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  1. The O's don't necessarily have to go full rebuild if they can trade Britton, Castillo, Seth Smith, Trumbo and/or Jones for some decent starting pitching. Trading Britton, Castillo and Trumbo for one or two decent starters, without trading Smith and Jones, would be the ideal short term move in my opinion. That's obviously easier said than done, of course, but it is possible perhaps. Machado could be traded too, though a Machado trade would point more toward a full rebuild. I can't imagine Machado getting traded before the offseason unless Duquette gets an offer he can't refuse, which seems unlikely given Machado's performance this year. If the O's decide to do a full rebuild then you gotta consider moving nearly anyone playing well except maybe not Bundy and definitely not selling low on Gausman.
  2. I guess, unless the only realistic meaningful contingency plan all along is eventually blow up the team if the World Series or bust approach doesn't work out.
  3. That's a tall order in the AL East with an owner that won't invest in the international game, never goes after top free agents and is usually in win-now mode. Dan probably felt he had to gamble big within the window he was operating and for the owner he's working for. I think he is/was a good GM, but it does feel like he got reckless once he crossed a certain line. Now comes the really big test I suppose.
  4. Not that what you're saying isn't true, but it's not like anyone predicted this staff would be this bad. I think most predicted the O's would have a better starting rotation than the Yankees. But somehow Severino got good and CC found his form again, while the O's are in their worst stretch of starting pitching in years. But yes I agree Duquette's short term ways of dealing with pitching are unrealistic and a big gamble, especially for a club like the Orioles.
  5. Duquette was the force behind the initial part of the Red Sox rebuild. I agree Duquette has his flaws but the trades he made as O's GM are nothing like a GM would make during a rebuild.
  6. I wasn't suggesting the O's actually try and trade Manny for Lindor, Seager or Correa. Not that Cleveland, Houston or LA would be dumb enough to do that trade anyway. As far as a trade is concerned, Manny's age isn't really important unless he's traded to a team that thinks it can re-sign him. But those might be the only teams that might give up anything of value for a "superstar" who is having a down year. Why would a team that would never have a shot at re-signing Manny give up of anything of value for him the way he's currently hitting? Teams that could use him now but could never afford to re-sign him -- like the Brewers, Indians, Twins and maybe the Rockies and DBacks -- couldn't be justified in giving up much for him the way he's currently hitting. If he was hitting like he hit the past two years they'd be all over him. If the O's traded him now they'd might get the best deals from the Red Sox or Yankees -- the horror!
  7. When did ARod ever suck as bad as Manny has sucked this year? Do people equate Manny with ARod because they wear the same number and pal around together? I think Manny will regain his form, but even if he does he is more Adrian Beltre than Alex Rodriguez. Overreaction and stupidity comes from thinking one great player alone a great team makes. Who wouldn't trade Manny Machado straight up for Carlos Correa or Francisco Lindor or Corey Seager or <fill name in here>? If he's so great and his talent is so rare, why are there so many players I would rather have as much as or nstead of him?
  8. Right, because a one superstar driven team has worked out so well for the Angels, Marlins and Reds. And Manny has never come close to the numbers of a Mike Trout or a Joey Votto. Manny Machado isn't the most overrated player in baseball -- and probably will regain his form -- but there are at least twenty other hitters out there that are as good or better. Manny isn't even close to being once in a generation talent, but let potential trade partners think he might be.
  9. Your favorites are usually the ones you grew up with. For me it was the guys of the late 70s and early 80s -- entire teams minus the bigger names: Tippy Martinez Terry Crowley Lenn Sakata John Lowenstein Rich Dauer Dave Skaggs
  10. Ripken wasn't in the same league as Belanger defensively. Ozzie, Belanger and Omaz Vizquel may have been the best three ever with Andrelton Simmons coming up the rear. Further back Luis Aparicio would likely round out the top 5. But Belanger wasn't just better than Ripken defensively, he was one of the best 5 or 6 ever.
  11. Yes, and Greinke was pretty awful last year and back to being quite good this year. Cueto was quite good last year and merely OK this year. In fact I think Cueto is a guy the O's could target in a trade midway this season if they are playing well enough, though knowing the O's that'd be more risk than they could bear. David Price is the one guy I don't understand why teams were so willing to pay so much money for. Yes, he gets it done most of the year, but then he just falls apart in the postseason. In my opinion his flaws were more apparent than people were willing to admit. He's not Erik Bedard level in his warning signs, but the signs were there. That's not to say that he won't figure out and become an ace again, even into the postseason.
