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  1. Maybe, or maybe the third tier down. Machado may have been the best defensive player in the league for a year or two, but he isn't anymore. Anyway, so what? Nobody pays huge bucks for defense, and Machado has never broken a .900 OPS, he's never had more than 100 RBIs, and he's only ever led the league in one offensive category -- doubles back in 2013. He has had two very good years hitting, but people are acting like he's Mike Schmidt or Miguel Cabrera. We'll know a lot more in a couple months about whether people think he belongs in the category just below Trout or not.
  2. Nobody is paying close to that amount for Machado. The best player in the league might, might get that amount, and Machado isn't even close to being the best player in the league.
  3. And Miguel Gonzalez threw 8 shutout innings against the Yankees in Yankee Stadium. Baseball is weird.
  4. This thread is to replace the one I saw a couple days ago and can no longer find. Because this guy hasn't done anything since 2014 (oh wait, make that 2013). Jeremy Guthrie was good once too. Can we use him as a reliever (see video below )? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuRT2IH13Rk
  5. Boom Boom Mancini -- brought to you by Warren Zevon
  6. I guess we have to be patient, but Schoop has been a poor hitter since the All-Star Break last year. There's no way the O's should think about extending him. Schoop is special as a defender, but as a hitter he has a lot to prove. He might be trade bait since he's still young.
  7. Also, unless you're the Yankees or the Dodgers you can only pay so many players an 8 figure salary.
  8. In retrospect it looks like the O's made a mistake letting Markakis go. He's been solid with the Braves and is blazing so far this season.
  9. Who isn't hurting their chances? 7 walks today from Miley, and he looks like a Cy Young candidate compared to Tyler Wilson. Can we trade Kim for a pitcher not named Yovani Gallardo?
  10. Yes, agreed. He's not going for one of those shorter term mega deals the way Pujols and Trout did that still allows him to pursue a second mega deal in his late 20s or early 30s. By going that route Manny is taking a bit of a risk because if he gets hurt or has a down year this year or next it could bring down the value of a long term contract down a lot. Still if Manny gets a $300 million deal then imagine what Kris Bryant, Mookie Betts and a handful of others are going to go for. I think it's bad for baseball because I don't think these huge contracts are sustainable for guys that are great but aren't yet clearly MVP, Cy Young or HOF types for teams that aren't the 8 or 10 or so richest in the league. Unless Mike Stanton becomes great again, his deal could keep the Marlins a bad team for half a generation. And even if Votto ends up being the best player in the league over the next several years (which he won't) his contract is just a disaster for the Reds. Manny may or may not be worth $300 million. I'm skeptical, but if the O's sign him for that kind of money I won't be too upset
  11. And it happened on his birthday! Gotta be happy just to still be pitching in the majors at age 38 with the struggles he's had the past few years. I hope he gets it back together and comes back with a few good games this season.
  12. Let me put it this way. As great as Manny is -- and he is great -- at times he seems like he's only the fourth best third baseman in the MLB -- behind Kris Bryant, Nolan Arenado and Josh Donaldson. That doesn't mean Manny isn't awesome, it just means there are so many awesome players right now -- just at third base! But at other times, yes, Manny seems to be the best out of all those guys and many others. There are just too many great players all performing at this high level that out of 10 or 15 guys it's nearly impossible to rank them -- except that Trout consistently is either 1 or 2. This will be an interesting year to see if someone other than Trout rises to the top.
  13. I'm not saying Manny can't be the best player in a baseball this or next for a year or two, but Mike Trout has been the best player in baseball for 4 out the 5 past years (Bryce Harper was pretty much the best player in 2015 I think most would agree). Trout is in another league the way players like Pujols, ARod, Bonds and Griffey were in other league when they were at the peak of their games.
  14. Wishful thinking at best. There's Mike Trout, and then there's everyone else.
  15. WAR may be flawed but it isn't "made up". Your eye test, and mine, is a lot more made up than WAR.
  16. Manny wasn't even top 10 in dWAR in 2014 or 2015. He was #9 in dWAR in 2016. Going by dWAR alone Kiermaier and Andrleton Simmons are pretty clearly the two best defensive players in the game. I like your posts and enthusiasm, and I love Manny, but let's be reasonable here.
  17. I don't see it. Manny is a great player, but is he any better than Mookie Betts, Francisco Lindor, Jose Altuve, Kris Bryant, Paul Goldschmidt, and several others, not to mention Mike Trout? My point is that Manny is one of the top 10 or 15 position players in the league, but he may not even be in the top 5, 6 or 7 depending on the year. I don't see how the O's can justify a $300 million contract to a guy that may not be a top 5 position player last year, this year or next. Unless the O's are sure MASN is a golden goose and the O's may have a team with a purse like the Yanks, Sox or Dodgers, I think the Orioles handing out a contract that big for a guy not named Mike Trout risks mortgaging the team's future for a long time.
  18. Manny came up when he was 19 and Seager when he was 21, so that's not relevant.
  19. Stanton had a down year last year after his horrific injury in 2015. It may be Stanton will never be the same player he was, but through age 25 you can't really say Manny was that much better than a player who had a plus .900 OPS for three seasons before he was 25. I know Manny has a higher WAR per year due to his glove, but teams tend to hand out monster contracts for lots of HRs and a big OPS, not as much for dWAR.
  20. Love Bundy, Seth Smith and Chris Davis so far. Otherwise this team pretty much looks like last year's team. I feel kind of optimistic but I agree with Dark Helmet's sentiment the first week doesn't mean much. And even if it does three of our wins are by one run. I hope to fee this optimistic later next month.
  21. There is really no reason to believe Manny Machado is a better player than Corey Seager. The opposite may well end up being true. In any case if the Dodgers pursued Machado it would to play both Seager and Machado on the left side of the diamond.
  22. I hate to say it, but Manny isn't in the same league as those players yet -- and all of those contracts already look like they're busts. I think Manny is probably more valuable to the O's in a trade than he is on the field in a $250 - $300 million deal.
  23. There should be no hurry to extend or even bring back Jonathan Schoop without some real improvement. Love his glove and his smile, but If other teams are enamored with his occasional dingers to go with his sub-300 OBP then leverage his value in a trade. His popups are starting to remind me of Jay Gibbons.
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