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  1. Contract Optimization. An Agents Guide to Receiving the Most Guaranteed Money for Their Clients -Casey Close
  2. So you're thinking it's slim we suddenly offer a $300mil contract when our biggest to date is 6/$85.5? I hope it wouldn't require $300mil. 10/$250 with a player opt out after 6 feels good. 2016 - $10m 2017 - $15m 2018 - $20m 2019 - $25m 2020 and beyond - $30m
  3. If Manny is not extended going into 2017, my first thought is going to be the O's didn't try very hard (jaded fan). If I'm DD, and I'm looking at some arbitrarily low budget numbers, or I can't meet Manny's "insane" demands, I sell off my assets at their peak (somewhere between today and the end of next offseason) but I want a substantial return (Betts and Bogarts meet that criteria). That said, personally, I wouldn't want to deal him within the division and I'd prefer to get some pitching in return as opposed to two position players. I still believe in buying the bats and acquiring the pitching via trade/draft.
  4. Ok, in hypothetical land where Manny thinks he's worth more than Trout and doesn't mind risking a bunch of guaranteed money for 3yrs ahead of FA, I would. But that's only in a scenario for which Manny says, "there is no chance I'm not signing here, don't bother". It's more likely to me that we would make an offer (less than 6/144), but we don't reach an agreement (this offseason), at which point I try again next offseason, I don't say "this is never going to happen" lets unload him. So, maybe in a total hypothetical, which is your question admittedly, Manny rejects 6/144, tells the O's to get bent, and the Red Sox call the next day offering Xander and Mookie I'd say "Ok", but there would have to be a lot of stars aligning for that to unfold
  5. You're right, Manny's knees could go out tomorrow and I'd feel like a fool. I just don't think a plan that includes developing elite players but trading them for the "best packages" just before they hit arbitration is a very sustainable one. Maybe for these 2 players it would be, time will tell.
  6. My plan is to actually extend a player once in a while. I've never been one of the "we need to sign the best 3 free agents available every offseason" , but I do think you need to extend the best players in the league if you're fortunate enough to have them on your team/come up through your system. If the Angels can extend Trout, and the Marlins can extend Stanton, we should be able to extend Manny. If 3-4yrs into the extension the team is really fledgling I believe he'll still have plenty of value to trade for a similar package.
  7. My biggest issue with this is the divisional component. You don't give a team that you face 18 times a year one of the best players in the league. 30HR 3B/SS don't grow on trees. I realize Xander and Mookie are playing at near elite levels, but I'll take my chances that one of them doesn't live up to expectations. If 2yrs from now Mookie Betts is still 5.5WAR player, but Xander looks more like Elvis Andrus 2.0 would it have been worth it? ...I'd also assume Manny gets signed long term in Boston, which is more salt in the wound.
  8. I haven't posted in a lonnng time, but this thread actually made my stomach churn, so I felt the need to sign in. We finally have one of the top 10 players in the league, and the plan is to sell him off for a couple "B" types? Machado is a once in a generation type player. You hold onto him for as long as possible in my opinion.
  9. ... and then I'll say it's the "Red Sox" and he'll let me walk right on through
  10. What would it be? There is just so much about this franchise that makes me grind my teeth it's hard for me to choose. What say you?
  11. Q. What?s on your iPod? A. My wife is a George Strait fan, and I listen to him. I listen to Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. They bet on the Orioles in 1966, 40 to 1, to win four straight. A thousand dollars. And the next year I got invited to see Frank at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach in spring training. But, unfortunately, they play a lot of Sinatra at Yankee Stadium when they beat the Orioles. ...and yes, they won it in four straight for those who didn't know.
  12. Really? I wondered this but wasn't sure how it could happen... As I understand it, he has a $17.5m option for next year with a $2m buyout. Would you have to buy him out for $2m and then make a qualifying offer of around $15m...? That's basically the same money. A deal he'd almost certainly except.
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