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  1. Fun fact addition: Cal does not break the top 30 in stolen bases, despite dwarfing everyone but Brooks in games played. For some perspective, Nick Markakis, the slowest man on the planet, is 18th in all-time stolen bases.
  2. avdeuph

    Davis in RF

    You know what guys... I say we just go ahead and play Davis in RF. He's a HELL of an athlete. He's got an arm, some legs, some speed, and good baseball instincts. Let's put Trumbo on 1B, the only defensive position he can pass at playing.
  3. Not uninformed, just skeptical. And again, sources are needed. There was a Jeff Passan tweet that said sourced "Sources," that was the seminal idea for all the following articles which posited that he didn't have an exemption in 2013. Here, however, is a source that somewhat reasonably assumed that when Davis said he didn't have an exemption "this year" (2014), he meant that he did have one last year. These are some of the only words from Davis himself. http://www.thefix.com/content/baltimores-chris-davis-suspended-adderall-use In addition and more importantly, Mark Townsend noted that Davis failed two tests in two years, and while he accepts (from Passan) that he didn't have a TUE in 2013, that he was still using Adderall anyway, leading to his 2014 sususpension. http://http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/mlb-big-league-stew/chris-davis-receives-adderall-exemption-following-suspension-040505429.html
  4. You should include a source if you're going to make such a strong rhetorical statement. For example, Forbes says that 122 players in 2013 had TUE's, and 119 of those were for ADHD medications (roughly 14% of MLB players). http://www.forbes.com/sites/maurybrown/2013/11/30/from-add-to-hypogonadism-how-119-mlb-players-were-allowed-to-use-banned-substances/ I would take them on a case-by-case basis, personally. In Davis's case, he demonstrated specifically that he isn't a MLB-player without his TUE (sub .200 BA, really?).
  5. Unpopular opinion alert: Don't want Chris at all. I feel like we're all forgetting that without Adderall he was very very bad. I'd like to avoid players who rely on medication to succeed, because you never know when either the rules change or he is not granted his therapeutic use exemption, as was the case last year. There are much better and safer ways to spend some of the money we'll have floating around the warehouse in 2016.
  6. You know what, you're right about that. In the last 3 years we've had some great low buys. However, I was specifically referring to extensions/contracts for existing Orioles, with Jones being a potential exception (depending on how you look at it). In addition, I think we've specifically sold low more than anything else, in terms of prospective mistakes.
  7. I realize that there will be some people for whom the ensuing reaction is, "whaaaa?!" Despite its notoriety as pretty much the only official, guiding principle of a market, the Orioles are notoriously bad at selling high and buying low. We should change that right about now. Tillman should be signed to a long extension. If you were to graph Tillman's career stats on a candlestick graph and analyze it objectively, most investors type would tell you that he is in a classic "bear trap." (This means that the majority sell out of fear, while smart money buys back on the dip, sensing the superficialness of the current short-term downtrend.) He's 27. He has struggled significantly will command this season, but in a statistically anomalous fashion. Before the start of this season, I would have said that we didn't have a great chance of keeping him longterm, due to the O's cautious nature with pitching. But now we have an opportunity to be the smart money, and take a shot on an excellent talent and well-liked teammate...a potential core Oriole. Buy.
  8. The best thing about his 4 scoreless innings is that his stock went up. That's the thing with markets, you literally can't sell at a peak without slightly feeling like you might miss out on some profits. Because that's what a peak is at the time; it looks up and only up. But if you are in touch with the fundamentals and trust your analysis, then you make the sell call as close to that peak as possible. And it always feels scary. I think a trade is rather smart, exactly right now.
  9. LOL at "Pompey is an explosive player"...get it, Pompeii?
  10. Anyone have mlb.tv and not getting the game yet?
  11. I do agree, but my point is not that we are "set" for eternity. My point is the language "to be able." We are able, both recently and for the time being.
  12. After three years of winning seasons and a division championship last year, I just can't help but be offended that we still need x or y thing to "be able to compete." Like, my man, it already happened.
  13. Hahaha yes that is literally what he said, which is just icing on the cake. His quote sounds colloquially correct, but it was completely opposite per his intention. We'll call the Giants win a fine dose of grammar karma.
  14. Feed just came back. Pretty irritating...
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