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  1. The Astros are not a small market team at all. Houston is the 4th largest city in the country. Houston's problem is that they've been poorly run over the years. Houston might be a weak market for baseball, but if so that's their problem. And remember they went to the World Series in 2005, and then they did little to build on that success. I agree there needs to be more balance in baseball, but in some sense the small market teams do have an advantage in that they are usually not as tempted to give out massive contracts that unbalance the rest of the team. Kansas City and Cleveland avoided the trap of offering contracts the likes of Joe Mauer's in Minnesota, Giancarlo Stanton's in Miami and Joey Votto's in Cincinnati. Those teams can't compete in no small part because there isn't enough left over for other players -- yet KC and Cleveland find themselves in the World Series. Meanwhile the big market teams also suffer from huge, terrible contracts -- like Andre Ethier's in LA, Pablo Sandoval's in Boston, and especially Albert' Pujols' in Anaheim -- not to mention any number of terrible contracts teams like the Cubs and Yankees used to have and will have again some day soon. You have to wonder if even the two best players in baseball -- Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw -- are something of a liability to their teams because the massiveness of their contracts obligates them to be perfect rather than merely great.
  2. Yeah, the Cubs had the most walks in the league this year even thought they struck out slightly more than the O's.
  3. Obviously I'm not saying the team with the fewest strikeouts is the best offensive team in baseball. The Angels are lacking in other areas, mainly power and slugging. Are you suggesting have the fewest number of strikeouts is somehow not a good thing? A high number of strikeouts would imply a lower OBP, but clearly there are other things going on. The Cubs have more strikeouts than the O's, but they have the most walks in the league, so there is a balancing out. Something tells me the O's are never going to have anywhere near the most walks in the league with their current lineup.
  4. Barely. They also have a an OBP of .343 where the O's OBP is .317.
  5. Probably because Pence, Duffy and Blanco all went on the DL as well as they and maybe others playing hurt. But SF had the second fewest strikeouts for the whole season. And they made it further into the playoffs than the O's. The point stands. People around here complain about the O's "approach" at the plate. It's not the approach as much as who these hitters are.
  6. I don't see the point in locking up Schoop. He's such a low OBP player. I'd rather trade him because he has value, maybe trade AJ too. Look at a team that wins year to year like the Giants. They don't have real star hitters, but they don't strike out much either. They get on base. The Giants problem this year was their bullpen. The O's have the bullpen -- now they need to get the higher OBP players. I would start with looking for possible trades/replacements for Schoop and Jones, maybe Jones more so because he's getting older.
  7. Trading Britton would make a lot more sense if the O's could also sign Chapman. But what are the odds of that happening?
  8. But like others have said, Melancon, Chapman and Jansen are free agents this season. Why pay in prospects when you can just pay money to a free agent? This is especially true as Britton is about to become expensive. The Orioles will have to match up with a contender that is rich in prospects and able to afford Britton's rising salary. It could happen, but I don't want to see the O's trade Britton in the offseason unless they get an offer they can't refuse. Trading Britton is something of a rebuild move, not a move a contender would make.
  9. If the Rangers, Cubs or Dodgers make an outlandish offer for Britton I agree you have to pull the trigger, but I don't think it will happen. There are a lot of good relievers in baseball right now, and an expensive (in terms of dollars and prospects) closer is a luxury only the wealthy teams may go after.
  10. The Cardinals don't make dumb trades for expensive players they don't need. They already have a good closer in Seung Hwan Oh and probably have others in the minors that could fill his shoes. The Cubs, Dodgers or Yankees might target Britton, but a poorer well-run club like the Cardinals? I don't see it.
  11. I doubt the Cardinals would trade Grichuk alone much less in a package for Britton. The Orioles are not going to get young players that are already significantly contributing at the Major League level for Britton, at least not from a thrifty team like the Cardinals.
  12. Good point. A blockbuster Britton trade would presumably have to happen with a team that couldn't land one of these guys.
  13. The Rangers already have two good closers in Dyson and Jeffress, though I guess they could move them to be 7th and 8th inning guys if they really wanted Britton.
  14. A pretty good comparison, but if I remember correctly the O's were heavier on free agents with contracts coming to an end than even this Blue Jays team is.
  15. It is interesting that Texas led the league in Saves this year with 56, split between two good closers in Sam Dyson And Jeremy Jeffress. Yet their bullpen finished the season with a 4.40 ERA, which is not good, though their starters weren't much better. It would appear that Texas' stunning record in one run games does have something to do with having excellent closers who were used frequently. So, consider the fact that the team could stay in games even when their starters and other relievers gave up a good number of runs, and then close out the game if ans when Texas could take a lead. But yeah it would seem there has to be a good deal of luck there too. That 1 run win-loss record was amazing. They probably would not have come close to it had they played in a division with better pitching this year. And ultimately Toronto's starting pitching clicked just in time to take advantage of their sluggers' potential to eat up a vulnerable Texas pitching staff.
  16. Cleveland had a great first half of the season while Boston had a great second half. Overall Cleveland is quite underrated with talent like Jose Ramirez, Lindor, Mike Napoli, Kluber. After adding Andrew Miller it's not that surprising they were able to take down a very good but flawed (pitching-wise) team like Boston. But a sweep is kinda shocking.
  17. That would be the obvious move, but the Red Sox have been so burned on bad free agent signings it wouldn't be too surprising if they stayed away considering Encarnacion's age. The might choose to move Hanley to DH and play someone they already have at 1B, or a platoon of players at 1B and 3B.
  18. Boston's pitching and youth got exposed. Porcello gave a weak performance at the wrong time and David Price still has never won a postseason game. Great Red Sox teams of the recent past had much grittier pitchers. The Red Sox offeason should be as interesting as the O's, but they'll be in the thick of it next season. I thought Cleveland had a good chance to beat Boston but not sweep them. Maybe the Indians are that good. Toronto/Cleveland should be fun.
  19. And we got him for Milt Pappas, a good pitcher for sure, but older and replaceable on that O's team.
  20. Oh yeah I'd love to have McCutcheon on the O's. Would I trade Bundy for him? No, and neither will the O's. And they wouldn't need to trade Bundy to get him either. But they would have to trade Mancini, Harvey, etc.
  21. Marte is a good trade target I agree, but I can't see why the Pirates would trade him without someone paying a pretty steep price. They have no reason to trade him. He just turned 28 yesterday (Happy Birthday, Starling) has 47 stolen bases this past season with a .362 OBP, is a plus defender and is only owed $23 million over the next 5 years. If anyone would cost Bundy or Gausman it's Marte, not McCutcheon, but obviously the O's are not trading their top young pitchers for any player. If the O's want to make a big splash in the trade market they'd most likely start with guys like Mancini, Reyes and Sisco. They could trade Sedlock, but I think that would be dumb. Not sure about Harvey or if anyone wants him much right now.
  22. McCutchen wouldn't cost Bundy or anything close. He had a pretty average year and he's 30. If the Pirates sell they are selling low because they have some of the best young outfielders in the game, not because they are rebuilding.
  23. They would move him because they have so many great young outfielders.
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