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  1. Dude, relax. This is how a rebuild that is done the correct way should go ... you should take a look at 'The R Factor' ... it's a model to follow that helps to define what it takes to become an elite leader with a model for success ... at this point, we are at the first stage of the process (R:1, Pause), maybe beginning the second stage (R:2, Get your mind right) ... it will be OK, we are in great hands with Elias. The R Factor Disciplines Event + Response = Outcome Manage the 'R' - you cannot control the 'E', but how you manage the 'R' determines your 'O' Above the Line response/behavior [Intentional, On-purpose, Skillful] __________________ Below the Line response/behavior [Impulsive, On Auto-pilot, Resistant] The Six R Factor Disciplines provide you with a system for "Managing the R Above the Line." The application of these disciplines, not the circumstances you face, determines the quality of outcomes you produce. R:1 Press Pause. Before you Respond, slow down & give yourself time to think. Focus on understanding the situation and what you are trying to accomplish. Get off autopilot. Be exceptionally clear about the Event you are experiencing and the Outcome you are pursuing. R:2 Get Your Mind Right. Pay attention to your inner Response. Get into a productive mindset by taking ownership of what you focus on & the story you tell yourself. R:3 Step Up. Respond 'Above the Line.' Engage in the best possible Response given the Outcome you want and the situation you are in. When circumstances call for it, elevate your Response. Your Response is most important when the Event is most difficult. R:4 Adjust & Adapt. Get good at change. Life requires you to make changes whether you are ready or not. Success goes to those who are adaptable. R:5 Make a Difference. Create great experiences for others. Your attitude & behavior are deeply personal but rarely private. What you do has a profound impact on the people around you. Your R is an E for others. R:6 Build Skill. Be intentional about the habits you develop. Your behavior patterns have you on a path. Develop the habits & skills that will take you where you want to go.
  2. @Tony-OH, this was fantastic. Please do a weekly show during the season and maybe a monthly show in the offseason. It's great to have things like this that I can watch/listen to from Ohio and still feel like I know what's going on at the Minor League level, as well as more insight that I get from MLB Network or, gasp, ESPN's Baseball Tonight ... they don't care about the O's or talk about them often and I can't get the MASN stuff very easily out here (forgetting that MASN is basically fluff and they avoid giving real opinions on there). I subscribed to the YouTube channel in hopes that you will do this stuff on a regular basis. I loved it!
  3. I would agree with soccer and hockey if the only way to get a goal was that your opponent, who was trying to make you miss making contact with the puck/ball had to deliver it to you and they were allowed to attempt to deceive you ... in hockey and soccer, you take a shot when you are in possession of the puck/ball, one of your teammates is attempting to give you the puck/ball in a way that optimizes your chances of success, or the puck/ball rebounds or drifts into a space that is convenient enough for you to make contact and attempt a shot. To say the goalie, defense, etc. makes hockey/soccer goals more difficult is to ignore that pitchers are attempting to deceive you with the speed, placement, and/or trajectory of the ball ... that's also forgetting that defenders are out there ready to catch or throw you out, but the reason that defense doesn't belong in this argument is because we aren't talking about getting on base or hitting a homerun ... we are simply talking about successfully making contact so that the ball travels into fair territory ... i.e. a fair comparison would be striking the puck/ball so that it goes toward the goal and into it if there were no goalie or defenders in the way ... if you include defenders and goalies and only count a shot that goes into the goal with all things considered and a point is scored, then you need to include defenders in baseball and probably even scoring a run ... Again, this argument is about successfully putting the ball into fair territory when a ML pitcher is throwing it at a high rate of speed and trying to deceive you with placement and trajectory of the pitch ... successfully putting the puck/ball however it is received on goal regardless of the outcome is the only fair comparison ... the slapshot is an interesting comparison, but again, more often than not that is a puck that is delivered to you be someone attempting to put it in a place that gives you the best chance to succeed compared to a baseball that is being thrown in a way to increase your chances of failure ... and a pass from a teammate is unlikely to be traveling at 95 mph ...
  4. OrioleMagic79


    There was A LOT wrong with those teams that negated the benefit of stolen bases ... probably could make an argument that those teams would have been even worse without the SBs ...