  12. So true, though the other way of looking at is realizing the O's have only gotten near the WS 2 or 3 times since 1983, and only once since 1997. Duquette, MacPhail and Showalter have done a good job making this team a winner again, but it's hard to see how to reach the next level unless the O's do a better job developing and keeping more cheap, controllable starting pitching -- or risking some splurges on the likes of Greinke, Scherzer or Cueto.
  13. Hey, you can say they don't matter much because they are middling pitching prospects. But the question is why give up middling prospects only to replace them with far more expensive middling free agents? Did anyone really expect that Ubaldo and Gallardo would be their best selves at the point in their careers we signed them?
  14. For me the Silver Lining is that we're usually good at home -- as long as we're not playing the Twins.
  15. Yes, it's probably true that most of these trades taken one at a time made sense. But if you step back and look at all of them as a whole you begin to realize that as a whole all of these trades were bound to take their toll should one top prospect finally figure it out and another middling guy prove to be more than middling. All of them were made with the short term in mind. It's a big gamble to take the win now strategy if your organization is not committed to signing big free agent pitchers in the offseason or if your minor league system is not frequently turning out top pitching prospects.
  16. I don't think you can say Arrieta surprised people that he broke out. What was surprising was the timing. He just happened to break out not long after he was traded. Arrieta was a top prospect from early on. Many top prospects take awhile, Randy Johnson and Roy Halladay being prime examples. And like others have said, it's not that the O's traded Arrieta, it was how little they got back for him.
  17. Eduardo Rodriguez and Josh Hader were not middling prospects, especially by Baltimore standards. And most starting pitchers are not studs out of the gate.
  18. The problem with trading Manny is, like you say, he's underperforming. Duquette made weak trades before because he was buying rather than selling. It's always harder to get good value when you're buying (especially buying middling vets using struggling prospects). Selling a top veteran like Machado, who is still very young, should bring back a great haul of prospects -- but of course Manny is having a down season so far. Even if the O's are terrible for the next two months I can't see them trading Manny this season unless he roars back to life. And we need the next few weeks to tell us if the O's can compete this year.
  19. I wouldn't mind seeing Miley back next year and maybe even Tillman too. It depends on what other free agents and trade opportunities are realistically within the O's reach. Both Miley and Tillman could still end up having a decent season as well as good seasons beyond this one. I am a bit more worried about Jones and Davis from this point on, though it's not like both of them haven't been pretty streaky up to this point in their careers. I'm skeptical the O's are missing Wieters that much. If anything the O's have thrived at the catcher spot this year. Personality and clubhouse presence aside, I'd rather have Markakis back over Wieters. Essentially we all know what is happening. The O's are paying the price for trading so much of its young starting pitching away, as well as letting Miguel Gonzalez go. Duquette tried to take too many shortcuts to quicker success. Did he have a choice? Maybe not much of one knowing who the owner is, but it's still the only real reason we are even discussing the idea of blowing up the team.
  20. If the O's don't make the playoffs then I think there is a good chance Machado gets traded in the offseason. Even if the O's make the playoffs and don't get very far then I bet there's a decent chance. I can't see him getting traded this season though unless the O's absolutely tank between now and July while at the same time Machado starts hitting much better.
  21. I don't think this was posted yet, but I didn't see it if it was. Good to see the O's getting attention even from a non-baseball site. One thing I noticed the article does not mention was how good the Oriole bullpen was under the Earl Weaver teams too. Here's to crossing our fingers this all continues. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-orioles-always-win-more-than-they-should-theres-a-reason-for-that/
  22. Cool! I have a couple friends who grew up in Howard County that were born in the UK and had Welsh parents. I don't even remember them following baseball. But they follow the NFL
  23. Don't the O's have some Australian player in their system too? All of this is beside the point is that the Tigers lineup is not a bag of shite, mate.
  24. Hey, if he is really British or Aussie then I profusely apologize. I guess maybe there are some British O's fans like maybe there are some Aston Villa fans from Baltimore .
  25. Mate? Now you're Aussie? Sorry I was kind of a dick, but I just assumed you weren't a grown man when you called the Tigers lineup a bag of shite. And I weigh 170 lbs. The Tigers lineup is boosted by the fact that JD Martinez and Alex Avila are two of the hottest hitters in baseball this year, and they have a Hall of Famer in their lineup to go with Kinsler, Upton and V Martinez. Yes, they're old, but that's beside the point.
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