wynns. Franco has not impressed me at 3B. Ruiz to 3B, Urias to 2B in the later innings?
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