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  1. I like the shift, and I like replay. I think we'll see more high OBP, base stealing type players over the next several years as the answer to the shift. That will make baseball more exciting. Baseball has its next Mickey Mantle in Mike Trout. What baseball needs is its next Rickey Henderson, Ty Cobb and Ichiro Suzuki.
  2. Funny how you called it "American football". 10-15 years ago it would have just been called football. Texas is weird. So many baseball players -- many of the best -- come from Texas. The Rangers were the best team in the AL not that long ago and the Astros won the WS last year! On top of that the Cowboys and Texans are ... not that good. And still it's all about American football down there. But I live in Southern California, and at a sports bar in August I'll have to ask them to change the NFL preseason game to a baseball game -- that is if no one minds. I couldn't care less about football until after the World Series.
  3. I suspect gambling is mostly bad for the business of sports. Even the sports most traditionally associated with gambling -- horse racing and boxing -- are mostly in decline. How much longer will Pimlico stay open?
  4. I was in Austin 12 years ago, and even though it's big it still feels like a college town. Is the university fighting pro teams moving there? I assume it's all about the Longhorns there -- and music and food like you said. Do people in Texas watch soccer? Even in Austin? I can see the Latino community following it.
  5. I disagree western New York can support a team. It's not like Buffalo and Rochester are growing cities -- and Toronto is close by. Yeah, Charlotte probably could -- nearly as big as Baltimore and a growing area. Could maybe see a team like the Brewers or Rays moving there -- but no way the O's. Maybe more like an expansion team moves there. There's a reason a team moved to DC -- top 10 market with fans that make good money. Charlotte isn't even a top 20 market but could be I guess in 10 years.
  6. And the Orioles won't be sold until the dispute is resolved.
  7. What if they were called the Baltimore Orioles?
  8. Austin could support a team, but I think the Austin metro area is still smaller than Baltimore. The point is if the Orioles left Baltimore where would they move that would be bigger and better than Baltimore? Wikipedia has Baltimore as the 20th largest metro area in the country. The only area in the top 20 that does not have an MLB team is Riverside, California -- unless you look outside the US like to Montreal. Riverside has no major sports teams probably because it's newly huge, does not have a big center to it, and it's often considered part of the LA metro area. DC by the way is the 6th largest metro area in country. Baltimore and DC together is the 4th largest metro area in the country -- which can easily support two MLB teams. New York and LA are easily big enough to support three teams -- as New York once did pre-Mets when the Dodgers and Giants once called NYC home.
  9. http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/blog/bs-sp-schmuck-orioles-relocation-20180622-story.html# This was in the Sun back in June
  10. Yeah, they have just as much a tradition as Baltimore, but they have smaller markets and a poorer fan base.
  11. The Orioles are a healthy team financially. The alternative markets are too risky. As hard as Angelos fought the Nationals moving to DC, the Giants are fought the A's moving to San Jose. The A's pretty much gave up, and that would have been a move of only about 40 miles. Montreal is a huge risk to move to. Mexico and Puerto Rico will not happen anytime soon -- way too risky. Other teams in California will fight to prevent teams moving to Sacramento or Riverside -- the same may be true for a third team in Texas. The Mariners will fight to prevent a team moving to Portland or Vancouver. And like others have said, if a team were to be moved, other candidates make sense before the O's. Even if the O's did move other teams would love to move into Camden Yards, or a new team expand into there.
  12. I agree. I think you could add the Brewers and maybe the Reds to that list. Baltimore is too solid of a market to tempt a move of the Orioles now that there is a team in DC too. Of all the teams to maybe move to Montreal, Vancouver, Austin, Portland, Sacramento, etc.,the Orioles are not in the top 5 on that list. And there's a strong chance expansion would come first anyway.
  13. Oh no, not this argument again. You're judging what someone was worth according to WAR -- as estimated by Fangraphs. Nobody pays a salary based on WAR value and they never will. But, for the sake of argument, just by taking a cursory glance at what the players actually make, if someone pays $10 million for their first WAR, it doesn't mean they pay $10 million per WAR for each 1 WAR thereafter. If you use WAR as a basis for figuring out salary, then you'll discover quickly, like in many businesses and areas of economic study, that the rate changes as the units increase (or decrease, whatever the case may be). It's similar to the theory of Economies of Scale, but in this case we're talking about salary per unit of productivity rather than cost per unit of productivity. WAR was created to determine value on the field; it has nothing to do with what the players actually make. Fangraphs should stay away from this stuff because their understanding of numbers has nothing to do with the business of sports.
  14. When I say overrated I mean relative to kind of money that's being talked about to sign him. I used to think anyone who flirts with $30 million a year for 10 plus years for Manny would regret it. I still kind of do. Manny is special, but it's unlikely he's Mike Trout or A-Rod special. I still kind of suspect he's probably more on the level of Adrian Beltre or Joe Mauer special.
  15. Look up his stats. This is Machado's best season with the bat -- by a decent margin. First season he's ever had an OPS above .900; first season his average is above .300; and first season his OBP is flirting with .400. It's pretty easily his best season offensively. Defensively it's another story. I always thought Machado was rather overrated -- until this season.
  16. For what it's worth the O's are playing better now than they have all year.
  17. Wrong. Machado never had a season like he's having now, and there was no reason to think the O's couldn't compete in 2015/2016. O's got unlucky with injuries, especially in 2015.
  18. Because the Braves have the reputation of being among the most shrewd and conservative teams when it comes to dealing and signing players. Of all franchises they are the most willing to be terrible for several years while stocking the minors with talent -- and then continue to hold onto prospects even when they're within striking distance of winning the division. They're a bit too conservative in my opinion. But then again they have had one of the worst TV deals in baseball, so they are not as wealthy a team as they should be. Also with their renewed success they could be holding their top prospects for a deGrom or someone like that.
  19. I kind of agree. How could the Orioles get a top prospect for Kevin Gausman unless they held onto him longer hoping he'll rebuild his value? Gausman has been way too inconsistent to bring back anything anyone would call a top prospect -- especially from the Braves. I'm more on the fence about Schoop. I can see both sides.
  20. True, but DD did not have to trade Gausman and Schoop. He could have waited until the offseason or even into next season. But I like the energy with which he is working, and it could be that some of the prospects received for the two of them are far more interesting than people are giving credit for.
  21. He'll make sure those Siberians have great abs.
  22. Adam Loewen's pitching career was derailed by injury. It happens.
  23. Neither Bundy nor Schoop get traded before the deadline unless the O's get an offer they can't refuse imo. Gausman -- maybe -- if someone like the Rockies overpays for him. Jones -- I'm guessing probably gets traded but not definitely. His market might be too limited. Would like to see the O's keep and re-sign Brach since he's having a down season and could come back strong next year.
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