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  1. For Manny Machado we received from the Dodgers-- overall grade: B B (A-) : 21-year old OF Yusniel Diaz A (B+) : 22-year old RHSP Dean Kremer C+ (C) : 22-year old 3B/2B Rylan Bannon B- (C+) : 21-year old RHRP Zach Pop F (D): 26-year old UTIL Breyvic Valera  This deal could still come out solid if Diaz blossoms. Kremer's emergence makes me feel much better about 2021's rotation. We will probably know what Bannon is by this time next year. Maybe he makes Alberto expendable. I am still very high on Pop. I think he could be a big piece of the bullpen if he comes back healthy. Not a bad potential haul and we will probably know what we have from this deal by the end of 2021. For Zach Britton we received from the Yankees-- overall grade: C- B+ (C) : 24-year old RHSP Dillon Tate D (C): 25-year old RHRP Cody Carroll C- (B-) : 24-year old LHSP Josh Rogers I am actually happy with this deal. I think Tate is for real in the bullpen. I still like Cody Carroll's frame and potential. I think he gets one more year. Josh Rogers could be a guy next season. We kind of forget about him, but he performed well in the high minors before we got him. Who knows how much of that is injury related, so we don't know what to expect when he gets back as he has had a lot of off time to study the analytics side that Elias has brought. We'll know what we have by this time next year. For Kevin Gausman we received from the Braves-- C D (C-) : 20-year old 3B Jean Carlos Encarnacion D (C-) : 23-year old Catcher Brett Cumberland C+ (D+) : 23-year old LHSP Bruce Zimmerman B (C+) : 23-year old RHRP Evan Phillips Bruce will compete for a starting 5 spot next season and Phillips may have turned a corner. Who knows what Jean Carlos Encarnacion has been working on, but you know Elias has probably put his data/analytics crew, mental skills guys, and instructors on him. Cumberland was getting some positive remarks towards the end of last season I believe. He seems like an OBP guy, but we will probably know what we have in him by the end of next season. Encarnacion is the one that may take a couple more seasons to see if we are going to get a return. For Jonathan Schoop we received from the Brewers-- C- F (C) : 22-year old RHSP Luis Ortiz D (C- 😞 18-year old SS Jean Carmona B (B) : 27-year old Infielder Jonathan Villar To me, this is the dud in the long term. Is Ortiz still in the organization? If so, maybe Elias' guys can work some magic. I think Carmona is still in the organization, but I haven't seen his name in a while. We are probably a few seasons away from seeing whether we get a return on him. I guess Villar's return is now represented by the infamous Easton Lucas, although I do see value in having him on the squad last year to assist in the development process.
  2. The power tool is a hard one to measure on the stats of a 17 year old. Its all about projection. 6'2' 170 can turn into 6'3' 210 by the time he is 23. His OBP is great; more BB's than K's. Also 5 HBPs. Seems like he has decent discipline and contact rate. Made 18 errors, but that's not uncommon at this age and level. Couldn't find any film on him.
  3. They get some credit, but the credit goes to the players really. Knowledge is not power, its the application of knowledge that is powerful. Elias and crew may have presented them with data, film, etc, but the players are the ones that put the work in to apply it.
  4. More autonomy is what I mean, less restrictions. I think Dan would have liked to play the intl market and build an analytics dept.
  5. Dan was a solid GM; he was the MacGyver of baseball. Angelos was pretty much like "Here's a drinking straw and a paper clip, now go build me a baseball team!" The Bundy and Villar trades were mostly about saving money (which I'm fine with bc I know how much money needed to be saved to improve our analytics, Dominican facilities, front office hires, etc), but I felt we got some potential value in the Bundy trade. I think Villar is actually more valuable this season than last because his contract is shorter and cheaper. Lots of baseball people weren't sold on him yet after last season. He continued his success into this season and he no longer had as high of a price tag, so the BJs gave more value in return. I think Elias is doing a phenomenal job, but he's been given so much more to work with than Dan, so I don't want to say one is better than the other. I think Dan would be doing a lot of what Mike is doing if he was given the freedom to do so.
  6. Could gain a lot of value for 2021.
  7. when he's not attempting to bunt for a base hit, he is batting .149 (I believe)
  8. He's got some options depending on match ups. I think Harvey can be the guy if he's healthy. If not this year, next.
  9. After trading Bundy, Villar, and Bleier earlier in the season, it was nice to see Elias add Castro, Givens, and Milone to the list. Looking at the rest who weren't traded, you can see Elias trying to play the balancing game of service time/cost and maxing out the player's value in a potential trade. Hanser, Armstrong, Severino, and even Valaikia are controllable and still potentially getting better. They have time to prove they are as good or better than what they have done in a season and a half. Add Fry, Scott, Nunez, and Santander to that list next year. Cobb probably has more value in the offseason if he can finish strong. Iglesias is valuable to us next year as our starting SS and could potentially have more value at next year's trade deadline if he can swing a decent stick. It will be interesting to see how Elias will approach Mancini at next year's trade deadline if he does return and perform.
  10. I think Harvey is your closer with Scott and Tate as your set ups. Fry and Sulser are your LH situational guys, while Armstrong and Lakins are your 5th-7th inning guys. Valdez is long relief/mop up. (Yes I know Sulser isn't LH, but I use him to get Lefties out)
  11. Losing Iglesias and Hayes has hurt the D pretty significantly. We are very thin in our starting pitching as Means hasn't really gotten going yet. I believe the O's are better this year, but its starting to look a lot like last year because there isn't really a new wave of younger players being cycled through this year, and I don't see a lot of "strategy" towards winning as much as cycling players through to get their reps. Maybe Elias is going to wait till 2021 to start the clocks of some of our younger prospects and he's using this short season to cycle in another round of waiver pick ups and former prospects. Its not a bad idea as this year features Susler, Valaika, Valazquez, Lakins, and Urias getting a tryout, while guys like Sisco, Mullins, Stewart, Smith, Wojo, Tate, Fry, Armstrong, Ruiz, Scott, etc, get another shot to "find it." This is probably the final year to see which players on the current roster could be part of the future before starting to call up our prospects.
  12. Davis doesn't deserve that error. Sevy has to catch that. Not even a short hop or in between hop there. Stay low, snag it, and put that tag on him.
  13. Any of these guys look like a SP option for the O's? https://www.fangraphs.com/roster-resource/free-agent-tracker?sort=-1,1&sign=unsigned&pos=sp Cashner is on this list. What's up with Vargas?
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