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  1. Every suburb to every city in the world owes its existence to the core of the city. No one in Howard County or Hartford County subsidizes Baltimore any more than the city of Baltimore subsidizes the suburbs by providing an economy and jobs for those suburbs to exist.
  2. On the bright side, at least Major League Baseball and American sports in general is not like European soccer, where the best players are just bought and sold and there is no real draft. MLB's and American sports' rich man's socialism of revenue sharing gives smaller market teams hope -- while in Europe who can compete with Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United and a handful of other very wealthy teams who buy and sell whoever they want? There is TV revenue sharing in the Premiere League but no salary cap, luxury tax and no draft. At least the MLB, while probably needing improvement (international draft maybe?), has some of all of these things.
  3. Yeah, nice post. I can't see the Dodgers, Yankees or Red Sox pursuing Manny as a SS, and not just because none of those teams need a SS (well, maybe the Dodgers will -- we'll see how Seager comes back). Manny belongs at third -- his glove plays better there and his bat is more than fine there. I agree with everything you say, except that I think 2018 is a bit of a surprise for Manny. Offensively, his numbers took a pretty big step back last year. The question is: is Manny taking off? Or is he one of those players with up and down seasons -- more like Adrian Beltre than A-Rod? Who wouldn't want to have an Adrian Beltre on their team? Everyone would. But Beltre is not paid like he's a generational talent -- even though he is a generational talent defensively. That's why I say it's a risk to sign Manny to a 10 years deal worth upwards of $275 million. Also, a big reason Manny has a WAR of 30 by age 25 is because he's been a major league starter since he was 19. He's probably got more mileage on him than most players his age. And then that cumulative WAR (for what it's worth) -- now at 30 -- will slow down if his defense continues to drag so much. Maybe all that muscle is slowing him down at shortstop.
  4. Yeah, he's definitely a generational player for the O's. But it remains to be seen if he's generational across the league. No one would question Jose Altuve, Mookie Betts and especially Mike Trout getting record breaking contracts. Manny? It's a risk, especially as a shortstop. The Dodgers, Yankees and Red Sox would all want Manny at third. Most of the big spending teams don't need a shortstop -- especially a defensibly questionable one.
  5. Manny is one of the top players in the game, but he hasn't really come close to showing he's a generational talent -- yet. Anyone who signs Manny to a mega contract is taking a gamble. Is the Manny of 2018 the Manny of the future? Or is it the sub .900 OPS Manny of the past? Would love to have Manny back but at a $250 million + contract it has to be some other team to take that risk.
  6. Yes, but injuries happen. The question that will haunt the the Oriole teams of the mid 2010s was whether management needed to do much more to improve the team for 2015; or would it not have mattered if they had brought back Cruz and Miller (or their rough equivalents) anyway because of the unexpected under-performance of the starting pitching.
  7. True, but it's a balancing act. What if the O's had traded Machado, Markakis, Tillman or Britton? If they had then they most likely never would have sniffed the playoffs over the past 5-6 years.
  8. Maybe, but should they considering their budget, what Manny will cost and the fact that they aren't close to competing? Considering the O's are the worst team in the league this year (ok maybe second worst) why would Manny stay?
  9. The only kind of organization that can keep a player like Manny is a successful one. As long as the Orioles have one or two years of success for every 4 or 5 years of losing then they'll most likely be forced to trade their very best players.
  10. Somebody may have already said it, but just put Davis in the bullpen.
  11. I forgot about the Bad News Bears. That movie is very dated -- can't imagine kids looking or acting like that today -- but still a great movie. Walter Matthau in the right role was the best.
  12. Comrades of Summer is a good one. I met the writer of that film once or twice a long time ago -- I think the same guy who wrote Saving Private Ryan believe it or not.
  13. Eight Men Out (excellent film about the 1919 Black Sox -- great cast with John Cusack, John Mahoney, Charlie Sheen, David Straithairn, etc) Pride of the Yankees (about Lou Gehrig, starring Gary Cooper) Major League
  14. Really, you can't just cut Davis or even not play him just two months into the season. Yes his contract his terrible, but you have to view it for now as a horrendous slump. If he's like this all year and then into the beginning of next, then you have to wonder about cutting him or trading him for another bad contract. But it's not like any changes the Orioles make this year will make them into a contender -- maybe not even for next season. All you can hope for is that they somehow compete for .500 at some point. The idea to trade Davis with Machado is a bad one, unless the organization is desperate, and I mean desperate, to get rid of his contract. Better to get some decent talent for Machado and figure how to deal with Davis next year. And better to let Showalter and Angelos wallow in the misery of having to watch Davis bat all season and remember that they pushed for his current contract.
  15. Everything about the Orioles has been an otherwise harsh lesson for Angelos. Angelos will be dead before he realizes that he was made to chase ambulances and not pennants. We can only hope his sons come to the same realization soon and decide to sell the team.
  16. Uh, Erik Bedard for Adam Jones and Chris Tillman? Koji Uehara for Chris Davis and Tommy Hunter? Few teams were better at capitalizing on trades than the Orioles under Andy MacPhail. Anyone could easily argue the main, maybe the only, reason the Orioles nearly made it to the WS in 2014 was because the good trades this team made at the time. But MacPhail had it easier than Duquette because it's much easier to trade very good players when your team is bad than it is to trade for very good players when your team is good.
  17. I said pretty much the same thing in an earlier post, but the more I think about it the Dodgers have to be the most desperate team in baseball. All bets are off with the Dodgers to win after failing to make the WS for 29 years and then losing it in game 7 when they do. If any team starts to make moves that are out of character it wouldn't surprise me if it were the Dodgers.
  18. It's a preview of your 2019 Orioles -- life without Manny -- only also life without any of the top prospects the O's could have trade Manny for but didn't.
  19. A healthy Seager, yes. But he's going to have TJ surgery, which could take some time to recover from. There's also the risk he'll never be the same player when he does come back. Either way before you know it Seager will be quite a bit more expensive.
  20. Kind of what you expect him to say. He's not going to tip his hand. And it may be that even if the Orioles are ready to trade today other teams might want to move more slowly.
  21. I disagree because Manny is off to an MVP type season this year, which is somewhat surprising.
  22. I was thinking the same thing though obviously for Seager and some other players since Seager is out for the season. But I think there is a rule against trading players on the DL.
  23. I don't see the Dodgers trading for Machado. It's not their style with that GM. They like to hang on to prospects. Also, they're off to a bad start, mostly due to a weak bullpen. The O's will be lucky to get their best deal with the Dodgers on a mere rental in a year where it looks like the Dodgers are better off working to improve their bullpen, hope for the best, and then gear up more for next year.
  24. I can't see why the Yankees would want Manny the way Didi is hitting.
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