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    vs. RAYS 5/13

    We've seen this before from Arrieta. I saw him get jacked around here in Anaheim a couple weeks back. He looks like Tom Seaver for one or two innings, then all of a sudden he's batting practice. This guy looks like a good pitcher on a bad team or a back of the rotation pitcher on a good team. Of course the terrible balls and strikes umpiring isn't helping.
  2. Markakis will get hot at some point. He's just in a slump. Still, while he'll never be the .900 OPS hitter we all hoped he'd be, chances are he's still better than Chris Davis will ever be. Davis has looked like his old horrendous self the past couple of games. The Orioles have major holes in the lineup while they have Chavez, Davis and Reynolds in there, not to mention Nick Johnson.
  3. Adam Jones is only a triple away from hitting for the cycle.
  4. Both Hunter and Davis showed today why Texas traded them away for Koji. Both guys have flaws.
  5. I think there should be an allowed quota of number of guys per year running on the field. Say 5 dudes per year are allowed to run on the field with no penalty, or maybe even a reward if they can make it across the field without getting caught. Beginning with the sixth guy they should release dobermans and/or those flesh eating hogs in that Hannibal Lecter movie.
  6. Great line. Though I think it will take a few more Gregg meltdowns before he is ejected.
  7. Matusz has a winning record by the All Star Break while Arrieta struggles. Markakis and Jones both hit better than the last couple years prior to the All-Star Break. Neither are traded. By the end of June Brian Roberts is back with the O's but is back on the DL by August. The O's battle for 3rd or 4th place most of the season before falling back to last place the end of August and then battling for 4th place again at the end of the year. Machado will not see any Major League playing time this year.
  8. I don't think you can say with any certainty the O's are better or worse than half those teams. The O's are bad, but they have company. Yeah, Minnesota and Seattle improved over the off season, but both those teams were worse than the O's last year even though no one expected them to be. KC and SD were barely better than the O's and both teams, while improving, still have major flaws (KC has little pitching, SD has little hitting). Any number of teams could be worse than the O's this year against the expectations of most. I think the O's will be better this year, and I base that on the pitching performances from Spring Training. Not all little bits of optimism about the O's are based on prayers to to Baby Jesus.
  9. Braves fans say the reason his bat disappeared was a staff infection he dealt with all year. I suspect his bat will bounce back, but you have to be a bit suspicious when the Braves are looking to trade a multi-position player whose career numbers are comparable to Brian Roberts. Why are they showing a willingness to trade him when he has such great numbers prior to one bad season? Then again, the O's could get lucky the way they did with JJ Hardy.
  10. With the signings of Pujols and Wilson, it doesn't seem like the Angels would want to give up much, or even need, a Reynolds or a Guthrie.
  11. Doesn't Teixeira have a no-trade clause? Even if agreed to waive it, I doubt he would waive it to come to Baltimore. I bet he ends up with the Nationals before the Orioles.
  12. Milwaukee vs Detroit for me. When was the last time Milwaukee had a World Series Championship? Can't really root for the Rays. No matter how much I respect them, I can't excited about a team that has terrible fan support and plays in a dome. Though I'd love to see them crush Texas and/or NY.
  13. Spare us the pompous hypocrisy. In a sports victory, how does one differentiate when someone is "reveling in the misfortunes of others" versus celebrating a win? Philosophically and morally, are they doing one or the other or both? Now, if you want to call out Andino for being over the top in "how" he behaved himself, that's different. But anyone who thinks the O's had no business on the field would/should be opposed to all on-field victory celebrations -- not just ones where they prevented an arch-rival from reaching the playoffs.
  14. Yeah, good point. It's been a long time since I lived in the Baltimore area. Back then nobody rooted for the Red Sox in MD/DC/VA area unless they were from New England. Can't help but despise anyone from MD/DC/VA who is a Red Sox fan, even if it's a small lovely child.
  15. If the game were in Boston then maybe -- maybe -- it would have been bad form. Even then, not really. But in Baltimore? Bad form? Are you kidding? It's our freaking field!! The more Red Sox fans that went back to Boston crying and depressed and despising the Orioles the better.
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