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  1. Better than the O's lineup and Machado's sub .230 average and Trumbo's sub .700 OPS. Don't use the word "shite". It makes you sound like a British troll.
  2. Gausman had a bad start against the Royals but the other two were decent. I think the bottom line is that if Gausman is can't get it together this year then the O's don't have a chance.
  3. The Detroit Tigers can destroy any team's pitching -- even without Cabrera in the lineup. That lineup is stacked more than even the O's. O's need to get better pitching but it's hard to fault them too much for having a hard time in Detroit.
  4. Wow, Asher might be the second or third best starter on this team. If the O's could hit like a normal O's team Asher would have a chance against Sale or anyone.
  5. Rickard looks terrible so far, but I've never been sold on his bat. Put Gentry back in there. Can we get Markakis back? Is this the worst O's lineup this century?
  6. I'm guessing that Mancini would have been a top prospect had he shown in the minors that he could hit offspeed stuff. I guess you could say that about a lot of guys. It'll be interesting to see if/how he can adjust in the majors.
  7. OK it was a terrible loss, but as bad as one loss may be you can't really compare a team that has strung together some wins barely 20 games into a season to one that melted down 122 games into a season. For one thing that team was full of several older stars/veterans past their prime, while this team has mostly younger to middle career guys most of all whom have pros to match their well known cons. On top of that, with Tillman and Britton both out it's not surprising the O's pitching blew one game big time to a hot, young rival. This pitching staff was overdue for a meltdown.
  8. When you're not at your best is as though not every cylinder is firing.
  9. So far the 5 teams that have scored the most runs are in the NL, and the 5 teams with the best team ERA are in the AL. This is the opposite of what you'd expect. But this is pretty much meaningless since we're still only in the month of April.
  10. Unless there's some question about Schoop's range, I don't know why the O's would do that when Schoop is so good at turning the double play.
  11. Gausman worries me a bit less than this team's lack of hitting. But Gausman should settle down and the bats should break out.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3h--K5928M
  13. Yes, I see what you're saying, but we're talking about grown men who play a game that, on some level, has always tolerated a certain level of cheating. There's that line in the sand of what's acceptable cheating and what's not, but you're the only person I know of that cites a failed attempt at cheating as being as bad effective cheating and getting away with it. Even murder is worse than attempted murder; but again we're talking about grown men playing a game with some level, however small or big, of cheating in it. Someone who is ingesting sugar pills is not hitting more home runs or striking out more batters. He's trying to gain an advantage but failing. Of course the effective cheater who actually gains an advantage over other players is the one committing the real offense.
  14. Do you really think the PEDs guys were taking twenty years ago -- or even the designer ones today -- have the mere side effects of aspirin? I don't know how much info there is on this on Google but it is an interesting topic.
  15. Of course I wasn't saying that athletes A, B and C would never cheat if they were the best in the game. In fact, one of my other points stated why these some of these same players might cheat -- mainly their bodies and skills start to decline. I was pointing out the best have far less incentive to cheat, especially when you consider the drawbacks. For every Barry Bonds and ARod, how many others are there at the top of the game that were never suspected of cheating? How man Griffeys, Pujols, Trouts, Frank Thomas's, Jim Thomes, etc. were there? I can only assume that the great players who presumably never did cheat didn't do so because of the point I originally made. I'm already better than everyone else, so why take the chance damaging my body and my legacy? The lesser players have more incentive to cheat because they have a better chance of losing their job -- or losing the big payday -- without that extra boost in performance. You are right that I can't prove this statement, but I'm making an argument, not a proof.
  16. I suspect there's really no drug without any side effects, but I'm no expert.
  17. It makes every difference how it effective cheating is. Who would care if Lance Armstrong tried to cheat -- failed -- and then fell outside of the top 10 in ten straight Tours de France? Nobody would have ever cared enough to investigate the failed cheatings of a cyclist nobody ever heard of. If Babe Ruth tried to cheat and failed, then that's a completely different conversation with a completely different point -- especially because it pretty much proves his game never needed a boost from doping.
  18. Evidence? It's not an episode of CSI. Ask them or their doctors and maybe they will tell you or they won't. And even if they do have some symptoms, linking them to doping may not be provable. I'm not saying that long-term side effects of doping are a given, but I am saying it would be hard to believe that there wouldn't be some players that wouldn't have any. Hard drug use -- whether it's alcohol or heroin or something else -- so often leave lasting effects.
  19. True, or maybe they're already living with them.
  20. You're such a troll. Where did I imply that any of these guys weren't talented? That said, even if was amazingly talented, how was Lance Armstrong not a hack? He's the poster child for a career made by doping. What is the source that Babe Ruth doped? And even if he did, how effective could they have been back in his day relative to any other kitchen sink concoction any other player used? Barry Bonds is the guy that really rides the line. Would he have been at the league of Mantle, Aaron, Mays and Pujols had he not cheated? I doubt it, but maybe. ARod is another case. He's so insecure that even if he had twice the talent of Ruth he still would have maybe doped.
  21. 1) The fact that they were so talented that they probably wouldnt't need them to beat the competition, 2) The immediate and short-term side-effects, 3) The long-term side-effects
  22. I'd do that trade every day of the week.
  23. I might trade Al Bundy for Scott Feldman. Feldman has actually pitched well since he left the O's.
  24. The Reds are one of the hottest teams in the league so far this year. Of course it's really early, but it's still impressive they're in first place in the NL Central and second in the league in OPS. Zach Cozart and Eugenio Suarez have been unstoppable. They're just a hot team right now.
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