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  1. Lowther for some innings at AAA this season and maybe Aiken a cup of coffee in September. Otherwise status quo and make these guys show you when they are ready.
  2. He should absolutely be up by July 1 unless he tanks in June. He has paid his dues and deserves a shot with a team that is going to lose 100+ games.
  3. Any chance of him going to second base as Biggio did with Astros. Sisco was high school shortstop.
  4. Looks like this guy is a stud.
  5. If healthy ceiling is number 3 for a contender and worse case is good middle innings bullpen/sport starter. Looks like a good career if he stays healthy.
  6. Buck Martinez is awful. His call sound like a top 40 dj introducing the next record.
  7. Do what you will. Play the young guys. This team is going to win 58 games no matter what.
  8. All depends on how many of the minor league pitchers develop. Need at least three of them to become above average ML starters.
  9. Average at best but better than last year. Hoping for 70 wins and progress with younger plays as year goes along.
  10. I usually turn down the sound of the TV and just watch the picture. With the count, score etc. displayed, silence is golden. Or I put some nice jazz on my laptop and listen while I watch the game. If Thorne is on I keep the sound on so I can see if he is tipsy. Does anyone else share my pet peeve with all announcers. Description of something that just happened as "that will be".
  11. Use Mountcastle as a low cost DH. No need to spend big money on older talent for this which leaves more budget for position players.
  12. I pictured Terry as a younger guy. Kind of sorry to see a guy his age still producing and part time talent in radio.
  13. Please more of Borday and Hunter on the TV games . I am having trouble going to sleep at night
  14. Rock & Roll died to me when Mick Taylor left the Stones
  15. No No No to DeRo. I see Booby Valentine v.2 all over hime. Give it to Bordy to get him out of the booth please.
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