  5. I am fine with trading Schoop if we can get good value for him ... Gausman makes me nervous ... feels a little too much like letting Arrieta go ... besides, our pitching prospects keep showing us how patience is important (Hader, Davies, Bridwell, Arrieta, Eddy Rodriguez, I feel like I am missing another obvious example ...)
  6. The Indians overpaid, although watching the kid in Columbus (I live here), they were starting to play him in the OF a lot more because his defense is not where it needs to be and they are worried playing catcher will decrease his ability to hit quite as well as he would if he saved his knees in the OF ... not sure what SD will do with him, but the Indians. I think the Indians knew his value as an OF wouldn't be quite as high as him being a catcher. Also, Hand hasn't been injured all season and hasn't had the injury issues that Britton had last year either ... not to mention that Rodgers is definitely viewed as a better prospect and he's a year younger ... UPDATE: I forgot to mention that Hand has an additional 3 years of control AND San Diego also included Adam Cimber, a surprising rookie with an additional 5 years of control ... so comparing what the Indians did and what people are suggesting other teams will do for Britton or Gausman, or even Schoop, are not reasonable ...
  7. I don't think we have anything valuable enough to pull a guy like Rodgers, let alone one person acquiring him AND significant secondary pieces ... but, that's just my opinion. I think Schoop is a decent 2B at the MLB level, but I believe last year will prove to be his best by a significant margin. I'm sure that won't be a popular opinion on here, but that's how I see it ...
  8. I wasn't talking about the question from the OP, I was talking about responding to a question that was asked multiple times in the thread ... like these below ... I guess I assumed the 2021-ish time frame given that the lineup that was posted prior to 25 Nuggets' post included several current minor leaguers who are not ready yet ... thanks for being so kind about it though. I always appreciate being told "you thought wrong" and "go back and ready the OP" when I am just trying to join in a conversation.
  9. I thought the question was who is going to be our SS in 2021 or whatever year it was ...
  10. I don't think this fan base believes in giving someone a full year to show what they can do at a new position ... I feel like I recently saw the fan base be a lot less patient than that with one of our players, but I can't quite remember who that was ...
  11. I think it's crazy to extend him ... I think last year was more like Chris Davis's best year and he's more like Davis (sort of fool's gold, if you will) and if we extend him we will all be waiting with baited breath for him to regain what we saw from him last year, only to realize everyone is all upset that he never regained his form and is actually not all that good and now we have too much money wasted on him (and Davis) to add the pieces we need to become a serious contender when all of this youth starts to develop from our "re-build" that we are setting up for right now ... I hope I am wrong, but Schoop is not Machado ... there is a clear difference there, and everyone is currently hoping that Schoop will be something of a cornerstone for this team (even if he's 75% of a Machado type player) and I don't think he is that kind of player ... like I said, I hope I am wrong, but I would shop him now and if anyone is desperate for a 2B solution this season and offers a prospect that has any promise that is young (not a huge fan of 23 - 24 year old prospects at this point, because we need young guys, not guys that should have already made a big league club or should at least be on the cusp of making a big league club ... I'm being lazy this morning, so there is more to my point of view, but I'm going to leave some holes in my points because I am hoping that this is enough of an explanation to get the gist of what I'm saying without having to write a novel for you all ... haha ... I mean, this post is already enough to be considered a prologue ...
  12. Oh really? Despite him looking super skinny (compared to his 1998 self) in a similar way that Bonds did during the same time period (though McGwire was bigger than Bonds, I just mean in comparison from their 1987 self to their 1998 self), and despite the fact that Andro wasn't introduced into the United States market until 1996 ... I am sure that you are correct ... Mark McGwire probably was using it in 1987 when nobody else even knew about it and it didn't even exist as a commercial product yet ...
  13. He didn't give up the winning run. Blaine Boyer gave up the winning run. Kennedy left the game after getting the third out to end the sixth inning ... Boyer started the 7th inning and gave up 5 runs, including the winning run (the second run of the game for the Angels) ...
  14. No it isn't, he gave up one run and the Royals eventually got a run ... so the second run that the Angels scored ended up being the winning run ...
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