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  1. Great performance by Trey!
  2. Meh...Hays made good contact at least
  3. The top high school players in the country are playing right now on MLB Network
  4. The top high school players are playing right now on MLB Network
  5. I’m really hoping we spend our first pick next year on something other than a pitcher. My brain says, “best player available regardless of position” but my heart says “best position player available”. I would hate to waste our best pick in a long time on a pitcher for him to turn out to be a bust. I know it can happen with any player but for whatever reason we seem to be snakebit when it comes to developing starting pitching.
  6. And he got to show off the wheels scoring on that one. Great start
  7. I’m excited to see him play. Hopefully this is a passing of the torch moment from Jones to Mullins and Cedric becomes another great Orioles centerfielder.
  8. Villar with his first O’s homer
  9. He is so locked in right now
  10. Brewers just traded Phillips for Moustakas
  11. Man he is on absolute 🔥!!!
  12. Schoop goes deep...Again!
  13. Awesome news! What a huge get and big statement this would be. Loving the new direction we are heading in 😁
  14. Schoop is on absolute fire
  15. Man this is great news. Love hearing all those quotes. Rumors of Peter giving up control must be true. It does seem like DD is sticking around. If he is staying then I’m glad he is the guy making the decisions on the Manny trade and the hopefully next few trades in these last 2 weeks. It doesn’t make sense for him to make all these trades for our future, just to hire a new guy who didn’t get to make his own moves.
  16. Wall helped us out there
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