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  1. Then why was Paredes in RF last night and who would have been the DH if Paredes had gone to the OF earlier in the year?
  2. Wouldn't shock me to see him get something like that.
  3. Heyward has basically the same OPS as Adam Jones. No reason we can't sign Heyward and Manny imo. ACe pitchers are too expensive and too breakable for me. Put decent pitchers behind our defense.
  4. He looked like he had some energy out there. He was right at the wall for every foul ball and seemed genuinely disappointed when they were 20 rows back. Gonna be fun to see at least.
  5. Yeah, no real opportunities but he did play that ball nicely off the wall and bare handed it preceding the throw.
  6. Yeah, this rotation with Wieters is working out pretty well. Pretty obvious he ran out of gas last year. Already a 1.6 WAR in only 67 games and 212 AB's. Pretty good production. He won't be good for 140 games like Wieters but put him down for 90-100 with another competent catcher and he should be fine for a few years. Clevenger should work. I'm also a fan. Great story for us and the organization.
  7. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I've responded to them. Basically boils down to trading quality cost controled talent for prospects and acquiring high price/quality free agents allowing us to improve the farm system while not skipping a beat in competitiveness. I think a lot of that boils down to your belief that these deals are available and you (so why not Dan) has the ability to make these favorable deals, which may or may not even exist and/or may have made things worse. I'm just not really buying it. Like I've said before I'll defer to your knowledge about your perceived ability to make these deal
  8. Same old story. Toronto whining about being pitched inside. Donaldson was "thrown at" with at least one pitch being a changeup. Give me a break.
  9. First of all why would you say the front office or even posters here summarily dismiss any 20 million dollar contract. I don't and I think a lot of others don't. That said, the opportunity, risk (especially long term that a lot of these contracts present) and value of said contracts for a team like ours represents some pretty narrow windows of opportunity. So I'm having issues here with your opinion with Norris and perhaps others contracts being filled/gapped this year would have been better filled by 20 million contracts. Like what for example? Specifically, last year. Also, you are critic o
  10. Yeah, I get that you think we should have a better farm system and you're generally a Duquette critic, but your criticism here seems to range between being more "creative" and our reluctance to give away 20 million dollar contracts, so I guess I'm really not following. I didn't see much issue retaining Norris and I think the team has been fairly creative. Maybe Norris himself wasn't a creative enough move for you, but it was perfectly rational one at the time imo. Seams to me we've been pretty creative or at least tried to be with reasonable success. Some might argue too creative.
  11. Agreed, it was reasonable to keep him for depth, insurance, value and performance expectations. I think Hunter, Matusz and Young were more questionable moves. While many people were interested in dealing high on Norris in the offseason (even myself) it sounds like there wasn't much value or a market and Norris' likely value was with us, even with reasonable regression factored in. I really don't recall much lambasting in the offseason about keeping Norris. Also, I'm not sure why DD is taking all the heat here. Gausman started on the 25 man roster. It may have been hard but I'm pretty sure DD
  12. I didn't realize there was a Gausman bashing bandwagon. Then again, I didn't know there was a Bud Norris bandwagon either. Must be the same people.
  13. Well, Wieters stretches out pretty nice over there at first.
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