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  1. Consistency does seem to be something of an issue for Gausman, but I suspect he's mainly going through working out some early season kinks. We saw last season how good he can be whether or not he ends up being a bonafide ace.
  2. Exactly, umm... okay. Damn Baltimore coaches pushing heavy metal on our pitchers. Maybe Bill Murray or Eddie Vedder suggested the freaking Fleet Foxes.
  3. If I remember correctly the O's pitching staff forbade the throwing of cutters even though Arrieta had a very good cutter already. I'm sure they had good reasons for not wanting their pitchers to throw cutters, but there is occasionally a reason not to choose moderation over abstinence. Arrieta was maybe that reason.
  4. I believe you. But then why did he become a great starter less than a year after he left the O's? Did the Cubs coaching staff set him straight, or did they leave him alone to be himself? What changed?
  5. It's easy to forget Erik Bedard too. He's the most recent great Oriole starter, though his greatness was short lived. He was also traded, though of course his trade was one of the best moves the O's ever made. If either Gausman or Bundy can approach Bedard's peak performance then we should be quite happy. Hopefully they will both have more longevity than Bedard. When we say "poor development" was the problem with Arrieta, what does that mean exactly? He had developed enough to pitch great for the Cubs less than a year after he left the O's. It just seems like the O's coaching staff was not letting Arrieta throw the pitches and be the pitcher he needed to be to pitch his best. Is that the case? If so that's partly what I mean by lack of patience. But of course this is all in hindsight.
  6. We had Arrieta but weren't patient with him. We also traded away Hader and Zach Davies. Back in the day the O's had Curt Schilling and traded him away too. It's not that we haven't had exciting pitching. Rather it's that the O's recently have been impatient with some of the young guys they think are secondary, while holding out on some misfires like Daniel Cabrera.
  7. http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/the-orioles-might-have-a-decision-to-make/ This article goes into some ideas I think most people haven't considered. Good read.
  8. I'm sure there are many teams that want to sign Wieters, including the Orioles. I'm also sure Boras is asking for money completely out of proportion with what everyone else thinks he's worth. No doubt it's hard for an agent, especially the greediest of all agents, to revalue his can't miss perennial All Star that appears to have missed.
  9. I disagree. The health of baseball doesn't really depend on the health of the overall economy. The economy could be doing just fine when suddenly the cable TV business model gets completely disrupted -- which could happen within the next two years. If it does then baseball could be in a heap of trouble. As for the US being on a long economic upswing, well there was the Great Recession not too long ago, but we did bottom out about 8-9 years ago. The recession cycle since the 70s has been a new recession less than every 10 years or so. We could be due very soon, especially with Mr. Orange taking the oath today.
  10. Baseball is due for an economic recession at least as much as the overall economy is. By the end of 2018 the possibility is fairly high -- for the overall economy at least if not for baseball.
  11. Really the reason I brought up Hellickson is because baseball-reference.com has Hellickson as a comparable pitcher on Sonny Gray's page. I didn't even think of the comparison on my own. Even if he isn't the best comp the point remains.
  12. At the age of 27 "upside" is less of an issue with Gray at this point; now it's more about consistency. Would the team trading for him be trading for another Ubaldo Jimenez or Jeremy Hellickson rather than an ace with one bad year.
  13. Yeah, this is true. Still, it's not like Sisco and Sedlock are C+ prospects. They're more highly regarded than that. If the O's were to trade them any time soon I'd rather they trade them for someone more stable than Sonny Gray.
  14. If internally the A's indeed are worried that Gray cannot rebound, then one of Sisco/Sedlock plus others would be enough for him, maybe more than enough. If the A's are pretty confident/hopeful 2016 was an aberration, then there's no reason trade him unless teams are valuing him like it's 2015. But the only reason Gray's name would come up at all this offseason is because of speculation the A's might sell low. I'd wager no team is giving up their best prospects for Gray until he shows his old form. Any GM that gives up top prospects for Gray at this point in time is risking his job.
  15. As of now Sonny Gray is a buy low candidate. No team is giving up top prospects for him this offseason; otherwise he would have been traded by now. The A's are smart not to trade him at his lowest value, but if he continues to struggle in 2017 then the O's wouldn't even want to offer one of Sisco or Sedlock for him.
  16. If the A's traded Gray now they know they'd be selling low on him, and they would realize they aren't getting one of two pitchers who are younger and had a better season at the major league level than Gray did last season. A package led by Sisco and Sedlock could perhaps get Gray. As of this offseason no team would be dumb enough to trade a Gausman or Bundy for him after the horrendous 2016 he had.
  17. It's a risk worth taking for the Indians since Encarnacion gives them that much more of a chance to win a WS. The Indians are the team the O's should emulate. They're not only a WS caliber team, but they might also have the strongest minor league system in the league. If they felt they needed an upgrade at 3B they could easily trade for Manny Machado, let Manny walk in 2 years because they can't afford to sign him, and then trade for another player of Manny's caliber whenever they feel like it.
  18. The Indians somehow made and nearly won the World Series without the help of Carlos Carrasco, Danny Salazar, Yan Gomes and Michael Brantley, all out hurt in all or most of the playoffs. They have the potential to be scary good next year, maybe the best team in baseball with the addition of Encarnacion.
  19. Yeah I argued this as well in an earlier post. I'd add that, if the O's are struggling in 2017, it would make more sense to extend Manny if the O's farm system was strong with a Red Sox or Dodger caliber pipeline of players on the way to join him. If they feel they need to start trading, their thinness in the minors points in the direction of trading Manny (in addition to Britton, Jones, Tillman, etc.) even more than the fact that being a mid-market team on its own points to trading him.
  20. What makes you say people in Maine don't care about baseball? There are people in Maine who commute all the way to Boston. Ryan Flaherty is from Maine. And Maine doesn't even have 1.5 million people, meaning in terms of population it's a smaller part of New England. And there's nothing nonsensical about saying the Blue Jays have Canada all to themselves. Presumably the big networks in Canada are paying for the rights to Blue Jays games every day -- and not to some team in the U.S. like the Red Sox, Yankees or Mariners.
  21. For years we've been hearing the problem with baseball is that the games are too long. This is BS. The problem with baseball is that the season is too long. Of course owners and the commissioner always want more games. More games means more revenue. But by adding more games to the season you just create a more boring, seemingly endless product that drives would be fans to yawn at the mention the of the postseason -- unless by a miracle the Cubs and Indians are playing in the World Series for 7 games.
  22. Great post. It's not all about metro area market size, however. Boston may be a smaller market than the combined Baltimore/DC area, but the Red Sox have pretty much all of New England's 14.5 million population as its fan base (minus western Connecticut, which are mostly New York fans). So, the Red Sox might have a larger geographical fan base than the O's and Nats combined.
  23. If Manfred thinks baseball needs more playoff spots then he needs to be fired immediately. The season is already too long as it is. Even without more playoff spots the season should be shortened by two or three weeks.
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