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  1. Lateralus

    Short rants.

    The good thing about America is that if people choose to, they can do whatever they want during the National Anthem and not have to worry about being hauled off to some top-secret prison in Albania. I bet somewhere at OPACY during the National Anthem (or any sports stadium for that matter) people are standing in line ordering food, or going to the bathroom or whatever. What I love is when people talk about "respecting" the National Anthem or Flag, and say nothing when some 300 pd woman is in a USA/Flag tshirt or bathing suit. Now that's disrespecting America or the Flag more than talking, in my book. George Carlin had a really good bit about the National Anthem from one of his last stand up specials before he died. A nice mix of being funny and true all at the same time.
  2. Uh-oh. The Adam Jones Haters' Club aren't gonna like that last play either. Since right before the commerical Jones was shown jogging into the dugout extremely pumped up and excited because his teammates were awesome. Because prima-donnas get that jacked up when others make a spectacular play............
  3. Pitch counts are stupid. Take out a pitcher who, for the most part, was dealing and than immediately find yourself in a nice little jam.
  4. If Jen was a stripper she'd fit right in with the looks of a lot of other strippers I've seen in Baltimore. Talk about a city struggling to bring in top-notch strippers...
  5. Gas is only in the $3.80's range here. Sweet....
  6. Hey, maybe Fox made an honest mistake and thought the count was 2-0.
  7. From what I've read, Adam, Danny, and Justin may be somewhat close to finishing their parts and may just be waiting for MJK's schedule to open up (he's kinda busy with APC, Puscifer, and making wine now-a-days) so he can put in the lyrics. I think their next album may very well be out by the end of the year, from what I've read. On the APC front, while they don't have a new album, I've read that they will most likely be playing a few new songs on their upcoming tour, which should be cool to hear.
  8. APC is awesome too, and not just because MJK is the frontman. The rest of their line-up is a musical all-star team. Can't wait to see them when the play LA again. Caught them a few months ago when they were doing their 3-night sets in a few cities. Glad they're kinda back. Also, Volto!, Puscifer, Zaum, Pigmy Love Circus are all groups that aren't 1/2 bad and better than the likes of Kings of Leon.
  9. Lateralus

    Short rants.

    High's in the upper 80's/low 90's here the next few days. Oh, maybe this should go in the "anti-rant" thread. Haha.
  10. Tool's next album. Will be better than 95% of albums put out in the past 5 years, that's for sure.
  11. Exactly, it's like in football when teams just go into prevent defense and we all know the only thing it prevents is actually winning the game.
  12. Some personal bests today in the gym: 15 minutes at 8.0 mph on the treadmill. 15 minutes at Level 15 on the elliptical.
  13. I think maybe some people take issue with this thread because certain posters seem to take a very cavalier attitude towards someone shooting and killing someone else. I don't think anyone here is taking issue with self-defense or the defense of family/loved ones. That's common sense. Nor do I think anyone is taking issue with the 2nd Amendment. Just seems like people are dancing a jig because the "bad guy" got his comeuppance. I don't think being forced to actually take a life is how it's portrayed in the shoot-em-up movies. I don't think, in real life, after you kill someone you make some comedic remark, ala Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon, and say "I'm getting too old for this stuff." Nor do I think it'd be so easy to brush it off for the beauty queen. She may very well need/want to talk to a therapist to help work through this emotional period for her.
  14. Exactly, but you got some on here hooting and hollering and all giddy that someone was "offed." Of course, who only knows how much psychological trauma the victim has, having to live with actually shooting and killing someone. Probably not as easy to move past actually killing someone as some of the posters in the thread want to believe, what with them being Wyatt Earp or Doc Holliday. Oh wait, but they go to the shooting range and hunt..... And yes, me using murder was definitely the wrong term, as I should've used self defense. And yes, the guy was a felon, etc. but what if he has family who, at this time, is still saddened that a family member is dead. Of course the retort will be, "Well who cares, guy was a felon, a bad seed, raised wrong, etc. so no grief towards his family."
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